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Archive: 16 December - 31 December 2002

December 16th 2002

Hot day, so the plants on the balcony are watered, and so far have survived the heat, the huge tree's out front are such wonderful protection from the sun. They seem to be getting taller if that is even possible- their roots must run all the way down to Chapel street.

Nice surprise from the Marbeck people, the NZ online store- a big Xmas parcel arrives of Marbeck tshirts and vests and pens and a thank you note. They are a good store, we are happy to support these guys.

Call in and visit Deb V. a Christmas surprise as I climb through the window. Give her and Marky B a basket of goodies before they head off. Deb takes me on a tour of her garden and I end up with some serious cuttings of plants for ours. Drive past the Galleon and keep an eye open for Hessie, no idea where he is, I end up at the Sea Baths for a swim. Don't have a huge vibe for laps today, I swim, float swim float, and end up in the main part of the pool finishing with some laps. Some young 'ens making out in the huge spa pool- the old people give them the "get a room" look, makes me laugh. I find a book on Australian Sheds and Shed people, so I drop it into Paulo's for a Chrissy present. He likes his Sheds.

December 17th

Boring stuff like paying the home loan and super fund today. Money in, money out. Will be so glad when we pay off the house, not too far to go, I really hate having a mortgage, no make that I hate giving the bank money *grin*.

Can't believe Christmas is so close, it's really looming over us, people are now dropping in daily and presents arriving and cards, thank you everyone for the cards!

Buy Marks Mum and Allan this rather cool toilet brush. Yes a toilet brush... and yes it always sounds like a weird present. Mark tells me they won't get the humor or how unique it is, I disagree and buy it. It has little yellow ducks floating in a blue liquid in the handle and base...we have one in the lower bathroom. I cover my arse and get a small box of chocolates too (: I like the ducks....we'll see.

December 18th

Neil has a webcast from his home basement studio, loads of the ol' Enz boys turning up. The Enz additions are due to the Holmes show, Neil left the yacht club with such a good vibe and wanted to play again as soon as possible. So I guess he invited some Enz members along to be part of the webcast. Meanwhile our Enz Best Of... hits five times platinum in New Zealand and a bullet on the N.Z. charts.

Arrive back from the city with an Australian touring atlas for Mark. Looks like we are going to drive around the length of Australia from early May. Highway 1 all the way (well most of the way). At the moment I am more excited then he is, but his enthusiasm is growing. It's a mammoth journey and I've embraced it, wonder if I will have the same vibe after all the major driving that I am going to do. What a cool adventure. A good time to do it too, while the Finns are in the studio working on the Finn II CD.

December 19th

Head off to the "Lord of the Rings -Two" launch today, and I enjoy it even more then the first. Such a fine effort, loved it. Run into my old friend Fiona out the front and she is in charge of heaps of the upcoming movies and launches , so I guess that's another VIP list. Good to see her.

You just know how massive this movie will be , has it all action, passion and George Lucas should really see it and learn the correct balance of CGI, sometimes more is less...the last two Star Wars movies were loads of wrapping but little substance, this second Lord of the Rings is just right.

I've decided now that short is back in style....not to mention big blue eyes and pointed ears. The Elves truely rock too.

December 20th

Was sitting at Babble today, and Hall & Oates "Rich Girl" came swirling out of the sound system. So funny, it was one of those moments where staff and customers all started singing, but because we all had no idea that everyone was going to do this, it sounded like a choir....after a few verses everyone stopped, laughed and applauded- was all a bit trippy. Total strangers bursting into song ...was very Buffy the musical.

Kassey Chambers sends my cousin this signed CD cover, my friend Melita organized it for Christmas- he is such a Kassey fan -he'll dig it. Finish the afternoon wrapping presents- the present list seems to never end.

Head off to Gotham to see Spock and check through some layout and text for "Glamour". More text this time so we squash it in, get through 50% of it and feel a bit worn out, it's hard re-reading it...especially with all my corrections. So book #4 is close, almost ready to go to the printers when they return from their Christmas break. Had some decent advance orders on this one, it will be the third and final F/16 Diary book for awhile....TRIP will be put back till the end of 2003. Just so we have a break from it. So GLAMOUR the third in the trilogy...you can order now.

Nice act of the day, I see this lady save the cutest baby possum today, think it fell out of a tree overhanging the road and landed on her moving car. She braked but jumped into action and picked it up in her bag. I stopped all the cars ...as I didn't want to witness this bush baby getting splattered, so between the two of us it was ok. The animal people arrived and it's being looked after. I congratulated the woman on her kindness. I'm sure fate will reward her.

Nice surprise from Switzerland- Marcel sends a box of Laderach suisse (swiss) chocolates, which are made in his hometown. Let me tell you these chocolates are pretty good, ok they are delicious, I remember to add another 6 laps to my swim to compensate! Did I tell you I love Christmas!!!

December 21st

Robin and Trudi drop in and we now have this Egyptian lava lamp, has all hieroglyphics carved in the side and gold and blue lava inside, with Nefetitti's head on the top.

A parcel of wine arrives from Lisa Smith- she managed to find a bottle of Gryphon wine, from the Canberra region, it goes into our super special wine stash...nice logo- looks familiar- thanks Lisa.

CJ sends this box, and one item is a Warhol stamp first day cover...has to be framed, so cool, plus loads of other fun stuff. I am feeling amazingly spoilt, blows me away a bit...I'm sure I have forgotten to thank people. Spend the afternoon mailing out the final batch of Eddie and Enz CDS, all parcels from Australia are being checked (anti terrorist stuff) so i'm sure there will be delays...all that Christmas mail and boxes how can they check all of it? Insane.

December 22nd

Jackie phones and has the vibe for Babble. We take the final lot of bubble mix, and one of the owners Michelle, decree's that it's now called BUBBLE. cars are stopping and people starring, all the patrons outside have bubble blowers and they are everywhere, the big glass doors are open and bubbles are blowing inside the eatery. Just adds to the "flavour" and Xmas fun. So funny to see grown ups grabbing the bubble pipes off their kids- they are even more obsessed.

Arrive home to find the news that The Clash's Joe Strummer dies of a heart attack, aged 50. That's pretty young and sad.

Toija and Marco drop in, Mark gets a new haircut from Toija so we look pretty spiff when we go to Wollongong for Christmas.

Pack my bags, the only clothes I pack are to pad up the Xmas presents, it's a tight fit.! Am proud to say I didn't use one credit card this Christmas.

December 23rd

Call Vali and there are endless beeps on the machine and no sign of her, will have to track her down in the new year. Maybe she has escaped to Positano?

Speak to my travel agent and get a rough itinerary for my sisters surprise Christmas present. It's 14 months away so it's pretty rough.

Greg Macainsh calls by armloads of presents, we are saving the special Vintage Chandon till Ros is in town so the 4 of us can drink it. Mark gets a pack of DVDr's and I end up with this amazing Stones photo book- great shots dating way back.

A few minutes after Greg departs the Yeti returns. Our favorite Ben catches us before we fly out. Mark is totally spoilt and my presents are pretty unique. Just great, and I can't remember him ever being this happy. (On ya Yeti!). I know so many people hate Xmas, the rush, the $$ but I like it, just to see friends, and our house kind of runs over with fun and laughter, not to mention a few good bottles of spirits and the odd joint. It does feel good, and maybe that is the spirit of Christmas- good friends, some happiness and most of the everyday bullshit out the window. Life is just way too short, gotta grab it and see how far you can run with it.

Was hoping to catch up with our old Enz manager Nathan but got side tracked with the final text for Glamour (corrections), so put that back till next year.

December 24th

Didn't sleep very well, in fact a real crappy sleep, so by the time I was awake I wasn't running on all cylinders. Did a quick mail run and wishes the Post Office folks a Happy Christmas. We ignore Babble today, and jump in the car and head to the airport.

My uncles present, a set of metal french bowling balls (Boules'?) put my bag over the limit , but my Life membership allowed for the extra so it wasn't a big drama. The flight was downgraded to a smaller plane ,so it was a full one. Hertz upgraded my hire car to some new faster machine, but I was boring and safe...unlike all the other drivers on the road.

Just as we left the airport it started raining, and how happy were we. Unlike last years bush-fires and 40° temperatures , it looks like our few days at home will be wet and cool, just how we like it. Our gift was one of rain, NSW is extremely dry, so this downfall will help.

Drop Mark off at his Mum's and she loves the weird toilet cleaner I gave her (it has those floating ducks in the handle), so much she takes it to the other relatives to show them. Hey wait till next years presents Margaret I'll have to outdo that one!!!!!

Mum runs out and gives me a huge hug, for a little woman she sure has strong hugging arms. Her Christmas tree's just look incredible, she could do that for a living, some people just know how to do a good tree!!!

Head to Pop's house for the Xmas Eve get together, as per usual I have to pick up the Uncles at the club- so I head up early. I get tempted by the Egyptian Poker machine , and was doing well till my uncle told me we have to go so to play it out (I wanted to Pay it out)....so I freaked everyone out and played the full amount at once....even as I did it I knew the $$$ would be gobbled up- but the now large audience surrounding my little machine went crazy.....I really should of been wearing a "How Bold am I!" T-shirt. I think they were the 5c players, so it was worth it to hear an audible gasp! Made me laugh.

Good to see all the relatives at Pops, one of my younger cousins got his signed Kasey Chambers CD and it made his week. (Thanks Kasey), my cousin David gets one of our Wings off Flies books- and I kept spotting him looking at it- so hopefully he dug it.

We had so many orders for WINGS at Christmas, mailed them all the same day the orders came in, so people would get them as soon as possible. At least my cousin can recommend it (:

It was a nice night, home to Mums at a reasonable hour and finished the night off watching "HOOK" the Peter Pan movie on our local TV station.

December 25th

It's a grey misty morning, nice and cool, so unlike last year. Sis is late for the opening of the presents, this huge pile of presents just sitting there, waiting waiting waiting. Talk about killing me!!! *grin*

She finally arrives and it's fun and I save the best to last. I pretend it's a bad pair of socks, and casually add it to her Christmas pile. She opens it I watch her face, she looks at me and burst into tears. My Mum starts to cry, and of course I join in- joy to the world. ! Then I start to laugh hysterically and then they start, what a strange family. I knew my Sis always wanted to go to Egypt, so in just over a year (hopefully when any wars have subsided) we're jumping into a business class seat and heading to Cairo. I've been before so I know most of the safe spots, so it will be fun. She seems pretty happy, and at Xmas lunch she'd already learn some arabic, can ask for coffee, toilet paper and leave me alone!! Yep she has the vibe. I only have the one sister so why not spoil her- life is good.

The lead up to lunch had all the relatives out with the boules', they are all so funny and so competitive, goes on for hours.

I drive some of them to the crematorium to put flowers on the headstones of the family members not around any more. Make a note to order a new rose for Grandad and Grandma as it's too old and not looking too good. I tell Mum that I'm going to rejoice that she's alive, I can't do the dead visiting thing too often- just seems a waste , I'd rather put my energy into them while they are still here, say all we need to say- never seems the same talking to a headstone, all a bit one sided, but I guess some people leave it too late so if it helps I guess that's not a bad thing.

I tell the family that the cemetery is packed, I meant with the living, people and flowers everywhere. Sis and I talk about getting our donor cards to leave organs to those who need them, freaks Mum too much so we cease the conversation. I guess mothers hate people removing parts from their kids.. it's that parental link...still I won't need any of it when I go so if it saves someone's life it has to be a good thing.

Xmas lunch was nice, some interesting family gossip was dropped at the dinner table, I rolled my eyes...table talk. Find a shady tree and read.

December 26th

The rain has set in and the mountains are covered in fog. Call into the petrol station and the girl behind the counter tells me she got "Wings off flies" as a Christmas present, and her brother went to school with me. A strange way to start the day... I smiled and said something appreciative but it was so unexpected- at least they enjoyed it. Pick MG up early so we can take it slow through the fog. It clears so we arrive at Sydney airport early and live in the freaky flyer lounge. The ticketing person gives us better seats on the flight and VIP luggage service so that was nice.

Marks Mum made me these amazing rum balls, better then last years (more Rum! HIC!). She really dug the toilet brush present, so much it was taken around to another house for show and tell (: It fascinated the relatives, I'm sure everyone thought it was just a strange present....wait till next years!!! (:

The flight was nice and quick and soon we were home to feed Cosmo. The little white ball of fluff missed us totally...running in circles and kissing our hands....and eating all that fresh grass. He's a cool bunny.

December 27th

Finally track down the Star Wars book that we wanted to get Ben for his birthday, took awhile but we got it. I like giving presents that people really enjoy, so I spend some time looking. Books are becoming a bit of a specialty.

We have 14 copies of BANG! left, the 2nd Famous for 16 Diary nook. So if any readers are after the 2nd book email me for prices or it is on the merchandise area, so Deb can look after you. My friend Laura calls and she grabbed a copy at Greville Books (Prahran) just before Christmas and said they had 3 copies left. Fun those little books, glad we did them. The third GLAMOUR will be ready (finally) late January.

December 28th

Happy 30th Ben.

So the Yeti turns 30, so we have to celebrate. The four of us head to the Black Olive for dinner. Feels good and yes we are full of Christmas cheer, and the world looked pretty good. Ok really good for the Gryphon. We're happy ,as Jen, Ben's brilliant girlfriend is in town and without it sounding too sucky, we dig her. I'm far too romantic tonight , but it's obvious to me that she is THE one and I've never seen him this happy. I like it when our mates are smiling-great when she is in town on a permanent basis. Maybe we should marry her! Long dinners, key parties and wife swapping..and yes I am kidding!!!!

Fun night, thanks guys.

December 29th

It's a hot day, was a hot night didn't really sleep. Even our place is hot and it's usually nice and cool. Cosmo has taken off his fur suit and is hopping around in red rabbit speedo's...all that pink bunny skin, he needs to work on his tan.

Notice the Urban Myths are out of control. All around terrorist activities these days. They usually start with " these 2 friends of mine were returning from overseas and found a wallet near the duty free area. They look at the i.d. inside and spot the owner near by. It's full of money and he keeps offering them a reward for their kindness...they refuse. he asks if they have any children, they say Yes. He whispers to them, if you won't accept any money, accept this advice, stay out of Sydney (add any major city) on New Years Eve.

I've heard this story about 5 times over the past week, all from people who don't know each other, their certainly have a been a lot of wallets lost at airports!!!!! *grin*. Guess we'll all know when the clock strikes 12.00.

December 30th

Happy Birthday Greg Macainsh.

give our Skyhook Bass player a birthday call- he's in Sydney and Ros is spoiling him rotten. Glad he's having fun.

Put in the film from Bens birthday, some good shots, no idea why my legs were draped over everyone...too much fun!

Am told that our Skyhooks DVD that we directed was at #8 on some of the DVD charts, it seems to be doing well. The Split Enz DVD is giving it a good run for money as far as sales. Really happy that the fans from both bands have enjoyed the releases.

Am in a major go slow mood, having 2 weeks off and avoiding the internet. Good to be able to go read or swim or head to Babble....ok nothing has really changed.!

December 31st

Marks special private postage stamp arrived today, part of his Xmas present, looks brilliant and only a few selected people will get one. So funny, those of you in the know will understand why I'm chuckling.

Quick trip into the city, and it's full of people. The boats are on the Yarra River setting up some of the fireworks, and people are already claiming some prize viewing positions.

We are all stating in tonight, with people calling by, very civilized.

As the suns sets Trudi calls and is in her bunker, she avoids NYE far more then we do.

Rosemaree makes her wonderful bacon specialty , Bec calls by with a litre bottle of champagne and Fran rocks up on the way to pick up her boyfriend. Sydney shows just how fireworks should be done, looked great per usual, especially compared to Edinburgh- where they had so much going off it seemed to be a big mess in the sky. It would of cost them a fortune there was so much. London looked empty and drab, New York City massive amounts of Police, are in attendance and I think the 500,000 expected at Times Square are all being searched. The one word lit out on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in fireworks was PEACE. I kind of scoffed a bit at first, yeah Peace when the world is just about to go to war...but after awhile it sunk in and I thought it was a good thing to do. So maybe if people made a bit more effort Peace would have a chance at least- sadly I think those with their fingers on the button are blind to such messages.

Fireworks was popping and fizzing all over Melbourne, most of it illegal- forget stacks of ecstasy , illegal porn , illegal alcohol- illegal fireworks is the big seller these days and lots of people bought it up last night.

So another year crossed off...a new one beginning. No major resolutions from me, just want to stay happy and lend a hand if I can. I'm enjoying the basics, a few good,loyal friends, just appreciating what we have. Hope 2003 is a good one for all of you.

Stay Safe.



P.S.-Thanks to Deb for her fine efforts in 2002. Always appreciated.

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