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Archive: 21 October - 3 November 2002

October 21st 2002

Find a Cosmo the rabbit cartoon image and send it to Lone Wolf for our upcoming Christmas card. I like the idea of special Christmas cards that our office sends out..I still buy all those charity packs of cards for presents and relatives but it's nice and arty to have your own card each year.

The big dry is coming up and Melbourne will start water restrictions soon, won't hurt in a way as we all waste so much water anyway. Any excess tap water goes into the garden instead of down the drain. It's good as the wild parsley out back is growing like crazy. I should start Peter's Parsley Packers (try saying that three times) company and sell it to the supermarkets. The more I pick the more it grows....some people's noses are like that.

October 22nd

Hear from one of our favorite artists Shane Gehlert, one of his new paintings "First Settlers" is brilliant, a gallery is selling it for big bucks so it's out of our league at the moment, my last pay went towards the Rosaleen Norton art-so I should be good and be content.

"Wanker of the week" award must surely go to Warren Jenkin of Australian band Killing Heidi. He was such a total tosser at the music awards...he has just turned me off the band for life. Definitely over Killing Heidi..or should that simply read Overkill/ing Heidi. They are more hyped then any of the Popstars manufactured groups and the new album is pretty boring. is this the same group who released the wonderful Weir/Massacre.?

Single of the week has to be the new Pearl Jam release: "I AM MINE". The Aussie release is a 4 track digi pack. The second song "Down" is one of my favorite songs from the pen of Mr Vedder. In the words of Miss Candee, they just keep getting better....

Finish work on "Glamour" , well text wise...some parts of the Diary archives are missing from the F/16 site so I had to go back to my original diary and work from that area. Deb now has GLAMOUR up and available for order on the merchandise section of this website. Out in time for Christmas. Get some GLAMOUR in your sacks this Christmas.

October 23rd

Head into the city and try and track down some instant cobwebs for the Hallowe'en BBQ....couldn't find a cobweb anywhere, did get some very cool orange and black candles that have witches cats on them...$2 each bargain or what?!

It worries me when I take in money to the American Express office to pay off my gold card, that the office staff now know me by name! They'll be offering me a flat white soon and a biscuit while I wait in line.

A new bread shop has opened on Greville street, they make their own cakes and sweets...I especially love the coconut "inside out" snacks. They are a bit like a Bounty bar but turned inside out...with baked coconut on the inside.

Coconut oil will be the next retro health fad, I've said this for awhile. It contains 92% saturated fatty acids, and an abundant supply of MCFA's (Medium Chain Fatty Acids)....about 62%. The MCFAs are a small size particle so fewer enzymes are needed for absorption...which means your digestive system can copy better...and they (chain fatty acids) are sent to the liver directly. MCFAs also assist in in the absorption and the retention of magnesium, calcium and even a few amino acids...and add support to the thyroid gland. The latest research however shows that MCFA's really help the immune system and encourage the human body to fight viruses and bacteria. (usually boost's the Lauric Acid which is a major disease fighter).

Most Coconut oil is made up of Capric, Caprylic and most importantly Lauric acid...and around half is Lauric acid...the building block for your immune system. So Coconut oil is the F/16 healthy item of the month. See all the good things you can learn by reading this site.

Robin calls by and works on our tax...Filthy Rich Promotions has to pay the evil tax man some more money but that's life and I just shrug and pay out the buck$. Trudi calls by, I knew I'd find her sitting in her car waiting to walk in on time...we head off for Mexican. They let me use my VIP card and we get a nice 15% off. The tequila sets in and I make one of those "you guys bring out the best in me" type phone calls (ahem).Mark is rather quiet tonight, his tally of "animals saved" this week has dropped. I tell him maybe he has saved all the animals and there are simply none left....we walk home and all the cats come out and say hello to him as we walk past. There is not a single Nine Banded Armadillo around when you want one *grin*.

October 24th

Head into Mushroom today, Dean and Dave take me to lunch after we work for many hours on the Split Enz DVD. Really want to sign off on this today. It looks great and we are still on track for a November 18th release. Think the Frenz of the Enz will be happy about this release. Footage looks great.

Dean takes me into his office and shows me the Skyhook One Million album sales record awards....he says "hey look at this one" and pulls out a Million seller award for yours truely, I get a bit teary (but without the tears), really honoured and happy. Skyhooks were my first band so to get a million seller award for our office is one of the greatest nods. Dean takes it back and says I have to receive it at the official function from the MD. Damn indian giver *grin*....very happy. I thank him and he says "Pete your'e one of the good guys". I like being a good guy, the music industry is tough old bitch sometimes, so it's good not to be like some of the others. Being nasty doesn't command much respect from me anyway. I'd rather be good with selected moments of evil. Far more creative.

Rosemaree calls by with a lot of work that she has done for us, means we have to work most of the night but it's good to get it out of the way. She just help's keep it all moving.

Neil emails me late at night so I am assuming he is already in the USA- guess the Finns are having a holiday before the charity show at the Wiltern?

October 25th

Rebecca has bought some new sandals, those great summer ones with beads on the top...they'll be massive this year- I keep spotting them at all the stores. The more beads the better, keeps people away from the odd big toe. C'mon we all have weird toes...I like the idea of walking down the beach with a hoof on my foot...bit like Pan...be hard to wear a sandal if you had hooves though so maybe not. So yep fashion tip for Summer in Australia, beaded sandals. For guys leather around the neck...no gold (urgh) attached just something spiritual...make sure its fine leather not like you've just escaped Peter's House of Pain.....

The F/16 update was a bit late last fortnight, Deb has been moving house and lightening fast trip to the UK to see Sparks...we ended up with a lot of emails from people asking if I was still alive....just remember that Deb updates the F/16 site with an abundance of goodwill and she does have her own life....I just appreciate that she does it when she gets a chance. [ed. note: thanks for your patience, you've all been too kind through my mysterious 1-month absence!]

Head to Borders with Mark to buy a copy of PRICELESS....The Vanishing beauty of a fragile planet. It's by Bradley Trevor Greive (he wrote The Blue Day book). The images are from Mitsuaki Iwago. It's a 150 pages of wonderful photos and text of animals still alive but on the brink of extinction. Bradley Trevor Greive is donating all his royalties from worldwide sales of the book to the Taronga Foundation. www.tarongafoundation.com The photos are stunning and so diverse....lovely book.

If you are thinking of buying our book Wings off Flies, put your money towards PRICELESS,instead, it's better and your $ could help save an Endangered species. A large part of the monies raised goes towards breeding programmes. So at the end of the day if you have to make a choice, I like the idea that book money is going to a project like PRICELESS before any of our Rocket Pocket Releases. I'm sure you would be able to buy this book on like, and the Taronga Foundation website would have details. Great for overseas people too as the exchange rate would make this a bargain.

October 26th

Decide to read Fiona Horne's WITCH (A magickal year) book. Fiona was originally with the band Def FX, and has been a practising witch for 13+ years. I like how her "familiar" is a snake called Lulu. I used to think she was a bit of an idiot and to be honest used the witch label in a rather selfish way, but I think I did misjudge her..let's face it, anyone who paints "Naomi Sux" on her midrift at the Melbourne Fashion awards is kind of o.k. in my book. In WITCH-A Magickal year I was happy to see a chapter dedicated to Rosaleen Norton. I've only touched the surface of the book so I can't say if it's a good read...will get back to you.

October 27th

Well Jen Rundall's adventures in Oz (soon to be a major movie?) are almost at an end. Great to see that she did so much- Australia is such a massive country and takes a bit on understanding- Jen's just explored and went off travelling and had many adventures...good thing to do. We head to Babble for some food, she is rather amazed at how Babble has grown. Babble staff are great and have some fun, Dan the man is making the woman (and a few men) swoon ..and he knows it, but that's Dan and that's why he is here- oh and his fine coffee art....he has the natural gift of designing the top of the coffee....somehow the brown mark looks like a rose tattoo!!! Coffee art Warhol would love it. No idea how we could possibly eat all the muffins that Jen bought for us but the kids dropping by will devour them I'm sure. Spend an hour at Babble and then I have to return to the office for some phoners. Loads of talking today...has to be done....so much for a relaxing Sunday. I miss the SBS show "Masterpiece" (Alfred Douglas and Oscar Wilde)- EACH MAN KILLS THE THINGS HE LOVES. Bummer would of been good to get the full story on Oscar and Bosie (:

October 28th

Well Pearl Jam's I AM MINE cd single debuts at #12. I went out and did some free work around this, was hoping it would go top ten for the PJ's. At least all the stores were completely stocked this time. It might move up 2 spots next week, but I don't think so. Just wanted to give Vedder and co a small helpful hand. I AM MINE is better then most of the crap out their.

The George DVD drops from #8 to #15....I wonder if our Enz and Skyhooks DVD's will go top ten? November 18th release. Dave told me that a standard DVD run for both is around 8000 units. If we sell the first batch out it means we get a Gold DVD award (7500 units). Both DVDs are Zone FREE (Pal format) so places like the UK etc can play them. Here are some recommended online stores, if the DVD's don't show up on their sites you can always email them as they should have details by now:

October 29th

Drive over to Robin's , manage to lose Mark on the way...abort mission. Weird day, side tracked by work, life and all the other fun stuff, we blow the Hallowe'en BBQ off, may even go home to Sydney for a few days- feeling a bit homesick for Mum and Sis...at least Christmas is just around the corner.

Priceline has Olay Total effects with UV protection for half price. Great help product for summer skin...a must have. I don't want to end up with brown old dried out lizard skin by the time I'm fifty. (:

BANG! is having really big book sales figures over the past month, it's so close to taking over the sales of Hussy. All of them mail orders. Have no idea why, could be the shameless promotion on this website *grin*. The little Famous for 16 Minutes books have now been sent from Russia to Luxembourg, from Wollongong to Wallacia. Roseann in the USA tells me that she attended a Sony Records party this week and a copy of Bang was in circulation around the room and some of the guys from The New York Dolls were into it. Now that kind of thing really blows my mind...she truely made my day with that email. These diary books sure do get around.

October 30th

Tim Finn plays The last Bridge Hotel show in Sydney tonight- hope they went well. It's good news that young Harper will have a brother or sister in March. Love it if it's a girl, otherwise it will be two sons for Neil, two sons for Tim....they need a girl amongst all that male stuff.Great news though no matter if it's a boy or girl. I think one of the Finns sisters has a girl.

October 31st

Happy Hallowe'en.

A very strange mood is in the air, Bec tells me that everyone is acting a tad strange this year...think she's right. I guilt a bit about blowing out the BBQ, everyone knows there will be others but in a way I'm glad I did.

Jackie sits with me at babble while I wait for MG to arrive for breakfast. She is the girl with the upside heart. We write a poem or two while waiting.

"The girl with the upside down heart is sad
it always rolls around on it's own
The girl with the upside down heart doesn't have a say
'cos life just happens that way.
Your time will come, just sit for a awhile
While Dan brings another latte
The girl with the upside down heart just smiles
at least the coffee is fresher today".

We leave a scattering of poems written on napkins for the public to enjoy! hey it is after all Babble home of the arts.

Spent most of the day with Skyhook Greg Mac.and Dave at the record company running through the Skyhooks DVD. Greg picked me up, a good thing, as I just couldn't drive today. The 4 wheel drive appeared to be bigger then usual. The DVD has came out really well, just fine tuning some minor mistakes... graphics look good. We finally leave Mushroom and it's 6.30, taken hours and hours. Wish Mushroom would of paid me by the minute on this project! Greg is happy, I love the live sound on "Million $ Riff" just kicks butt. So two DVD's signed off and ready to get pressed.

Head to "Fingers Restaurant" with Mark, decide I just can not cook dinner...and he wants to return the Spiderman DVD as it didn't have the 2nd DVD inside the box. I spot Sophie Monks debut solo CD single on the counter at Virgin- the guy behind the counter asks if I am going to work on this one. I laugh and say why- she was the main reason Bardot split. I think the record company hopes the fans have such short memories....and really they don't. Where as I wish Sophie well, I think her management are truely horrible and she helped sell everyone out... She has worked her arse off to push this single, and I keep reading how she is "in contact" with all the other girls...like they are all wonderful mates- which overall is probably a major exaggeration ...so from her efforts alone it might enter the charts high but unless radio play it to death it might not be the hit that everyone expects. Did someone say KARMA. No help from us on this one.

Eating dinner and Rosemaree turns up with a 23 year old boy- we keep telling her... rent boys were so "last year". Oh it's a relative....*grin*. It's his birthday- 23 seems so long ago....I don't know anyone who is 23.

Head home and think it's lame if I don't carve at least one pumpkin this year. So I head into the kitchen and carve one up for the balcony...an hour later Mr Pumkinhead is on the top balcony glowing away. I grab the delivery card from fastpost and the courier people tell me that the Rosaleen Norton art has arrived. At Hallowe'en- kind of fitting that the artwork by the infamous Witch of Kings Cross arrives back in Australia on Samhain. I have to call Customs tomorrow. Go to bed with the images of Rosaleen's mystical animals flying about in my head. Happy Hallowe'en Roie...dream of Hairball tonight...she looked happy.

November 1st

Finish the mail out for the upcoming Camberwell Collectors Fair. We are in Melbourne so we decide to take a table (usual spot-in the Foyer) for the last fair for 2002. It's at Camberwell Civic Centre- Camberwell. Doors open at 10am and it's on Sunday 10th November. So if you have never been before come on down. We have some bargain items this time around.

Customs people usually cop a bit of flack...but today the person who handled my art was the nicest most efficient person I've ever dealt with. I have to drive to the airport but it's worth it...he even offers to carry this massive packing crate to the car for me. I make the customs place with 5 minutes to spare. he got my vote for customs person of the year.

I leave smiling knowing that Rosaleen Nortons "The Cat" artwork is in this huge wooden box. It looks like a designer coffin.!!! I swear as I drive down the freeway I could hear someone tapping to get out...maybe he sent me Rosaleen herself in this big long box...hey the occult world is kind of strange....there could be anything or anyone in this box.

Arrive home, a lucky park right out the front...Mark just says "Shit" when he see's the size of the packing crate. It's like a ceremony..but finally The Cat is out....and it feel's right. Her drawings are finer, but there is something....dark and mysterious as a new Orleans swamp....about this painting.

I am just happy. Will my friends like it?, most of them probably just won't get it.....it's more a link to Roie....hell it's art from a fascinating period. I still need to find out what year this was done...I am thinking late 1950's. It's signed but I can't find a date....

Watch Spiderman DVD with Mark, I like it more the second time around. The Stan Lee doco. is great...anyone who helped create the Fantastic Four is a winner in my book.

November 2nd

Water restrictions are well and truely on. Victoria has already saved millions of litres and that's good. I am bringing some large water containers back from the farm, better to use it for the garden then let it evaporate.

No idea what I did today...just potted about the house. The two punk girls came by and we all hung out for awhile. Nude twister.

November 3rd

Think I misunderstood what Rosemaree said last night, thought her sister was arriving in the afternoon. She was surprised when I called, guess it's the Boothoid and myself. I decide t walk up to Bec's for the exercise, and I take the back way and of course I miss her by 5 minutes...she left the front way. I see her lovely hair bobbing down Chapel street, so I pick up speed and head her off at the pass. Babble is a pulsating lump of good food love today- we get a seat outside, the copper benching freezes my arms. It's a nice ritual- not the arm freezing, the Sunday morning brunch I mean.

We head to HMV to pick up another Peal Jam single, if Rebecca had a website "I Am Mine" would be her choice as single of the week too. Our HMV boy tells me that I was right, a JB HiFi is opening on Chapel street, just before Xmas...and guess where dear reader. The old Dan Murphy Building. I am stoked, it should be huge. I think HMV will fall and crumble...after all with in 2 block radius there is a HMV, a Sanity, A Virgin, a Dixons second hand store and Might Music Machine....JB just offer such good prices and hey they take Amex...HMV no longer do. I tell him to quit and work for JB.!!! I love creating Record store anarchy.

On the way up Chapel street we see The Queen of the fruiters stomping looking like an extra from the most miserable Morrissey song. She usually looks great, she looked like crap and had a matching attitude. (now available at all Billion $ Babies store)..wonder what's eating her. We shrug what a happy soul. Next....

Call into the Greville street bakery and grab some coconut inside out cakes. Do 80 sit ups to compensate...don't think it's enough.

Rebecca makes me handcuff her in our wine cellar, now before you call out Kinky old Gryphon...it's so she will not shop. Hmm maybe Mark should simply handcuff me next to her...I can picture myself at midnight, desperately phoning "home delivery' stores from the shopping channel...using my big toe to dial and balancing my Amex cards on my nose.... I've been ok... the last thing I bought were some wooden frames so I can make my "BEATLES" boxes. I'm sure I have told you about these before. The top has a silver metal The Beatles logo on some silk material. Next there are four pins each with George, John, Paul and Ringo name tags under them. The John and George pins have two dead Xmas BEATLES pinned above their names. The Paul and Ringo areas have small reserved signs. Is that taking it too far...I'm sure I have offended the usual massive amount of people. Are they good gifts and would people display them in their office areas? Death has to have some fun attached to it...doesn't it.? Should I give up while I am behind? Anyway it will be interesting to see which lucky friends get them for Xmas...meanwhile I have to climb around Greville street Park looking for dead Beatles for these display cases....hell no wonder Paul MaCartney won't play here he probably reads this website too.

Rock On!


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