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Archive: 21 October - 5 November 1996

October 21st

One of those crazy days....we officially announce the Opera House gig this Friday,so we are trying to keep the lid on it,so the various sponsors can have the scoop. Marck has told me that a few people have been asking about it on the Webpage,mainly due to the WHO magazine article and the Chart Show in the Uk briefly mentioning the possibility. Throw out a few more rumors.Smokescreens are good in cases like this and the internet is the perfect "weapon"...cmon gossip runs riot on the www. Cook dinner for ten people...mainly people we haven't seen for awhile...a PG "combination" dinner- Indian,Tika Salad,even Isabelle from Frances "Goose". The Goose was the only thing not consumed. Our ex-Goth Rebecca Booth gushed that it was the "best meal I'd ever made"....well thankyou Missy. Jen and merl turn up-merl is pregnant and the baby gives me a kick. They leave for QLD soon,so the baby will be born in all that Sun.

October 22nd

here from our white haired Bassist-Nicholas Seymour. Try to suggest ways that he can get to this new years Eve party in Scotland.....he doesnt have enough frequent flyer points. he'll be playing with peter Jones and the other DEADSTAR people late November. The few Melb datesa are 28th-Saratoga and 29th-Esplanade Hotel St Kilda.

Mark and mysel go into the city today-he's been all excited about the Rolling Stones "Rock and Roll Circus" Cd FINALLY coming out........its only been 20 years! Has other people on it, Yoko doing some of her screaming.......Keith Richards has a weird guitar sound. I think the Video will be better.

Call over to the belt Company -have always wanted to have the burning building design (with the wings) on a metal belt buckle,so this is my last chance. meet with the main designer Rob-a nice guy and we plan the buckle. We will have it in Pewter-polished. Will probably end up looking like a Harley davidson Belt buckle (cool eh). Only available at the Melb warmup show.........and probably not through the club (sorry). cant wait to see them finished.


Hairball the wondercat is really a skitty kitty today-she's chaseing ghosts all around the room.Must be Spring. She turns 13 this DEC,so at long last Hairball is a teenager. Hope she has a long life, Mark will be heartbroken if anything happens to her,she's a very hip cat (man). I guess in Cat years she's really OLD! Hmm my home loan is due today.....it's better than paying rent but it will be nice to own the apartment. When you think about all the houses and apartments out there....and the amount of people you know who rent...it makes me wonder who actually owns all of them.......little old ladies with all the rent hidden in their beds? Speak to Mushroom about DEADSTARS "MILK" cd. Hope to get an advance copy,love the single "Don't it get you down". Radio Triple J is playing iut a lot. A strange bird spent the afternoon singing in Neils giant palmtrees all afternoon. I was totally capitivated by it's song..it really weived a spell... a bet all the other birds are jealous. Some creatures just have good singing voices!!!


yes Crowded House folders finally arrive...this is the longest delay in living history.....spend the day sending them out. Decide to check on Nick and find him at home when he was meant to be at the FOX radio studios to announce the Opera House GIg with Paul. Phone up FOX and make up the excuse that his Thunderbird is stuck in Melb. traffic...well it was the rushhour. Paul is on air and Nick makes a grand entrance,it works very well. They tell a few "road stories" and Paul is in fine form......it's like he never left the band.Hope it works just as well on drums. At the same time Channel Ten news in Sydney will be breaking the story...so both sponsors get the scoop. This is going to be a huge event. Don't get much sleep, have a hundred and one thinks to work out for the show, starting to keep a micro recorder by the bed...I think I'm becoming agent Cooper from Twin Peaks.........................fire...walk.......with.....me!


Miss Candy is alive...we were worried. Spock has spotted her at 7am on Fitzroy Street holding court with all the guys. She was wearing a neck to ankle pink dress. Really like Weezers "El Scorcho" album-will have to get the album. Grant our beloved manager turns up at Belmore with friend Sue from Polydor. he is looking very healthy and shows us all his "bikini" line. It's nice to see him again. he's off to the opening of another Broadway play. Polish my Doc Martens...watch them glisten and gleam..........


Brekky with Rosemaree. We find out that Michael Walters from Hunters and Collectors moves into our street,its filling up with band people. It's a nice Sunday-get some gardening done,a few years back i went out with Sharon and we purchased a lot of bulbs...well finally they are coming up....very strange looking some of them. Water this huge fern that I found for a cheap price,all the pampering has paid off,giant fern froms are sporting out of the top. Just call me Peter Green-thumb (DON'T).


Sometimes I am so good to my friends....guess they must be worth it. Today as a favour I woke up really early and zoomed down to the Palais Theatre to get tickets for myfriend Rosemaree. It's to see the CORRS in a few months. managed to get her front row. Dror from the Prince of Wales wont stop hassling me about getting Ch to play there......today he has rubbed me the wrong way......the gig is confirmed.,.....The Corner. Go check out the corner with Paul and Nick... I walk in...I can't believe this THEY have actually arrived before me. Cmon this is rare......down a few Beers,its a hot day and it tastes good (I don't drink a lot of Beer).....the room for The Corner is great,its nearly double the size it was. The gig on NOVV. 20th will be a club members only show,it will really go off. It's nice to see Nick and Paul chatting away,like the ol' days. Nick zooms off back to the studio with brother Mark and I walk with Paul. His Holden is parked in front of my Holden. We find UNUSED condoms clipped under the wipers. I instantly recognise it as a promotion...Paul looks at me like I put them there.......why oh why would I pop new condoms under Pauls (and my) wiper blades..... Grant flys to NZ.


Go to the city- Recovery grab me and use me in one of their question and answer segments......I have to give my favourite pickup line. No i won't tell you what i said dear diary. Crowdies album moves back up the Australian charts from 17 to 12. It's now triple platinum in OZ.


Do my tax...I have to pay this year. Oh well,someone has to cover the cost of road repair etc...so why doesn't kennet acatually use my money to fix up the holes on Chapel Street!!!! Like the Monique Brumby single "MARY". Good song. Good ol' JJJ one of the few stations to play it.


The Crowdies hotline is installed today by two music lovin' dudes from telstra. It was like "Bill and Ted' join Telstra. Nice guys. Tshirt design for Sydney gig changes...I stress out. Opera House gig is a pain in the bum today. Noel submits a design.Fax it to neil.


God it's November already and that gig will soon be upon us. Panis -arghhhhhhh that's ARGHHHHHHHHHH. So much to do...calm down peter (slap). That's better. Now where were we. Oh don't worry it always turns out right.

November 2nd

Mark and myself decide to work nonstop for two days to get all the cds out...no sleep.......somehow we got it done. Will anyone thank us-NO. OK. Nick is on next weeks Recovery-he got the dates wrong. So he;s on the 9th. he promises to look very Julian Clary.........hmmm.

November 3rd

Nick-god bless him has Reg Monbassa with him from the Mentals. I LOVE Reg's artwork and Neil suggested him as one of the people I should contact about the gig design. Skip the mentals manager knows I've always wanted a REG painting,so I'll hopefully purchase it and be forever happy...with a Martin Plaza and a Raewyn Turner, a Phil Judd and now a Reg. All that's missing is a Seymour (but i do have an old backdrop Nick gave me ages ago and some hand drawn artwork.... I love pop art. Work work work. It rains and the Chapel Street Festival is wet again. Too dark to take photos for my photobook. Wanted some snaps of SNOUT.


The phone number for the Crowdies hotline is (3)95277986. Phone from 9.30-5.00 AUSTRALIAN hours. We'll give you info on the melb and Sydney gigs. The club show is on NOV. 20th and Sydney's Opera House Gig is the 23rd. The Opera House show IS FREE. Crowdies are on about 8.oo. The gig starts at 4.00.

Dropped two bags of mail down to Prahran today and almost punched the parking guy out. Too little sleep does not go well with me. This guy was a total jerk, and hassled me because I said I would be 5 minutes and was actually 6.5 minutes. Next time I'll pin him under the Grey Ghost. Wow Bic Runga wins the Australasian performing Rights Assoc. Award for "Best Musical Composition from NZ" for DRIVE. It doesn't seem all that long ago when she was worried if she would sell any copies at the FINN gigs when she was special guest. She's a lovely woman and it will be nice to see her again when she supports FINN at the Powerstation on the 7th. She has a new single out in nZ called Bursting, I think this is one of the songs that Nick played BASS on. Just found out that DEADSTARS album "MILK" is not out till FEB'97!


Charts- Recurring Dream has dropped in Aust. from 12 to 18. BUT "Dont Dream"... debuted at #25 in the UK. "Not the Girl" has nearly totally sold out of stock. I had to go to 4 stores last week to buy ne copy. Today is a public holiday in Melbourne- we work (of course). "SAINTLY" wins the Melbourne cup. Rosemaree picks it but doesn't put any money on it. Reg calls and it looks like he'll fax me some designs in NZ. A new hero is born. Haven't had much time to eat lately....will try and take one day off in NZ. I fly out tomorrow on a new adventure. Clubber Nicole will be on the same flight,guess we'll arm wrestle over the window seat! NZ here I come, but before I go,thanks to everyone that has had nice things to say about this site...it scares me that so many of you actually read it......what can I say ..thanks.

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