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Archive: 30 November - 14 December 1996

November 30th

Crash bang- the As Was server [ed note: it was Dev-Com] drops into the ocean and we are all lost at sea, no emails from Frenz com and the Diary site stalls at 5444.Deb bounces to her emergency channel and the planet is safe once again as As Was stands alone throughout the chaos. well it was short break from returning emails but a nice one. I think I'm getting computer -eyes...note buy more Vitamin A.

EARLOBE are playing at The Club-my old stomping ground. It's changed since I was barman upstairs in the exotic cocktail bar. The Club always had the best bands,and we worked till 7.00 some mornings even though it was a 1.00 license. Neil and Paul and the Enz had the Cats Away show there when Tim went globetrotting with Escapade. In my mind these "Cats Away" shows were the true germs of The Mullanes and Crowded House- if the bands history can be traced to any one starting point I think this is it. We have some really bad video footage that we took on the night. Anyway EARLOBE are playing there tonight,one of their first gigs. Charlie use to be in the Sharp and they play to a decent crowd, they should be at the ESPY at St Kilda in a few weeks.


Well DEC one is always the start of Xmas for this Gryphon. I wake up in Xmas mode,kick the elves out of my bed and make unkept promises that I will be good on this holy of holy months....somehow that promise crumbles at the first big Xmas party....ok thats not totally true I do make the effort. Just realised that today is the 6th month that the Diary site has been running,poor Deb- she supports all my wacky ideas and lets me run riot on the site and adds some good advice. I hope DEC is good for her and she finds love. Decide instead of buying a new live Xmas tree I will light up the pine tree in the front yard. We planted the pine the first day we moved from Neils old place at osborne Street.It was in a small planter then...now it's 10 feet high and loves it's spot in the sun. Decide to have brekky at home today-no Elephant.


The Opera House Gig is on tv -it's been chopped up a lot-notice the sky goes from dusk to afternoon sun,to dusk again,but that full moon looks good. They cut Pauls joke.(no suprise). The special runs with a telephon number and kate and the other EMI girls in Sydney man (woman) the phones. Have Brekky with Nicole,she wanders in behind the very cute Elephant boy that Rebecca drools over. He has good hair,ok no more hair comments,we'll leave that to the other sites (opps). Am playing Andy White's TEENAGE album,while I'm typing the Diary notes,it's a really fantastic album-track #5 "It's gonna be like this all the time" is really exceptional,I think this IS his best album by far. http://indigo.ie/~andyw check him out. Where was I after that blantant Andy W plug...JJUNO the cat (downstairs) is being a real pain-I discovered a dry cat poo in John and Carolines apartment (urghhhhh-gross)...and this cat is having mental attacks every 5 minutes.

Carolines parents find me on the front fence calling out for Juno like a madman, and to make my day even more perverse a stalker car (red fiatt) pulls up and some girl with orange hair takes a photo of me on the fence.......I cant believe this and rub my eyes thinking I imagined this...but no there she goes. So if anyone knows who this person is please let me know-I want to track them down and take photos of them through their windows. I mean cmon the guys I understand but this is a bit weird....and what do you do with these photos of me in weird positions....is it like a scavenger hunt- 1/strange photo of Peter, 2/Nicks used raybans, 3/ a piece of pauls spagetti from Elwood beach cafe 4/ Marck Baileys Sweish Xmas Tunes cd..... Jimmi the Human calls in, he plays in one of the other bands I work for-a very tough band called The Screaming Jets- if the Crowdies fans couldnt survive a Powderfinger crowd they'd be terrified of the jets loyal following. Tough bastards some of them. Jimmi the Human is a really really exceptional player, and before some of you dismiss the Jets as a heavy Rock act-check out Jimmi the H's playing-possibly melbournes best guitarist. He's a nice guy and apart from the Jets he throws out all of his own work on independent releases,his latest is called "The Ultimate Bootlegg"-solo & acoustic. I love people who stop talking about music and just go ahead and do it-if you love it THAt much you'll find a way to fund it. Jimi does just that (and always has)-make a note to see him play again soon.


Drop in the artwork to Spock for newsletter #40...we'll use the farewell to the World art as the cover. Take the original over to Spocks before I get it framed. It's much nicer then the tshirt artwork- all toned and hand coloured. Spock has been down the coast with Phil Judd. he told Phil that I am pushing Mushroom to release PRIVATE LIVES as a CD release and Phil is fine about it.

Wake up to find that the Opera House Tv special is the #1 rating show (for its timeslot) in Melbourne and #2 nationally. Then I call EMI and the album has jumped to #1...the sun is shining the birds are singing and Leanne sends me a copy of BUSH's "Sixteen Stones" cd signed to me from the band. What a great way to start the day.

I whistle as I walk down the street,give all my change to the busker on the corner and even walk a little old lade across Chapel St. People stop me and say how much they loved the TV special...this is getting trippy. The smile on my face is rather huge today (lets see someone try and remove this one). Life is good,but reality check-it (like true fame) never lasts too long.

Track #9- My gay Cousin- another fine Andy White song...love it. Haven't heard from Johnny for a few days...which is strange.


All the band want copies of the DATS-so decide to let the office do this, much easier.Start working on a possible new Enz BEST OF album list which might have a bonus Cd. Suggest a few Luton songs and other Bsides (not used on the rarities box sets) as extra bonus tracks. Wont have any confirmation on tracking etc till early '96. IF it happens it will be a double Cd and (shock horror) both ERA and "History never Repeats" Best ofs will be deleted.So I am pushing for tracks like ANOTHER GREAT DIVIDE to be added on the 2nd cd or it will be lost forever as its not on any other cd. I know that Nigel will want other songs, but I think it sucks if something new (or hard to find) isn't added,so I'll tie up those boxing gloves again and get in the ring and fight for some decent tracks. Mushroom are being really good about it,wait for the time to be right and then I hassle hard about Phil Judds Private Lives being released on Cd....the club will have signed copies whenever/if ever it gets released.


Go along to the Duke of Windsor with becky and mark and see Johnny get up and play with Billy Miller (exFerrets). It's the first time JJ has used his beautifull new guitar. he needs to be turned up. We head for some late night coffe and gossip and plan,and act like we could be someone famous! Johnny is good for us,we all excel in stupidity when we are together. Another brother that I never had.

December 6th

Run into Gabriel as she is leaving the Elephant...we realtime Kiss...no cheek pecking. Suggest she interview DEADSTAR for RED tv, and i phone her number through to Nicks voice mail. Spock calls in for Brekky,hand him all the other projects,he's busy now. Such a talented person,saw some of the amazing collages he did on the Boom crash Opera garage in Los Angeles..wonder if it's still there. Some very funny shots of all the Queens on the wall of my photoshot that I go to. They were taken at the Rainbow Awards- held last week. Apparently miss candy was really well behaved and she looked really pretty-no smudged lippy, her Beehive hairdo was under control and she was tanned-yes the Summer candy. Will have to get a photo with this Prahran legend.......for the site. It's just that every time we see her she's really trashed. Start work addressing the envelopes for the mailout.

December 7th

RealLife (catch me I'm falling,Send me an Angels- Fame) are playing at Joeys on Commercial Rd. david Sterry might do the front photo of the photo book,he's a very talented photographer and wanted to snap becky (Nude) when she had 6 ft long hair. Speaking of Becky- we go shopping together-with $10 in my wallet it's an AMEX kind of day and it's been ages since I treated myself- soooo we hit Dangerfield and buy up. I think we tried on about EVERYTHING. I end up with a pair of Dangerfield chunky cords (Burgundy is my colour).....Nick has an orange pair that he always makes Mark Hart wear at photoshoots. becky laybys some designer pants that she can wear to work (Seekers office). next we cross to "IT". IT is one of my fave shops and they FINALLY have Amex facility. So I spend up BIg and purchase a DUALIT toaster- it's huge,chunky,polished chrome and is as close to art as you can get (oh yeah Mark tells me the toast tastes the same...I KNOW it tastes better). Becky gets my old toaster-which probably has a years supply of free breadcrumbs in it...no I cleaned it. We grab a booth for a coffee and watch the Greville St crowd wander by. There goes Jennifer Kyte...with an unknown man...and he's not a musician. Poor Jennifer always had a soft spot for musso's.(no bottom jokes please). Anyway home again and Mark just shakes his head at the toaster..........but it's ART!!!!!!


Work-eat,sleep, watch cable, pull out all the silverbeet plants and answer emails. Polish the car.


Send Mum some money-Sis moves out soon so i know she'll need some extra loot. Wanted to buy her a pet shop for Xmas but everyone thinks it's a strange idea still...they'll warm to it.

Spend the day hanging even more Xmas lights up on the Pine Tree...it just looks so amazing at night..................wonder if Sharon could send me all the FINNS fairy lights,as I'm running out. There should be a warning,Xmas lights are addictive.

December 10th

Finish the newsletter stuff and send the disc to Spock. The Crowdies album sits at #1 again, this will be the last "printed" chart for the year so It's very important and weve never gone into Xmas at #1. #1 in every state except WA....I think Sony gave away a lot of toasters (not DUALITS) and microwave ovens to keep whacko jacko at #1. in WA. BUT hey Michael you were kept out of #1 by an Australian band..;........Crowded House so kiss Bubbles arse ,you cant always buy or hype yourself to #1. To celebrate our victory I put up a final batch of Xmas lights- weve ran out of double adaptors and i think 12 double adaptors is a bit much already...the poor tree is looking like something out of a "Griswald Xmas" Movie. Blink Blink.

Was really sick tonight-picked up Spocks flu,was hot inside but I had 5 blankets and my teeth were chattering,I rarely get sick,but I think Michael jackson wants revenge and sneaked something into the office air system (I should get one of those black breathing covers that he wears).....take a melatonin and at least sleep (I think). had a dream that a curious possum got tangled up in the Xmas lights and ran around the block with them.

December 11th

Mark HArt will be touring with Supertramp mid '97 (UK)d ates are being worked out now. sadly i find Supertramp boring,but i'll have to try and catch up with Mark. He's a nice guy. Phone the security people, we are sick of this silly key alarm that Neil and the band installed at the apartment when they were recording WOODFACE at the apartment,so I want to get it changed to a pushbutton code.


Nicole says goodbye-gives Mark and myself some Xmas pressies. Both of us get "stress toys".....I get teh cow (because I am)..and Mark a stress smiley (because he doesn't)....plus the Lisa marie Marriage Diary...it's very funny.

I see Julia at Safeway and tell Nicole that Julia was Nicks old girlfriend and she is in the "Mean to me "clip.....she soon worked out who I meant (no Nicole NOT the keyboard player)....buy a small box of Xmas lights.....

OK here is a perfect example of how "quick" we have to be with the Newsletter.
1/ neils letter arrives via fax for the newsletter
2/Jump in the Phoenix and drive through peak hour traffic with the letter and a cheque for Spock. Spock scans the letter and adds it to the Newsletter.
3/The newsletter is couriered to the film seperation company.Pay them.
4/Call Boyd the driver to pick up the film and parts and drive them to our printers-3 hours down the coast.
5/Printers rush order extra paper for newslettes and because it's a coloured cover they start on the colour layers......they'll probably work all weekend to get these done.


Nice day- mow the lawns.....call up a lot of people on the phones. Sydney starts returning all my photos from the Opera House programmes,they've lost a Mullanes shot so I'm a bit crappy.Spy Di sends us some incredible Xmas gifts,she's a really good friend,and I'm happy that her and Leanne got along so well.Leanne will be in our lives for a long time too. ..and both came into our lives through the band.

Rosemaree arrives and takes Mark,Becky and myself to Alisons Xmas drinks party. We arrive as Robyn and Trudy roll up. Robyn looks after Belmore a fair bit and is the best door bitch in Australia. Trudy is a scientist (the professional kind not the Chuch of...)....and will probably be the Mum to my kid in late '97.... a baby Gryphon...nest building starts mid '97. Send twigs.

We arrive and Kim there. The first thing I notice is that ALL my friends are dressed in Burgundy and black or Black & White. Everyone sits down,the other Kym arrives and the 8 people are colour placed...by chance. Burgundy and black,white and black,burgundy and black,white and black. Isn't that a bit 'spoooky" dear Diary. Did the Goddess shuffle us. is it a secret Xmas message? Are we just so exceptionally clever and fashion coordinated that it comes natural. It looks even more bizarre as 4 of Alisons friends arrive wearing-blue, black,crimson, lemon and body armor.

Tania rolls up with little Jake. I found a chrissy present for him-it's the Jungle Book-tape,book and some sox. Everyone sings the Jungle Book theme song.. ...badly I might add and Jake things adults are such tragic cases.But we all go gaga and baby mushy. Alison wants to win hostess of the year (the title is mine given to me by the Rolling Stones)....so she doesnt sit still and keeps sticking food in our faces. We leave later for the EMI Xmas party.

The 5 of us-as i walk past security I nearly knock down the giant Crowded House display. A lot of people,mostly retail,no band people,but the lightshow at the disco tent is good. We don't stay long,boredom,so it's off for a coffee at the old papershop deli. We all are really close and are almost in tears with laughter. This year it does feel like Xmas. Home late-coffee kicks in and I can't sleep. I spend a few hours thinking about the year weve had,not even bothering to contemplate the future-like why bother it will look after itself. The diary site only touches the tip of the iceberg. One of the best things is that I've made a lot of new friends,some I know that I will be in contact all my life. Enemies,maybe a couple,the odd fight,heaps of fun, good deeds,great music,success,sadness,it really has been a healthy FULL year. I have a sneaking suspicion that '97 will be exciting too. I'm always flattered that so many of you can be bothered to read the diaries, (and the mistakes etc)...It's becoming a joy-and great therapy for my bad habit of "waffle tongue"......as you guys have witnessed when you say "Oh yeah I read your Diary site" I usually go bright red.....so a part of me is still humbled by it all.


ten days to Christmas and my stalkers gave to me.....a bottle of wine (I checked the seal it's ok),some GREY calvins (How did they know) and a new Gumby toy.... ...left on the doorstep. OK I've sold out.....maybe they are not out to kill me. (If i find out they've seringed the wine .....) Well it's another fine Melbourne day,we leave soon to go home for Christmas. This week we'll be mailing out all the newsletters and they will all have order forms for the Opera House Video (including NTSC copies for USA/japanese and canadian fans).. When I next write it will be a New year. The Tim site will be up and running (we delayed it for a month). I hope Xmas is special for all of you,and this year try and do at least one special suprise thing for someone else. Maybe for someone you don't even like...if nothing else it will confuse the hell out of them (: For those of you using the invisible notebook to email me-(via FrenzCom) you probably wont get responses between DEC 22nd and DEC 26th. For those of you in Australia that would like a way to say thanks for the Farewell Shows- a Vote in the Rolling Stone Magazine Readers Poll is a great way-the final WIN. So cast a vote for the very last time. Deb should get a huge thankyou from all of us as she has a passion like none other and god help Santa if that woman catches him in HER chimney [ed note: I'm Jewish]. See you all in 1997. Give the gift of Music...prefably ours!

Love Peter

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