The Life and Times of Peter Green
Archive: 2 June - 5 June 1996

June 2nd

We catch up with JJ--he's still staying at "the grotto", sounds like it's the next thing above a squat--but hey Bowie lived near there (Haddon Hall) in ' 74 so what more can we say. He'll be moving to Soho soon. Go to Camden Markets, such a great place to shop. A head honcho from MTV USA tells JJ about Bio Melatonin, it's almost the cure for jetlag--so why is it becoming illegal? Take one tab and boy do we sleeeppppp zzzzzzzz!!! Grant calls at midnight, urgent I see him--I have a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.

June 3rd

Today is the day of the "secret Crowdies gig", crammed full of club members and press. Meeting with Grant and Billy (10:30). By midday my world is picked up and thrown about--Crowded House are calling it a day. We work out our battle plan--and Neil arrives. He sounds excited, happy, fired on adrenalin and probably needs a good sleep. We work out a rough press release, Billy (tour manager and lovely dude) suggests we put it on the internet first. This will stun Marck Bailey--he's worked so hard on "Tongue in the Mail" our CH website. At least the Hanover Gig is still happening. For some reason I'm not too freaked out, I've had a few bands break up. I admit CH are so special, I know I'll crumble later on. At least we'll still continue working and the club will keep going.

Cab to EMI, Grant tells them the news, it's still a secret. But secrets around this band are like leaky boats, they sprout holes fast, and we know the news will spread fast. Taxi to hotel, quick change and on to soundcheck at 1:30. Taxi driver almost kills us as an incredibly stunning woman crosses the street near Piccadilly. Venue is cool, feels like the Bondi Lifesaver (Aussie venue) from the seventies. Dougald is here, so is Jules--wonder who's doing the sound? Neil is meant to announce the "split" during the encore. We film from the "fire hazard" zone upstairs. Chat to fans outside--nice bunch--have been told to keep quiet, don't want to bum them out. I do tell them to really enjoy EVERY song. Half way through the set several people invade upstairs, tell them to leave and they are such wankers. One guy tells me "they are the top people from the record company", I don't care--it doesn't make them any better than the fans downstairs, in fact the fans are better. At least they get off on the music. This girl keeps sitting in the WRONG area, I tell her to move in a pissed off voice. Later I'm told it's Belinda Carlisle, she's looked better! It ends up being CH's longest gig. The Benny Twins and Becci Taylor get in. Sally St. John gives me a bottle of Tequila for my birthday, (nice haircut Sally) and I tell her of the split (she's family). Neil DOESN'T announce the split, he does hesitate, but no announcement. Shit the fax has gone out saying he will! Long night, leave early.

June 4th

Calls all night, America, Australia, Europe. Decide to escape, go shopping at Kensington Markets. Johnny takes us up to Lord Leighton's House. It's fantastic, full of his art--I nap under a 200 year old tree. Who's Crowded House, what split? I could curl up and sleep for a thousand years, this is so removed from the music industry. Diane calls from USA to see if we're ok, that was really touching--we've made some good friends because of CH.

Back to reality. My voice mail is full of calls, one from Billy. The Crowdies are doing "Jools Holland" show--3 songs and my presence is required. So Mark and Johnny will have to go see the Dandy Warhols play without me, while I'm at the BBC. Taxi to "Madison's" a restaurant at Shepherds Bush--the band, Chris Burke (our book person), Malcolm Hill (EMI) and others are all eating. I feel like I've wandered into the "last supper". But there is a good vibe in the air. I ask Neil what happened, he tells me he "couldn't be so dramatic, to announce it at the end." The same thing happened when Paul left, NO mention on stage. I push him further and tell him I know he went close, and he admits he almost said it, but couldn't bring himself to. I'm given the new press release. I'm so glad the fans get a mention "Thanks to all our supporters for giving us heart." Food is scoffed and it's off to the BBC for the show. During rehearsal I'm told that Patti Smith is also on the show, I vow to ask her about the Vali Myers tattoo. Oh my God there she is, she REALLY looks like what I expected. Grant tells me to go for it, so I do. She's in the middle of the studio, I front up on her right, and Neil fronts up on her left. Oh no, I don't want Neil to see me gush, I motion for him to go first. He introduces himself and gives her some verbal approval--Neil is so humble and obviously admires her courage. I ask her about the tattoo and she crouches down, unstraps her pants and shows me Vali's thunderbolt on her knee. I feel the Crowds staring. Neil jokes later that I've only met her for a few minutes and already she's showing me her legs. We talk a little, god she's a woman that's fought demons, but she burns with passion. She asks if I have a tattoo--I show her my Gryphon, "Oh that's really nice." On with the show. Neil gets zapped with the microphone, so they do a re-take. "Ash" are on--cute bass player--very Ramones-ish. It's a great crowd, so good that after the Crowdies do their 3 songs, they get an encore (Distant Sun). Think about it, an encore at a TV show--weird. They play so well, it's almost better than the farewell show. Go to an after show party with Nick and Chris Burke. Our transport driver Tony drives me home.

I just get back and Mark arrives. He tells me that the "Dandy Warhols" were great (but too loud), a very small pub--and laughs because after their guitarist took off his top, so did their female keyboardist. She played most of the gig semi-naked--VERY Warhol.

June 5th

Slow day, drive to Scotland tomorrow.

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