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Archive: 21 August - 3 September 1996


The ENZso presentation was on in NZ last night. Everyone got their little silver "Noel" double platinum awards. They are shaped like the "Noel" figure on the album cover. Lots of red wine and champas and I'm sure Paul from Sony didn't touch the Contreau......Very weird dress sense everyone was wearing either black or brown. (Eddie in a brown jacket,Neil in a brown jacket,Sony people in brown)..Paul in Black


Nick Seymour is still away overseas and he's working with Bic Runga. Bic was the special guest on the Finn NZ Tour. Nick is playing Bass on some of her songs.

Calvin Klein is seperating from his lovely photographer wife Kelly. Bet NYC will now have some outrageous parties now that Calvin is a free man again.


Wash my car and even shake out the carpets and polish the chrome. Breakfast with Spock and Mark at the Elephant.It must be getting warmer there are people sitting outside on the tables. Spock is happening and is getting me some info. for my upcoming photo book "Wings off flies".


Spend most of the day working on a Tim history for Christinas Tim site. This man has had a complicated career and he is running out of record companies to get released on. So much info. Fax it off to Grant to see if he can add to it.


Today is Ericka Schultz Birthday- I don't have her new phone number so I cant call her. I hear that she starts work at Discovery soon-on ya Ericka! Neil calls from Auckland-still not smoking cigs.and sounds fantastic. No real news, he IS going to write a letter for the next Newsletter (Early October) and has been having fun in the studio.


Hear "Ode to a Goldfish" on JJJ-they played "Out of Time". The girls are coming to Melbourne soon so we will all do lunch and some exploring. Put my car into Wilkeys to get it serviced. Paul got me onto Wilkeys,he used to put his Holden in there. I think Hester has a "family" car now-yes he sold out! Well half sold out-he kept one Holden. I tell them to check everything. She (my car) sleeps over at Wilkeys for the night.

Peter from Boom Crash Opera calls-he thinks the new BCO album will sound like Depeche Mode with a sense of Humor. he sounds good-Spock may be working on a few of the new BCO songs.


Drum roll-today I am off my Probationary license-finally after 3 years. Had only 2 driving accidents and both were not my fault. Some weird lady out of her tree rammed me on Halloween...at 12.05 (midnight).The other, some stupid family crashed into us when they were turning and changed their mind. It took 4 weeks to get a new door for my car. But I'm here and off my "P"'s. feels good. Charts- Crowdies are still top Ten and ENZso is doing equally well. Crowded House are now Double Platinum and Enzso is Platinum. My friend from the Tax office Judith stays the night and we go out for dinner. Greg macainsh was meant to come along but he is on a train to Sydney. My car goes like a rocket...maybe it is?!


Wow my first pair of Calvins arrived from a website reader......that's so funny. Athletic...Size M. Thankyou. far better than Sallys Nurses outfit. Rosemaree and Kim drop in for their Tarot card reading. Kim is moving in with Andrew ("Trash") who is a crew buddy of Dougald. Small world. Speaking of our wandering Roadcrew member-Dougald he must be back soon, he;'s working on the John Farnham Tour- yes boring. Poor Dougald,but I'm sure it pays well. Farnham's latest album Romeo's Heart is such a boring load of old crappy cobblers- you'd think he;'d retire gracefully instead of pushing this MOR turd down our throats- SNORE ZZZZZZZZ. Go away.

ARIA nominations are in- Album- FINN, Group-Crowded House, Song-Suffer Never Highest selling Single- Everything is Good for you".I love the group nomination -great that CH are still nominated after ten years! Neil is in the studio with Jim from Midnight Oil...it's Jims project (i think).


It's my sisters birthday-can't believ she is 25. Where have the years gone, is this the same kid that use to make punk haircuts on her barbie Dolls and then took it a step further and made a punk haircut of her own Hair. The only 7 yr old punk (punkette).

Just found out that Marie -one of the regular CH contacts was the same Marie that was with Elizabeth and Christina in Toronto- she was so quiet. Bad day-India still hasn't signed the Nuclear test ban treaty- what is wrong with those people? No Samosa's this week as a protest.


Tim calls and thats nice. I put him in contact with Venetta Fields- she performed on his first solo tour etc and is a good soul mate. The Finns and friends are off to Western Apia for the "Pacific Arts Festival" next Friday. An hour after I speak to Tim he is on JJJ with Jenny Morris singing some duets together- "Glad and Sorry"-I think that was a Faces song and Tom Waites "Mockingbird". On Tue 3rd he'll jump up with Jenny at The Lyric in Sydney to sing a few songs.


Work in the office-answering mail,sending out ENZso orders. before I know it,it's 3.00 in the morning. Wish I was paid by the hour. It's starting to be a 60 hour week. Am i turning into Grant Thomas?

September 1st

Mark has the flu and stays at home. I head down to the Elephant on this, the first day of Spring, and can actually feel the suns rays warming me. I feel like I am coming out of hybernation (at last). Spend an hour waiting on Kim and Andrew and work on photos for the photobook. Get home at lunchtime and feed the fruit trees and dust the cobwebs from my Gothic bedroom. Lots of phone calls all day- seems like Spring has woken everyone up.


Johnny starts recording "You love yourself" in London before he presents his tape for consideration. If I keep this much crossed I'll go blue- everyone say a prayer that he gets signed, Nigel (Griggs) calls and returns all the live show dats. He's a good ol' turtle. Little Pink has been in NZ,she stayed with Neil and Sharon. have to get all the latest goss. Just heard "Mankind" off the new Pearl Jam album- sounds pretty good-hope it's a single. Call Grant late and he (like me) is still in his office. Still nothing confirmed for the Crowded House date- who knows if it will happen. Will keep you posted.

Finn-USA- Marck who runs the "Tongue" site has sent me the off emails from people that subscribe to "Tongue"-they are so convinced that the Finns are coming back to America. Well the sad news is that the tour seems to be less and less a possibility. Why do people feel that we are keeping it a secret, I'd love for it to happen but this is the perfect example of why we try not to announce things unless they are 100%. Fans get all excited and are let down. Some of the blame must sit on Discoverys shoulders who seem to be telling people that it's 100%. At the time it was about 50/50 now the odds are less ,its only about 40% chance that it's on. Sorry guys, you should listen to Marck bailey a bit more -he has closer connections then even the record company! (Hail Marck). Well 40% is still a chance-so we'll do all we can to make it happen....but please don't book your holiday time just yet...or you'll be the only person sitting in an empty Wiltern Theatre!!!!


Chart day- God both albums are still in the Australian top ten. Recurring Dream is at #5 and Enzso is at #8. So can anyone guess what the next UK Crowdies single will be. I have a feeling its "Don't dream it's over"- it wasn't a hit when it was released and deserves a second chance. If this is the single then "Everything" will be an Australian only single.

Get both an email and a postcard from Sally in the UK-she's been globetrotting again- Prague-lucky duck- Prague is one of the places I really want to go. INXS filmed some great Video clips there and I've had a taste for Prague ever since. Doesnt Marty from The Church live there? If anyone sees Sally ask her about sneaking her camera into the Saunas,hanging out with many "Performing 60's Divas" and the blind 75yr old police translator. ...I thought my life was wild at times.

Leanne and Wendy in perth are back living together-a lot has happened since they were two Enz fans sharing a caravan together. leanne runs the main chart store (Brashes-Hay Street Perth) so pop in and say Hi- they usually stock a good range of Enz and Crowdies. Thats about it- the Enzsite must be very close to it's 10,000 "hit"-and you can win a great ENZso prize. Eddie has scrawled a message on the radio cd for Stuff and Nonsense-it goes to lucky #10,000.....it could be you. Next time on the diary we should have the info for the new Tim Finn website........and who was that on the #64 Tram from the city wearing a "Famous for Sixteen Minutes" tshirt...........intrigued. Things are looking bad again with Iraq- hope another military strike isn't on the cards. I wonder if War brings in polictical votes-it must be a hard decision for Clinton to give the go ahead for another strike. What a sad note to finish this diary day.

Thanks for clicking on- love and peace- PG.

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