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Archive: 9 November - 22 November 1997

November 9th

The club has a stall at the Camberwell Record fair- great to meet some new club members and of course many of the old faces are still here. A good day- even though it was a long one. We've noticed that all the Crowdies and Enz cds have gone up in price a lot- also many of the earlier releases are starting to be very hard to find.

Get home and watch "Nadja"-which is on cable. It has to be my movie of the month. made in 1994, its a brilliant Vampire movie-david Lynch's filmwork is superb.....a great B/W. MG got me onto it...sleep well, with Goblins and vamps running through my head.

November 10th

Spend a large part of the day visiting record stores, checking on Crowdies stock. Recurring Dream is still selling really well, and will once again be EMI's big seller this Xmas. Long day.

November 11th

Call into Mushroom ,our Enz record company. They are starting to get behind the Spellbound cd, tv adverts start very soon, and then it should bullet into the charts. Mail Sal in the UK the LLT cd so she can run our first UK review. I think she'll enjoy it.

November 12th

Kevin from LLT drops in and grabs some of the LLT stickers. I noticed one of them on someones car the other day, took me by suprise. Ummmm I don't think they are water proof. Nick Seymour drops in and it's great to see him. We have a laugh about the "star spotting at Kmart" post- he's threatening to go back!

Nick autographs the famous for 16 minutes Tshirt for the fundraiser and does one of his burning building logos on the shirt, it's building up with autographs. Will drop over to his place in a week or so andgo through his art books for the possible Calendar. Then he's back in LA for a time, working on the spoken word album.

November 13th

Have brekky at the Elwood beach cafe....Kevin and Mark are there. paul forgets that we have a meeting , so we forgive him and eat Pancakes instead. heaps of kids here today- Sunday hester running amongst them. Mardi is off to Sydney for a few days break, so paul will be sole -parent for the weekend.

November 14th

nearly finished Dino's Kylie Minogue book- it;'s ok, not sure why Kylie is going on about it- maybe it's all the manipulation of the industry ...who knows. Mark thinks it's the bit about her having sex in the cupboard! Book in for our Tax assessment....we have receipts for every known thing. The tax man must love us. At least we are fairly honest. Call our estate agent Deanne-she is after a band to play at their end of year Xmas Bash. The receptionist puts me through to Sally......how she misunderstood Sally for Deanne is anyones guess.....do I have a major speech disorder?

November 15th

We work in the office all weekend. Decide to get the new Tim photo off to Christina for the Tim website...his hair has grown out really well, since he had his buzz saw cut. Give him a call and he's going to pen a few words for the bottom of the photo to go in the newsletter. Hope he gets some new music out early '98. Fax Neil in the States, to write something for the issue too.

November 16th

Well it's Debs BIG day......I'm sure she's having a ball. How can anything compete with this.......!?

November 17th

Phone the Albert Park Hotel- make sure the gigs are getting wide coverage. I hope they don't make the Hotel too nice. Do a serious amount of driving today. Mushroom, EMI, then to the Galleon. See Barry at the galleon, what a golden soul this man has- his dreads sure do scare people, but it's the man behind the 'dread" that matters- and he's a cool dude. he's in the kitchen cooking away. The only bummer is that The Conty doesn't have any Apple Crumble. The counter guys tells me they usually only make it in the evenings. Have Apple and Rhubarb instead (oink oink). Kevin doesn't turn up- but drops into Belmore later on. he's becominga good mate. Funny the band feel really good to be around, the trip to Sydney has caused this "bonding" I'm sure.

Drop cheque into INPRESS for the quarter page LLT advert. Fax Uk to try and find out more info on these other Enz Best Of....cds. Grants office hasn't heard a thing about them either.

November 18th

Go to the city- doa store check on Spellbound and the new BCO album "Gizmo mantra". BMG are doinga terrible job, half the stores don't even have the BCo cd. At least the Jets cd is in the stores.....skip lunch and we go to the movies instead. Half price Tuesday Rules!

November 19th

A boring day-work work. No celeb phone calls......grey ol' day. is it me? At the last minute Eddie Rayner calls......he's sending us info on the possible Enzso Two project.

November 20th

Zoom to Mushroom ,pick up stock, call into the city and buy Spellbound cds. have to be at Noels by 3.00, on the way at every red stopping light I peel out the insert and throw the cd case in the back of the Phoenix. JJJ is blaring away and I'm pulling and throwing cds......by the time I'm at the Crombie Mansion all the slicks are ready to be signed. The Crombie kids are so incredibly wild and healthy, the girls love each other. Wiggie ends up being wrapt in material from head to foot ,like a crushed velvet Mummy. Noel happily signs away. They've just finished the Enz sign for the NZ Museum Exhibit for '98.

Has Cupids arrow struck two of my closest dearest friends.........?Hope so.

Try calling Nick at home and remember that he is in Sydney with bro.Mark.

Gary Glitter gets caught out with Kiddie-Porn. Now I'm depressed, he was such a hero to many of us. Phil Judd said it right in the song "heroes let you down".

November 21st

Happy Anniversary baby! Was the blinds, scub the windows and who says romance is dead?

Running late all day, get to the LLT show late...the new look Albert Payk is a bit Yuppie-ish for me and the band "area" sucks. Paul has that "I'd rather be on the moon then here" look.....they start late, half our regulars walk in , in the middle of the set-thankfully. Strange night......strange show- guess you have to have some of them. I call out for them to play "Hellwood" and get a resounding "NO"....... beck and myself sit in these weird armchairs, but they have unlocked wheels on them so you can roll around the floor. One of my best friends....Miss Rebecca Paige Booth...somehow manages to spill a huge pot of beer down BOTH my boots. Yes I will NEVER let her forget that one......and I repay her with kindness by l encouraging young George (drums) to drive her home. (Now Roamce is Dead...we've done it in, if these two get together- *grin*). Fran and the gang turn up.....decide to spend my last $ on shouts for everyone. Go to bed at 3.00.

November 22nd

Well its just after lunch when Fran calls.....she's unofficially Spy Di's Aussie Twin.....CIA meets KGB.....anyway we have unconfirmed info that Michael Hutchence from INXs has committed suicide. All I could do was go quiet. I tell her I'll get back to her and check on some of my sources.The Internet has nothing, but one source tells me that he "hung himself" at the Ritz carlton in Sydney. As many of you know we have stayed at The Ritz several times on tour- one of my fave areas. I remember checking in with Nick and he asked if Michael Hutchence was staying there- Nick has known Michael for many years. Michael used to stay at the Ritz under the pseudonym "Harley Davidson". Anyway I phone the office and the machine is on.....I phone several press people and they haven't heard much. I finally check witha source and he says that it's true and that the Police couldn't release Michaels name till Paula (Yates) finds out.

I instantly think of Nick and realise he is in Sydney, i didn't want him finding out from a newspaper headline or gossip. So I call him on his mobile, several times. I tried to be as gentle as possible, it's a horrible thing. Michael hanging himself is really strange because it's not the way we thought he'd go, sure an OD...but not hanging.

The other thing is that the INXS tour was to start in Australia in a few days... they were playing Melbourne next Friday. Anyway it's sad, sad for Paula and especially sad for the Tiger Lilly their kid.....very similar to Courtney and Kurt. I guess we'll all find out what went wrong in the next few days. From what I gather many of his friends hadn't been in contact lately, but you'd think withan upcoming tour that his focus would be on that.....I guess the question is, what makes someone take their own life. Anyway more will come to light I'm sure . This was to be the 20th anniversary celebrations for INXS....one of Australia's most famous bands are no more.

"here comes the world with the look in it's eye
future uncertain but certainly slight.
Look at the faces,listen to the bells,
it's hard to believe we need a place called hell."

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