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Archive: 1 January - 14 January 2001

January 1st 2001

tick tick tick.....made it. So incredibly quiet outside- think everyone has headed to the river. Mark wants to film my lame effort of sparkler and whistle in mouth. Rosemaree is scared that the Sparklers will cause some sort of X-Files internal combustion (ok she was burn't by one at a young age)but these are golden sparklers....Tania has a party popper explode in her face (opps) gee we treat our guests so well.

So welcome to the 1st...still here, no worlds colliding, no mutant births... but the Famous for 16th minute site DOES have it's 100,000th hit. Congratulations to Caroline Maddocks-Wales -U.K. You guys burn't out the counter- well in a non technical way- it was running hot- between Tampa Florida and downtown Capetown, across the seas to country Victoria....I'd like to think it was because you loved my tragic life and scrawls but in reality it's that damn prize pack (grin). Anyway thanks for making one of my wishes come true- 100,000- far out!

Robbie calls me from England (or was it Italy) he's just finished working for Madonna on her few shows, he's now taking up the Madonna cowboy boots and personalized tour shirt....we talk wild sex (as is always the case with Robbie- but that's why we love him). he tells me that Rosie is in town soon and she has her party boots on. Robbie and Rosie create all the food for ALL the stars, you name it they've worked with them. Both are heaps of fun and the hardest working people I know. Miss 'em.

January 2nd

Yey Xmen replacement dvd arrives....the dvd company were sending out the wonderful Xmen movie package with NO DVD...so if you are buying this movie on DVD check the box first. Nice interview with director Bryan Singer- who gets my "cool guy of the month award".

Play around with the idea for the F.16 diary interviews. Deb is incredibly supportive of this, and I ask her if THE EXTRA MINUTE sounded too wanky- she says not, so I think that's what it's going to be called.

Really have to track Nick Seymour of the Crowdies down so we can have a chat about ART. I want to find out about his arty past etc.

January 3rd

Pay Foxtel cable bill- what already- the month comes around too fast. It always reminds me that a new copy of VOYAGER on video (ugh) is in the stores about the same time.

Spend the day chopping up text etc for the F/16 book #1. Think the title HUSSY is a good one for book 1. Email Spock in Vietnam and he agrees. I start thinking of Hustler for some reason....everyone will probably think people are putting small Porn books in the back of their pants when it finally comes out.

Cosmo the rabbit is a bit nutty today, think it's found the cactus again....damn drug taking rabbit- Jim Morrison reincarnated.

Mark just told me that 7 million people go to Octoberfest in Munich! That's a lot of beer!!!!!! BURP!!!!!!!!!!!

January 4th

Run into Robbie Porritt on Chapel Street. Robbie use to live with Nick and Brenda in the Crowded House days. He also painted my giant SPACE painting that hangs in the dining room. Have a serious gossip in the middle of the Chapel Street bargain hunters, he is as tall as ever and as crazy. We like Robbie. His schemes are more madcap then mine.

Call Ana to run through some Bardot ideas and she is still on holidays, as are the girls, but we'll link up in a few days.

We have almost finished watching all the 2nd season X-Files dvd box set. What are we going to do.....part of the enjoyment is watching Scully's hair change shape and colour. Krichek is a God and he should of somehow been the person to replace Mulder when he leaves.....then again it's hard to make the guy who killed Mulders father return to the fold of the FBI....but it is tv so anything could be possible.....Nicole tells me the latest XFiles is very good though.

January 5th

Find $100 down the street today, just all rolled up.....had a coffee and waited to see if anyone claimed it but no one ever did. Thankyou Goddess, and yes it's all gone now.

Call in and see Vali, put some more $ on my painting, 70% of the way there. Johnny from Italy and one of Vali's mates is there so we hang for a few hours. She tells me heaps of things about Rosaleen Norton- the other painter I love. If I get a Ryden and a Norton and a Myers I would be a happy art lover. Vali's leg has just been repairing itself overtime, she's walking, has a little dance with me....so bouncy- her eyes are sparkling. We have some deep and meaningfulls so that was good.

Hassle Sydney accountants for some pat from one of my bands, think Xmas delayed a pay check. The music industry rarely pays you on time/ correctly etc. But you learn to work with it. Bic Runga always pays me on time, out of everyone she is so incredibly prompt. You want to go the extra yard for an artist that does that.

January 6th


January 7th

Call Belinda and Katie Bardot- Boo has her own fan email address happening. I speak to Sally Bardot and she is closing her hotmail one and starting a fresh one later on. All the girls are returning to Sydney...it's like instinct, they just seem to jump on flights and head "home". Their holiday is almost over- so we are all fresh and ready to work.

We get up early and put the Xmas tree in the car and the giant Tibetan umbrella. Head up to Beenami.

On the way we see our old friend the shaggy goat, so I pull over and Mark climbs out and pats it. It's eyes are bulging and it has some serious goat talking to Mark "Barnnnnurp barnump...mmmmmrrfru" As any Goat dialect teacher would tell you that's "Who the hell are you and can you scratch under my chin harder".

I am in work mode and with the fire season upon us I decide to clear the rest of the high grass...with the mower as we still haven't found a local to repair Lara the tractor. So I mow and mow and mow....and finally it's done.

I drive to Noojee and get the old couple to make us some hamburgers and we eat them under the Tibetan umbrella. I curl up, and almost fall asleep.

The xmas tree is now planted at Xmas tree alley and we are sure the wombats were hiding close by licking their lips just waiting for us to head off..... mmmmm fresh greens (and they didn't mean me). No snakes (thankfully), I don't want to kill them but even "ushering" them elsewhere is a bit of a trauma...

I love this Forest cottage, the vibe is amazing.

January 8th

Run a comparison between Neils website and this F.16 site...some stats. Neil gets a higher % of USA commercial (24%) to my 18%, but for some reason we get a higher % (20%) to his 16% for US network....will have to ask Deb the difference.....I already know my readers are far more upmarket and damn good looking compared to Neil's. (: 15% of F.16's are Australia, while only 9% are Australian for NF. We both get exactly 6% from the UK and he rules the roost in NZ- a whopping 3% to my 2.45%.....(ok not that big a difference) I found it all rather fascinating. I still get far more Russian readers (thanks comrade).

Have coffee with Jj and Renee, think it would be nice to interview both of them for the EXTRA MINUTE.

Neil's office reopens today, we still have another week off but we are kind of doing some work. The third batch of cdrs arrives in a week and a bit so we will be sending those out.

January 9th

Neil calls from NZ, nice to hear the voice- and I have it in my head (well some of it) the direction and ideas that he wants. I think it will all be fun....I just need to be told sometime that I'm wanted for another decade or so.

My Mum calls to tell me that I didn't win the Lottery...hell Mum I could of told you that. nah she was holding some Xmas lottery tickets...I never win from those tickets the aunty's give me (drat). Have taken a few tickets with the babble boys for this Thursdays big draw.

pay our power bill, the solar has helped a lot, the bill is down by 35% and we've been using a fair bit more electricity.

Have been using CJ's notebook that she gave me for xmas to make all these notes for the F.16 book....mostly names, words....BEST MADE PLANS, NASAL, FRUIT, SEA-SORE, BANG!, Glamour....not sure they could be book of chapter names...but it's good to have them in one book instead of on a million and one recycled scraps of paper. Though the 3D cover of the notebook makes me a tad seasick!

I just realized that I haven't been inspired by any NEW music for awhile, surely something FRESH must be appearing on the scene (now Marky stop screaming out more damn Boy and Girl groups), I can hear you.

Oh speaking of- ladies and gentlmen have to stop this writing to point out that it WAS Mark Edward John Goulding who turned me on (be nice) to dark Mocca-truffle chocolate (CLUB). I've been told all week that HE discovered it and I HAD TO point that out. I think the Club chocolate people should sponsor him.

January 10th

Neil gives us his blessing on the release of the title for his next solo cd. It's going to be called ONE NIL...which I found incredibly funny=- I'm sure it's not really that funny- but at the time I just laughed. I can see our promotional team already creating Neil Finn One Nil tennis balls, footballs and all that sort of stuff.

Watched a space porn dvd the other day- they tried to make it into a real sci fi movie...with full on Porn. BJ's DP's and other Xrated things in the gravity free environment of space....so instead of the usual full on Porn there were all these space shots (no pun) and planetoid bodies (and naked bodies) all too weird. The average Porn watched would probably hate it... life is just full of surprises.

Cosmo the bunny is sucking on green grapes during Melbourne's heat-wave, she prefers them to lettuce. Such a freakazoid- we love her. Fat little bugger too.

Well Spock is now home and his computer has blown up so I'm not sending him the F.16 text till he gets it repaired, I'd really hate for everything to go astray...delays delays.

January 11th

Early morning courier delivery, why do couriers arrive so early? So I'm awake. Had a weird night last night- odd quick mini-dreams- also kept feeling like someone was trying to get into our house. All the security checks were in place- no scorched Earth from the death laser.

Read the latest info on the Inca trail in Peru- it's changed a lot since I did the hike a decade ago...sounds like it's a bit easier with the odd toilet even!!! Think we'll start at the Kilometer 88 mark- it's the most popular starting point. We start our training soon.

I drop my pants in Babble today- very adlib, someone said "drop your pants now"...so I did- thankfully I was wearing good undies...thankfully I was wearing underpants at all!

We all buy tickets in the $15 million dollar draw. Had a good vibe on this one.

Rolling with the Neil release- it's getting busy.

Katie Bardot sends me an email- and they are all good and starting work on new songs. I speak to the TV week people about the Logie award voting- The Logies are an Australian t.v. award night- sponsored by TV week magazine. Looks like "Popstars" t.v. show can be nominated for 4 awards and has a good chance of winning at least two. Am pushing for them to have Bardot performing on the show, but it's up to the fans to do the voting and create the vibe. I like it when things are left in the voting hands of fans. They never let us down.

Finish all our work early and blessed be, the phones are quiet. Signed back onto Frenz.com- have had my break- and thought it's good for the fans to pass on information quickly as it comes in.

Hmm what can we talk about- PORN? It's such an odd thing- I think PORN is funny. If I was ever going to release a Cd i'd have 12 songs of nothing but those terrible moans, gasps , sighs that they use for the backing tape with that bad music and "oh baby harder"....I mean it's very corny, isn't it? It's like Prostitution- does it help the community and as far as sexual release it all does. Pent up sexual stuff can make some people explode. Then again there is the horrible side that 99% of the time woman are the objects being treated "badly"...and there are still some moronic men who think woman should be treated like this after watching one hardcore video....I think I picked a bad subject.....lets talk about something else.....M&M's. I use to prefer the peanut ones, but all it takes is for you to eat one stale peanut M&M and you swing the other way (no not sexually- remember we are not talking sex here)....you start liking the softcentre ones. Those really really small M&M's that people use for icecream toppings are great. But you get conned into thinking- small, less calories and just eat them all.......!

January 12th

Well I awake to a Melbourne covered in smoke. Flinders Island- 200+ km's away on Bass strait (between Tasmania and the mainland) has had several major bushfires and the smoke has been carried and deposited here. Explains why I thought the house was on fire last night- my nose wrinkled every few minutes positive that I could smell smoke.

We head into the city but the smoke is so bad that Melbourne's huge glass towers are invisible..it looks like L.A. on a bad day. How could people live in this 365 days a year. (ych). Take my spray in case people collapse from asthma. We have lunch at Australia on Collins and it is packed- Igor gets us a seat somehow...so many people.

The UK version of Popstars starts today I think, the Australian version in March. Already the U.K. media has started focusing on the Aussie girls success, and the Bardot website (www.bardot.net.au) has nearly doubled it's daily amount of regular hits.

Dinner at Spargo's -they have good wood fired Pizza's.

Bob sends me a new copy of Vicki Mackenzie's CAVE IN THE SNOW as she had worn out my copy that I lent her- sweet card and a bookmark from the Susan Seddon Boulet gooddess painting series.

Bec manages to catch us, and we have a really nice chat on the phone- she's sounding great- I think she'd like to run away with Bob and myself to Tenzin Palmo's -Dongyu Gatsal Ling nunnery.

Leave the big window drapes open and listen to the leaves on the big trees outside tell me their secrets. A Possum sits on the main branch near the balcony watching me watching him watching me...(this could never end). I falls asleep with the Possums still staring.

January 13th

Allow myself time for a good sleep in. Read some books and spoil Hairball. Her back leg is a bit "shakey"- she has to stop jumping off cupboards and remember she is about 104 years old human years. Bought her half a chicken last night and she loved it, think her tiny belly is still full today as she doesn't eat much food.

Midsumma celebrations are on again- another year zooms by. Commercial Rd Prahran Street Party is on this evening. It's the opening night of the Midsumma Gay and Lesbian Festival. We are going to head down to the TROLLEY DOLLY FOLLY RACE- where Commercial Rds major drag queens have the race of the year-yes behind huge queened up shopping trollys. We are making an effort because our friend The Baroness- one of the fun babble Boys/Girls is in the race...so we're their to cheer on the ol' gal.

Plus Stella's Sausage Sizzle which is a Midsumma fund raiser- so a good one to support. Stella Constellation is a rather infamous Drag queen- very tall and lanky with the mouth of a sewer rat. Hell what else is there to do on a sunny Saturday. usually a 100,000+ descend on Commercial Rd- the night finishes with the Rooftop XChange Hotel Xtravaganza- the ultimate drag experience. I just know that the Queens will do Bardot this year (grin).

It's nice outside so we go for a walk to Borders bookstore. I use my $10 discount coupon to buy two more Mercedes Lackey books- in the Owl-Flight Trilogy. Getting addicted to them. Run into Jj on Greville street- he's in that Kilt again- and it looks like the Thailand tour is on- so he's off on Monday.

Making spinach-ricotta cannelloni for dinner..yumm- better hit the kitchen.

Commercial Rd is full of people, everyone's having a fun time- the Baroness wins the trolley race- all decked out in lime green and boa's!! (Yieks).

Full asleep with the sound of Drag queens "singing" on top of the X-Change Hotel...kind of reminds me of being in Cairo at prayer time- in a weird way. All that chanting out of speakers high on rooftops....

January 14th

Wake up early with a phone call from the Scottish lass.

Was meant to be 40o+ today but so far it's really nice- a low cloud cover has drifted in off the bay and I'm hoping it stays.

Do my washing, always an exciting event for the readers....(Grin).

It's Belinda Bardot's birthday tomorrow- she is the elder of the Bardot clan- turns a massive 26...send her flowers. Have a good one Boo girl.

Watch Fight-Club again- it gets freakier each time we watch it- really like that dvd. Remember to freeze frame the "flashes" as you start seeing Brad Pitt appear.....

That's all for now- I think 2001 will be a really notable year- one of extreme highs and lows. I still think Australia's economy will grind to a halt- already things are jumping up in price because of the GST. A recession is on the cards, so that's scary. In the Ying and Yang world that we live in the negatives are usually balanced out by amazing positives so let's hope that's the case.

More waffle in 2 weeks, have fun and don't do anything that I wouldn't (in other words-go for it).


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