The Life and Times of Peter Green
Archive: 2 October - 21 October 1996


Today is Brett Thomas's Birthday-he's Grants brother,really nice guy. When the Thomas brothers were younger they use to create music together. Brent married NZ songstress Sharon Oneill and played in her band......watch those Countdown repeats for Brent wearing some nice satin outfits. (He'll kill me for this). he now looks after The Divinyls with Grant. It's really exciting having the Divinyls as part of our stable,especially Chrissie who I just love. She is one of the original women of rock. I remember being at the Rolling Stones/GunsNRoses gig in Los Angeles and Chrissie and Mark walked into the Venue and the whole crowd stood on their feet and clapped. Divinyls new album is ok,should of done more in the charts. "Jealous" is a great song. Says it all really. Today I feel like I'm "Drunk on stars"...a few band people called (who I wont name dear Diary)...and they all seem really fucked up with their relationships.I think being on the road does it,the temptations are everywhere and men in particular can never keep their dicks in their pants....and we put it down to be lonely... ......please!


Deb puts the "Origins of the Frenz" up on the site, talk about flashbacks of images and memories. It feels nice looking back,but where has all the time gone. When I'm in my wheelchair with jet white hair what will I be creating the "Famous for 16" site on then......I'm sure my computer will be obsolete. Will I have wires running into my cranium sending 3D images down the line to the faithful. ...and what will all you faithful be up to? Will Diane still be getting her chocolate hit, will Elizabeth be wearing fake fur on her eyelashes, and if Christina is still creating Tims site how old will Tim be!!!!! ? Kiwi internet radio wants to use CH/Enz tracks on their site. I'm a bit funny about it because the site was originally set up to promote unsigned fresh NZ talent. It just seems that they are using CH/Enz to pull in the hits.....and are Crowdies a new Zealand band? Oh that old chestnut again. SplitEnz ...yes, Crowded House...2/3 Aussi,1 part Neil,who spent most of his Crowdies career in Australia. gee this will stir up the hornets! (Grin). Fuck em if they cant take a joke. bet i'll be lynched at the Finn Auckland Gig! There goes my token NZ citizenship. No sign of the stalkers.


Poor Boy is released in Australia. Not sure if it will do anything,Aussi radio isn't actually playing it. Have brekky with Maz,Spock,Rosemaree and Mark. We are taking over. maz is off soon playing drums on the Jimmy barnes tour. Jimmy has a best Of CD out soon too.........."working Class Man" is the only Barnesy song I like.....his new Haircut looks better,his new single sucks. Watch "Wallstreet" on cable,love that movie. Not sure if I could be Gordon Gecko. I do like the line: "There is no nobility in poverty". Pick up a huge box of ENZso CDS from Brashs,now Noel and Tim just have to sign them,or maybe Neil. Found out my Mum loves Violets,it's cool to discover new things about your parents . She still surprises mek,my Mum rocks! Received an email from Chris Burke,he has now penned 80,000 words (hopefully all different) and just finished the Neil interviews. I think neils section will be fascinating. The club will happily plug this book,far better then that other piece of crap known as Private Universe....I tried reading it again the other day and just couldn't do it......next.


Do SKYHOOKS stuf for the website. Deb is creating another site,she is the Queen and I do drone! It's raining today so that's always a productive time for website stuff. I sometimes think melbourne is becoming a Rainforest,its looking so lush. As I look out the office window I am amazed at how green the Tennis court at the Finns Mansion next door. It looks like someone has found the perfect green grass dye.....the trees are enormous,Sharon would be amazed at how BIG all the plants are now,must send them a photo. Playing Bowies HUnky Dory album. We go and see "Mission Impossible"/"Goldeneye" at The Astor. At Interval we see Fran and Sonia and they come and watch Mission with us. We give Mission the thumbs down but the girls like it....I think someone found their Cruise "G" spot. Was Fran purrrring?


Brekky at the usual....for the first time I sent back my Coffee,the new staff might be cute but he makes crappy coffee. Cuppa #2 was remotely better. Plant the final batch of Marigolds in the front garden,thats 60 Marigold plants,all that Yellow and Orange. Try and get through the "Alien" playstation game,I will not use cheats,I will not use cheats,I will not.....(very bart Simpson). Call Perth to speak to Leanne but shes not there,Wendy is and that's cool. Fax Frontier my photo request for Garbage. I want to do a snap for the photobook.


I mailed off 3 rolls of film...it was one of those strange promotional things on the outside of your sick bag on the plane. gee you wouldn't want to use it AFTER you were sick...4 days in the mail.....your film canister would be a big gross. Heard anew Midnight Oil song "Surfs up Tonight" really like it,hope it does well for Bones and Peter. Notice the Diary site is nearly up to 3500. So YOU keep coming back...YES YOU the reader. OK I'll leave you alone...


NSW/SA Holiday no charts. The album is about 1000 short of triple platinum here. Nick asked me the other day if it was platinum yet...he couldnt believe it was triple platinum. Go see garbage at Festival hall,no photopass,their tour manager didn;t want to know,anyway the lighting was crap. The sound was worse but the Crowd were great. Apart from the singles the set was really shallow,"I only like it when it rains" and "Queer" were the standout tracks. Found a great park for the Grey Ghost, right out besides stage door.....thankyou guardian angel. Hmm I hear that Peter Andre debuted at 31 on the UK charts,that's 2 Aussi acts this year.


Garbage do an instore today and hundreds turn up,that's at gaslight,they do a lot of instores. Notice Crowdies are on RED TV again,it's the usual State Theatre- it's on Nov 1st-9pm and NOV 2nd-3pm. Must be all the letters that the club members are sending in. Go see Pete Burns of Dead or Alive at Blockbuster, was running a bit late and thought I'd miss him....we expected 20 people,were we surprised to see several hundred,the lineup out the door. I instantly did the "Ignore everyone" walk and trottlled down the front....Mark found me a great spot on the side and directed me to do shots across the floor......and then we saw her....yes Rebecca was there with her new little camera. She was so funny clicking away. We had a quick chat and got in closer. Poor Pete Burns, he has so much collagen in his lips he looks like a cross between a Cod Fish and Cher...it's that terrible wig. Plus his lips were soo huge he couldn't (or wouldn't) smile. The rest of the band were there and they were really nice. Becky fancied the guy in the cowboy hat...I think it was Mike Percy. I think she needs a bonk again. It must be ages . Johnnys meeting with MCA was blown out today,a bomb threat in a London tunnel,so no one made it into the record company


Dead or Alive are at the Warehouse tonight...we still call it the WhoreHouse. Tickets are $35...a bit steep. Feel crappy.Don't want to talk to anyone and this includes you Diary.


IF LOOKS COULD KILL.......I like that for a name. A band, a book,a song.? Yes it's on,Nicole Ellis from the clubhas brekky at the Elephant. It's the quietest Friday for months.....was hoping Miss Candy would at least be there to grab her. I notice the Stalkers pull up in their white Valient(!). I ignore them at first and then decide to outstare them...it works and they quickly zoom off. Didn't say much to Spock or Nicole...what do you say-"Oh by the way don't look now but I'm being stalked". Mary Anne has just sent me this great postcard of Keith Moons glam boots,she also invited me to Ann Rices New Orleans Coven party....I have the coat now all I need is the airfare. Go to The Astor again,another great double "Heavenly Creatures" and "Beautiful Girls". Both were really cool movies. Urghhh dont try the Banana Homemade icecream.....I accidentaly put it under my seat...bad Gryphon.


Watch an interview with singer/songwriter "KE" from NYC. he's the closest thing to an Alien that I've ever observed. Incredible cheekbones,would love to do a photoshoot with him. Didn't like his singing style,I guess he gets perved on a bit. he had a great coat on...and did his interview in an antique book shop.. pretty cool...now if he just had singing lessons. (Sorry Ke). Call Noel again for the ENZ negatives....


Must be my week for Lesbian killer movies. "FUN" which is the American equivalent of "Heavenly Creatures" was on TV. It was ok.


Wake up with stomach pains...and then I hear that madonna just had her baby,explains it all. Start reading Linda Jaivins "Rock N Roll Babies from outer Space". She was the author of "EAT ME". Nice title. Phones are quiet. Start the washing up and ignore it...hope the dirty dishes will go away........wanted one slave.


Chart chart charts.Doom Gloom...it had to happen...we dropped! Recurring Dream went triple platinum and we fell from 9 to 16. Four new entries in the top 10 didn't help. ENZso too a drop from 20 to 25. FOX sucks, they still are not playing "NOT THE GIRL..." so much for supporting Aussi talent. The poor Prahran postoffice,each day I go in and buy them out of something,today it was Video Boxes....it worries me when the staff hide. "Hullo,I said HULLO I can see you quivering behind there".


It's now become a daily task to phone the office and check on how the Sydney possible Crowded House Gig is coming along. We will not rest till this show happens. Grant is away in malaysia,his first holiday for ages. Trying to keep everyone vibed on Crowded House,I think I'm running out of steam...a gig would vibe me for the next 12 months......I know in my bones that they WILL do a final show,it's just when.

Andy White,emails me and he has his site up. Deb will add it to the Frenz Domain because she has a kind heart and who can resist Andy,far nicer then Michael Den Elzen (grin). His new album "TEENAGE" is out any day now. Go Andy.


The CH folders are still delayed,the printers have ran out of gloss paper,they'll be ready late October. Drop "NOt the Girl" shirts into the printers,they wont take too long. Fax the Carlton Hotel in Auckland my reservations. Auckland is filling up with Michael Jackson fans plus he has booked out half the Hotels for his crew.


Had incredible sex last night...or was it a dream. You know it's good when you wakke up and stretch and the sun is gently caressing your face.......and your toes tingle and your feel skinny and sleek like a leopard......and I have nothing more to say...it;'s quiet again today. Oh I do have something to say, my buddy Kelly sent me this fantastic NASA tshirt with the original logo,I know I'll be wearing this shirt EVERYWHERE........... it has second skin written all over it. Actually it only has NASA on it,the space centre people call it the "meatball" design. Kelly has the best job and really ALL Americans should get more supportive of their Space Agency,it is the future. Now if Australian only HAD a Space Agency to support. No wonder UFO's are spotted here more than anywhere else........we have loads of Space...but the wrong kind! (Desert). Just had a fax from the Carlton Hotel....they have messed us up big time,the guy that did my booking somehow double booked and there were no rooms available. What a nightmare. So if anyone is going to Auckland DONT stay at the Carlton Hotel. Apparently Michael jackson has most of it booked out too-well fuck you very much Michael. Now I DO think you did IT! (oppps-sorry).


So things are hotting up in the Crowded House camp........hhheaessyeuosnnmoglivefivnanoeps. I can't say anything yet but here it is in code....by the time this gets to DEB she'll probably have a headline anyway. No one will work it out.......


Do club stuff all today. It never ends. Put a new batch of vegies in the vegie patch. Loads of green stuff-all healthy things. My "fave" list is as follows:

FAVE SONG- "Comedown" by BUSH. I know it's old but I like it,sounds good in the FEAR movie.
FAVE BOOK-Linda Jaivin-RockN Roll babes from Outer Space. very silly and sexy.
MOVIE-Serving in Silence.
NOVELTY-Confetti Bubble Bath
CREEP-The jerk that set fire to the little kid in the QLD school yard.
FAVE PERSON-My Mum..because on the very rare rotten days she always makes me laugh.
FAVE SEMI OFFICIAL CD- BENT IN GENT. I love the sound on this one,its my fave out of the four. Atlanta is a great gig but lets face it,it's never revealed that Paul is going. Marcia marcia Marci is cool too-brilliant cover.


Hear the Cardigans new single "Lovingfull" from their "First band on the Moon" album,where are they from,somewhere in Europe. Wake up very early,Grant is back today and we have to discuss the news. I send him a BIG fax at 6.00 in the morning,hoping he'd be awake. he calls me at 8.00,which is a good time because the phones are quiet....but someone interupts our call.......it's Neil (yes Neil has been rather absent from my Diary lately) talking about "IT". Just a little bit more red tape to cut through....24 hrs me thinks. Oh god another night of no sleep. See I'm just like the rest of you,I get excited over Crowdies "stuff". My head is like a rice bubble (nothing inside) and I have to plan Tuesday nights dinner party,well its a gathering of a few people that we haven't seen for ages. Better go iron the Tux (yeah right). Keep checking this site for more important news. Fingers crossed-Peter

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