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Archive: 26 July - 8 August 1999

July 26th

Very PMT-ish today....all dark and moody! The day ended well- with The Dallas Movie "The Return of JR" on cable. Linda Gray just looks so incredibly beautiful good eye make up! We still want to know how JR beds all those chicks!? Money and Power....wow he'd have to pay me a lot . One of our classic "collectors items" is a can of JR BEER. Yes a special dallas promotional beer. It must be several decades old now so it must taste like crap...but the can looks good.

July 27th

Happy Birthday to my best friend in the whole universe- Marky! (Oh vomit). No one has a friend this good.....except maybe hairball (who has Marky). Hairball the cat and myself went shopping and we found this big chunky shaggy coat, Lara calls it the toilet seat cover. (Thanks Miss Leather coat). It's Markys birthday present.

Call in to check on Vali to make sure she is over her flu, she pulls out this cute postcard all signed for Mark...it's a photo of Vali at Positano kissing a huge Rooster.

We are all meeting at Ramjets- all the family except one. Really fun night,it's one of those times where everyone just hit it off. The night started with Sambucca (argh)....I was rather sloshed....we kept moving around the table, everyone just laughing and raising their glasses-at sometime we did eat. We also celebrated Fran and Trudi's birthday. Tania and Rosemaree both bought the candles for Marks cake....so we almost burn't the place down. It was just a load of fun- I love these people.

Marks best present was a message from the agents for the house next door- the neighbours from hell are out- they are being evicted. They suck....everyone has tried but no more Mr and Mrs nice guy...I hope it rains when they move!

July 28th

Neil website makes the top 10 finalists in the Internet awards...now cmon it wasn't all my threats and conscience prodding...we know you love the site and voted on that fact alone. Anyway thanks, it's great to get in the final batch.

Watch The Planets on the ABC...what a great doco. I feel like my head has expanded to double the size after viewing this show. Space rocks....have to save up and buy a huge telescope for the new country place.

Heard the Enz studio stuff is coming together, they also recorded the jam session, so I'm hoping the club can maybe use this at some stage if it doesn't get a domestic release.....maybe on a club raraities for our 20th year celebrations. Who knows. It's still not 100% that the Enz new material will come out, depends on the final mix etc etc.

Head to the Jackman Gallery and help Pete and Susan hang their art...I even name a piece (Optics)....Optics ends up selling quickly. Had to be the name (grin). The Gallery is great, nice wall space, great for the O'Doherty's. Check on my vip list to make sure I have invited everyone. Don't think Paul will make it, as it's Sunday Hester's 5th birthday.

July 29th

Loads of calls from people coming to the art show- Vicka and Linda Bull have their cd launch tonight as well but heaps of people are comig to the gallery show first.

Vali calls and she says she's thinking of coming. This is big, she NEVER goes to Gallery openings. I end up picking her up and she comes along as my date.I'm all gothic tonight- my Lestat coat, pvcs and dangerfield body shirt....I walk into Vali's house and she says "you are such a beautiful star".....and she is a gorgeous gypsy heart! Shall we dance!

I drive to St Kilda in the Grey Ghost, take her the scenic route, through the purple floodlit oaks....just grand. My car clicks and clacks- and she says "listen your car is singing".....so we all sang along.

The art show was great, Rebecca jumped in first and bought this Pete painting of a lamp....it's an odd shape but perfect for her quarters, Greg Macainsh loved the airports 747 painting....Trudy ended up with "Broadbeach", and the list went on, so many people bought. I love seeing my friends with real art, I'm just over prints big time- nothing stands close to a painting. We waste so much money on crap, convincing ourselves that we need it- but to buy a painting is just magic.

The small bar is busy, I jump behind it- Peter the Gothic bartender. Toija is fantastic and offers to follow us home as the cars breaks are worrying me a lot- she just cared a lot that night and I'll never forget that- thanks La Toija. She ended up taking Vali home too, and I knew Toija had to be up at 6.00.

Another good opening.

July 30th

Paul calls and is showing some interest around a certain record compay signing up The Largest Living Things.....so I pass on the info he needs. They need to get a cd out soon, always takes so long with this band.

People call all day saying thanks for last nights art show. I really want to buy "Big yellow"...can't remember what it's name is, but it's one of Susans abstracts and I love it. Should be saving, I keep reminding myself.

Word is that Tim Finn is just brilliant in the studio with the Enz- so chilled out and enjoying himself. he told me that he loved what Lynn has done so far on the Tim website. The site will continue to grow. The guys tell me that Eddie Rayner (Enz keyboards) organised this meeting with the band,the promoter etc etc and then HE forgot to turn up...typical Eddie- just love him.

July 31st

Go meet Paul and the Mental as Anything guys at the Gallery. Paul buys about 6 pieces of art, 2 in a small alcove that I show him. He loves Big Yella as it's now called by everyone...and says that I have the "walls" for it. It's a big piece of art. Feel a bit tired and sad today....really want to see someone but they are working....so I decide to be alone, in my ow pathetic misery. Childish I know- but sometimes only the odd person can pull you out of this.I'd love for a friend just to tur up with a bottle of alcohol and say "lets get drunk" on the balcony......we always supply the drinks. My friends are cheap!!!! (: yes I ended up buying BIG YELLA to cheer myself up.

August 1st

Ramjets opens at 11.00 now - so we get to sleep in on Sunday. The Blue Elephant has reopened but we have not ventured in there yet.....not sure why. Ramjets treats us well. Pick up Vali's birthday present from Fletcher the Etcher.

Call Bic Runga and she is in the bath. I had nice visions of that!!!

Work all day on Neil stuff.

August 2nd

Happy 69th Birthday Vali Myers. As Ed van der Elsken says -" Vali, the incredible superfreak lives a funny life. We all know that she was the most far out Bohemian,Hippie, Yippie, Smokey the bear, she was Vali de St.German-des-Pres , inspiration and companion of artists, eggheads,tramps and travellers. Beautiful,way out,painted like a Papua,dressed like a Gypsy, always i absolutely perfect taste." Go in with Mark to the studio and give her our gift, a silver hip flask- with her signature etched on the front and "from your two lone wolves-Mark and Peter" on the back. She had her dearest friends with her....and we all celebrated with bottles of Raki. (Ouch).

August 3rd

Dugald drops in today- he is still at school but doing the odd music job, and a fair bit of tv. Dylan from Recoverys new show- Noel Crombie from the Enz did the stage set for it. They have about 8 bands on the show. Win $33 on Tattslotto....I win $30 every week now...this is good.

August 4th

Try to find out what the hell is happening with Gisborne. It looks like the Enz will be playing Auckland but everything is still up in the air....we should know everything next week. At least the fans are being understanding.

Nicole tells me that she likes Taxride's new cd....

August 5th

nearly sent out all the Video newsletters- it's such a huge task, mostly all the boxing and mailing-never seems to end.

The people next door have started slowing moving out....there are so many it will take all week. I tell Amazing Grace that they are going and she dances a jig and says "lets have a party".

August 6th

Just horrid all day- too much going on, really don't want to go to the dreadful casino to see BCO....Peter phones and I say we'll probably go- in the end we just threw in the towel and stayed at home. The band were probably offended but I just couldn't handle the crowd, plus they were on at 12.30, and Mr Brown- who are pretty boring were support, they just don't do anything for me.....not sure why.

Rebecca calls and keeps trying to get us to go, just pushes me further from going and I don't know why. Just didn't want to I guess.

August 7th

Mums 5oth anniversary Hockey reunion is on today....told her they should of had a game- my Mum still has the best legs. All the other Hockey women get jealous!

Box all the cd fair stuff.....so may bits and pieces.

Australian internet awards are on- don't hear if we have won- guess we didn't.

August 8th

Up bright and early and head off to the cd fair with Mark...we are half asleep when the doors open and so many fans flood in. Some new faces, and we played a few live songs for them on Marks little cd player. It was a long day but everyone had fun. The people next door are moving out...and it starts raining on them (:

Pizza for dinner!

Get an email from Kayt, the Neil website will change again soon, probably around the time of its 100,000th hit. So check out the new look, in a few weeks.

take care

ps- Deb has the remainder of the Neil calendars and Enzso programmes, so this is probably your last chance to get one- so email her if you are interested. It's a great way to support Frenz.Com.

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