The Life and Times of Peter Green
Archive: 2 July - 15 July 2000

July 2nd

Looks like we'll be working through out the whole of August....and that will carry on till September. So I am tempted to take October off...weather should be improving by that stage too. Pull the plug, no emails, no tour stuff , nothing. I'm probably cursing this by printing it in the diary, I bet October ends up being our busiest month. (: Still it's good to plot and plan.

Hairball seems to be happier these days since we stopped on those liquid flea control drops, she sleeps a lot but she is heading up to 17 years old- cat/human I think that's 100+ years old, the Queen Mum of cats!

July 3rd

Interesting how I remember that I met Ben two years ago today. he was such a strange one (and yes still is-in a good way) has turned out to be a good friend- and is absorbing computer technology faster than a Borg collective. God knows what things have been added into my computer, but he knows I appreciate it.

Hear that Liam is flying to the States with Neil so I guess he'll jump up and have a play at Largo. Not sure what is having with Betchadupa's album, I know the EP was a one off deal with the NZ record company. Miss July tells me she has joined Betcha's Toast list..... I can imagine the weird and wacky Q & A's that will appear on that one.

Some religious people invade our doorstep-they have the bad luck of Mark answering the door, and he wasn't in a good mood. I think you should be able to sue religious groups under the heading of harassment- they just can't take "no" for an answer. Time to re-install the electric doormat give 'em a few "electric hail mary's " that should get them moving on.

July 4th

Spoke to Belinda from Bardot tonight, the rumor machine on the net has her being pregnant, just had to tell her- had a bit of a chuckle over that one. It all seems to be going well, their 2nd single just jumped from 18 to #2 in Queensland, which means it's been top ten in every state except NSW and even their it still might jump in. We are still enjoying it, some of the fans are funny.

Have been seeing Jj and Ms Renee a lot, nice to hang out with them- gave 'em a break today and we stayed outside while they sat inside of Babble. At one stage I started to strip- don't ask, just a spur of the moment thing.

Hmm get a lovely speeding fine from the Tasmania Police, 11 k.ms over the limit- totally my fault I was sitting on the speed limit and it suddenly dropped and Zap a speed camera got me. There goes another $80.

Hear that Neil has nearly finished another album track -"Hole in the ice", it sounds like it has all changed a lot since he played the roughs in January. Which means an early 2001 release, guess it will happen when he feels it's ready. I'll just sit back and do what we do.

July 5th

Was a good Gryphon and Paid off my gold Amex today....even won another $32.55 in lotto, surely a big prize is around the corner. Head to the Alley Cat with Toni, and watch the passing parade. heaps of Goths around, some lovely outfits and boys and girls in white face powder, feels very European as the Goths stumble through these back coffee house alley ways onto their destination. I offered up my neck and the porcelain leader got the joke. (or was it a joke?).

Decide not to buy a train ticket as they are restructuring the station and it's a drag finding a ticket machine. Head back to the office and do Bardot work all afternoon with a dash of Finn.

July 6th

get side tracked by work and blow out breakfast with Bill, he is in town with Alex Lloyd doing a show at the Punters Club. It's a private gig, but I can't make either. One of those really busy days and cold cold nights where you just want to snuggle up.

Run into Glenn on Greville St, he is the lips to die for sixties haired boy from Route 66, has a great look and we are envious of him. he tells me Julia is in the store, (she is in the Crowdies Mean to Me video) so I head back and call in. They give me a great deal on my tour jacket and we decide on "Mr Eliminator" patch to go on the front- $50 off. So cool. I promise them I'll wear it on TV every chance I get.

Decide on a very long bath and forget that the Morgan Poll people are calling, so I miss them and they call me back. Tonight's Poll is about WHO weekly magazine, what celebrity's look stupid etc etc. Have a shot at Ella from Killing Heidi- it's a horrid shot, this tight outfit with her stomach bulging. I make a comment of "Over eating Heidi" which gets a chuckle from my hostess.

Spend a big part of the evening sending Jpegs to Mary who is putting together the Bardot Tour Program. Buffy is great tonight- good to have an escape, glad it goes off air soon so I don't miss it whilst I'm on tour.

July 7th

Spend all day on the phone.....hopeless nothing got done. Hmm maybe time for the favorites list. yeah OK.

Fave Drink- The babble boys make this thing I call Green Slush- I have it when I feel I need more "green" in my body. Think it's celery, spinach, apple, and some other green stuff. I think the apple must make it taste ok. Sounds much worse than it is.

Fave Movie- Seven years in Tibet and I'm looking for ward to the Xmen movie.... I like some good super heroes- and besides-Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in a movie together has to be kind of cool.

Fave Book- Star Trek "Spectre"...oddly enough by Shatner - a good mix of all the parts from all the Trek Generations...and does Voyager really make it home!!?? "The Art of happiness" A handbook for Living. The Dalai Lama & Howard Cutler.

Creep of the Month- John Howard who must be miles ahead of anyone else in this Poll. Will be interesting to watch the GST bite people's arses as we move further down the track.

My Good Deed-Finding someone's purse in the bank and tracking down the little old lady that it belonged to and refusing a reward.

New Scary fact- that smoking can cause permanent eye problems. (I'd rather kiss an exhaust pipe)

Fave DVD- Sleepy Hollow- Tim Burton is God (maybe I should have that on our door for the door to door preachers). Lovely to look at.

Idiot of the Month- Sam Newman the football yobbo- guy is such a fuck head.

Fashion Fave- Chunky copper zips on coats and wooly winter hats.

July 8th

Order Turkish for dinner and notice they are charging about 13% GST which is against the law. Still tasted great.

Found another song that I want played at my funeral when I croak it. "Tumbling Down" from the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack- just puts me in a good mood.

We watch some of "Party in the ParK"- oh god "Steps" were on- if I ever read an English hack (journalist) slag off an Australian group ever again I will point my finger and say "you guys have Steps". Pleazzzze.

Try calling Nigel to find out what the Enz are doing with their Video of new Years Eve- and no one answers, it just rings out- maybe he's down the very bottom of his yard. We heard Gollom his cat passed away and that's so sad because Gollom was his favorite. Gollom was the cat in the Video Newsletter that we did.

July 9th

We watch "The Love of Lionels Life"...Aussie tv movie. Really great- a part of me likes how many Aussie movies never make it overseas, it's just like this really cool secret- all these neat movies that never need zillions of dollars and are so pure to the form-with a small twist. So great. I am so glad I live in Australia.

I keep reading parts of "Strange days" by Patricia Kennealy. Patricia was the Celtic Pagan that Jim Morrison spent some time with. It's one of those love/hate books, so I'm trying to love the Love bits and ignore the hate. Sounds VERY Jim in parts and has several good reads around things like Woodstock and the place of Women in the music industry. Hell it was in our library so I'm pursuing it. Read till 2.00 in the morning.

July 10th

Wake up and end up in my Morrison Leathers, belt and white shirt.....now if I could only have a head transplant....Kennealy's book is having more of an affect than I thought.

Bills bills bills- get rid of the gas bill. One down 20 to go.

Every day the sky looks like rain but it never happens, Melbourne is still lush but we need a good down pour soon ...when it happens I'm sure all the locals will run outside strip out of their tawdry clothing and dance naked in the rain. Or maybe not.

The solar panels have been working every day, feeding energy back into the main grid. We'll know how well it works when our first bill arrives. Some kids were walking down the alley way the other day when I was out back and they said "Wow look at those". I'm assuming they were talking about the solar panels and not our next door neighbors tight tank top.

July 11th

A Bardot fan called Sam gave the girls this cool present for me- a candle. it's all carved and her timing was perfect- I've used up nearly every candle in the bathroom.

We watch a Julian Temple Interview on cable. He's in Oz promoting his new PUNK Movie. They played some of the clips he worked on- I still like The Stones "Undercover of the night" it's a brave video and Jagger being shot could be some people's dream.

Pull my car up outside the office and give it a good wash, the birds were having target practice at it- really hate driving a crapped on motorcar.

Speaking of birds, all these amazing crows are following me home and they land in the tree's out front. The branches are bare- it is Winter but the tree is full of crows- Tim Burton would love this. I talk to a few, and I think good things about crows not bad so I'm taking the positive. In the back of my head there is some story about a King and crows but it's gone.....a passing thought. I may remember it one day. Their feathers are so shiny black, I love them. I'm thinking of getting one to eat out of my hand. The big crow flew down when I was reading on the balcony, his huge claws careful not to chip the wood. Just watched me, tilted his head and blinked.

King of the crows that's me.

July 12th

The good thing about The Art of Happiness and the Trek book is that they only cost me 10c instead of $55. We'd left the store and was heading to eat some Mexican food when I counted my change and was only charged 10c. We shop there every week and they are a huge chain so they can afford giving me the odd discount. I took it as a sign and ordered another Tequila.

Hale who was the MD of Capitol calls me out of the blue- he's such a nice man- too good for the music industry. We always send him bits and pieces, he is such a huge Crowdies fan...no make that a huge music fan. If he was still at Capitol Crowded House might well of had a second coming in America. Really nice to hear from him.

Speak to Grant about my touring responsibilities- have it in my head what I am doing on this Bardot tour. He knows how hard I work so it's money well spent.

July 13th

Wake up feeling very happy. Remember a Dalai Lama quote : "Whether one believes in religion or not, whether one believes in this religion or that religion, the very purpose of our life is happiness, the very motion of our life is toward happiness". This thought lives with me through the day...good to bed feeling happy.

July 14th

Drew Barrymore is marrying yet again. My cousin Tom Green- he works for MTV America. Drews always marrying some one- we do like the DREW girl. Love that topless shot of her by la'Chappelle amongst the grapefruits. My favorite.

South Australian law now allows you to grow TEN Marijuana plants in your backyard without a heavy fine...go that is a lot. I wonder if it says how BIG they can be. You only get a warning in Victoria if you have some small amount on you- the Police are being very fair around it, think their main target is smack.

Think it has to be cookie time soon.

Tania calls by with a gift bottle of Glayva for us, so sweet. We head to the pub for a meal and a chat. We end up watching Galaxy Quest on DVD. I love the convention stuff- it is so real, some of those sci fi fans are rather intense.

Stay up late and watch CLUE on DVD as well- I love Tim Curry- he'll always be Frank'N'Furter and during Clue so many of Franky's lines slip out. I've loved this on video I love it on DVD. But it's mainly because of Tim Curry- he makes Clue , he is Clue.

July 15th

DVD Review- Kiss The Second Coming.

If you like Kiss or are intrigued by Kiss and want something that is part history part last great world tour- this is the dvd for you. But Aussie fans head to Sanity when you buy it as it is $7 cheaper then buying it at HMV....for some reason. Goes for nearly 2 1/2 hours.

Has some early footage- you have to allow for the quality of this but the rest of the footage is superb. We laugh at the "putting on the makeup" Peter Chris looking like Mrs Doubtfire with his big shower cap on....the makeup stuff is great. Heading for their secret Grammy Awards appearance which sets the audience off- see seasoned music people "smile" (scary eh) seems KISS of the mystique they create wins over many people.

Press conferences on Battle ships, climbing into those cossies again, and live gigs from Japan to The Castle Donington Festival, Finsbury Park to my home town of Melbourne. They strut their stuff, have their moves down pat and it's all good fun. I'm convinced Gene's tongue has shrunken- with most men it's their cocks (isn't it?) but with Gene it could be his tongue. By the time he is 70 it will be normal size again. (We are still talking tongues).

There are also 3 extra live tracks on the dvd compared to Video. My one complaint is the package it should have a cool booklet bit sadly it's only the slide in cover in the plastic pack. Bombastic, turn it up loud and Kiss my arse. It's fun.

* * * * * * *

Well the day started out great- I got to sleep in, Sally calls from England and she was a good girl (aka-I could understand her *grin* Love ya Sal). The sun came out so I sat with Ms Ball on the backsteps and we shared a Paddle Pop. By early afternoon the grey clouds drifted in from the coast so I decided to do the F/16 update. Mark spends the afternoon finding new places to keep the DVD's, we look like the DVD supermarket-luckily we have a great security system.

Time to go make some homemade soup- it's turning into that sort of day. Won't even read this through- hope it makes sense and there are not too many mistakes.

Have some fun this weekend !!!


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