The Life and Times of Peter Green
Archive: 17 June - 24 June 1996

June 17th

Hanging out for our chart position from the UK for "Instinct".I was hoping for #10,it came in at #12-damn.Spend hours sending out media releases,lets face it #12 is still pretty good.Lots of mail arrives from the Uk-all of it is about the split,I'm starting to feel lifeless,no emotion about the whole thing. I cant even go and buy a doughnut without someone asking about the break up.Wish I was back in Scotland.

June 18th

Horror of Horros,just checked my passport & not a single spare spot for my work visa.Phone the American consulate and a recording tells me to call back in 5 minutes.Great I'm being dictatored too by an answering machine-is this my life? Consulate cant help,call the passport office and guess what I have to get a new passport,despit this one having over 2 years left on it.Every other country lets you add pages.Go into the city,passport photo taken (I frown). Crowdies stock for "Everything is good for you" in the shops. We buy ten copies at a time.Someone always says "gee you must be a big fan". Oh hoho how funny.Now IF i was Rollins I'd say FUCK YOU. But I'm not so I pull out a gun and kill the shop assistant. The eggplant has now died in my vegie garden,but the Beetroots are going great.The Phones are myseriously quiet.

June 19th

Speak to Tim,he's now back in Sydney and looking forward to the USA tour.Tells me that all his favourite people are on the road-thats rather sweet from the lips of Tim Finn.Apparently a "Nutter" fan managed to get through our inpervious screening system and she spoke to Tim.Tim hung up (I laughed). he asks me about Vivienne. Viv is my own valerie Solaris (the woman who shot Warhol). She tried to kill me,with a telephone of all things. It was after a photoshoot that I did. The "death" poses. She was one of the dead people-in a sixties dress surrounded by flowers. My partner in crime the beautifull Toija (she was also in the "death" photos as a female christ-Toija is stunning as a female christ).,anyway Toija wasnt wearing her glasses and managed to glue Vivs eyes closed with eyelash cement.Of course I was in hysterics,I had to leave the room as I was close to wetting my pants. Vivienne had obviously had strange dreams & believed I was going to sell these photos for thousands of dollars & she wanted the snaps and tried to squash my brains in with a telephone.I survived but shes still out there (shes REALLY out there STILL).I try to be nice,and a secret part of me dear diary loves her madness. Tim loved the story..so if you see a song called "Vivs revenge" on his next album you know who inspired it. Speak to Mardi -little Sunday hester is sick with the flu. She's been in plenty of press photos with paulo for the Lullabys cd.Such a Princess. Mike Chunn calls and it looks like another run of the Enz book will be done for the club later on.

June 20th

Call into EMI-many of the staff are still there from the early Crowdies days & today is my first day in after the split. Everyone is melancholy with House tales to tell.I listen,they really love this band a lot. I feel sad again. Dean from Em tells me that Paulo will be doing some media to promote "Dream".Thats good. Paul from Sony NZ calls and Eddie(Rayner) is with him.Sony is going to fly Eddie to Australia mid July to promote ENZso.Tim doesnt want to promote ENZSO so its up to Eddie. What a wicked phone call_Eddie would make a great old queen-guess thats why we love him.He can be such a bitch-go Ed! get my new passport-in record breaking time-1 hour.It costs me $159.Cheque arrives from Spanish art person,will do her an Edie and Andy subway photo-she'll like that.Have Coffee at the Centra Hotel near the Casino.Sit next to a table of stupid girls who ramble loudly about their sad love lives.They ask me to join them-I'd rather die!

June 21st

My car needs a wash-I hope it rains. The possums are ringbarking our trees out the front of Belmore. "One night they came knocking on his living room door. They used him,bruised him,screwed him hard,until they were bored".

June 22nd

Oh Poor jason Donovan (ex Neighbours star). on the front cover of WHO magazine. What an incredible story-he used to have such a squeaky clean image. Mark says he will either die or get busted for excess drugs.Just found out that one of the first times jason took cocaine was with one of my bands.In the toilets at the Sebel Town House.So I'm led to believe.he's running rampart now,the media have him in their sights.Hope he makes it through Rocky Horro Show without getting busted.he's playing FrankNFurther..I still think Daniel Albineri was the best Frank.Seems like ages since I did the Timewarp with Little Nell (Campbell). Spock drops in-he's going to drive down and visit Phil(Judd) and do some fishing.Apparently Phil is working on music for an upcoming Aussi Cop show. Spock takes the Schnell cd covers to be signed.

June 23rd

Breakfast-Blue Elephant with Rosemaree (who does all the club copying),Kim(who has an extensive photo collection of Dougald from our crew...sorry people he's wearing his clothes) and Mark (who I've known since he was five).We are late Rosemaree and Kim help the Elephant Boys set up.Yum good cook today. My friend Linda (Klaastad) says I have to describe people more-so you the reader will know who they are (like in a play).OK we'll try it. Marck bailey confirms the Crowdies show at Covent gardens-last time I spoke to neil it was off-hope everyone had fun and found out about it on time.

Answered at least 300 letters today-most aboutthe split,about 40 regarding this site. A few said I should create a "favourite" list-you know food,book etc. So here is this months:

June 24th

Spock drops in-Phil has some of his painting on show at a gallery near Lakes Entrance. They range up to $18,000 (phew).I love the painting he did of me its the two sides of Peter killing each other..will try and get Deb. to put it on the diary page at a later date. Some fans asked about the photos. The shot of myself on the bus is the only nice Peter photo I have-lets face it Christian Slater I'm not. Anyway it was taken By Boom Crash Operas Ricahrd Pleasance on the Enz reunion tour (on the tour bus), BCO were special guests. The photo of Billy idol was taken at the Countdown awards party.The Cowboy Hat belongs to Molly meldrum Australias Rock Guru. I'm wearing a shiny silver top..but had on discusting pants-GREEN ZEBRA PRINT (ARGHHHHH). The B/w snap is Paul Hester,His Mum,Myself and manager Grant Thomas-at the Chocolate Cake Launch-Prahran Social Club. I was "Door Bitch" for the night. My tattoo- it took me ten years and I finally decided to get it done on my birthday this year (May 11th). Robbie Cole and myself designed it.It took about three and a half hours and is on my back-right hand shoulder. The Griffin is my spirit animal.Protector of the Earth.John (downstairs at "Belmore" took the photo and zap out my skin). Thats all folks.

Just about to go to bed when Dean from our record company calls......the great news is that the new CH single debuted in the Aussi top 100 at #10. Our state(Victoria) is at #9. This is so good- we have worked our bums off since we came home...even if its top ten for only one week I dont give a shit. We are leaving with a Bang. Send a wakeup fax to Neil in Toronto. "Thought I'd start your morning in the nicest possible way....with a Top Ten hit in Australia......etc etc". This will silence the critics!

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