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Archive: 13 May - 26 May 2002

May 13th 2002

Spent some time today shuffling around on the stock market. Thought it was great how shares in Adult Shop.com were the most traded stock on the Aussie share market today, jumping from 11c to 35c. Proving $ex does $ell. I wonder how many business people just bought a few shares because they thought they were being naughty and it would make interesting dinner small talk?

Katie Bardot's BEAUTIFUL single debuts at #11 on the Australian charts. (Top ten NSW and VIC), #1 on the dance charts, so it looks like it has all the trappings of a real hit. Debuted much higher then I thought it would, she called up very happy and to say thanks for the help, so that's nice. Good to see a friend doing so well. Tv show was 31 in it's timeslot too.. so I can imagine she is having a good week.

Started to bring little fluffy Cosmo bunny inside at night as it's getting col. He's probably ok, but it's a nice treat...he heads up to my room, totally house trained, sometimes when we are watching a movie he'll hop down the staircase and come in and watch us. Such an odd bunny...we like him. So glad he found us.

May 14th

Neil Finn's DRIVING ME MAD track is getting some solid fan support in the USA/Canada, everyone seems to be calling up radio and making an effort. Someone told me it's the most played song on AAA radio. It won't be a domestic single, however, Nettwerk have made a radio single..complete with a cover, so I guess that will become one of those fan collectables. I really like ONE ALL (the USA release), 'Lullaby Requiem' is a truely wonderful song, such private moments.

Heard from my friend Chris in the USA today, his association with Calvin K. is going well, apparently quite a few pairs of Calvins heading my way, can't have too many pairs of qty underwear! Free is good.

May 15th

Hmm what am I reading at the moment. Just finishing off Book Four of Star Trek's NEW EARTH series...late night paperback reading...it's all fine, not too deep. After that it's Mercedes Lackey's FIREBIRD (thanks Rosemaree nice present) and after that Chogyam Trungpa BORN IN TIBET. Chogyam Trungpa is a meditation master, scholar and an artist. When he was very young he was identified as a Tulko (enlightened teacher) and spent the next 18 years in intensive training as a fully ordained Monk. When the Chinese Communists invaded Tibet, Trungpa spent months trekking over the Himalayas escaping capture. It's one of those rare looks at the life of a Tibetan lama, should be a good book. Looks like we will be taking the library's book shelves up to the roof....ran out of room again...will have to get one of those funky ladder systems added and train the rabbit to push us along...when we want a book from the top row.

May 16th

'Strangelets' are the new cosmic cool. They are also called Quark nuggets-they are thought to exist in dense stars & to be made of sub atomic particles (Quarks). They are as small as a blood cell but weigh about a tonne. I just like their name...! They are my favorite Science thing this week.

Book in car for it's service, have never had a problem with our 4WD, just runs so well, still it's good to have it serviced every so often to keep it that way. Hope Holden give us a VIP car for the day otherwise we are stuck in the outer suburbs for 4 hours during it's service. The service could end up costing a fortune as we just be tempted to shop for four hours.

Have had a lot of orders for BANG! this week, think every single order came in from America. No idea why, it's like someone has started a secret USA publicity campaign on our behalf. The second F/16 book has almost caught up to Hussy as far as sale, I'm glad people are enjoying the diary books, one of our regular readers in Boulder (Hi Liz) told me that she just leaves it on her table at work and people always pick it up and start reading it.... I wonder what they think it is. Such strange little books- I like that.

May 17th

Greg Macainsh of Skyhook fame calls by and plays us this multi mix, looks like it won't be released after all- kind of a relief. Thankfully the idea didn't come from the 'Hooks. he has a look at some of the WINGS OFF FLIES page images. Greg is writing a few lines for the dust cover of the book, thought it was nice of him, was thinking of getting NF to do it too but we've known Greg longer and I think we harassed him so much on stage with our photography that he understands our background etc.

Singer Rachael Kane (of 'Happy Messy Love' fame), well her management have asked us to do some work with her. The timing is out though as we are booked up for the next 6 months. Sad in a way as a few good friends are working with her- Peter Farnan from Boom Crash Opera and Sarah Morgan who is one of the best PR people I know......oddly enough Sar. calls and we work the single a bit on the Hot 30...jumps in at #21.

After we talk to Rachael's management we get a call from Scotty Cain' s management- yeah the new Popstar...and they ask us to do some work too. Just realized how strange that is...both surnames are Kaine/Cain just a twist on the spelling. Sloane looks after Scotty and he is currently #2 on the charts here. Same thing, we said NO....probably throwing away a years wage on both but hey...sometimes gotta say NO. Can always change your mind I guess. With an industry that seems to be cutting down on it's workers- we seem to be getting a lot more work offers. I'm hoping that's a sign that we do it well and not a sign of desperation on the artists part....*grin*.

May 18th

Finally our Mark Lizotte site is up again, happens when your host doesn't get paid by the accountant. www.mlizotte.com Mark has just finished recording his new album and it's being mastered in the USA. No release date yet. Interesting to see what he comes up with.

Spend Saturday watching movies...just that sort of day. All grey and wonderfully cold, think the ski season will have an early start this year. I can feel the snow in the wind...has that bite to it.

Rocket Pocket Books website is such an active little site, had some really nice emails (thanks guys)...slowly fixing my mistakes *grin*..I said slowly. http://www.rocketpocketbooks.com Some of the Wings off Flies photos are up on the website in the photo area.

May 19th

Breakfast with Rosemaree. The Babble boys are all excited as work on the Babble Mk II extensions are underway soon. We both have chocolate milkshakes this morning....kind of silly of me as it's cold. The Baroness bought a can of Malt just for my shake. I am a happy Gryphon.

Melbourne dresses well for the upcoming Winter. We really do have good taste when it comes to coats and jumpers. I watch a Winter fashion show go walking by on the street...admire Melbournians taste in what they wore today.

Think I have finally worked out how to grow Kangaroo Paws. These are the plant variety. Fran gave me on of the Bush Gem Kangaroo Paws for my birthday. It's called Bush Pearl and produces masses of tiny bright flowers. Anyway I let it live inside, in the past i've always put them outside...and they have died..inside it's a very happy plant. Something about the back room, plants seem to thrive in it. Honeyeater birds love to hover around these plants....not sure how they will get inside the house though.

May 20th

When my dad died quite a few years back now, the one thing of his that I kept for myself was his Australian coin collection. No idea why as I was never a major coin or stamp collector...like all kids I did collect both for short periods (Mark was a far bigger stamp geek then I was). The collection was never completed, about 3/4 . For some weird reason I decided to finish it, no idea why, maybe just because it's something not completed by my Dad, maybe just a sense of finishing it to pass down to god knows who when I go to the big music venue in the sky.....anyway I've started to complete the set.

Found this rather strange coin shop in the city, so when I go to look after Vali's studio, every so often, I call in and cross off some coins. Am close to finishing up the penny's, half pennies, and sixpences etc. Am going to do this....like I said not sure why. At the end of the day they just end up locked away in the safe. See weird stuff as you get older.....stay young!

Chat to TVNZ about Enz footage, getting it together for our Enz meeting around the DVD. Need to go through a lot of stuff, should turn out ok. One problem is that all the band members will have different ideas, so need to keep everyone focused. Will be interesting to see which clips get the thumbs down, I'm sure a few will get left out.....I could be wrong. I know how much they dislike clips etc like THINGS.

May 21st

Did an interview the other day and someone asked me (rather un-expectant) if I had to pick one male and female movie star to sleep with- who would it be. Male- well I explained Harrison Ford is a bit too old now, though I still like that scar, Brad Pitt- well everyone likes Brad so that's a bit predictable. Would have to be Paul Rudd.

Female-Can't pick Kylie as they said movie star...Cameron Diaz has moments, Kate Winslet is interesting, ..the girl from Seven years in Tibet/Himalaya is just beautiful....Jennifer Aniston at times.

Think they were more worried that I was so quick on my selection of both sexes. Lucky they didn't ask cartoon character love interest....hmm Stuart Little, Minnie Mouse, all of the Xmen....Olive Oil....Prince Planet....the Cat twins from Japan...

Spend the day mailing out Tim Finn FEEDING THE GODS cds. Have to check every address so it takes forever....

Just make it out of the shower in time for Robin and Trudi. Head to La Camira for some birthday celebrations. What a huge bottle of Glayva! Nice night.

May 22nd.

Hats off to Queenslander Nancy Crick who ended her suffering by taking a combination of barbiturates and a swig of Baileys. There seems to be major concern over the question of if she had bowel cancer. When someone ways a mere 27kg, has three cancer related operations and is in obvious pain, surely the decision to 1/ end her suffering and 2/ die with dignity, should be a thing between her and her family. I am so sick and tired of people like Right to Life President Margaret Tighe trying to control the lives of others. It's Nancys life, she wasn't coerced into anything, she wasn't assisted. I truely wish that God would give the Margaret Tighe's of the world some terminal disease and see how they deal with it. Right to Lifers make me sick to the stomach...that whole organization easily deserves "Creeps of the month" awards, hypocrites. (Grumble growl).

May 23rd

Victoria was the hottest state in Australia today- such an incredible day.

India and Pakistan head closer to War. Increasing violence by militant groups is heating it all up. This provocation could start a nuclear war- both sides with fingers firmly on the button. The dispute over Kashmir see's one million soldiers already on the front line. How scary is that.

Bill Cullen calls and gets his mystery present from us, a nice photo from the Finns wedding anniversary party. Love those rabbit ears Billy. Have a major urge for homemade soup, so into the kitchen. Really nice, all those vegies.

While buying my vegies I stumble upon Miss H. Balls Chutney. Oh my gawd Miss Hair Ball....was in a mood so I couldn't stop laughing....and getting LOUDER I notice the other shoppers started giving me a very wide berth with their trolleys....I just had to buy Hairballs Chutney...Mark had a laugh too...it's really nice...especially on a roast.

May 24th

We miss breakfast at Babble today and take the car to the Holden depot for it's service. They give us a VIP car and we head to Beenami to feed Igor. Mark tries to smuggle several huge geese back to the property, they decide to put up a fight so he surrenders. The valley is surrounded by mist and fog..looks like something from Mists of Avalon. Spot several druid priests hitching along the roadside.

Get the car back and arrive home before the commuters traffic jams start. The nights are getting cold and I consider lighting the big fires in the office...make it all cozy. Mark tells me of this amazing dream which obviously came about from us watch MULHOLLAND DRIVE. What a movie, loved it but it totally messed our heads, David Lynch is one wicked man...loved this movie ...little pieces of all our favorite Lynch moments....3/4 of the way through the movie the weirdness takes over. I think it really did cause some mental problems for me during the night.

May 25th

The household has restless sleep...seems to be a lot of flu around. Kind of a weird day so we blow out our coffee date with Rachael Kane. I work on this diary entry in the afternoon.....think about NZ which is fast approaching.

Finn shows, bectahdupa and Enz dvd stuff. Am going to take all the NZ fans 'Feeding the Gods" cds to Auckland with me and mail them their, people will get them quicker that way.

It's very cold today, you just know it's snowing in the Alps. Even Mark using the clothes dryer doesn't heat up the house. On go the fires. I feel like I should have a bag of twigs and marshmallows.

Heard that Spiderman kicked Attack of the Clones butt in Hollywood. Onya Spidey.

May 26th

Happy Birthday Robin McDonald...major hiding from Robin..yeah one of those anti-birthday people...we left messages everywhere...hope you have a nice day!

Up early and stumble to the office for some work....speak to Rosemaree and we head to Babble for breakfast...all jumpered up in Marks hand knitted furry jumper...so snuggly. The girls like the fur...a blonde in the sauce aisle walked past and said she loved the jumper. Cool!

'Clinkers' are on special again...not sure if they are indigenous to Australian chocolate lovers...they are chocolate on the inside and have surprise coloured centres. You have to try your esp powers and say what colour the centre is...Mark always gets it wrong but I think he gets to eat more.

Hope you are all well and happy.
Life is good.


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