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magazine issued by Parlophone in UK, Issue no 1 (no date, but must be approx Oct 95)

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Here at Parlophone we are firm believers that ignorance is definitely not bliss and SAVOUR The Label is designed to illuminate a few artists that we consider our creme de la creme.

In this, the first issue of SAVOUR we have featured artists that you will undoubtedly be familiar with, alongside those you will be meeting for the first time. So dip in and sample a few of the delights between the pages - you may well find they're just to your taste.


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Conceived in Polynesian tranquility, released in homely familiarity, this first album from the Brothers Finn harks back in its tuneful simplicity to their last collaboration, on Crowded House's hugely successful Woodface album.

Written on a six-week Pacific island jaunt, the songs on FINN were recorded back at Neil's home studio in Auckland, New Zealand, with their friend Tchad Blake co-producing and contributing sundry unusual noises like the scraping sounds on "Niwhai". The result is an album whose rough-hewn feel resembles Tim Finn's recent work with Irish songwriters Andy White and Liam O'Maonlai in ALT, but whose melodic strength and sonic diversity is pure pedigree Crowded House.

The Polynesian flavour of the title track of The House's Together Alone album makes its presence felt on FINN too, in the delicate droplets of Hawaiian guitar on "Mood Swinging Man" and the choral samples in "Paradise (Wherever You Are)", though the Finns' penchant for classic Beatlesque psychedelic strategies is just as strong on tracks like "Eyes Of The World". These are the kind of reflective pop tunes that ease their way into your head over several listens, embroidered with an odd array of bizarre instrumental textures ranging from the rudimentary low twang of a tea-chest bass to the more eerily sophisticated tones of the Chamberlain (an antique keyboard folly akin to a mellotron).

In order to retain as much of a home-grown feel as possible, the brothers themselves shouldered the rhythm-section duties, Neil donning bass and Tim making his debut behind the drumkit. "I've never felt so needed before," he enthused. "You are the engine, the motor, instead of this fey creature waiting to apply his tune - well, you know what I mean."

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