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Archive: 14 December - 23 December 1998

December 14th

Didn't sleep very well last night so worked all the way through till sunrise. Felt good...but as soon as the first rays came through the office window I started falling asleep....it's that vampire blood. Lucky most of our shows are at night!

Only ten days till Xmas, explains all the cards....it's all going way to fast and we can't apply the breaks. Party stuff, Xmas stuff, Newsletters and fuck knows what else I've forgotten.

Had two offers come in for two major tours, rather tempting I must admit- just bail on everyone...it's either that or move the office to the Greek Island of Santorini as talked about. Kind of preparing for it by making more and more Mediterranean foods like Pastitsio and Aubergine Baked (Yum). Could be a nice change. Maybe I can go out to sea with the Fisherman for a few days a week. Will have to sign up for a Greek language class soon. Hmm maybe an issue of the Diary site in Greek...ok maybe not. Just love what Santorini looks like,the town sits on the edge of a 275 metre striped cliff plunging into the sea below. It looks right over the volcano and the bay and I can imagine how incredible the sunsets must be. When you arrive you still have to climb the huge stairway that's cut into the rock face. Guess we'll have to get the donkeys to hall up all our office stuff, IF we make the temporrary move. That's it kids, social studies on the Greek Islands is now over...back to our original programme.

My Greek fantasys are disturbed by the phone. People are dropping in for Xmas celebrations in a few days. Just want it simple.

December 15th

The Finns give me a call, Neil sounds really relaxed, I'm sure he's playing his piano everyday and hitting that surf. Have to catch up with Sharon soon.

The delivery van arrives and they bring in our second Budha for upstairs, has a different look to the one in the foyer. Want to bring it up in height and add a sandtray so we can burn incense sticks around it. As long as Miss Hairball does not think it's her toilet tray.

Phone the Pinball Machine repair man and decide to fix it up ourselves. Saves $80 and it should work ok. So my head is spent in the Pinny all afternoon, solder iron in hand. Hey it works. Marky B would be proud of me.

Hessie is writing the letter for the Newsletter, love his Xmas letters, we nearly always get him to write one. Really wacky.

No sleep again, so I head off for a midnight coffee with Bec....very silly, loads of dancing and we talk sex sex sex. (blah blah blah). Send Pansy Division a late night email, they are about to finish their European tour.

December 16th

John and Caroline drop in, great to see them, they miss us a lot at Murchison Street. The guy who bought the Woodface apartment just doesn't have the vibe. We miss them a lot. Wish the Terrace next door would come up forsale, they'd be great neighbours. Roll a spliff, sit outside and watch the sun go down, nice and chilled. More nights like this please.

See a great fun present on The Hub. "The Star Saucer" fires these soft foam disc...over 20 feet. Makes all sorts of spacey noises...perfect for getting the white cat that hassles Hairball.

Nick Seymour is back in town soon. Hope he's here for New Years Eve. Have to catch up.

Drive "Y" to the airport, really sad, off on a fairly long tour- mostly The Rolling Stones. Really sad, but hey that's "Y"s gig. Guess I'll be getting cards from around the world, maybe not. Maybe it's time to fade out....all seems pretty strange these days- maybe not as special as I thought. Like a very wise woman once said to me (you know who you are) things are very different on the road.

December 17th

Was meant to see Spock at The Elephant, but we get an early morning call instead - the poor bugger has ran out of gas at Toorak-peak hour. Grey Ghost to the rescue, it's the furthest she's driven for ages. Get Spock to the Service station and then we meet up at the Elephant, for an artwork meeting. Will talk to him later on for the Enz shirts for the possible Millenium show. We finish the first F/16 book in January.

Get a Xmas present from Richard and Mariyln....be very patient and put it under the tree. So many friends gave us presents this year, hey guess we helped a few people, but I go a bit strange receiving. Like to give. Still I do get a passion ripping them open as fast as I can.

Speak to Campbell, Bic's manager, should be some good work coming up. The Paul Kelly/ Bic Runga tour starts in early '99.

Call in and see Hester, his Dad was there, and we talk hairdye!!! Sunday Hester is still full of beans and we spend the afternoon hassling Stan and Rosie. Poor Rosie almost died, she pigged out on a deadrat....but she's ok now. Dogs have strong hearts. Lester almost died of a similar thing.

December 18th

Get up very early and feed Miss Ball and run to the shops- a serious shopping day. Get a friend a great book, took me 3 hours to track a copy down, but I love those presents when you finally buy it- you think yeah perfect. Run into Bongo Starr and his daughter Indianna at "IT". Good to see him- may turn up at the party or go to the falls. Route 66 have some great shirts in, treat myself to a STP shirt...sixties icon greaseball type look. Turns me on! (grin).

Dinner with Ben and his friend Matt. Matt's great.

December 19th

Well I'm now signed on with Gym, lost heaps of weight so it's time to tighten up and feel good again.

Kelly from Nasa calls and the USA theatres are showing previews of the next Austin Powers feature- "The spy who shagged me". Perfect title.

Happy 15th Birthday Hairball. Everyone keeps patting her today- at this rate she'll have no fur left and WILL look like Mr Bigglesworth.

December 20th

Wow busy day- nearly everyone turns up at Greville Street today. Guess the family Xmas Party is on....heaps of kids running through the house. We all played ten pin bowls (with 9 pins) in the hallway. Loads of family shots, and Rebecca was the last to leave at 3.30. Tried out the Opium Pipe that we bought for the ZEN room....totally useless....left me barking like a dog.

Danced most of the night with Beck. Practice for the Go/Go cage. Loads of Bowie, Manson and even Hunters (Yieks). God we get a bit fucked up, only a bit, but the house is covered in empty champayne, vodka and bourbon bottles. I was well behaved except for the odd spliff. Shit it's Xmas, over it.

Go to bed with my red and purple lava lamp bubbling next to me. Empty bed, Empty head. Toughened up, refuse to feel like I did a week ago. Agh Life..gotta love those emotions.

December 21st

Speak to Mal at the St Kilda Festival, Paul Hester did call him and the gig is looking good, so LLT might play the festival, we'll keep everyone posted.

Fembot rehearsal tonight- think everyone can make it.

Just sitting amongst the presents today...still have this great vision of our old friend Cecelia walking in with this huge statue of David under her arm for us.......yes Cecelia has grabbed herself another man....this one will stay hard forever!!!! Beck gave us this cast iron candle holder for the plant room....just heaps of cool things- blown away.

Spock calls by, in fact half the world just drops in. Melissa returns to the fold after quitting her USA phone sex job....she spends most of tonight in this weird yellow feathered mask we bought her. It suits her. Jake (age 3) makes everyone wear this terrible dreadlock wig.

The FEMBOTS rock and we all have our guns tonight.

The band situation around our New Years Eve party is a nightmare, mightn't even happen.....Jj looks like bailing and heading to Sydney to do Countdown, one of the few times I needed him. Oh well.

Mark spends the night babysitting Jake, Mark would make a great Dad, or a Zoo keeper. Great around kids and animals, hates humans.

December 22nd

The helium arrives for the party, the next few days we'll all answer the phone in Minnie Mouse Voices. Sadly Skip- the Mental as Anything manager (Our ex tour manager) has done soemthing strange to his back so he won't be in Melbourne. We were set to have lunch today...get well old friend. Jen and Merl, two other ex-Murchison Street inhabitants are dropping in with their son Matt. Sometime I have to get to the light company, costume shop and the chemist to get some pimple cream. Kids drugs are bad for your skin.! Just not enough hours in the day.

The Blue Elephant made the Restaurant/Food Place listing- the staff ran around and showed me the review...the staff are described as Kinky and Bizarre or something like that. Ben #2 from the Elephant just hated it- I thought it was kind of funny. As we move closer to '99 the Elephant is going to change, full renovations. We are worried that the character will disolve.

Scotty spends the mornings telling me all about the sci fi history of The Fembots...how they originated in the Bionic Woman series etc....so funny, he just loves 'em.

Carry a pile of stuffed toys down to the local clinic, they are doing a drive for the Salvation Army, Mum will kill me if she knows I gave away the Gorilla and the huge Teddy...but hey Mum I am getting a bit too old.....plus they are going to a better home.

December 23rd

Almost Xmas kids. Pack our presents and catch a flight to Sydney to spend time with Mum, Sis and the family. A few of the Uncles and Auntys are sure to go on about my eyebrow ring. Each year I give them something new to talk about, hmm last year was it the Tattoo? Will have to get a penis enlargement next year just to really freak 'em out (ok maybe not). Better not wear my violet contact lenses. What would they do without me in their life- it would be a quiet Xmas.

Anyway all of you guys have a good Xmas- thanks for all the cards and stuff. The next year is going to be one full of extremes. Lets face it we enter 1999 with million dollar missiles crashing into Bagdad- just a handful of missiles could cure some diseases or set up some amazing food programmes for starving millions, but then again- the release of mass weapons of destruction could kill millions. Australia still has a Primeminister that looks like a member of the Thunderbirds, and the damn GST is hovering over us like a vulture. Still we'll all survive, we have before.

For me it's certainly been a year of suprises, running the gamut of happiness to sadness. I think I'm somewhere in the middle now.

Have the best Christmas.
See you in '99
Love Peter

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