The Life and Times of Peter Green
Archive: 19 February - 3 March 2002

February 19th

Return the Enz cd to Nigel, so few copies of this unreleased material exist I get a case of fear and think that all of Prahran Post office have swiped it and are burning off copies out back. It arrives at Nigel's safely and life is fine.

Miss Belinda calls and makes strange noises down the phone, I think it's some sort of dove-like mating ritual?! Ok she is seeing a new boy but it's a secret. We are getting Boo to have a Dear Belinda fan column where kids write in, I wonder what bizarre stuff we will get!!!! She'll dig it.

Well more good news for DVD manufacturers. In the USA the CEA reports that the dvd player is the fastest growing consumer electronic of all time, it's now in 1/3 of all American homes. Where are all those people now who told us it would never catch on. People ask Marky about DVD players now and we both say they are so "last year"-what smartarses! Nah MG knows everything about DVD players, he is the King of DVD, the GOD of DVD...shall I continue.... he IS a DVD machine on skinny legs.

February 20th

Channel 9- first you give us that horrible show Shafted and then you shaft us with the new Star Trek Enterprise. I mean c'mon, the debut show and channel 9 chops it in TWO, it's meant to be a double episode...the best, exciting stuff IS in the second part....what a fine start (NOT).

When I become a billionaire I am buying the rights to all Trek, Buffy, Dark Angels (sorry Becky not La Femme') and playing them in order, complete without adverts on Green-Sci Fi TV. No wonder TV series box sets sell so well here, it's because when you own the dvds you don't have to put up with hopeless TV stations.

What a mild Summer it has been, no real hot days and people in jumpers.

February 21st

Go on a wild romp through the forest and pick a massive container of wild blackberry's- we are going to make many blackberry pies. Mark can't stop picking them, I think it's that THEY ARE FREE light-globe above his head......no signs of snakes but a leech with a yellow stripe lands on my leg and I am happy.....picture grown man going arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh running around in circles. Yep that's me...ever tried to kick box a leech?

Go for a walk across the massive tree that fell across this hidden river we found, the tracks are so overgrown that you have trouble walking on them, so it's very secluded. You cross the tree and end up in a forest of massive ferns and gum trees that are many decades old..you hear animals crashing about..you sniff.... primal instinct...grunt...the earth is rich with decay quite nice, almost sexual......I crouch on the log like a hunter...still like a tree limb and a lyrebird walks out only feet in front of me...I decide to ignore my year 2002 city boy thoughts and don't grab for the camera...I gently turn my head and let my eyes follow it...it clicks it's tongue and digs for worm feast...then strolls back into the massive fern forest. Such amazing feathers...how cool is Ma nature...what incredible shapes. Just think only a few kilometres away the loggers are cutting down the trees for wood chips and if we are lucky planting sad arse baby replacement trees. I don't hate them, I hate what they do, but I feel sad as so many would have kids...is this what your dad has left you...ripped up stumps and destruction of the old growth forest.?

I love it up here, could never live here but the calm is so blissful when trees arn't crashing down...and the logging trucks veering across the road.

February 22nd

Get paid today, really excited, go visit Vali and yes, my last payment on my very own Vali Myers drawing- "Thornbirds in Paradise".

Get into a D&M with John and Vali and it's close to a heated debate..., thankfully I escape with no scars and head to the bank...I return after some shopping to pick up the original and watch the new Vali doco that the ABC paid for. It's on around May-June and it's so pure Vali- funny, rude, sexy - gypsy band playing in her studio, Vali dancing, Vali at the Dingo farm with the dogs, creating the new drawing....magnificent. We talk, two old souls catching up...strange taking an original away from the studio, only 2 people in Australia have one, the rest are scattered around the world to people like Jagger and the Chelsea Hotel and actors...honoured I truely am.

Head to Eckelsley's to get it framed, takes about 10 days. The framing people were blown away and after a few minutes every art person in the store was crowding around my little Vali original, all excited (the art world knows her well). Have gone for the full on frame, museum glass, non acid backing blah blah....they lock it in their safe and give me an insurance coupon. Feels weird I've only held the thing for a few hours...now it's whisked away again.

February 23rd

Spend the weekend working on photos for WINGS OFF FLIES. You might of noticed the cover design up the top of this page, Spock tells me it's a rushed design, but it's so very close to what I was thinking of, close to my rough scrawl too, no it's better much better. At least we have a cover...... he really is the best artist when it comes to covers, and getting the idea from my scraps of paper into something exceptional. Opening a Wolfy jpeg is better than opening a Xmas present.

I scan and send scan and send..this is my life...pick and discard photos, make notes.....it's coming together. Late March I guess. I just love the cover.....we start on the Enz- Crowded House section soon. That's a mammoth area.

February 24th

Breakfast with Rosemaree, I knew she'd change her mind and be tempted with a chocolate milkshake. It's a nice ritual. We got excited we thought she was heading overseas for a holiday.....Tania says she should go overseas with her for a few weeks. A good idea.

Head to the Tin Can for lunch with Ben. Far too mentally linked today...we start answering before the other asks the question, this happens with a few good friends.....annoying arn't I! (Don't reply I already know your answer).

The Yeti did the monitors for the Oils last night and people were raving to me about the sound and the show, some long term Oil fans saying it was one of the best gigs- ever. Always a good sign.

Lisa and Stuart drop in, Lisa is getting close...excitement....baby on the way, Stuart is in Dad mode...I think it will be a girl. Have no idea why.

February 25th

Huge congrats to Stuart and Lisa on baby Molly. She is so cute...yep a girl. Tania has brekky with us, walks in off the street, opps that makes her sound like a hooker. A new person every day for breakfast, very social of us. Babble starts it's renovations soon, a bigger and better Babble...is that possible? I suggest calling it Babble After Dark (B.A.D.).

Despite having a USA release with "Queen of the damned" some "actors" are still carrying fruit down Chapel street!!!

Bardot's debut at #27 in the top 100 with single #6. Is that a guitar I hear girls, an acoustic guitar...about time. This could be hit #6. Several weeks where I won't be working on it, then back again, wondering if I'll have to do the messiah number and resurrect the thing, you never know with radio, they are so flippant, one day they'll play your single to death, the next release they will avoid. Maybe it's a good thing that I am away for a few weeks, that way we can see if our contribution is as major as I think.

Finish watching the Prisoner dvd box set. Australian release, three discs classic moments of those women in Wentworth prison. How incredible is The Freak...those leather gloves....and the terrorist attack ...classic Australian tv. Isn't it time channel Ten did a telemovie- a return to Wentworth! Long overdue and a ratings winner...maybe we should write it. They could add the mysterious Prisoner character Cynthia Leech into the show, she was a friend of the Freak who we never saw....only heard on the phone.....Prisoner is so big in the UK still....has to be done.

February 26th

$4 million worth of logging machines were damaged in Tasmania on the weekend. I know some people are condemning the damage, but I have to admit a part of me says it's good, maybe it really is getting to that point, the only way left to save old growth forests. The next step would be for all political parties to end all wood-chipping, which is only considered a byproduct and not included in the sustainable yield calculations. Mr Bracks should seriously consider this as part of the cut backs around logging. Still he has made some effort, which is more then Howard. Logging sucks.

Some idiot Skyhook fan (the usual loser) decides to target me on the chat list, happy to tell him some home truths. From all the emails I receive it looks like I'm not the only person who thinks this guy is a prick. You always get one tosser in a bunch...goes without saying. Jealousy is a curse.

February 27th

Hmm wonder if Neil is going to play LA after all, as part of these warm up dates for SXSW. Largo has been mentioned by a few fans, originally there was going to be a LA date (but not Largo) but it fell through, I've asked the office to let me know but no word yet, which could be the usual, it's not confirmed...maybe he wants to keep it as a surprise.

Hey more babies- one for our TITM net man Marck and the lovely Laura- baby Piper. Usually happens in three's so who else is pregnant? Three girls... the charmed ones part two?

Into the city for a massive 45 minutes, man with a mission, blink of an eye and I am home again. Just so easy to jump on the train from our place, saves trying to park in the city.

Get home and a courier drops in the Gold award for I Need Somebody (thanks Jen) - more Gold from Bardot. Who said it wouldn't last? What has happened to Scandal'us and their big year...almost March and no signs of them having a new release.

February 28th

Spend the morning signing copies of BANG! Mostly mail order, some sort of last minute rush. Andy White (from ALT) calls by and grabs a copy as well. He asks about HUSSY and I tell him that Greville books has about 3 copies left. Good to see him again, he's a good man Andy White.

Red Symons "Shafted" gets canned yet again, it's 3rd in it's timeslot, 300,000 viewers at best. I don't know a single person who likes this show, I give it another 2 weeks. Even in 2002 you can't polish a turd. I'm sure the disaster that is Shafted will only make Redmond more angry, he really needs some side kicks to bounce jokes, insults and abuse at..he works best that way.

When I walk down Chapel street now, I can't help but look up at that top balcony of the Dan Murphu building where Howard Arkley lived, I wonder if there is any forgotten art hidden up there?

Make a serious amount of blackberry pies. My sister gave me this baby pie maker...not that you put babies in the pies or anything....just small pies. All the blackberrys we picked, means we've made about 25 pies so far. Really nice and natural. They take a massive 7 minutes to bake. Peter pie man that's me. People who drop in score a free pie with their coffee.

Loggers protest in Melbourne, all it does is isolate them even more by stopping people getting to work. Vali on the front cover of Melbourne City Weekly...she's starting her media blitz.

March 1st

March already? Bags packed? Am I really escaping... all I here is the sound of the Grand Pricks people racing their cars at Albert PARK. The return of the mosquitoes.

Have a chat with Enz man Nigel Griggs- blackberrys, Luton tapes and life.

Wonderful wet Melbourne day, talk to Jurate at Babble, she's gone back to art school- big move- still owns Greville books- which is great. She's a sweetie, was in one of Arckleys classes at Prahran...so she knows all about him.

Good to see Becky the other night, she's in fine form, even if she gives me the whitest tea in town. Put on my radiation suit as I leave and have to walk across her nuked backyard. (: Mss boothoid it's looking like a scene from the future from the Terminator II movie.)

Bardot start their Aussie tour with Human Nature. Newcastle- Tiffs home town, strange not being on this tour but the zero $ budget and other offers just keep me away-Boo says to wait for their tour later this year, if it happens....we'll see. I'll be back for the Melbourne shows.

A few people have asked me about Ed Vedders new hairstyle. His hair...he always wanted an early Split Enz mohawk so I guess he finally achieved that. What can I say, we'd still love the guy even if he had a bag over his head (or a silly fly mask).

Favorite Colour- blood red

Favorite book-Howard Arkley: Not just a suburban boy- Edwin Preston (Duff & Snellgrove).

Favorite food- Blackberry pies with low fat cream.

Favorite Event- Mardi Gra- Sydney

Favorite Tshirt- Natasha from the Democrats "Not happy John..." Tshirt.

Creep of the month- more like a liar. The guy from the navy who finally admitted 'no children were thrown overboard' by the refugee's. Totally over it but proof that eventually the truth will prevail.

Crap show of the year- Shafted.

Excitement all round award- The return of Buffy.

Favorite clothing- San Francisco'84 t-shirt (white with red sleeves).

Artwork- Vali Myers- 'Thornbirds in Paradise' and Arckleys Nick Cave painting.

The animals are watching award- Sex in the Forest!

Favorite album- The upcoming release by Dog Trumpet on half a cow label.

March 2nd

Have the Mardi Gra beamed in, ah technology. Comes in nice and clear... fun night, Sydneys skies are clear and rain free- Oxford street is packed, so many people, everyone laughing and having fun. Thought Miss New Zealand should of been in the parade again...always a nice chuckle with that hand bag. I think Neil Finn should do drag and go in as Miss New Zealand next year....i'd throw my months pay into the ring for that one.

Spend most of my day catching up on sleep, body clock is seriously out of whack.

March 3rd

Where am I, what day is it... pull out the G4 and start on some text for the WINGS OFF FLIES photo book. It will be available on the merchandise area of this site in a few weeks, or club members cans end in for it now, yes we accept paypal. Still juggling the price a bit as the weight/postage is a deciding factor. Some great shots, good memories. We are only doing the 1000 run at first, coffee table style book , numbered and hard cover. Mark is fighting with me because I put his name first on the cover- I keep telling him Goulding goes before Green....when I do media I'll tell the world it's really his book...kidding MG!!! It is a bigger project then we thought, we are getting there.

Anyway hope you like the cover....thanks Spock (and thanks Deb for putting it up). Rocket Pocket Books first BIG book...you'll need wide pockets for this one baby.

onwards and upwards

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