The Life and Times of Peter Green
updated 12 June 2022


"Our beloved Banshee now gone but never forgotten."

May 16th

I have the morning off from the Election, but instead of staying in a warm snug bed I'm up by 7.00 and decide to go help the charity. They always seem short staffed these days , so it's good to do it. Plus I'm worried that all the stock for my areas will build up and be a nightmare when i finally return. I'm not normally in on a Monday so it's a bit weird for everyone. Nice though, lots of 'we miss you'. I manage to clear the storage shelves, huge effort but done, so I am happy.

I drive to Lilydale next and the How to Vote people finally recognise me without a mask and let me pass. Another long one, work till 8.30 pm. I churn through the ballot papers today. The last hour very quiet but a few stragglers. Maybe the general public are still not aware that we are open so late. I am naughty, on the way home I call into KFC and buy a Zinger burger. I seem to be missing meals, no wonder my weight is slowly dropping. Lean and mean that's me. It's nice to come home to Marky and Banshee and an open fire. Miss B climb up on the couch where we both are snuggled and joins in. Our gorgeous little girl.

May 17th

I depart for the election hub. I leave a note with Marky to keep an eye on Banshee as she seems very quiet. I turn my phone off when I enter but manage to call Mark later. Banshees in her day bed still, he is a good dad, keeping an eye on her. My 15 minute break and back into processing ballot papers.

My long day is over and I'm driving home and as I approach Inverness Road I have this horrible feeling that something is wrong with Marky. I speed up and need to get home asap.

I arrive and Mark answers the door, thankfully he looks ok but sad looking. "Banshee is dying" he tells me. He had to carry her from the day bed inside and he lit a warm fire for her in the lounge room. She was like a clock slowly winding down, some shakes but no cries of pain. She held on till i came home, that lovely loyal girl of ours.

I run in and she is in front of the fire. I snuggle with her and kiss her and hold her. She uses all her energy to lift her little head and sniffs my hand. She gives me a cat kiss on it, which of course makes the tears flow even more. I snuggle next to her, and tell her "it's time just go to sleep". Even typing this I am crying. A week later and we miss her like crazy. She look at me with total sadness and does this amazing thing, a final burst of energy, and she stretches out and puts her little soft paw in my hand. I know this is it. I kiss her and she dies in my arms. Her two dads, holding her.

I try so hard to keep it together as I need to bury her and make sure she is at rest. Mark grabs her favourite blanket and we wrap her snuggly in it. I go outside and find a spot, Mark agrees it's a favourite place of hers. We dig the grave as deep as we can. I pick fresh rosemary to disguise the smell of death so no foxes dig her up . We get her day bed and tip the contests into it, it seems the right thing to do. I pick the few limited flowers we have, and venture inside and grab some of the lovely flowers Dean sent for my birthday. I know he'd be honoured that some are being used for this. My self control is gone now, I just cry , sob and almost howl. I go inside and give her a final kiss in her warm blanket and carry her body to her final resting place. I just keep telling her that we love her and my eyes are so glassed over by tears. We place her in the grave and say a few words and cover her in flowers and soil. A huge stone covers the grave to protect her body. Mark places the little handblown glass cat on top and daisy's surround it. We say our goodbyes and we both are sobbing and holding each other. This little ball of fur touched our heart and never left it. We will never forget her. This sadness will last for awhile. I am so relieved she died at home with us, no real pain, a gentle departure.

May 18th

I wake up early and drive Mark to Lilydale so he can early vote. Some of my co workers come out to say 'hello' and to check out my husband. The sadness over Banshee lingers like a grey cloud, so not in the mood to socialise so we sneak off after he has voted.

I start crying while I drive the car so need to pull over and let it pass. I guess this will take awhile to become normal again. No point bottling it up.

By midday i am back at the centre and work till 8.45 pm, fixing up all the counter-foils at the Declaration table. The voting numbers have picked up, this is a weird election so far. SlowMo running around saying he will 'win". I hope the fat turd ends up with egg on his face.

May 19th

I am up early so call my sisters husband at work to wish him a happy birthday, very very early. It probably shocked everyone that i was the first to call.

Amazing flowers arrive from our friend Alison and her cat Mia. So nice they think of us and Banshee-the most beautiful old style white roses. We manage to find one final vase. So 14 vases of roses and the odd jam jar. Kalorama florist anyone.

Banshees post on Facebook has hundreds and hundreds of "likes" and comments, I am taken back by it all. She certainly was a beloved Kitty cat.

I go to the charity for a few hours and had to find a place to hide away as the water works started again.

The boys put in the paperwork for the transfer of the Red Beast. Vic Roads tells me it will take longer because of Covid. I will be patient.

The election voting numbers pick up as we head towards Saturday, double today. I sat next to the boss and churned out ballot papers. We were both rather efficient.

I still Covid test every night and thankfully still negative. Mark and myself still are in Banshee mode, we even start putting food out for her.

May 20th

An amazing birthday parcel arrives from our friend Wendy C in QLD. She spoils us every year. This made me feel better. A bit of a smile.

I'm on the declaration table for awhile today, but loads more people arrive to vote so I take over the last computer to help churn them through. PHEW a long day. Hoping tomorrow won't be this insane at Sassafras.

May 21st

I'm up at 5.55 am. Election day here in Oz. I can't pick a winner, would love for Labor to get across the line but so many variables.

I arrive at Sassy school a bit early, my OIC is David. He seems nice. He has reversed the layout this time, which is ok as it means I get the heater. Woo! Woo! The handful of staff are really nice and the doors open at 8.00 to a small line of people. A solid day, well for me, the Declaration table that I am in charge of does a roaring trade.

At 1.00 some flowers arrive and yes for me from Dr Troy. The famous "have you voted before in this ERECTION" moment. People are impressed, who gets flowers at an election. They are gorgeous. The note just says "have you voted before in this ...". It made me chuckle. Love how he organised this from London.

I sit outside and have my lunch in the sun, not a bad day for a Federal election, rain in most other states.

I stay till 9.00 and head home, hoping it's not bad political news.

I sit on the couch and it flashes across our Tv screen- "Labor Win Election". We are both shocked, so awesome. Love Albo's speech. I am truly shocked. This is great, goodbye SlowMo.

May 22nd

I'm up early and head off mountain to buy fuel and desperate to get a copy of The Age. I'm too early so head to the bakery at Olinda for a coffee . The newspaper guy arrives at IGA so I buy a copy. There it is, on the front page, I wasn't dreaming. The bakery girls make me some food, I sit at their table and chill out in my red beanie. People going past see the news paper headlines and loads of positive comments. I love that Labors victory has rattled the tired old Liberals to the core. Their voter base have a serious case of Sour Grapes. Fraudenberg is now gone as is disgusting Gladys Liu.

May 23rd

I watch Anthony Albanese sworn in as the new PM. Within hours he is off overseas for a major conference, he certainly has hit the ground running. Good to see.

I have to do this Salvo course for the charity, an absolute waste of my time.

My friend Dean calls and will be in the city and asks me out for dinner. originally i say "no" (long story) .... but a few hours later it becomes a "yes". That will be nice, he asks Marky too. I just want to see my friend before the quiet sets in.

May 24th

The Coalition now holds its lowest proportion of seats as a share of Parliament since the Liberals first ran at the 1946 election. Losing 22% of the seats it previously held. The "Kid from Camperdown" certainly gave team Scumo a thrashing.

May 25th

I head into the city in the late afternoon. Deans staying at the apartment near the Melbourne Market so it is easy to find, he even has some parking for me which is brilliant.

It is great to see my other best mate. We catch a tram to the Novotel and have this lovely dinner. Lots of laugher and beautiful food. OK I do over indulge in Cosmopolitans. He is far more well behaved. The city looks stunning and we have this exceptional view from our table. Lots of people eating out, Melbourne has come alive again. On the way back to the apartment we pass these 2 young people kissing, I look at Deano and smile. "Good to see some young love" I say.

We are wearing our masks on the trams , I am oddly relaxed around Covid. Not letting my guard down but not freaked. Plus D has some hand sanitiser with him. We score free beer and spend the night chatting. Time has this habit of slipping by when we are together. Suddenly it's 4.00. I take a call from Mr ABC and that has a few "moments". Deans convinced I'm not going home but i assure him, no side journeys for me. He walks me to the car park and yes he is "King of the Hugs". For a minute I didn't want him to let me go. I sit here shaking my head. I know what's coming up over the next 3 weeks. I'm certainly going to spiral.

May 26th

I drive past "Hunted" on the way home and see Lachlan arrive with with S39 coffee van. I wave and in 1.5 hours I will be back, on the way to the charity.

Mr ABC calls me at Montrose on the way up the mountain. I'm tired and not in the mood, he softens as the conversation goes on, but I just want an hours sleep. Every minute on the phone is one away from my pillow. He sounds stoned.

I'm home and sneak into the bed and cuddle up to Marky. He tells me he was worried, I should of called again but time rushed by. I kiss him and say how bad i feel.

It seems like 10 seconds but I am awake and getting ready for the charity.

I do grab a coffee from Lachie, he even gets a tip. I'm the last of the big spenders today.

Charity is good but time drags on and by 2.00 I run out of energy so I depart home. I'm talking to Marky and again I burst into tears over Banshee. I just let it all out.

May 27th

The start of 3 weeks of me being fucked. I'm trying not to think that way but a combo of stuff. I am determined to get through this without a meltdown, well maybe a few tiny ones.

I'm catching up with Andy White today and a candle and a little cake. I have some food while I wait for him and convince the other people at the table to sing "Happy Birthday" to him which is tomorrow.

I get an text from Neil Finn as it IS his birthday today, he has sent it from a plane heading towards Europe for the Crowded House dates. Lovely to hear from him- Happy Birthday Neil.

I post a letter and run into Peter #2 outside and give him a huge hug. Not sure why , does one need a reason?

Andy turns up, the mini cake and lit candle arrive and Montage sings. He loves it.

I'm still feeling good over dinner with D. My tonic for the blues. But that fades and I spiral, badly. Mark is amazing, and we find some balance again at 4.00 in the morning. I'm a bit broken.

May 28th

A tiny bit of sleep. I awake to a cold grey day, kind of how I am feeling. Some early morning sex is the excuse to keep warm! HA! Any excuse Mr Green.

I wash the car and give it a vacuum. The Red Beast is happy.

I'm baking a cake in the kitchen and ask Google nest to play Tim Finn's "Starring at the Embers". It ends with Mark and myself dancing around the kitchen singing "Starring at my MEMBER"! Yes we are 12 year old boys. Nice chocolate cake too. YUM.

May 29th

It's great to see the Murugappan family allowed back in Biloela. Four years in detention by the vile Morrison Government and arseholes like Peter Dutton. Good on you home affairs minister Jim Chalmers. Thank you Labor, showing some heart and common sense.

Mark breaks the neon thunderbolt light I gave him. An accident but i was crappy for 15 seconds. Thats a long time for me to be shitty. Impossible to be angry at Marky.

It was nice to see actor and writer Meyne Wyatt on the ABC this morning. Who can forget his amazing performance on the ABCs Q+A awhile back. Since than " City of Gold" has had massive success on stage. The brutal, nuanced and moving portrayal of a first nations family. I do have a bit of a thing for Meyne , he has this incredible smile that is true joy. A smart bloke too and a fine actor. "City of Gold" a must see.

The suns out but not much warmth. The boys are arriving in a minute to borrow the red beast so I'd better sign off.

Taker care and love to you all.

PG x

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