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updated 2 January 2022

Lake Illawarra

"Christmas at Wollongong - Lake Illawarra - the calm before the storm."

December 13th

We work in the office for most of today. Just a lot of little things. Nice to get an email from Neil Finn. I do miss my old boss that is true.

Boy, a marathon phone chat with my friend Dean, 4 hours. Insane. But fun. My face aches from laughing. Marky managed to get through his entire Aussie Crime book that he was reading. I'm so blessed, surrounded by these amazing guys.

December 14th

HOT day. I'm back at the charity and our store is huge and METAL so you can imagine how hot it gets by the afternoon.

Meanwhile at Kalorama , Mark is in charge of all the workers, rebuilding the side area of the house where the power lines join and putting up the new lines. All I can say is thank goodness we were insured.

I'm really sleepy today, that will teach me to stay up till 4.00 in the morning, I am paying the price. It's a well known fact that Gryphons never sleep. Eternal protectors of the Sky and Earth.

December 15th

We catch up with our friend Trudi for some lunch and present swapping. We LOVE our metal cockatoo- it has a spike on the bottom so you can hammer it into a pole. The most awesome silhouette at sunrise. Trudi gets a few things the main one a metal bird house-which she lights up at night-looks stunning. So nice to have a bit of a gathering.

I spend the afternoon wrapping Christmas presents, almost all done. Lets be real, there are last minute presents every year , I'm fooling myself if I think I've got everything done and dusted already.

December 16th

I call a friend from my shower to wake him up early for his busy day. Of course I said "Good morning gorgeous" and yes you guessed it- I dialed the wrong number. Thankfully the young woman I woke up had a sense of humour. Meanwhile a red faced PG standing naked in a shower has learned a lesson. I am hopeless. But it gives the F/16 diary a bit of a fun reading I guess.

December 17th

I grab some food for visitors tomorrow. We probably won't go off mountain to the supermarket till Sunday. I'm sure we will all work it out. Not being too fussed at the moment.

The charity has asked me if I'd like to work with them again in 2022, so I'm probably going to say Yes. I'm really enjoying my time with them. The "giving something" back side of the work feels rather nice.

December 18th

A hot one. I hear the sound of Santa on the CFA truck , so head on out to try and get a snap with him. Sitting opposite our place is our neighbours young daughter, in her little chair with a reindeer t-shirt on. So cute, I love how we are waiting for Santa together. I'm chatting to her Mum and we hear Santa and the CFA fire engine go the other way, so the long road to our place. All of us head inside out of the heat.

I hear the Santa truck down at the oval so I run down. My mate Brenda has her niece with her and they are scoring free bags of lollies form the man in the red suit. Santa remembers me fondly and my generous donation of 5000 rolls of toilet paper to the CFA during the Kalorama disaster. He encourages me to climb up on the CFA truck for a photo. "I'm sure you have been naughty so have TWO bags of lollies". Hey MY KINDA SANTA! He's a lovely bloke- I still believe! Santa Rules.

Our mates Fen and Giles arrive. So great they are staying the night. We all present swap, the best presents. We have some food, wine and settle in to watch the first episode of the PUNK documentary. It's really great to see them and love their presents. They always give us the most excellent things. I stay up late with Marky and watch part 2 of the documentary.

December 19th

I'm up fairly early, as are the guests. We head to Montage for some breakfast. For the second time this week the IGA ATM is down. Lucky we had some cash. It's busy today, tourists are returning to the mountain. We wave goodbye , sad as I wish they'd stay longer. Nice folks.

I clip some of the bottle brush for the vases in the house, we have so much of it, flowering and looking so vibrant. I popped it into a little Australiana decanter.

December 20th

Each year we get a Christmas card from Joyce Strachan. Shirley of Skyhook's Mum, I'm glad she is still with us. Such a lovely lady, always really kind to the 2 boys from Wollongong.

I have 99.9% of our Christmas presents done. So I'm happy about that. Only used my David Jones card to pay for one, the rest cash or my debit card, so owe next to nothing.

December 21st

A really nice day at work. My co worker Alice makes up some really yummy Christmas packs for everyone and my "boss" gives me a present, a bit speechless. These people are great.

A lot of Christmas Cards today, one from Alison C, Katja & Sevin and Caz. Thanks everyone.

December 22nd

A fun Christmas drop in from Laura & Kevin. We are loving all our Christmas presents, it's great people have put some thought into it.

In the afternoon the other Peter & Mark drop in, it's the Christmas rush. Good to see everyone I must admit during such a strange year of semi-isolation. We are so fortunate where we live, having the 2 acre yard space and each other. I can't imagine how terrible it is being stuck in a small box by yourself. Kind of sad.

December 23rd

I fill the car up with petrol as I'll take it for a drive to the airport this year. I'm awake at some stupid hour , so decide I might as well go to the charity. Lots of Christmas cheer, I wear a Santa hat but by the afternoon it's really hot so off goes the hat. The cheer remains though.

My bag is all packed, not a lot to carry, so we won't have to wait around at Sydney airport for baggage. The less time we spend at Omicron central the better.

December 24th

We are both up at 5.30 and out the door by 6.30. The roads are really empty of traffic. A bit of a dream run, no red lights. The airports Long Term car park has changed it's name so i miss the turn off and have to go via another entrance. Plenty of car parking spaces. The airport is light on Christmas traffic, and the frequent flyer lounge only 20% full. I have a nice little run in with the nasty woman at the entrance to the lounge. What a terror, nothing for her this Christmas. Usually it's Mark that gets the arse holes but today it was my turn. I shrug it off, nothing will mess up my Christmas spirit. Not even unattractive bitch faces with bad dress sense.

The plane departs on time and arrives early. The hire car company has either been bought out or had a brand change, it's now Sixt more like ShitZ ! They mess up our booking, today is not going to be easy. We work out a compromise, and thankfully i will get the $ back, really just wanted to get in the car and get on the road. We do-hurrah!!!!! Several hours later we arrive at Marks dads place high up on the range. Kerri has cooked us the best lunch- really delicious and recharged both of us.

We get back on the road again and finally arrive at Wollongong. I drop Mark off and head home. Some in laws have already arrived and it is good to see everyone, even if they are all masked up. A good night , and I crash before midnight. Despite the humid weather I get some sleep, a tiny bit. Well someone has to keep an eye out for Santa, make sure he doesn't steal the family silverware.

December 25th

I'm up early and start on prep work with Mum for Christmas lunch. I'm impressed that despite Mum being very close to being blind she can still manage a kick arse Christmas pudding.

Sis and MIM arrive to open the presents. I must of fell asleep on duty as Santa has left a lot this year. Presents everywhere. The Uncles give MIM a video camera so she can make her own movies-starting now. She loves it. I score a new mobile phone from my generous Sister and Mum and a years worth of calls all paid for. So lucky.

Lunch is nice, we are all so full though. While they all recover I head to the crematorium on my own, and clip back the rose around one of the families blocks. I don't stay too long , just think good thoughts about the family members who are no longer with us. I give their headstones a bit of a clean.

Mark calls later on and I head to his Uncles to pick him up-MIM comes along. We head to Sis's place with MIM and Maddison excitedly shows us the new bedroom she got for Christmas-she is so excited. She hookwinks Mark into editing all the video footage she films. He's such a good uncle. Maddison loves him too.

We drive back home to Mums and she's about to have a Nana nap , so we have an hour or so to spare. I need a recharge, so we head down the road to Lake Illawarra. I've never seen the lake this calm. I bound over some rocks and stand in the middle, surrounded by water. Mark takes 2 great photos, for once I look good. A storm is brewing up on the Great Dividing Range, you can see the rain. I wonder if our journey back home tomorrow will be a wet one.?

I drive Mark to his step dads place and I head home, and have some dinner with Mum. Amazing leftovers from lunch, perfect. Very little sleep.

December 26th

I'm tired and lots of driving to do today. I pick Mark up and I sensibly "mask up" before saying goodbye to his step-Dad. We make good time driving to the airport , return the hire car with no bullshit and arrive at the frequent flyer and no hassles. It's nice to sit and have a coffee and some food. I use my new phone, even become one of the masses and take a selfie and put it on my Sheepbook page. See that wasn't so painful PG.

Our Qantas flight leaves on time. 20 minutes out from Sydney and I spot a strange triangle shape object enter the cloud layer. Frustratingly too slow to use my camera. It doesn't emerge on the other side. No idea what it was, it was certainly metal. The excitement of seeing something strange in the sky woke me up. I work on my Christmas photos in my camera for some of the flight and keep one eye to the window looking for the UFO. We arrive Melbourne ten minutes early and run for the long term car park bus. We make it before the clock ticks over for 12.00 and the car parking fee is surprisingly cheap compared to other years. Looks like we escaped any Covid infections from NSW.

The car lines for Boxing Day bargains forces us onto toll roads and alternative routes home. We call into Woolworths and grab some groceries and a few birthday cat treats for Banshee.

Home just after lunch and Miss B is endlessly "talking" and the only thing that stops her is her cat food birthday cake. It has one candle on it and she bolts between my leg and somehow sets fire to her whiskers!!!!! Smouldering whiskers doesn't stop her, she wolf's down that food. Happy 17th Miss Banshee. We love you.

December 27th

I head to Olinda to grab a coffee and the only place open is The Deli. Since the Covid shame , it is now under new management - the owners are really nice. Plus the coffee is good, so this is my back up when Montage is closed. I sit in the parkett art structure and enjoy the calm. Some hot days are coming so it is nice to sit here in this perfect weather before the heatwave arrives.

I sit with Mark and watch the news, NSW Covid numbers are doubling every day and deaths rising. At that moment the phone rings and one of Marks family is a close contact with someone that tested positive. So we didn't escape NSW Covid after all, well maybe not. We instantly self isolate and I make a few phone calls around Rapid Antigen test kits. As I tweeted, "R.A.T.'s are now the new currency, bulk buying toilet paper is so yesterday", all people want are rapid Antigen test kits. A friend connected with a major supermarket gives me the heads up on their next delivery. We make a list of all our contact areas, perversely one being The Deli, which was the one major Covid outbreak up here- so some sort of perverse twist if I have given it to them-which would be terrible.

I have a few test kits now and we both test negative, so that is a relief. I am rather excited that my test kit comes with a UV torch! Cool. So far so good.

December 28th

A bit lost today, not sure if it is the heat or the Covid scare, I start on a few things but didn't finish them. Lots of phone calls from mates. I spend 2 hours working on DEANS DISASTER RELIEF facebook page. People have answered the call and said what a very positive thing it is. I love that he has self funded his fine efforts working in these disaster areas. So please if you want to start 2022 off doing something positive, just go to his Facebook page and give it a "like". No one is asking for donations etc, just a simple "like" on Facebook.


December 29th

Another negative test back for us and no symptoms so we appear ok. Marks family member also tested negative so all is well.

I chat to a mate for some crazy amount of time. No idea how time zooms by when we are talking, suddenly it is 2 hours later. It's all good, lots of laughs, we need laughter during a Pandemic.

December 30th

HOT! The heatwave has arrived. Thank goodness the new cooling system is in, parts of Ailsa Craig so lovely and cool. Miss Banshee decides the cool sheet covering the couch in the lounge room is the place to live, well providing the AC is on. She shares an icecream with me.

I drive to the Mt D hotel and get some dinner, too hot to cook. Just some Parmi, chips and vegies. Really nice.

Not long till the start of another year. I keep thinking it's going to be a year of extremes-really amazing things for us and also really horrible. Not sure if I am going to like 2022. Mark keeps saying it is the year of death.

December 31st

Well that is nice, I win $75 on a lotto ticket. Always a welcome thing.

I start to update my new paper diary , mostly contact numbers. I fail getting my Google "nest" activated. Put it in the way too hard basket for later on.

I put together a really nice dinner for us, King Prawns and other treats.

Lots of calls, wishing mates a Happy New Year. I remember that it is now three years ago since I retired from working with Neil Finn and Crowded House. Three years, how bizarre and somehow we have survived and in many ways thrived. It's weird to look back, I do miss parts of it, some of it not. It's still feels like an amazing experience and one i will always hold close to my heart. I know that part two of our life is about to commence, I have to learn patience and think I have done so. Lets see what 2022 will offer up.

I run to the house from the office and count in the New Year with Marky, watching the good old ABC. A tad pissed on Gin & Tonics. Banshee cat snores while the hills ring out to Auld Lang Syne from the Moulin Rouge cast.... and the F/16 diary ticks over it's 631,000th view. Mind blowing-thank you all for returning and so often.

January 1st

Not much sleep last night , between the G&T's and the insanely hot temperature it was a restless one. I do believe I have a tiny hangover as well. So i get up early and cook some bacon, eggs on toast to soak it all up. Sometimes that's all you need to do, to feel a bit better.

We call Merelyn for her birthday & chat to Maz too which is always a hoot.

Stinky hot outside, Miss B on the couch, happy to have all the new air con on , cool and purring.

I spend an hour in the office running some software over a friends UFO photo from last night. Technology is amazing, it's the new world magic of 2022.

We are enjoying "Love Me" the Aussie drama on Foxtel. Great cast, well written. Pity it hasn't been advertised much. It deserves a larger viewing audience.

January 2nd

I was woken up at 5.00 by Banshee puking on my black charity pants. Can anyone beat that as a crappy start to the day? At least I laughed, well eventually after cleaning off the cat vomit.

A much cooler day, much to the relief of Melbournians. Up in NSW 18,278 new Covid infections.

We are excited that Dr Who returns tonight and with an executioner Dalek. The Daleks, always a ratings winner. It seems so long since we have got to see some new Dr Who. Bring it on!

So that is it, Happy New Year to you all. Big BIG thank you to Debbie my wonderful webmistress for her incredible efforts throwing the diary out to the world every few weeks. xxxx (editor's note: awwwww thanks to you and all the readers putting up with my schedule!)

Stay safe and happy.


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