The Life and Times of Peter Green
Archive: 29 May - 31 May 1996

May 29th

Wake up in Hollywood--no sleep. Diane arrives from San Jose--we jump in the car and drive, drive, drive. First stop Ralph's Rock n' Roll Supermarket--we see a woman in a wheelchair make a quick gettaway-- she had a great shoplifting "technique". Next stop Melrose. We all buy some clothes, Diane a cute "cherry dress"; almost buy a burgundy wig, looked Guy Pearce-ish from "Priscilla". Find a Melrose bar--no it wasn't "Shooters", suck on a Bud! Not much at Whacko, same Fat Cat, Soap Factory is the same. Tower seems expensive, so we shop at Aarons--"Dandy Warhols", "Imperial Drag" CDs. Marck from the Internet calls, he tells me that some people on the Net didn't think the "secret" UK gig was real, so crazy. The long awaited Dinner at El Coyote, 2 tequilas and I'm gone. Engineer Cameron Craig turns up, he has some color from days at California Beach. We head off to see "I Shot Andy Warhol" at the Virgin Cinemas, it's pretty good, but Eddie could have been better. In bed by midnight.

May 30th

See adverts for "The Rock"--it opens tomorrow. MG and myself were at Alcatraz when they were filming it --with Sean Connery. Connery spent a lot of time singing Donna Summers "Hot Stuff"--picture that if you can. Diane hires the car for the second day. Not too many Hollywood weirdos out today, BUT we do spot the "badge woman" in front of Mann's Chinese Theatre. She was striking a pose with her badge covered head for the Japanese tourists. We head to Rhino Records, but no Neil Diamond CD (it really was for Mark's mum). Head to the new Whacko store/ Soap Plant. It's not as good as the old one on Melrose. BUT, the highlight of the day was "Bargain Circus" on Highland, lots of trash and no bargains! We pig out of room service (mmm . . . love the Mozzarella Sticks)--we notice that you can see the original "Crowded House" (1902 N. Sycamore) from our hotel window.

May 31st

Get to the airport early. Fly out to London--sounds like the UK weather is better. Crowdies fly into London today too.

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