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Archive: 15 November - 28 November 1999

November 15th

Big delivery day of all my hardware splurges..... this huge truck pulls up and takes an hour to get all the "forest house" stuff inside- gum boots, power saws, bulbs, books, it's an endless parade of men with boxes. All the necessity's just in case Melbourne is destroyed and we have to survive in the forest. ...and no we are not digging bunkers and making a fortress. Just don't want to have to buy anything for this place later on. Free power from the sun, rainwater and the creek, and in theory my great organic vegie patch! (Wombat proof).

Merl drops in for my 1.00 appointment re: Mark Lizotte - we have started working with him now, and he's smack in the middle of an Australian tour. Love his "Soul Lost Companion" cd, especially the first half of the cd. Think it has a USA release early 2000. His website: mlizotte.com Find "Assumption is the Devil's Tool" scrawled on the bottom of my work diary- can't remember writing that (hand of God maybe?).

The African Restaurant calls and confirms our big long table for the night. Pay water rates today for the city place and think how nice that there are NO water rates for "Beenami"...no power bill. Gotta love that.

November 16th

Heaps of phone calls, just everyone checking in for Dinner tonight, all our mates, and everyone is eager for Vali's opening. It's kind of exclusive in a way, and Vali will have the originals up. Have gone out of my way not to see any new material as I want it to surprise me too.

Tania and Claire pick us up- and I "call in" a park right in front of Roar. Every other car park is full Claire just says 'that's pretty impressive". Tania plays hide and seek with the wine bottles, I think there is a blackhole living under her car seat, everything rolls into it and she has to send a Nasa team in to recover the wine bottles!

We head to Nyala and the lonnnnnnnnng table is ours. It's a full house- Fran and Lara, Louise, Fiona and Ferd, MG, Robin and Trudi, Toija and Marco and all the others, we fluked it and only have to add one more chair, Louise is now the head of the table. We break open the wine and surprise Lara with her "Kylie" birthday present. She quivers with anticipation! Dinner seems to take forever, I'm kind of down-ish because for the 2nd time in twenty years Tim (Finn) was a grouchy old man and our "bad days" overlapped and we were a bit verbal. We never have fights so it's a bit odd and depressing.

It's a great night, and I love these guys, Marky is wearing his fave fake fur zip top and the chicks "love it" except for Robin she says it does "nothing" for her...she really is one in a million. I think she prefers nude men climbing high in tree branches (private joke). I have the chicken Nazi and Louise is just the best by being a true vegetarian...no meat what so ever and this includes fish. We all agree that fish are animals and you should not eat them if you are being honest about it- you can give whatever excuses you want , but I agree 100% of nothing. Just seems a bit hypocritical......poor little fishy!

Toija reminds us that the night is getting on and we all run upstairs before the gallery closes... Vali embraces us and we have missed the mad rush. She says some joke about motherfuckers and then hugs Marky and myself like we are all joined at the hip (we are). Take everyone into the originals area and I just love these.....please if you live in Melbourne head to Roar Gallery at 115a Brunswick St, Fitzroy (open 11-5 Tues-Sun) and check out Vali's show. It finishes 12th December. You are insane if you don't make the effort, then again some people just have no idea what they are missing out on....it's like a walk in the forest....just incredibly invigorating.

The Ouzo is flowing like water...I take the water instead. Love the new painting "Foxes Wedding" and the giant enlargement just looks a treat. Di from Jackman gallery is there and we go for a little walk and talk about the originals. Time to go as Claire is being chatted up by some cute boy outside and she is married after-all. Tania gets us home safely. I love seeing the family on nights like this and Vali took them all into her heart. Great vibe from everyone that made the effort.

November 17th

Michael books my hire car for the trip to Beenami. Have to go to the property and find out about the solar and stuff. It's NOT the red car, he's given us some new amazing speedstar and it has the new style c.d player.....so Mark is happy. Time to grab some cds out of the library- I grab the best of The Smiths and it never gets a look in ): Mark is in control.

It seems like a quick trip and we arrive right on time. The owners (well they are for a few more days) are just really sweet and Susan is almost in tears when she talks of selling. It looks bigger inside then I remember and we decide that it doesn't need painting, the natural mudbrick and blue-stone look great. I end up taking the Tractor for a spin, only get to second gear as that is enough....really fast and I'm fearful of flipping it. I mow some of the 6 acre frontage before the forest and it's fun.

They give us a present- a book on the local area, it's a bit Blair Witch project-ish...several century old houses are in ruin in the State Forest and also when it is a dry spell the lake drops down an and old shack is exposed...it only happens a few times a century and the locals say that's when the spirits are allowed out to roam amongst the forest creatures and they go for " a ride" in the bodies of any hikers wandering through the valley. (OK I made that bit up.....).

The tallest tree in the whole world...not just Australia but the world.... was just down the road and in 1890 the loggers CUT IT DOWN......this totally fucks with my head , how depressing is that. The biggest tree in Australia is down the road too...but it still remains (phew). We are going to love it here....the best escape from the city if we need it.

November 18th

I look through the security camera and there is a bush with legs at my front door.....it's actually a delivery man dropping in all these huge red roses wrapped in tonnes of fern......really blew me away. I thought it was a congratulations on the house bunch from the office, band. It ends up being from Tim....a simple "I'm sorry...." note- and it just makes me smile. I give him a call and patch up whatever was wrong...he didn't have to, we all have bad days. I tell him I have to fight with him more if it means flowers like this- the office just smells of roses. He is a kind man. Makes my day. Flowers will always make me forgive someone.

Am up so early, wash my car at 7.00 in the morning. Spend the day boxing stuff and working for the Crowdies. The vibe on the album is improving, just over a few fans who think that because they have a few of the tracks already on their own personal cassettes that the Afterglow c.d should be full of stuff that "they" don't have....... sorry but really it's the bands material and because a few fans have some of it...doesn't mean that the rest of the world does. You get to the point where you tell the "trainspotters" to get fucked. Talk about obsession, I want, I want, I want I just find some of that stuff really weird. For 99.9% of Crowded House fans the Afterglow c.d will be just a great experience.

November 19th

Big settlement day, my bank is just terrific, and cover my arse and wage cheques. Have all the cheques in my hot little hand and owe my bank people some serious bottles of "red".

Head into the city, early so I go into the BodyShop and buy some "glitter space" toothbrushes.... you know they have stars and stuff in the handle....not very "bush house" or blokie but hey gotta have some flash and trash in your life...even in the "nature" areas. make a note to take the mermaid toilet seat up their too. The locals are gonna love us (Grin).

My solicitor is on time, he's such a big music fan so he gets some c.ds, and the whole thing happens within 5 minutes. It's like wham bam, here are the deeds and the three blokes own this land....safe from logging. All very quick.

Phone everyone, the vibe is good and I feel my shoulders drop....I have worked my arse off the last 127 days- the office has been keeping long hours and we have worked everywhere from stockmarket to artworld, to music to dancing furry creatures. Worth all the effort.

Get home and there is a fax from EMI asking about availability of me doing some press. I told them I'd do anything for this cd. It makes it hard when there is no Crowded House or world tour, so we have to go the extra yard. Not a problem, I agree to all interviews.

November 20/21st

Up early and Trudy is on time and we get the UTE. Fill it up, nearly all the friends have phoned and congratulated us, some dropped by with seedlings and it's all nice. The Ute is full, it looks like a scene from the Beverley Hillbillys- we all want Rebecca to dress up as the Granny and sit in a rocking chair on the back!

The Grey Ghost has its back seat removed and we fill that and Fran and Tania's car.....the convey is off and running. Mark says if 4 year old Jake misbehaves he's taking him into the forest and giving him to the Blair Witch...ok he doesn't say that to Jake...just us (grin). What a mean old man.

It is super hot so it's nice to catch a breeze as we head along the freeway...hairball the cat is staying with us and she does her "rubber jaw" thing.....where she looks like she is smiling...more likely dying. I continually try to put water in her mouth....but that spring jaw stays well and truly open.

We all make it in record time except Tania who has gone astray. I stupidly head out onto the road and forget how hot it is..... Eventually Tania arrives and we starts setting up the cottage. B is working so he has to add his touches later. Mark shows his Daddy side and keeps Jake busy on the tyre swing...and we all escape to the barn to avoid the heat.

Hours later the last guest goes and within minutes I kind of collapse....it ends up being heat exhaustion....like really bad and I loose close to a stone in liquids,.....which is a great diet but a bit deadly. All I do is vomit up liquids...just water all night...but I make this hideous noise throughout this "lovely" experience....kind of like a Yeti howling.....and I'm in my own little world. At one stage I find myself on my back down a forest track trying to work out the star constellations. Really weird....and hairball is just a right pain all night- meow meow meowwwwwww. No more cat at the Forest House. It's about 7.00 and I'm awake outside, no energy and haven't had food for a day...my one aim before we head home is to put up the blasted rose arch.....and my head is somewhere else and it takes me ages to work out what an arch looks like and somehow it takes shape......Mark adds some injury to the list by climbing on this old hammock and it snaps and he crashes down onto his back.....the joys of country living. I heard a word starting with "C" bellowing around the forest....Miss Candee in the forest.

Somehow I get us home, we just leave the cottage as is , heaps of time to fix it up. Climb into bed and recover.....still not hungry.

November 22nd

Well babbles Coffee gives me a new lease of life and we are recovering...

Our little movie star rate Russell Crowe caught on security cameras at the saloon Bar at Coffs Harbour, being a jerk. he started 3 fights, punched his brother, abused a woman and kissed some man who tried breaking it up. Nothing changes....time to stop the drinking methinks. Betty Ford gift certificate for Mr Crowe for Xmas.

Well Afterglow is on time, we are aiming at Gold on advance orders alone....it's a hard call but we might do it. Up to the stores...and if the public miss CH that much.

Heaps of emails, too many, 500 a day, need a holiday soon.

Find pieces of Mulga scrub in my clothes from when I was star gazing in the bush......how long was I their?

November 23rd

The second Enz show on December 30th is selling well, Pacific Entertainment release the final batch of tickets. So #2 will end up being a sellout- #2 will be like a warm up show....as we are working backwards and it is the show before New Years Eve. Have my work areas mapped out, will try and do most of the merchandise ourselves as it;s far too expensive to employ people, and I'll try and look after the band room. That's enough work. I'm in NZ for a week so it's rehearsal and driving for the rest of the time.

I saw this shaved head dude today, he must of been into phrenology as he kept caressing his shaved skull like all his mental powers were about to be released on the world...he looked so odd.... ....was it good for us too! Arghh NO.

November 24th

Odd combination tour for 2000- Culture Club, Village People and Pseudo Echo all together on tour in FEB . Just an odd combination.... wonder if I can work on that one with Culture Club. George would be fun (and bitchy but still fun). he said last time he was in Australia one lone fan was at the airport holding a Koala for him. No it wasn't me!

Mmmm sometimes you just have to be cruel to be kind. One of my dearest friends is heading into an area where I'm going to have to say something. I hate how I always get stuck with this, makes me the bad guy but if you love someone enough you'll tell them.....I'll wear it, and we'll have to open the doors of the nuclear shelter as it's sure to be an explosion. I think they'll know in the long run that I probably care the most.....either that or they'll have me on their dart board.

November 25th

Hmm owe MG a pay and I know he'll just want to buy dvds with it. he seems to have some of the travel bug back but hates the thought of going to L.A. He has a vibe for San. Fran and London and I want Tuscany...or somewhere....deff. time off in the new year.

We've ran out of Other Enz signed covers so I have to send more off to the guys..... to sign and Afterglow, it never seems to end. The band members have been great- no complaints about signing all these covers. This will be the last batch of signed stuff for awhile.

Run through some limited merchandise ideas with Noel....finally get the ok and we are running out of time. But there will be some merchandise at the Enz shows. I'm leaving my party-mode outfit at home on NYE and just thinking it as work....will party when I get back.

Get an invite to the "Please leave quietly" photo exhibit...it's about the Melbourne indie band scene not sure if we can make it.

November 26th

Happy 30th Toija girl. Wow I know you when you were 14, more then half your life. Cute!

Well today is my first day of major phoners.....all day, radio, newspapers and the Telstra conference call girls are great, I time it well and finish all interviews on time. The vibe is great and only one journo digs for dirt....the rest are really great. My voice holds out and Mark feeds me salad sandwiches and cups of honey tea. How do the guys do this all the time? At the start of the very last interview my brain snaps and I go blank and am worried that I can't think of anything to say.....very odd.

Babble boys offer to stay open and make me some toasted sandwiches...

EMI seem happy and now all we are waiting on is for the public to embrace the c.d when it's out.

Paul Hester flys to Sydney for press and will be on Triple J on Monday at 4.00.

November 27th

A weird day- we open the office and catch up on work and orders and emails. Really a nothing day.

No guests, my Mum calls and she has just mowed her lawn, she ALWAYS seems to be mowing that lawn. I walk into hairball in the dark...and she makes a scene. We watch Harrison in "6 days 7 nights" our favourite bit is when he walks into the bushes on top of the mountain and goes berserko. I still think it has some good moments.

The street is so loud tonight- get no sleep.

November 28th

Up in time to have brekky with Fran and Sonia who's back in town for a few days.....they are late, Sonia had wet hair! hey at least she didn't create a bad lie. We have a table at babble and the boys make the best coffee. People talking about the new Garage (ex-Ramjets) and everyone says it has no character....we have to have dinner their once. One of the babble boys works at Jacqui-O's at St Kilda...and the Summer crowd is invading so it's now full every night which is nice for Scotty and Bill the owners. I think they miss Prahran. Talk space with Sonia but only a little- we are both sci fi buffs. Fran gets into the final interview batch at the ABC for the sound job, really proud of her.

Mark stays at the office and orders in more dvds.....who needs drugs! OK I DO love them too.

Take Sonia to her next destination and we two head to this giant plant nursery...looking for 5 metre cactus for the farm. We find all these other fun things but I am good and we leave empty handed.

Find Mark reading next to the plant room at home,with Miss Ball admiring him from atop of the sofa. make a note in my other diary to buy a real Xmas tree, when we are done with it, it can go in the ground at the farm... another year zooms by. Feel really happy, and content. A few friends are now gone from our life's equation and it sounds horrible but I don't miss them much at all. How disposable is that? A few people like Tania, Rosemaree are there forever and that feels good...... anyway roll on Xmas, roll on the year 2000.

Next issue we should have some "gift ideas"..... take care everyone and remember what a fantastic gift Crowded House's AFTERGLOW will make.


ps- forgot to mention...our lovely friend Bic Runga is playing gigs in Sydney and Melbourne in January. 21st Jan is Sydney and we are still to announce the Venue, in Melbourne it is Jan 22nd and she is playing at The Continental. Both are showcases for the new songs (and the classics) and both will be sellouts. Check with The Conty for ticket details. Can't wait, Bic rocks!

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