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Archive: 26 October - 8 November 1998

October 26th

USA guitar company emails me that they received my order for Liams Purple guitar picks- he once told me that he won't be signing autographs....so I jokingly told him that he should give out personalised guitar picks......so they have made the perfect birthday present...ok they are a bit belated, I think he'll like them... went for the hot purple ones. Cool.

Had to hassle two different lots of fans today for selling stuff like the original Crowdies demos, club cds and Neils San Fran show-it's a horrible side of the job, but the reality is that fans don't own Neil's music, and it's better that I tell them to cease then the publishing company taking legal action. I dont think they realise how close they got to that happening. Still it always makes me feel like an ogre.

Sarah from Mushroom sends over the double gold Skyhooks award. It's so cool, its from 1975 (November) and is for selling two gold CASSETTES worth of sales. Artists received seperate awards for gold records. My part in all this is to get the various members of Skyhooks to sign it- it will be auctioned off for Melbourne's childrens hospital. Knowing us we'll get stuck with the highest bid and end up with it....but as long as the money helps the kids hospital that's the main thing.

October 27th

Finally pay off my gold amex...so I'm broke but credit free. The charts suck today , Neil has dropped in Australia. The album continues to move units but they are from places like all the Sanity stores that are not connected with the main ARIA chart. Still radio play is the problem. At least it's platinum.

Work on ideas for the huge New Years Eve party- Mark wants to shave Hairball so she looks like Dr Evil's Cat (Mr Bigglesworth)....I think he's joking. Hmmm maybe not. It's such a weird theme- "Austin Powers in Space" but the temptation of winning a trip to two to Los Angeles (Best costume) will make sure a few people make an effort. Nothing worse then pissy costume party's. This one will rock!

October 28th

Well Neil played Munich tonight- club member Birgit gets up onstage with Neil and sings "It's only natural".

Melissa calls by, so we head to the Elephant, a bit of girl talk. I warn her about baiting the various chat rooms and she thinks I'm being an old fuddy-duddy I know they'll start sending her spam by the bucket load if she's not careful.

Just home when the door rings and it's Paul (Hester) and Big Boy (Kevin). Paul never leaves Elwood....so this is an honour. He just loves the house and makes me open the huge wardrobes...just to confirm my shopping capability's. LLT's are putting together their budget, so I guess I'll be working at Hessies place for several days. Despite being unsure about my role around the band I do love the bastards heaps, and 1999 is going to be a full on year for the "Things". Paul has spent the last week doing endless press for the "Shed" shows.

Have dinner with Tania and Spock, they arrive at 7.00 so we sit on the balcony and sip Vodka and Tonics and watch the sunset. It's a walm night and we are high above the rooftops of South Yarra, the trees out front are now starting to burst with fresh new leaves ("leaves are like new born souls"...who said that too me?) the only oddity is the subtle smell of aniseed....must be blowing from the sweet factory down the road. We end up eating at Alternative and Becky joins us fresh from Bali. A fun night and she makes me promise not to mention the "$10 man" on the F/16 site so I won't ok....no mention of it- but gee Beck $10 is pretty good value?! She gave me a beautiful present, feel spoilt.

October 29th

The Elephant is empty today- might have something to do with the new menu. So the boys hover and chat, Jed and Scott, plus the others- they treat us like royalty, and lets face it- they do make the best coffee's in the world.

Give Imants Fred Strauks a call, he was the final Skyhook to agree to sign the award, so that's all locked in.

Hmm look at our whiteboard and notice that it is getting closer to 1999. One of my major projects is still the possible Crowdies rarities CD, of unreleased tracks and Bsides. I think some of the fans thought it was canned after we rejected Capitols horrible suggestions (really predictable tracks, and I know we did the right thing by putting the project in a holding pattern). So that is a main one for 1999, I think Neil will be playing a major part in it, and yes we'll hopefully have more on that later on. (Just an old tease arn't I?). So many great songs that have never been released.

Buy some paint for the balcony, just to tidy it up a bit and protect it from the elements (and the drinks that will be spilt on New years Eve).

October 30th

Brekky with Toija, she's looking great, and finishing up on her thesis. Off to Arabia or somewhere for her Mums wedding.

Jj calls in and tapes some songs to rehearse for his Countdown stage production. He is getting several costumes made, a Skyhook one and a Hush one. (Both Glammish Australian bands from the seventies). He has to rehearse 36 songs for the show, I think it's going to run for a few months at least.

Call in and Imants signs the gold award- wants to come along to the costume party...tells me it's been ages since he "dressed up" (I keep thinking yes not since the seventies).

I find a piece of paper in the back of some jeans that simple says "embrace the day". Astral messages turn up in the weirdest places don't they?

October 31st

Halloween...and the "Hessies Shed" Debut.

It starts out as simply inviting 5 people along to try out the new BBQ and we end up with 16 or so. Great to see Robin and Cecelia again. The infamous Mishka doesn;t front but i know I'll see her. It's a great night, spend half the afternoon preparing food, Mark test runs the new BBQ and thanfully it doesn't explode. Tania turns up with Jake and he keeps us entertained for hours, he has a groovy new plastic guitar....plays a mean solo for a 3 year old. The backyard is full of Pumpkins and blinking lights, just as we settle down to eat, about 50 bats fly above us, something must of disturbed them from the Botanical Gardens, it's a nice Halloween effect. End up making Marguerittas in the wee hours of the morning. We watch the Shed and it has some fine moments, should do well. On ya Hessie. Mark tells me next day how sexy Trudy looked.

November 1st

Well the Neil tour is in Spain and here I am in Melbourne. Miss the road still, not sure why. Possibly GI....possibly just have the "fever".

Chapel Street Festival is on now, sit on the balcony and watch the crowds head past. Play Holes "Celebrity Skin", nice and loud and work on some designs for the rooms for the party. Melissa and her friend Mishka drop by,coffee at Prahran and we pay out on Melissa (but only a bit). The Elephant is packed and 15 people are waiting to get in. Scotty grabs us and escorts us through, yes we jump the queue...it sucks but I've nearly always given into temptation haven't I and if it means not waiting in the heat outside- fine by me.

I miss Bongo Starr, who called by but thankfully Mark was working and let him in. What is this- Skyhooks week. Tells me down the phone that he's "divorcing the band". Oh dear.

Spoke to Grant in Spain and he tells me the dates for the Neil Aussie shows. The warmup will now be in Sydney at The Metro (Dec 9th), and the main show in Melbourne at Festival Hall (December 12th). Both show's tickets go on sale November 16th. The Madrid show went off- Liam being the star. The album is gold in Spain.

November 2nd

Get a parcel from WORK, the new promo cd for "She will have her way", has an incredible cover, hope we can use it for the new tshirt design. I quickly jpeg it to Deb and as her to put it up on the Neil website. It's like a movie poster of the 50 ft woman crushing ghost cars on the freeway.
She Will Have Her Way single cover

Get side tracked by friends and food and miss the "Under the covers" book launch. Its a new book on Australian artists and the record covers they have produced.

Watch cable tonight and they play some great back to back video clips. U2's "The sweetest Thing{" and George Michael's "Outside". Go George, I'm so glad he's approaching his Beat Bust with a sense of humour. Only GM could call his next album "Ladies and Gentlemen".

Get an email that Bowie has a Diary site up on the www- don't we all?

November 3rd

Am having two weeks off from November 9th thru to the 24th. So i'm keeping clear of my computer and emails....where am I going, who knows....well my travel agent does.

Pay the Gas bill and the office phone bills, health insurance, electricity, water rates and had $20 left- so I mailed that to my Mum and told her to buy some flowers. Might as well be totally broke this week.

Get an email from Nick Seymour- just telling me where he is. Sounds good,I miss seeing him at the usual haunts in Melbourne, will be ok next year as he has bought an apartment around the corner from our place , so he'll be spending some of his time in Melbourne.

November 4th

So happy that those 4 stupid religous idiots lost their case against the Melb. Art gallery that was showing the "Piss Christ". How dare they try to say what the public can or can not view in a gallery space. I hate that so much. It's like that idiot Fred Nile protesting over Marilyn Mansons Australian Tour. The man is a fool, Manson must be rubbing his hands in glee at all the extra publicity, turkey's like Nile generate. If you don't like the music, change the radio, if you don't like the tv change channels and if you dont like a piece of art don't try to sue the gallery. Fuck, with religous pea brains like this around no wonder the Churches are falling in attendance. So typical that they were all old farts, the young seem to understand freedom of expression and parody far better then the old. Hope they end up in hell. (God isn't an art critic).

November 5th

Do my tax....I have this cool old lady (who would never be described as an "old fart" who does our tax each year) her name is Mary and she is so wise. Thinks I'm strange because I want to pay tax. She seems to handle a few other music people, but we are the most 'together" of the bunch. (whatever that means).

Hear from Spy Di and the talking Austin Powers cardboard cutout has arrived. It will greet everyone on New Years Eve. Thats if she doesn't wear it out first. Start packing boxes for the Camberwell Record/CD Fair, the club will have a stall at the Fair. (Camberwell Civic centre) Doors open at 9.30. (Sunday 8th). Spock sends a jpeg of the invite -it's now silver and black..looks brilliant.

November 6th

Neil starts his USA Tour today- the first gig is in Boston at The Karma Lounge, I think Eddie from Pearl Jam was going to jump up and have a sing.

Catch up with Jj and Toija at the Elephant- walk home with Johnny and he shows us the new apartment, messy as always but it's brilliant. Feels great, hope they stay their for years- very Jj and Renee. Notice Renee has started on some new gothic paintings......watch out the religous art-farts will get you Renee.

Go visit my Doctor...nothing too major. Get him to check things like blood pressure as well- totally fine. Just wanted to be sure.

Leave the windows open curl up in fresh white cotton sheets and watch all the drunks go home from their dalliances at the Chapel Street venues. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

November 7th

Up early and feed Hairball. Notice that someone slept in the Library last night ............the pillows are big and fluffy and great to sleep on. Saturday is Hairballs special seafood day- those elite' cans of cat food, she just goes nuts over them.

Spock and Tania call by at 7.00 and have some drinks on the balcony, Jj is going to call in sometime.

Work on the Life member list- trying to get all the names into the computer. I hate data entry....urgh so boring.

Spend the day working out the lyrics for ASH's "Girl from Mars", looks like I'm going to be singing it onstage with The Space Cadets- New Years Eve. Now thats a scary thought...maybe we should do a live linkup for the F/16 site. The other musical guests are going to be fun- it will be the best Super Group. Now if I can just learn some power chords......! Think i'll be asking Mr Finn and Mr Jj for a few quick lessons. Wonder if Liam has decided to come over for the party and to have a bit of a play?

Mums calls and she got the delivery of all the new garden plants I sent her. She loves to garden, says that Sydney is very dry-despite all the recent rain.

November 8th

Neil is in Austin Texas today- while I'm here stumbling around in the dark getting everything ready for todays Record Fair. It's always up early and look (and feel) like shit the rest of the day. It's a good fan p.r thing to do, and 99% of the club members are really cool, just every now and then you get one person where you want to say "what is your problem". usually one of the other club members will tell them that before I do (grin). It's kind of fun, I just have to make sure I sit behind the counter and not buy buy buy stuff for the collection. Hope to see you there.

Take care

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