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Archive: 23 August - 5 September 1999

August 23rd

Happy Birthday to lovely Nelly- she's one of my fave EMI people...even though she just doen't get Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Some people just don't get it.

Meet Toija in the city and we have lunch, one of my favourite cafe's in one of Melbourne's little laneways. It's starting to look like Prague back there, which isn't a bad thing- Melbournians love it- all the Cafe's are full. The owner has a reserved seat by the window, rather spoilt and a good way to start the day. he tells me he looks after his favourite customers.Take Toija up to Vali's studio- and we hang out with Vali for awhile. Toija has to go to work so I stay at the studio and get the last minute rundown on what to do. Vali rarely trusts anyone so I'm honoured to look after the place.

Sherbet 30th anniversary special on Foxtell tonight. Sherbet were a satin wearing band from the seventies- they were Skyhooks nemesis, well so the fans and media made out. If Sherbet were the Beatles, Skyhooks were the Rolling Stones, the bad boys of Aussie rock. Explains why I picked Skyhooks! Was amazed at how little archive footage Sherbet have, compared to our 'Hooks archives.

Get a call from Neil in the States re: master of "Sacred Cow", there is the odd master roll that hasn't turned up- so our office is on the hunt. He really liked the stripped down version of "Private Universe"...as do I- just great. The rarities cd is slowly moving in the right direction.

August 24th

Really horrid day, have a fight with this silly person that I care about. Only my second in a year so thats not too bad, lets just say that the other person's head wasn't screwed on right today. Had no idea just how upset I am, was really really looking forward to having some time alone and now it's totally fucked up. Drives me home and I'm just bummed out. Just not fair, but life never is , is it. Stop moaning Green ....slap slap! Much better thankyou.

Pick up the key from Vali, and she just won't let me go, tells me she's never seen me sad, so just just somehow makes me sadder.

Get a nice call from Bill from the office, and he and the lovely Edyre will be in Melbourne with Garageland. Cool. His call was the only good thing about today....and Mark made me a cuppa without me begging, so that was sweet.

August 25th

Really sad all throughout the night. Send the headless wonder an email, just telling it like it is- Nicole tells me I have to stop sending "those" emails... makes me laugh. Ah fuckem' if they can't deal with some truths (: I have to. By the way the "headless wonder ISN'T Nicole...just better point that out! She is Miss July! Sick of always being the nice guy, bring back Peter the bastard I say. Lets have a vote on it- who wants Peter the bastard to return.....! Show of hands please.

TDK are really hopeless, we have been trying to get one of their domestic cdrs all week and Australia is out of stock...its going to take a week before the stock comes in by boat. Apparently there is a worldwide shortage on some types of cdrs. So much for technology. I do the "name thing" and they track down 3 copies for me.

Neil calls again, a different reel this time....and I'm always missing his calls. I just keep leaving replies on his voicemail so I don't wake him. Can't wait to hear the new stuff.

August 26th

"I can see clearly" hangs on by it's fingertips in the Melbourne charts, its dead everywhere else....it actually moved up in Melbourne this week. I can tell that this will end up being one of those big collector cd singles in the future because its sold so few. EMi have stopped pressing it now, so when the current batch sells out, no more will be done.

The rough artwork for OTHER ENZ arrives, we really like the booklett, not sure about the main cover. The record company tell us late October/early November for the advance copies for the club.

Call in and see Shamus at Feedwell...they have some great vegan food....so its Vegetarian for dinner tonight. I tell Shamus thats its always strange to hear Crowdies playing when I come into their shop....they play Together Alone A LOT. Its one of their fave albums. He gives me all this extra food (again) and makes me this great carrot juice with extra Ginseng....it burns the back of my throat. I like Shamus- he has honest piercing eyes. I'm sure he's an empath...just reads all my thoughts (even the rude ones).....ok it's probably just too much Ginseng, making me horny and full of filth.

August 27th

Goodbye Vali....she's off and running, back to Positano. Hopefully I'll catch up with her and do some filming their in October. Can't wait.

The Russians close the MIR space station ("will I dream Dave?") after 13 years of service. It was only meant to be used for 5. The latest cosmonauts could barely walk when they landed from lack of Gravity and too much time in MIR (or they drank all the Vodka remains before closing up the station for good and were just too pissed to stand...thats our theory). Man really has to conquer the long term effects of being in space before we can really travel far...or find a very fast way to get from A to B. Looking forward to the new station, of course Australia is too damn cheap to be a part of it.You suck John Howard- cheapskate.

Start sending out the Enz sheet music credits, Music Sales still have no idea when it's coming out, so its time to put an end to this. So professional guys.

August 28th

Last day at Ramjets, before they close for renovations.

Head to the Galleon and have breakfast with Bill and Edyre. Dugald drops in, he looks so sleepy eyed, just like he's on the road. Craig Bird and Beck also drop in. I have a healthy brekky.

Hassle Travelex for these extra flight points- I want a free business class ticket to London and Rome...so I'll need a lot of points- won't fly economy that far....spoil me.

August 29th

It's my little sisters birthday, she gets her present off me in a few weeks, as I know it will get mangled in the post. She is one of my best friends,I remember when Mum gave birth to her , I overheard my Auntys saying "Peter will probably get jealous of her ,as he has to share etc". Was never jealous, not once...just great to have her in my life. Nice to prove them wrong.

Fran calls by and we head to the country property. Her family has a place nearby so she takes us the long way but it doesn't have many bends. We find this incredible bakery, has the original giant oven, so the bread is like heaven. Just as we pull in the gate of our "other place" (no name yet) the Sun breaks through and we spend several hours in the Barn having lunch and slaming a few shots of Glayva (hic). Go for a short walk in our forest...well I shouldn't say "our" no one should own nature....heaps of Australian birds flew over my head, red Rosella's. Kangaroo's were drinking at our waterhole (didn't tell you that did I Marky)...small grey wallaby. I've called him Stan...not sure why. He just looked like a Stan....it was deffinately a he....Kangaroos well ahmm how to be subtle.....lets just say you'd never have a problem working out what sex your pet Kangaroo was!!!!! I think we will be seeing more of Stan on our open lawn.

Anyway it was a nice day to recharge, kind of wished Ben made the journey, but in some ways it was just nice with two of my best friends with me.Frans car runs like the wind, perfect for the drive.

Get home and my Mum leaves a message (or ten) to call my sister on her birthday, as if I'd forget Mum!!!!!!

August 30th

My first day at Vali's studio...flying solo. It;s very peaceful, a few calls, a few drop ins. I just work on Vali's "bed", its nice and comfy. Play Donovans "SUTRAS" cd...he adores Vali and sent her this signed copy "Akashic Love". It's good for me to be in here, the huge Angelican church is across the road, I'm on the 7th floor and I just watch birds fly past, and then spy on all the people eating their lunch on the church lawn. Play "Popular Hungarian Gipsy melodies" cd after lunch...love the songs:- "I'm afraid in the crowd of Gypsys" and "bela the mountain of Csitar". No oddballs come in while I play the Gypsy cd, just nice mad people. The elevator attendants name is Joan.

Get back to the office and the first thing Mark says....can you guess- no not "how was it", "do you want a cuppa"....."..or group sex with Kylie and Lara" NO...he says "A whales penis is 3 metres long". Thanks MG Where do you get info like this. What does a Whale use for a condom....a wetsuit? Mindboggling. Maybe he was flopping his"love snake" out comparing it to different animals species all day- now I know what he does when I leave him in charge of the office!

August 31st

Brekky at "Babble"- our new hangout. It's just around the corner from "IT" on Greville Street. Have a huge list of 'things to do" today- do 99% very proud of my effort, some I've been wanting to do for ages.

Dugald dropped in and broke our doorbell...too Marcho bloke!

No Buffy tonight...sucks.

Nigel called and was in a dark crappy mood.....he's too much like a cat, they get crappy as they get older. Not sure what's in his side....but i hope he is better when next we talk. So unlike him.

Hell it's almost September, this year has winged by. Way too fast. Speak to "Y" and things are kind of better....we are all just too busy at the moment. Grant calls and thats really good...wish he'd tell me Neil is touring, but I doubt that will happen till early 2000.

September 1st

Worked on stuff for all our bands today. Tim just put me on wage for a few months so thats good, will be great working his new cd. Still a bit pieved about Kevin and Barry from LLT selling me out, someone should warn them about rubbing the "luckdragon" the wrong way. Works the opposite.

Really love Edgar Alan Poe's poem ALONE. Feels like me at the moment. Oh dear, well life really isn't that bad. Just a hiccup.

I love going to Bunnings Hardware in the city, so many neat things. Today i bought a "Solar magic" glasshouse. It's for seedlings....and heaps of bags of seed mix and all these other fun things. Looked at mini chainsaws to cut up the fire wood (we will never cut down trees)....Mark wants Ben to learn to juggle chainsaws...so he can be special guest before Neil walks onstage! Bought a new doorbell! Won't say how much- it even freaked me out, how can a doorbell be so expensive? Don't break this one Duges!

September 2nd

Well the Kevin/ Barry bad karma theory worked a bit too well,the Mick Malloy show was axed today....Channel Nine didn't give it much of a chance. Guess it means the guys will focus more on finishing their debut album. Still its sad.

Back in the Vali Myers studio again today....totally at peace when a group of 40 RMIT art students came in and guess who had to give an impromtu discussion on Vali and her work! The students told me I was very good....I think that made me blush.

No new Voyager till Sept 10th....hopefully I will survive.

Come home and a huge box of Bic Runga stock arrives, heaps of deleted cd singles and eps...so the Bic fans will be happy.

Pizza for dinner....bad Gryphon.

September 3rd

Decide to work for three days non stop...ok a bit of sleep, so it's head down arse up....and into it. Save hours each day with our headsets on, just keep working when the phone rings, great invention. Make a note to try and get Robert H.'s email address to thank him for the Austin Powers talking doll for the tour bus. So Robert if you are reading this please email me so I can send you some $. Apparently Elroy Finn has the complete set- why am I not suprised.

Speak to Liam today- I just miss not having the family next door...NZ is too far away. He's sending me a cd of his new solo stuff. Told him we wouldn't talk about Lazy Boy unless he wanted to. His stuff is strong enough to stand on it's own, just seems unfair to tag him with that Neil Finn's son routine. Told him I'd send him Killing Heidi's latest single WEIR. Notice it was #20 this week, I can smell a hit at twenty paces.

Dugald tells me they are on the "10.30 spot" which actually isn't on tv till 11.00 now...so that messes up the name of the show. Spiderbait are on too and Deadstar. Thought the Deadstar song was boring, which saddened me, because I really want it to be a hit for Peter Jones and Michael Den Elzen's sake. So buy the album...it's got heaps better songs on it. Think it will be another flop single for Deadstar........the stage sets looked great on the "10.30 spot"....I think Noel is making all of them.....noticed a few small Split Enz mini fabric columns...must be from the "House of Crombie".

Dylans sidekick on the show is just ugly, Dylan looks really old these days, he needs a new look....I'm sure I can bitch and moan some more if you want. The drums were too loud on Spiderbait and there was no vocal....did you do the sound Shapiro....sack the fat bastard. (thats a joke Joyce).

No sex tonight.....need a break, my legs hurt from hanging from that trapeze. Dugald calls and he is having a few drinks....so we drag out the Gavyla. (HIC). I almost consider driving over to Elwood to get drunk...but Mark points out that I've had a few and shouldn't drive....and I don't want to loose my license and have to do one of those "Hi everyone I'm Gryphon LuckDragon and I'm an alcoholic" type workshops. Plus it would suck to kill someone while driving intoxicated....so we stay home.

September 4th

Saturday, I feed Miss Hairball. Gave her a can of salmon, my treat for her, some serious purrring was involved let me tell you. cat orgasm.

Really windy night last night- so Catman doesn't get up till 11.30, he looks pretty fucked up.....so I promise not to bait him today.

Work all day, first person at Prahran Post Office when it opens. So I'm working from 8.00 in the morning till 6.00 at night.

Get a call in the afternoon and because of the rain my new piece of art can't be delivered till tomorrow, in case it gets water damaged. The gallery are trying to locate a Rosaleen Norton ORIGINAL for me- so any Aussie art detailers reading this please email me. We need a Roie.(Rosaleen).

Create a serious Chicken,Avocado Linguini combination for dinner tonight. Coat the chicke pieces in mustard seeds and deep rich honey. Yummo.

Watch a new series The Visitor...it's ok. The main character reminds me of Mick Malloy...hmmm maybe it's what he's doing now.

It's now 1.00 in the morning and I've been typing this for ages..need some ZZZZ'ssss!

September 5th

Well by the time you read this the Neil website should have it's 100,000th hit. So thats pretty incredible. Congrats to everyone involved. Over the next few weeks the site might be having a bit of a facelift...its good that so many of you are using it. It is a quiet period for Neil now, but just keep saying to yourself that everyday that passes is a day closer to a tour or a new song.

...off to brekky at "Babble"....the Victorian State Election is on again soon, the Labour party are the underdogs....hope they do well.

Thats all from this side of the planet, be good, be safe .
Gryphon (PG).

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