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Archive: 29 April - 12 May 2002

April 29th

Something is in the wind...or it could simply be the wind itself. The days seem to be getting more lovely, like a small parcel of Summer that someone has left by accident on a bus seat in down town Prahran. I'm not talking hot but very warm. Even the leaves have slowed their Autumn decent, it's all rather odd. People are walking with a bounce in their step....all frisky little Australian lambs, and over head the most amazing blue skies. I think i'd die if I woke up to grey every day.

Work keeps rolling our way, I think we have found our niche people just call us. Have a chat to Katie (Bardot) today which is always a joy- she has her disco Euro style single out soon so we are going to do 3 weeks worth of solid work on it. It's already becoming a club hit, at #7 on the club charts. It's called BEAUTIFUL and that's how I'm kind of feeling.

April 30th

Campbell calls and tells me that the Bic Runga album launch is on July 6th in Auckland and they want to fly me in. I know Neils USA tour is on at that time so that could be a problem.

Our mountain climbing friends take us to Amigo's for dinner- oh those Margarita's..... our scrapes, cuts and bruises have nearly healed. "Till next time..." is the toast. Oh the pain....I am becoming more of a mountain goat then Igor.

Totally miss Nick Seymour- he scampered out of the country back to Ireland which means my Crowdies DVD meeting will be a phone thing....annoying as its always better to have them in the room.

May 1st

The odd May day mini riot, Melbourne's was nice and peaceful, Sydney those poor Police horses, it's cruel when protesters throw marbles and the horses come crashing down. I'd probably wack someone with a baton of I saw them do that to a horse. They really get no empathy from me when they do that shit and hurt animals....some protestors are nobs. As someone who has protested many times it really is a turn off...does not help their cause one bit.

David Boreanaz (Angel) and wife Jaimie Bergman (BJ) are now happy parents- Jaden Rayne (no relation to James Reyne)...born today a strapping 3.8 kilograms. Interesting that on the latest season of Angel David has just become a father....maybe Jos wanted him to get some diaper changing practice.

Oh just when we pay off the Amex card...we jump in and order another batch of DVDS from the States:
*Season 5 of the X-Files
*The Object of my affection- which I just love- has the brilliant Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston....a nice sly romantic comedy.
*From Hell- with Johnny Depp & Heather Graham
*Mad Max- the special edition...the only version that has the original Australian actors language...I detest how MGM released Mad Max in the USA and added American dialogue...so this one has the original aussie accents.
*Wet Hot American Summer- a huge chuckle.
*Mulholland Drive- David Lynch's academy award nominated hit. Loads of twists and very Lynch.
*Fatal Attraction starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close. That sex in the elevator scene gets us all hot and horny!!!!!
*The Broken Hearts Club- a groups of friends, all on the same baseball team (Broken Hearts)...Dean Cain...is one of them. ..and yeah they are all batting for the other team...a romantic comedy...supposively the first mainstream gay comedy. I saw the shorts for this on a plane...and it looks great.

Our NYC dvd store get them to us in 3 days, via FedEx...and I stand on the balcony and wave goodbye to my pay cheque again. Oh well.....

May 2nd

Notice that Andy Hallet (The Host) from Angel is appearing at Sydney's Sci Fi Convention...May 18 & 19...oh yeah and August Richards (Gunn) is there too.

A parcel arrived from our mate Jayne in the UK...and inside is a great shot of her with The Host...now cmon Jayne you don't look that star struck. He's got an interesting face even without his red horns and green face make up. Maybe Rebecca should fly to Sydney with her red face makeup and horns and get a photo with him.....

I say give the HOST even more time on Angel, he should take over Gunn's airtime...I still think Gunn is just a 5th wheel- he doesn't actually do much on the show.

May 3rd

Katie and Paul drop by...(not Hessie) Katies signing copies of the cd single on our dining room table....sign sign sign....never ends.

Spock blows out his meeting so that's one less today.

Ben calls and we just miss him, sounds like the USA Midnight Oil tour is going off.

Kate calls by and we check out some of the bits for the Rocket Pocket Books website. Looking good.

Having coffee at babble and Mark Seymour walks by stops and has a chat- seriously he does get better looking as each year goes by. He's one of the good guys.

May 4th

Well Neil's July USA/Canada tour is on...here are the dates for the Neil Finn-ONE ALL Tour. More will be added...
July 2nd-San Diego 4th & B, July 3rd-Anaheim-House of Blues, July 4th-Off, July 5th-Los Angeles-House of Blues July 6-8-TBA , July 9th-Seattle-Showbox July 10th-Vancouver-Vogue Theatre, July 11th-12th-tba, July 13th-Minneapolis-KTCZ Festival, July 14th-Chicago-Parkwest, July 15th-off, July 16th-Toronto-Palais Royale, July 17th-Philadelphia-TLA, July 18th-Washington-9.30 club, July 19th-new York-Irving Plaza July 20th-Boston-Paradise.....have no idea at this stage if I am on this tour- the usual budget, guess I'll find out at the 11th hour. Would be fun though.

May 5th

Breakfast with Bec and yes readers she does show, head to Borders after that, needed to buy a friend a book, the Mexican bar was just being opened so looking like 2 people with drinking problems we sidled up for Margarita's (yes again).

Hmmm award for couple of the month goes to Inez and Carla from Foxtel's CRASH PALACE. We have suddenly become a bit addicted to the show....even stocking up on food so we could watch the two day Crash Palace marathon... Inez & Carla have the best accents.....we practice with them...am getting a nice Argentinian accent on my Aussie tongue.

May 6th

The share market is very shakey today-Coles Myer shares drop down to their weakest since the 1987 market crash. Our various portfolio's hold strong, we seem to have a knack for picking the good companies-plus some major research.

Katie's BEAUTIFUL single at retail today.... her website is www.katieunderwood.tv

Speaking of websites our ROCKET POCKET BOOKS is up and running, think i freaked poor Kate out by announcing it early- I thought it was up, think she was only testing it.....(sorry Kate...you know how excited I get). It's one of those free sites so only 'x' amount of people per day can check it out. head to: http://www.rocketpocketbooks.com Thanks to all the people who have emailed us about the site, glad you have enjoyed it.

Mushroom tell me I am off to New Zealand at the end of the month, have asked Tim if he can find me some work at the Finn Bros show as I really want to work at that gig...so hopefully I'm their for that. Wonder if they have any new songs.?

May 7th

The Rolling Stones have a press conference to announce a world tour. Starts September 5th. They arrive in a huge blimp with the Stones Tongue logo on it. Pretty impressive as always...Charlie Watts is the only one who doesn't bother to dye his hair!!! Sounds like they are thinking about touring Australia again next year.

Today was the warmest Melbourne May day in almost a century, the weather has been incredible.

Head into the city and spend some time at Vali's art studio, a few visitors and everyone asks about the ABC Vali special. Think it's a June release.

May 8th

Happy Birthday Rebecca.

Glenene calls by with her friend as they want some ideas for the costume party they are organising. Lend them a lot of fun things.

Head up to Beckys that night - really fun to sit and talk...sounds like she had a nice birthday.

Think the Rocket Pocket Books website is working out, we had three orders for BANG! today and all three said they got the info from the website.

May 9th

Yoda makes the front of TIME magazine... I think the last Star Wars person was Darth Vader way back in 1980. Give me Yoda over Ja Ja Binks any day of the week he's just too Farscape puppetry (even though he isn't a puppet)... and damn annoying.

Have dinner at Hunters Cafe, always a good thing, Mark pays...gotta like that. It's nice to feel special. Plus after the DVD splurge I think we'll be eating Frijoles for weeks!

Find out that Neil only has the one tour bus on the USA tour, which means it's super budget...and probably packed. As fate has it have had 2 offers for other gigs, so I'm just waiting a bit longer and then saying yes to them. In the long run it doesn't matter too much if I am on the road or not, I guess it affects the fans more then me as it means no one is allowed in for soundchecks etc etc. As per usual I'm torn between loving it at home and the adventure of being away so 50% of me says cool...50% of me will sulk (: Maybe the 50% that wants to go could just fit on the bus, after all it's only half a person. I could fit into that cupboard under the bus stairs!!!

May 10th

ALBUM OF THE WEEK- Lisa Loeb's CAKE & PIE. Really nice CD, still like Miss Loeb and she still has those great glasses. Though the inside cover of Cake & Pie does look like the pie out of American Pie movie....(grin). Was going to be Betchadupa's- THE ALPHABETCHADUPA, but I got this last week so it doesn't count...though it was our fave CD last week.....

BOOK OF THE WEEK- Kiss and Make-up- by Gene Simmons. When you read this you just hear Gene's voice, I like his early day stuff- the love of sci fi comic books etc. The photos are good too...this book makes you wanna rock and roll all night..love it. Thanks Mark

FAVORITE COLOUR- having a love affair with sunburn orange.....and the blue overhead is kind of neat.

CREEPS OF THE WEEK- Sons and daughters who slay their parents. People with no sense of humor and priests that molest.

HAPPY MOMENT OF THE WEEK- Katie Underwood's BEAUTIFUL debuting at #11 on the national chart (Top ten in VIC and NSW). Go girl.

PLACES TO GO- St Petersburg-Russia. Little Desert -Victoria.

DVD of the week- Mad Max- to the outside world it paints Australia as arid, and empty....one very distant shot of the city...the rest destroyed brick structures on desert highways. I did like Mel Gibsons house by the sea. Great to see Lizzie from Prisoner (Sheila Florence) as his Aunt...she packed a mean shot gun. How strange that the Americans removed the original voices and added American...especially with Mel Gibson being an American....weird.

May 11th

Happy Birthday to me.

Gotta say today was exceptional. People calling by and phoning up- pretty much heard from every single friend that I wanted to hear from. Was a really lovely fun day and night- thanks to those of you who made this possible. Was great. Happy Gryphon.

May 12th

Happy Mothers Day Mum- you seriously rock!

Nicole makes my week complete by being my collector of the Buffy game boy game...finally found one and she's grabbing it for me. (Unless she gets side tracked by yet another Japanese restaurant.).

My sister steals my Mum away and I can not track her down all day....she scores big points for this.....on the Mothers Day metre.

Call her from Beenami and she has had a great day....I wish I was there, have to pay a visit to them soon, been away from home for too long.

As soon as we entered the valley around Beenami today you could feel the temperature drop...went close to having a roaring fire, cap napped in the big bed area instead. No hiking today....just wanted to be cosy. To balance out on the exercise level I did 30 minutes of work out on the kick boxing bag..just upper body punching, I used the Fenech hand wraps so I wouldn't get bruised knuckles (unattractive look)...they work well but they are the longest wraps in the world..I feel like I am going for a job in the next Mummy movie.....

Get home at dusk, Cosmo comes in and snuggles under the blanket while we watch an X Files episode. Stuart and Lisa call by with the lovely baby Molly- how cute..such little fingers.

Get an early chart report, Katie's single BEAUTIFUL debut's at #11 on the National chart, #3 on the Australasian chart and #1 on the dance chart. Top Ten in Melbourne- so I am incredibly happy for her, all the effort last week paid off (thanks Rosemaree too for getting everything to us early). One more spot for a Top ten single.

No other news.... stay happy.
Life is great.


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