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Archive: 28 February - 11 March 2000


Having a chat to the bank manager when who should walk past but Dugald from our crew. Very tanned and buff from all that surfing. Decide to catch up for a coffee ten minutes later. His first day back at school as an "adult student' and the tutor doesn't show up....such is the education system in Australia.

Have to rush home for a meeting with the script writers for this movie project....think this is the third bunch of writers...probably normal around such projects. Venny is today's writer, nice guy and we get sidetracked several times. The rabbit just decides it's time to eat the doormat during the pinnacle of our 'think tank"...rather distracting and really odd. "What is that"? "Oh just the rabbit eating the doormat". Hope they let the psycho Seeker fan out of jail soon as we need more door mats. Long story....

Head to Rosemaree's to help her move, Fran has already done a huge chunk. We are there for some heavy things and Marky is trying to fix her reception etc. My main fear was finding Rosemaree buried under all her stuff...what a magpie! (: Just as much our fault- we gave her a chunk of it.

Feb 29th

Well Neil is creeping up on the Glastonbury Festival top 10- thanks to all of you who have been voting...still on for a few more weeks. He is now #3 and climbing. To vote- http://www.glastonbury-festival.co.uk maybe cast a vote for Crowded House too.

He is back in NZ anyday now...have no idea if he has a new manager yet, guess that takes time.

I still think it's more likely August/September for the next solo cd.....first Aussie gig back is part of the Byron bay blues festival in April (24th?). An odd show to do.....

March 1st

Wake up to find Neil sitting at #2 in the Glastonbury voting....only Hawkwind are ahead...which is kind of weird, but they are a big festival band I hear. 60 votes needed, I know how passionate the fans can be....good that everyone is so united on this. Even if Glastonbury doesn't happen because of other commitments it still helps get Neil to the Uk sooner then later.....results like this just tempt the promoters a bit more.

My grapevine tells me that the drummer from Regurgitator could well be in Neil's live band...guess it depends on what the Gurge are up to. All heresay at this stage.

There seems to be an amazing amount of heroin on the streets, spotted several hypo's on the way to clear the mail today. Hopefully the injecting houses will cut this sort of thing down. One less needle on the street is one less for some poor bastard to stand on.

Walked down Cato street and the Police were arresting someone smacked out.....felt kind of sad for him....which I shouldn't I guess . Smack is fucked.

March 2nd

Mark lets out a huge bellow (like Miss Candee) when the fedex man arrives with "the parcel"...yes DVD heaven. Thanks Video cave NYC......two days to get 10 dvds to Oz...amazing. A combination of releases, 200 cigarettes to DICK. We actually enjoyed dick (that sounds rather suss)...we actually enjoyed watching dick (am I just burying myself),....the dick dvd was good. I give up... the best part IS the ending...where Nixon is taking off in his helicopter and the two girls are on the roof of their home with this giant banner reading "You suck Dick..." as Nixon flys above them... School yard humor but it's good to have a chuckle over.

We decide to hold onto 200 Cigarettes so Fran, Lara and the guys can come watch it.

Well it's midnight right on the dot...and Neil just hit the #1 spot on the Glastonbury Festival voting. Heaps of emails are coming in from around the globe, it's like winning a Grammy! Cool.

March 3rd

After breakfast I run into Bernie from the Continental....he really wants Tim to play there again. I think it would be good for Tim to launch SAY IT IS SO at the Conty as there is talk of a real Aussie release of the cd. Tim arrives into Sydney today to perform with the Wiggles on their version of "Six months in a leaky boat".....what fun!

Have totally destroyed the mouse on our Imac....hassle the Mac shop to get me a new one in.

Heard from the Crombies, told Noel that I am taking some of the Enz costumes to the upcoming Camberwell collectors fair...the club has a table at the Fair (its on March 26th- Camberwell Civic Centre) and its a chance for fans to have a look at the costumes up close and maybe get a picture wearing Neils stage jacket etc.

Tonight's Indigo Girls gig was cancelled, one of them has became ill, Ben was working at the show and scored some tickets for Fran and myself.......watch cable instead.

Miss July calls and is enjoying her photoshoot in New Guinea......I hope she doesn't get a rash wearing coconut bikini's!!!

March 4th

Mardi Gra on tonight- it rains at the start, as is the way...and per usual dickhead Fred Nile never gets his wish, it ends up being a balmy night. Absolute god award goes to Ewan mcGregor with his freshly dyed hair and well eyelined ..eyes. Looks like he stepped out of Velvet Goldmine....and he was so humble- just loved the floats and parade without flogging his work. He was in party mode and kind of floated off the screen........I'll have some of what he was having (opps).

Vanessa Wagstaff was great- and it takes balls (no pun) to be a drag queen on tv and enjoy life and point out that she was hiv positive. Makes you stop moaning a bit over pissy day to day things ......just get on with it!

The fireworks was amazing, Sydney was lit up like a roman candle...god knows how it looked through Ewans eyes-spectacular I guess. Good to see that some of the Dykes on Bikes looking great in some costumes..........the 6 foot walking penis was rather bizarre....and Molly- our rock guru up there in front of the Marching Boys shaking his thing (not THAT thing, I mean his shakers).

Tonights DVD was Stir of Echoes with pumped up Kevin Bacon.....and I only hid twice. A bit scary and Kevin was good. Shouldn't of been a flop at the movies, it was ok. Christ knows (he does) there are a lot worse movies out there. Worth renting if you are too chicken to buy.

March 5th

Happy Birthday Mum.

Considering she has been so aggrophobic she is never at home. Finally track her down at Sis's place......calls me her favourite son. I am her only son! I make her suffer and sing that birthday song...

A friend calls and tells me that there is a good chance that they will be making "Queen of the damned" -the follow up to the "Interview with the vampire" movie ...here in Melbourne. Both Jj and myself have agreed to go up against Tom Cruise....who is making a return as Lestat.

Popstars tv real life soap Opera is doing well, Grant will be happy. It's now the #3 show in Australia. I'm happy for Grant, am still unsure if we are working with them.

Send Noel and Nigel copies of the Enz Video material from NYE...the band still have to ok heaps of stuff, it's very very long and will need editing. Catch up with Tania, Jake and Rosemaree for brekky.....Jake has a cool Wiggles lunch box. I think Rosemaree tried to steal it.!!! (:

March 6th

Every so often I get amazed that in the 21st century there are still bigots like 3AW's talkback hosts Neil Mitchell and Steve Price. These absolute pigs should go the way of the dinosaur....... incredibly insensitive and also really UGLY!!!! (Not just on the outside). Was happy to put them and 3AW last on our survey sheets for the ratings this week. So it's a tie for creeps of the month, they can actually say they won something (part from ugly bastard award of the week). Yes rednecks are alive and well and working in a radio station (well a crappy radio station) near you. Thankfully shock djs like these halfwits have almost zero impact on public opinion. Ugly!

The good thing about today was being able to escape to the country. A really nice day.

I have to stress this now- yes Mark is amazing, yes Mark did work it out, yes Mark is better then all of us, yes Mark has the brain of a super being. Hope that is enough......Mark worked out how to get the couch inside the Forest house. So the worlds biggest couch is now inside. We are not giving the game away, visitors have to work out how. Looks great.

Put in all the avocado seeds in the vegie patch, they take forever and the flowers swap sex every few days.....oh all that sex stuff is confusing, all I know is it makes it hard to grow avocados. Some red finches have taken up home in the branches of the fruit trees....they are really young and can only fly a short distance. You can sit with them while they hop around the the grass.

Lara the tractor would not start but we cleaned her up and put on Squids "nudie devil woman" decals. Need to charge her batteries next week. (Lara's not Squids).

March 7th

Looks like Nasa may crash the Galileo space craft into one of Jupiters icy moons so it won't contaminate Europa-another moon which could possibly contain simple life forms in it's icy oceans. Nasa expect to explore Europa in 2004 using robotic landers. Wasn't it Europa in 2001 movie that man was never allowed to explore???????? Maybe I've got it wrong.

Get an email from Nick....he was in Melbourne when I was away, only for a few days- so we missed each other. Spent most of his time down the coast surfing. Thinks he'll be back in July. he did run into Paul at The Galleon, so that was a good thing.

Great news that finally smoking looks like being banned in restaurants. It is in most states, this is well overdue...can't wait.

March 8th

Thought I would do a rather oddball Finn related quick quiz...to see how much you really know, or how good you guys are at swapping answers or guessing. DO NOT send in your results, answers in the next F/16 update. I think 20 questions is enough:

1/ Who's autograph is on the inside roof of the old 'drum clinic" store at 99 Greville Street, Prahran. (It's currently a seconds clothing shop). Yes it's still there.
a/ Nick Seymour
b/ Paul Hester
c/ Neil Finn

2/ What is sitting under the drum kit in the Message to my Girl Video clip.
a/ copy of Hustler magazine
b/ a huge bag of pot
c/ a framed picture of Eddie Rayner dressed as Liberace.

3/ During the Enz days Sharon Finn opened a shop in Melbourne. What did it sell.
a/ New Zealand imports- kiwi fruit jam etc
b/ heart shaped ceramic coffee tables
c/ original clothing.

4/ When the Finns moved back to NZ what was left behind at the Murchison Street mansion.
a/ The three stooges dolls
b/ a sign that read "make your mind up or go away" c/ Mrs hairylegs the long haired Tabby cat.

5/ At the infamous Finns Heavy metal costume party who won the guitar solo of the night:
a/ Neil Finn in a leopard print h/m outfit
b/ Sharon and Brenda the LA rock chicks
c/ Nick on Peters shoulders with his bare buttocks showing. (Nicks not mine).

6/ What street did Paul live on in Paddington Sydney.
a/ Bent street
b/ The Muse
c/ Mrs Jacksons Place

7/ If Neil turned his telescope due south in his turret what would he of seen.
a/ Peter Green naked on his 4 poster bed
b/ the goodyear blimp landing in the park
c/ Nicks Shirley Grove house

8/ If you looked out of the Woodface apartment window what song would you think of, penned by the Finn Bros.
a/ Weather with you
b/ Cemetery in the rain
c/ Tall trees

9/ Which band member scribbled these words in his diary " I am in a dream that feels like reality compared to which all reality becomes like a dream"
a/ Neil Finn
b/ Paul Hester
c/ Nick Seymour

10/ Who runs the "house of pain"
a/ Mark
b/ Ben
c/ Peter

11/ During the Split Enz days which Australian tv show did the band watch on the road.
a/ Neighbours
b/ Prisoner (Cell block H for our o/s readers)
c/ No. 96

12/What was found in the pocket of Tim's Woodface jacket several years after the Woodface world tour....and who found it/them.
a/ 3 pack of ribbed condoms (out of date) found by Mary Finn.
b/ Woodface world tour car pass with Belinda Carlisle' home number on it, found by Amanda.
c/ Mummified banana skin found by Rosemaree.

13/ Who snored the loudest on the crew bus.
a/ The bus driver.
b/ The UK merchandise man
c/ Jules.

14/ What Crowded House song did Split Enz demo.
a/ Hole in the river
b/ Instinct
c/ Something so strong

15/ This was a Penis question, it was a bit iffy so I decided to get rid of it. Plus I didn't want to know how some of you would know the answer. So I'll have to make up a new question. Who's teeth did Paul say he had on the cover of Temple of Lowmen?
a/PeeWee Herman's
b/ Mrs Doughtfire
c/ Barry Manillow

16/ Which band members girlfriends have appeared in Enz/ House video clips
a/ Rosy, Stacey, Lara, Fran and Mitsy
b/ Kylie , Julia, Sally.
c/ Sharon, Brenda, Gina

17/ Who was chief of security on the Try Whistling This tour.
a/ Lester
b/ Elroy
c/ Dee

18/ Who did Peter Jones have a meeting with before flying out to join Crowded House.
a/ His accountant
b/ Spiritual advisor
c/ Paul Hester

19/ Who's cat food did Lester eat on a regular basis.
a/ Hairballs
b/ Mrs Hairylegs the long haired tabby
c/ Tuesdays

20/ What objects sit on the sides of the mixing desk at Neil's home studio.
a/ a photo of him shaking the Queens hand, accepting his OBE.
b/ a pair of underpants saying "spare pair" on them.
c/ two rocket lava lamps.

OK they are a bit silly but this was done very quickly...........the answers will be in the next F/16 update...so come back and see how good you are.

March 9th

Well Neil still sits high at the number one spot in the Glastonbury festival voting, I've noticed AHA have creeped up to #2 spot...determined little buggers. Crowded House have over taken the Crowdies House cover band.......I think there was some confusion that I don't like this cover band. Not so, I've never even seen them. As I explained to someone it would be like the roadcrew going to see a Crowded House cover band on their day off. I think covers bands have their place in the big scheme, as long as people are having fun it's all cool....my only comment was that cover bands are formed because players like the artist music A LOT....so you'd think they would of preferred to cast a vote for the original artist instead of themselves. It's just a comment. I do admit that it is nice to see the original Crowded House getting votes for Glastonbury. God ALL of our artists are now on the list- Bic Rungs, Tim and Neil and the Finn Brothers, Enz, Skyhooks and Mark Lizotte. I felt a bit sorry for LLT so I cast a vote for them. There is still time to vote...head to: http://www.glastonbury-festival.co.uk/

A friend told me that Mike Gee gave me a good "thumbs up" in his column in In Press magazine, thanks Mike.....I thought his INXS comments were spot on.

Was a good day today feeling chilled out, the holiday has been good, heading back to work soon so I'll have to get into it again. Neil said three months so I guess I could hide away a bit longer , I'm technically doing some work but I feel really charged so I should join the human race again.

We decide to watch Pump up the Volumne on DVD. ....a Slater classic. "Stay Hard Harry"!

The Grand Prix is underway, seems quieter this year...so far, even the flyover with the planes hasn't been as low and the 30,000 that turned up today didn't try parking at our place so I guess they are taking public transport.

March 10th

Hear from the very cool Mark Lizotte, he's heading off to California soon to record some extra songs for the USA release (Mammoth Records) of Soul Lost Companion cd. He's been churning them out..."I don't mind at all", "Little Galaxy", "Let your light shine", "Paint the sky", "Sleep like Sunday", "Lazy bones" and "All she brings". George Lucas has a ranch near the studio so I told Mark he should try and get "Little galaxy" in the next Star Wars movie...the title seems perfect!

The Grand Prix has been very quiet today- the buzz off mosquito cars is non existent, maybe they are saving it all for the weekend.

Have to head into the city, fighting the urge to do so......some days (especially Fridays) you just don't want to know.....heaps of GP fans with their flags...I made the mistake of wearing a red shirt so they instantly assumed I liked one racing team. Doh! Just maybe I like red- peabrains. Have some lunch at some hidden food court- Melbourne has millions of them...then went to the Mary martin book coffee shop. They had a copy of Australian summer stories #2- really good stuff. Great writers and you can almost smell those Australian beaches, zinc creamed noses and rotting seaweed, the click click of summer water sprinklers on freshly mowed lawns. Every story just drags you under and takes you on some serious flashbacks. Was so into it I'd almost read half the book and almost missed my appointment with the solar energy people.

Got there on time and was buzzed through a system of security doors....I felt like I was visiting the prime Minister. So it looks like we are on board-environmental energy.....has to be a good thing. Caught the train home, it's on a few stops from the city centre...and the weirdest thing happened, I just couldn't breathe. I wasn't tragic, lying on the floor panting and frothing- just felt my body temperature climb and the air seemed very thin. Horrible feeling. Stayed calm and took some deep gulps of air. Arrived home and felt like shit, turned on the air system and crashed into bed. Didn't feel like food, watched some tv, chatted to Leanne on the phone and slept the sleep of the dead.

March 11th

A friend in England just emailed me that this site has had nearly 70,000 hits. Wasn't the lucky 70,000th person meant to go on a hot date with Mark!? (Grin). Oh he was joking....think i should make him stick to his bets.

Had a few phone calls from people asking me why one of the members of the girl group (from Popstars) left.......I thought she did so ages ago? People just want the dirt on this show. Maybe it could be fun working with them. Take the Jim Bradley kickboxing bag out back and give it a good working over. My workout instructor drops in soon to show me a few moves. Got some hand wraps so I can feel the contact, the gloves are just too chunky and protect me too much. Not that I am going to become a bad arse kick boxer but it's good to be able to react and feel secure...and work up a sweat exercising. Am hanging the bag between two massive ghost gum trees...nice area to work out.

Was contemplating the meaning of life the other day and the question that still needs to be answered is.......if Pluto is a dog...what the hell is Goofey! The ol' Goof wears clothes .....something is just a bit odd there......explain yourself Mr Disney.

Well that's all for now...be good to each other. Life is just a big Bingo game, hope all your numbers come up soon.


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