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Archive: 4 September - 16 September 1996

September 4th

Call Tim at home in Sydney and make sure he has done his letter for the upcoming Diary site, he has and Mary (his Mum) has posted it at the airport. he sounds great, the gig with Jenny Morris went off really well,loads of Frenz there. he leaves this Friday for the "Pacific Arts Festival". Work on artwork for a CD single cover-a rushed job but it looks good...even if I do say so myself.

September 5th

Had a very strange dream last night- woke up with two things firmly planted in my head. The year 2002 and the time 4.oo. No date. Unless it was the year 2000 and the 2 was meant to be the month (FEB0 and the time 4.00..ok maybe it wasn't "firmly" implantd in my head. What does it mean..suggestions please. Call the estate agents regarding the property at Mt Egerton...we'll all call in and have a look on the way to the Gramphians. Three letters connected with the Diary site today,all very funny!

September 6th

Remember to guy Hairball food today- she's getting old so Mark starts her on "Seniors" Food. Finns were meant to leave today but delayed it for a week.

Mail out the final batch of "Everything" cd singles,notice it's now in slimline jewelcase form not Digipak-so it's becoming a collectors item. Looks like "Don't Dream it's over" will be the 3rd single from "Recurring Dream" in the U.K. (Oct 28th release date). Just heard that the song I picked "Love this life" will be the Crowdies track represented on the Dalai Lama's album.Cool.

September 7th

Leave at 10.30 for the House in the Hills. Its a 2 hour drive. Pick up Rebecca and follow Spock and Katie up the highway. The grey ghost is doing really well, it's meant to rain today but so far the weather looks good. Call inand see the estate agent,follow her to the property. We decide it's not for us. The white gum trees are great, its 12 acres. The House is good- huge riverstone walls,great dining area and vaulted ceilings. BUT there is nothing else around the house,the area is too new-we really want an established garden,orchard etc,.

Rebecca sits in the car,she is just not in tune with nature. Call in at Ballarat and the locals look at us like the Martians have landed (they have). Katie's crazy laugh sends them into a spin. We arrive at the Gramphians house mid afternoon. Kim and Andrew turn up soon after. It's kinda weird having everyone at this house. The huge fire is lit, food is prepared,wine opened-all the rituals....and finally the Kangaroos start hopping by. It's spring so all the baby joeys are in their mothers pouches-so occasionally you'll see a kanga with little legs poking out. It's nice and peaceful here.

September 8th

Didn't get much sleep last night and have a bitchin' headache. Rebeccas drunken laugh kept everyone awake and her dont give a fuck attitude-so she is in the bad books this morning. No sleep. The Kookaburras are landing on the porch,so funny you give them bacon,they bash the hell out of it like it's a dead snake. Go for a walk with Kim and find 5 deer-the king stag starts vogue-ing (yes like Madonna)-great antler poses. If you sit still they come up and check you out, if you move them panic-the look of fear in their eyes is obvious.

Zoom off with Spock and Katie and visit the Camel farm- we all hire Camels and have aride. The Australian Camels are so much nicer than the arab variety-the Australian owners treat them well,the arabs treat their Camels like shit-and the Camels become pissed off and bite everything in site. Katie could stroke her Camels eyelids (kinky katie). Spock looked great on his Camel,he should get one and ride it to work. Sultan Spock. Earlier on we hike down to halls Gap for breakfast by the stream. Nice day.

September 9th

As we leave Halls Gap it starts to rain,so our timing is perfect. Call into Ballarat (again) for Brekky. No we are going back to work when we hear the local radio station playing "Not the Girl you think you are". A huge truck almost takes our lives-total arsewipe. Spend the rest of the way answering mail and clearing the answering machine. Laid back day.

"Snapshot" a late seventies Australian movie is on. The building where "Angie" lives is bought by Mushroom Records (Enz label) after the movie is released and is still their HQ at Albert Park Interesting to see how it's changed. The Crowdies album is still doing well,#2 in England this week. Has now done about a million units worldwide.

September 10th

Pick up our tickets to see the Dalai Lama. The Chinese Government are making not so subtle threats to countries who acknowledge the Dalai. It will be interesting to see if our Primeminister John Howard meets him. The ENZso tour is selling well, a quarter of the tickets have already sold,still 5 months to go. "Not the Girl" entered the Australian top 100 at #37-that's healthy.

September 11th

Grant calls-late at night-I'm suckered by his clever voice impersonation...... thought it was Johnny. The USA Finn tour is not going to happen- glad we stressed that it was not confirmed. At least it makes the Tongue in the Mail website look good- shuts up those people who's source said it was 100% on. Instead the Finns are playing at Aucklands Powerstation on November 7th. Prizewinners will be flown in from the USa-it's all connected with several radio stations (KSCA(LA),KFOG(SAN FRAN>),KMTT(SEATTLE) and probably WXRT(CHICAGO) and Z100(NYC). Send Grant a fax wanting to be Chaperon.....really want to see this gig. Neil interview CD arrives.

September 12th

Cindy from Discovery calls-it looks like the 5 track "Suffer Never" EP will be released in the states in October. I think I've found some artwork for them. The few live tracks will make it worthwhile. Amazed by the honesty of a fan from the UK (Valerie bartley) who found a bag of our prize CDS at the Hanover Gig and has just returned them.That's rare. Finish the next newsletter,just waiting on Neils letter and then it's off to the printers.

September 13th

Two friends Jen and Merl are coming down from Sydney. It's kinda weird, we have two friends also named Jen and Merl in Melbourne., Windy and wet today, small cyclones everywhere.

September 14th

Breakfast at the Galleon- packed per usual. Do some shopping on Ackland street, no famous people out today-usually you spot someone!!!!!!! Sleep on the couch.

September 15th

We all decide to have Brekky at the Blue Elephant. Alison, Rosemarree, Jen and Merl,mark and myself. Suprise suprise-Miss Candy has returned...with her friends. In the middle of Breakfast this eightfoot high drag queen decides its time to put on a show-so the boys turn up the cd and she does an impromtu performance (A Whitney Houston song of all things). She keep stroking the cake displays...and squeezes Alisons knot of hair. The faces she pulls when doing her makeup are worth getting up early for. What a performer,what a talent and thank god nothing was "hanging out" this time.

call in and Visit the Crombies. Wiggie is growing so quick and is a stunning beauty-and NO she doesn't have Noels nose!!!!She showed me her room and we read a few books. Houdini the great escape chicken is put on weight and can no longer squeeze through the bars of her pen. Sally looks great-freshly henna'd Hair. They are off to NZ for a few weeks. What a doco on vampires on Discovery channel.

September 16th

Dalai lama at the tennis Centre-will try and make it to the public teaching classes. Will take Jen and Merl to the Botanical gardens-its a bit breezy but the Sun is out...maybe winter is ending (at last). Spend part of the day working on my photo book. Will send Debbie a fresh batch of photos for the site, some will be from the photo book,a shot of Vivienne (without the telephone) and some "art"..maybe. Bye Diary readers. xxx

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