The Life and Times of Peter Green
Archive: 17 June - 24 June 1996

June 24th

Crowdies play their secret show at "The Horseshoe" In Toronto. Holds a little bit less than the "Hanover Grand"-I thought it was going to be a short set but it was almost as long as the UK gig". Speak to management about an Aussi show. Its a good chance and we really want to film it for worldwide tv broadcast. Will do my best to get a Crowdies Club show for Club members- in melbourne I hope. I think Neil will be into this and its a good warmup date. Tim is back in melbourne mixing some of his new songs. Wow weve had over 500 hits on this site...that freaks me out. Deb. tells me that the Enz site has had thousands- I'm amazed at even 500 people that could be bothered...I'm sure its my Mum clicking on 500 times. Diane (good buddy from California) lines up for her Finn tickets for san Francisco-Ozzie Osborne is on sale at the same time-so here is cute little Dianne in line with Pigeon eating ozzie fans-cool .Home loan due today-give the bank some money.

June 25th

Chart day in Australia. Am in shock "Everything...." debuts at #10 nationally. Its at #9 in Victoria. The last top ten national hit here was "Better be Home Soon". Even the Enzso single jumps from 98 to 61. The fans are out in force. Heard "Hoodoo Gurus" -"1000 miles " song-its the ultimate tour song. Nicole Ellis (who's moved from the USA to melb.) mails me and shes making the most of her time here. Shes just been hot air ballooning at Ayres Rock-it would look incredible with the Sun rising. She tells me (Tongue in cheek) that I'm being too violent in the diarys....so I've torpedo'd her balloon......Start on the new painting. Am getting obsessed with Gold paint. Edie in Gold. Just saw a mother Possum taking her baby possums for a walk (on her back) across neils Tennis Court fence.keep away from our trees guys.

June 26th

Have Breakfast with Spock and mark at the Elephant (you knew I'd say there-we do eat elsewhere but the Elephant is the Best). Spock-alias Greg oconnor was part of Boom Crash Opera-he did all the cover art and does heaps of Graphic work now. The covers of "21C" magazine,heaps of album covers, the main graphics in the club newsletter.He's a talented bastard-and has a dry sense of humor,no wonder Phil Judd likes him. he's about to do some mini doco. for the Farnham Tour. It looks like he will do the art layout for my photo book project-which will be released later this year. heaps of snaps of differant bands that I've worked for-some good photos,some crappy-most with a story attached. My fave photos-B/w Nick cave when he was in the Boys next Door, Colour Adam Ant at Countdown, heaps of Crowdies photos etc. Will be called "Wings off Flys",its a title from a poem I scrawled in the late seventies...strangely enough Nick Cave had a song called that a few years later.....

June 27th

Piet Collins calls ,he was the drummer in one of my other bands-The Sharp-they split up a year back,he's working for MMM the Melb. radio station and wants Paul to have his own show. Paul tells me he's already doing 'stuff" on FOX FM. Put nearly all of my pay on my Amex card-dont you hate doing that? It must be drummer day,maz from Boom Crash Opera calls-they look like releasing 2 singles this year. heard some of the new BCO songs-far better then recent material, they deserve to be big. Work on a new C.H. tshirt design. Looking Good.

June 28th

Grant calls from LA-sounds tired-he is one of the hardest working managers in the business-guess he must be doing "damage repair" at the moment. I wonder what neil is thinking. Its such a big thing to split a band up-especially when you were the nucleus. I still feel weird about it-like a big black cloud is following me.People are still asking me about the split. Get our midweek chart in from the Uk-it shows the album at #1. Most of our mid weeks drop-hope for the first time we stay at the top spot-that would be great. XFiles mania is running riot here-10,000 fans squash into Southlands Shopping Centre to see Gillian Anderson. People were fainting,being crushed,crying. Gillian looks really pretty up close,far better than on the X Files.She was really concerned about the people at the front-great role model.We helped carry this crushed girl out-she looked like a little Gillian (a clone?)-spooky!

June 29th

May have to find a new favourite eating place. A person came up to me at the Elephant today and said-"I knew you'd be here,I read your diarys on the net". My mouth hit the floor.....at least they liked them.They didnt try to kill me with a telephone. This encounter stuck in my mind all day. Stay up late watching cable-Molly meldrum raves about C.H. on his Cable show "The Drum", looks like he got my fax.

June 30th

Have Breakfast with Jen and Merl- they are my two Godmothers. They use to live downstairs and are both Healers and throw a good party. They helped me out when a car trashed my bike (with me on it) and took me for a ride down the main road on the front of its bumper. Thankfully they mended my leg and despite tyre marks going all the way down my jeans I was ok. My bike now has square wheels. They are moving to Qld later this year- I'm happy for them but I'll miss them.

Send Sony Debs address so she can put these cool B/w Enz photos on the Enz site (if she wants). I selected a wide variety but I especially love the early Enz photos-hope she finds a use for them. Still havent heard from Grant regarding the album in the UK-I still have my fingers crossed.

July 1st

Its only 3.00 in the morning and Grant calls and wakes me up. he's very calm and whispers...you know I'd only phone you at this hour if its important-WE'RE #1! I'm sure my scream wakes half of melbourne. God a decade of work and finally after they split they are #1 in the UK. Its a hell of a way to go out. I know fans everywhere are pushing this record-God even my buddy Sally St John talked half the people at her BBQ to buy it next day. Everyone wants it to be a hit. I have a feeling #1 in Australia,New Zealand and canada is not out of the question. It will be interesting to see what capitol comes up with-I dont think they even have a single yet. Anyway I think thats a good way to finish the diary for this week. My next entry will be on the long plane trip to America for the Finn tour. Also sorry about the spelling mistakes-you guys get the diarys warts and all. Wow #1..the guys will be stoked.

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