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Archive: 18 October - 29 October 2001

October 18th 2001

Today the colour film proof for BANG! is returned for the big o.k. Mr Judd will be happy as his wonderful painting came up a treat, very vibrant, and the cartoon cover is great. I'm happy.

Decided to dedicate it to Shirl, found this funny photo of him sticking his finger in my ear at the Hooks end of tour party....I looked a bit, arghhh well drunk- holding a JD & coke. Got Spock to add some sunglasses. yes I was that bad. End of tours, especially fun reunion ones don't happen that often so we all just went for it and partied hard.

I send off some Bardot contest prizes to a few of the kids today- just personal items from the girls, a few fans will have the surprise of their life when they open their mail boxes. I love playing Santa.

Fax arrived on our desk from the heavy Metal band "Anthrax" in the U.S. "In light of current events, we are changing the name of the band to something more friendly. "Basket full of Puppies". How silly people are, they are fu*kin heavy metal band for gods sake, it's not like they suddenly decided to cash in on what's happening in America. Mark found that list of "songs not allowed to be played on American radio" and really it's so damn extreme. Yes it's horrible but some extremes are really stupid. Do you ban childrens playing with planes etc. To let the healing begin, banning songs which only microscopically relate is really pathetic. It's getting strange out their people.

October 19th

EMI call and they are giving us a Gold Record to use in the Newsletter, because the club had sold so many copies of Neil's ONE NIL album. So glad it is Gold here, almost platinum in New Zealand and Silver in England. We are just about to release the name of Neils USA record company. He's getting everything ready for the band to start recording a few extra songs to keep the USA release fresh.

October 20th

Spend the day working on the bonus sticker packs. A wide collection of stickers of Finns/ Bardot/etc etc for those readers who are ordering or have ordered BANG! you'll get a free sticker set too. I like bonus things. I'm getting good at scanning, nice and fast.

I am using the old MC575 for scanning, it sits on Marks desk like a monolith, and I don't have the heart to get rid of it...despite Ben's horror. "You have all these mega computers- Titanium's and iMac's but you use the 575 for scanning...sell it". I think I just keep it to annoy people *grin*.

The gardens are very lush outside, it's a wet time of year in Melbourne town...the massive big ferns are all sprouting.....I have this trick where I give them warm water every day for a week and they always grow with a passion. The goats at Beenami LOVE the wild ferns, kind of like spring greens to them. They smile as only goats can do & then munch away.

October 21st

Our friend Tammi, who is a regular newspaper photographer as a few group shots from the Spencer Tunik "nudeadrift" day. She asked if we wanted an enlargement for our wall....hmmm think it would haunt me seeing all body parts just hanging there...at least my chest is nice and flattish from boring old sit ups. But I declined the wall-photo.."Hi Mum, oh yeah that's just us totally naked in the middle of the city.....yes that is my penis and balls..."...URGH no thanks. I'll just hang Gold records on the wall of the office not my man hood. (grin).

October 22nd

A new single to work on today- Bardot's I NEED SOMEBODY. It's very Kylieish and I know it will be a hit. I love working on singles, and I want to make this Bardot's 5 Gold in a row. Poor old Scandal'Us, rumors flooding the country of their demise....I heard it was at the end of the year. They really are starting to wear the one hit wonder tag.

Say goodbye to Spock- he's off to Vietnam.

I'm not sleeping too well at the moment, not sure if it's all this WAR stuff, the horrid thought of that idiot John Howard possibly getting back in or my brain ticking over. I seem to climb into bed and read...still passionate so it's not a sex thing (PHEW...and gee you wanted to read that didn't you all). SEX is more of a seasonal thing for me ...Summer I like that new Orleans hot sweaty, gasping for air... bead of sweat running down my chest sort of "moment"...Winter it's more snuggling in, joined at the hip type, roaring fire, start at the ears and move down type "event", Spring, boxer shorts, crispy white sheets and frisky like a lamb "mood"....and Autumn...blinds open, wind blowing leaves in spirals outside and never in the bed.......type athletic "romp". By now half my readers have clicked off in a blind panic...or will send me "want a date" emails depending on what season it is...............NEXT! God I talk rubbish.

October 23rd

Into the city and my chart stores tell me Bardot are selling well. I spotted HOLE IN THE ICE UK import single of Neil's at HMV for $17.95.....that is crazy.

Call Bic Runga in NZ and she is working away on the album- total focus, have to get it finished sort of motion. Campbell and myself will be happy, we both want some new music to work on. 2002 is the year that we break BIC big time overseas....she is a million times better then most female singers. Maybe that's the problem, she is too talented.

I tell Mark about my BUFFY theory....ok last season she came up against a Goddess GLORY...so where could she possible go, back to the same old Vampyres, and other Hell Mouth Beasties.....nah, my twist- are you reading this JOSS??? Anyway I think Willow in all her wicca glory should get totally twisted up and become BAD WILLOW. The formula is there, after all the highest ratings were when Angel her lover became BAD ANGEL.....now Willow her best friend could become BAD WILLOW. It puts Buffy well and truely into the "I am really alone"...and how does she fight her best friend.... so that's my plot-probably millions of Buffy fans have thought of this already. It's been on my mind for awhile.....I like it.

October 24th

Happy Birthday Elroy Finn. A 20 year old in a 12 year olds body. You rock.

Deb has a week off, I hope you are relaxing Ms Levitt? What season is it their *grin*..............

Vali Myers gives me a call and she has just finished with Ruth- filming the new Vali documentary for the ABC. They are editing now, not sure of the air date....Vali is really happy and being the ABC she'll let loose with some verbal hell fire.

..and speaking of Vampyres.... Two hundred clergy men and townsfolk of the Romanian town- Sighisoara have branded plans to construct a Dracula Theme Park as "sinful" (tacky I'd agree with but Sinful...hope they never read this website then). "Everyone involved with this project will pay for it on Judgement day". They were saying. All I can say is that I think "Judgement day" is a brilliant name for one of the rides at the Park and the only ones who will pay will be the silly tourists...sounds like Hollywood comes to Sighisoara.......isn't that German for "pass me another pint of A+ baby?".

October 25th

Get your motor running...feeling antsy so we take the day off. Just as I'm leaving Neil calls from Nuu Zeeland....he gets stuck on my message machine, it has the Models playing "Party Girls"....and probably annoyed him heaps, it annoys everyone else....anyway I tell him it's typical he calls when I finally give myself a day off...then I think Hmmm hanging it on the boss is probably not a good idea (grin)....basically we are just talking about NIL FUN Mk2 ...and the minimal fee idea and stuff....he is keeping it as low as possible and basically fans will still have heaps of the regular free stuff...I can understand the whys and why nots, got to have faith that Neil's heart is in the right place, and after all these years of working with him, I have no doubt about how fan friendly he is. I'm sure some people want everything in life for free, but that's probably an alternative universe. He's a fair guy, so what ever he wants I'll do my bit to make it work. At least he sounded like he read and reread everyone's feedback that I passed on.

His stage band arrive soon and everyone is working on new songs ... and will probably play on the webcast in November.

Say goodbye and drive to the Forest. Apollo is still enjoying his Forest freedom but has been sleeping near IGOR in his Goat run. IGOR just has that look of, yeah I miss him but I get to eat all the good corn.

All the huge climbing roses are out in blossom hanging off the cottage like a garland..of well ...roses. They are huge...and when the wind increases you can smell them all the way down the walking tracks.

I head to the meditation area and create a giant earth circle around the ironbark tree...I plants hundreds of native Australian wild flowers, even the fork of the tree has flower seeds in the mulch. Should look impressive. The Solar is working again, just needed a clean...changed Irgor's straw and we have learnt to talk "goat".

We make a goat noise, IGOR responds, we make it louder, IGOR copies it LOUDER...this goes on till one of us surrenders...usually Igor wins. Goats nearly always win in everything they do.....a few friends have Capricorn for their Zodiac signs and they are very goatee... eh Mr Yeti!!!!!!!

We got for a hike into the deep dark forest....(I do my Blaire Witch "I'm sooo sorryyyy" chant). We find these very strange "areas"....hard to explain these are obviously more sparse....just trees and very soft short grass...and the more I think of it they could be in parallel "chunks" they "feel" different too....like they are very old area. Weird eh, I've gone all "spookey" on you guys haven't I as my Godmother Dame Edna would say to me. "Peter you are a little spookey thing. You really are..."

No sign of ritual, though from the hoof marks and paw prints animals seem to congregate their...explains the short grass....Mark say it looks mown......in a forest in the middle of nowhere....the Blaire Witch Lawn Mower service?

Anyway my toes twinkle ,the early Rain warning alarm, so we head back before the down pour starts. When you see the back of BANG! (blatant free plug... its currently on the merchandise page) you'll see A FOREST...and 3 men. Every time someone takes a leak in the Forest (a la natural) I think of that Judd painting. So even though it's not really at Beenami....it looks and feels like it...you'll see what I mean.

We drive home and the roadside is full of lovely Rosella's all feeding. Mark plays the Peal Jam cd he compiled for me...love it. On ya Eddie.

October 26th

Fave Book- Mark Rydens- 'Anima Mundi' on Last gasp Books. A great art book.

- True Believers. Political Book. I'm rather awed, my copy is signed by a collection of Australian Labor Prime Ministers- Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Gough Whitlam and hopefully Kim Beasley.

Fave DVD-The Cup. A charming movie, Tibetan Monks find a new ritual-soccer. They are on a mission to rent a satellite TV to watch the big game. If Tibetan discipline and prayer can help find the inner calm....then THE CUP is another joyous experience that can leave you smiling. It's in Tibetan but has English subtitles. 93 minutes. Becker Entertainment/ Magna Pacific.

Fave Treat- Snow Flake...white chocolate on the inside.

Fave clothing- My Peruvian socks. So soft, so snug, so damn FUNKY.

Fave Person- Jayne Dearsley from SFX for her kindness and for making my month when I open up that Post Box and find the magazine. What a sweetheart.

Fave CD(R). Marks Best of Pearl Jam. Lash's "Beauty Queen" single.

Fave Clip-Bardot "I need somebody"...some good dancing.

Liar of the year- John "I'll never have a GST" Howard. He'll do or say anything to stay in power. I hope the Greens & Democrats shake up the Liberal Party at this election too.

* * *

Head into the city and we run into Vali and John (Ireland) and friend on Elizabeth Street. We put on quite a show and the suits wandering by look so damn miserable, and we are all happy.....if everyone her age was even half as active or passionate there probably wouldn't be any old peoples homes... She's so unique- just refills my energy reservoirs when we connect. Always good to see John...he is an incredible carver. Works on bone- very traditional.

The WAR rolls on....Anthrax scares are everywhere. A friend asked me how Anthrax could of spread if it was in a sealed envelope etc. I told him to put talcum powder in an envelope seal it and then tap it on the outside...even sealed the powder comes through...and the Anthrax spores are 10 times smaller....I wonder if the world will ever be the same again?

World Vision had an advert in the newspaper today, for $55 you can get a survival kit to one refugee on the Afganastan border. It contains food, medical supplies and blankets. I'm sure there will be more information on the World Vision website. Tomorrow I'm going to put several kits on my credit card, hell if it even saves a few people that's something. World Vision does some very good work. Some charity's I don't trust, I seem to trust World Vision more than most.

October 27th

Weird night last night, the street was really noisy and I kept having those off and on again dreams, just short ones..wake up and then fall asleep into a new dream. I was reading "Priestess of Avalon" before I went to bed, maybe that's why.

Decide to get all of our mail outs happening today, Mark watches Prisoner while I work in the office. He tells me that one of the women prisoners was described by another in-mate as "having a face like a camels arse" ahh Australian TV-gotta love it. So classy.

Watch THE CUP tonight- great movie...loved it.

Finish the night with a Buffy dvd...the one where Zander gets all hot and horny for the giant Praying Mantis teacher!!!! Some great Zander lines. All us males have a bit of Zander in us.

Roast and Vegies for dinner, stuffed it full of rosemary (no NOT Rosemaree) and coated it in some Tasmanian honey. Sweet potatoes, snow peas, and heaps of other good healthy things.

October 28th

Wake up finish addressing all the pre-order envelopes for BANG! Takes forever but they are all done now, waiting for the books to arrive. A HUGE box of padded love!!!! Thanks to all of you who have ordered advanced copies, will make sure these bonus sticker sets are in each and every one.

Decide to eat lunch away from the office, so we drive up to Armadale and head to the Deli. Mark shouts me breakfast- that was nice. Some good election feedback in The Sun, 100+ random voters surveyed, and a huge % of swinging voters are turning to Labor or the Greens (I should join the Greens...Hi I'm Peter Green, I work for the GREEN Party...cute). I still think it could be close, the terrorist issue/ etc have been a perfect smokescreen for Howard. Despite him having eyebrows that look like the creators of South Park have drawn them on, he is a slippery eel, and will do anything to stay in power. Hmm maybe he IS a Politician after all *grin*. Maybe he should stay NOT!

We haven't had a stall at a Camberwell Collectors Fair for awhile, so November 11th- Melbourne fans note- we are going to be at the Camberwell Fair. Doors open at 10am and we are in the Foyer- the stall will cover all our groups, some super bargains and fun stuff. For first timers its at Camberwell Civic Centre- 340 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell. Melways. 59 J1 Look for Mark he will have a huge cheery smile greeting you at the stall, he loves to get up at 5.00 on Sundays...ok. We'll be the two guys nodding off, looking like we need a Caffeine fix. have a few interesting bits and pieces that we have been hoarding. See you there- November 11th.

Can not believe I have used over 100 net hours this month- again. So we are having to pay again. Going to have to start stressing to people that we are only accepting work emails. Some days we have been getting 500 emails, it's a lot. I'm trying to answer everyone but it takes time away from our promotion areas. Guess we'll work it out- we've lasted this long. Could explain why the ends of my fingers are so flat.

Was floating in the worlds deepest bath tub last night, pondering. Baths are great to ponder....watching the massive green plant hanging over my head...trying to focus and make it come crashing down...it didn't so I live to tell you about that. Some of my best ideas happen in the bath...or maybe I should say, some of my weirdest thoughts happen in the bath and they metamorphose into ideas. Had a few, but in the end I just had the killer vibe to do as much work as possible. So I did, got heaps of things done. felt good, still catching up on things. Probably this rush to finish as many projects as possible before the end of the year.

One such project is WINGS OFF FLIES, our photo book. Twenty Five years of music photos- artists onstage, backstage etc. It's basically dedicated to the legions of fans who take photos, not so much expensive camera type vibe, just the effort to take the snap and why ... so Mark and myself are putting this together. He has some great Enz live photos....his area really is LIVE Marks colour live photos are great, and he de-humbles them (is there such a word as de-humble? There is now.) Stuart from our printers gave us a very cool book for a template, nice and big and great qty paper. So from our first shots of Skyhooks up to our Bardot girls and everyone else in between, tours, overseas artists, Crowdies on the road , Neil and so many others... plus a bit of text....I want it out in time for Xmas. See that bath has made me lock in a timetable!!!! Anyway so that's a good project.

October 29th

Wake up early...blasted day light saving, some bird was in the atrium talking to the rabbit at 4.30 so Mark had no sleep and will be grumpy. Excited about our Bardot girls chart- I Need Somebody debut's at #8 on the Australian National chart, #7 in Melbourne so all our leg work paid off, but #3 in WA. Probably means they will have their 5th Gold record in a row. So much for Scandal'Us being any sort of threat- they should just break up, what a joke they are- doubt this second Popstars act will ever have another hit.

Can spend the day with the thoughts that one of our acts are in the top 10, what an amazing fan base they have. Now if I could just get Neil Finn in the top 10 with a hit single, I'd like that even more.

Have a good week.

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