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150,000 reasons to smile!

I'd like to start this fortnights F/16 diary, by thanking all the regular readers as we have just had our 150,000th hit!

I know I don't need to say it, but a big thank you must go to Deb for being a good friend and continuing to put up these insane ramblings every few weeks. It's still fun, it's not to be taken too seriously and it's a fragment of life...like a good strip tease you don't give everything away!

When this first started I was excited to get 1000 hits, it's strange to think of 150,000 hits... This tiny micro of fun has grown a bit, and I get an incredible thrill when I check out the geo-tracking area and find out where readers are logging on from-rather mind blowing. So thank you, it's still enjoyable, and we are glad you like the other associated things like the BANG and Hussy books. Thanks for your support- Peter xoxo

March 4th 2002

As I'm walking around the Forest picking berries and watching the wildlife watch me, I have a fear attack, what happens if I break a leg, get stung by some rare poison plant...not today goddess...please, we have to get back to the city...it's the return of BUFFY.

I know my strangeness, I wear it like a badge, and I used to worry that someone my age should be playing golf, joining a cigar club or whatever other dull things people my age do....not watching the Buffster kick vampyric arse. That was till I wandered into Minotaur and noticed that there were many people older then me hanging around the Buffy area, watching advance screenings of the show...phew it's not just an advanced mid life crisis and if it is, I'm kind of past caring.

So I walk across the fallen trees, avoid the strange looking mushrooms and ferns that seem to glow silver...and arrive home to watch Buffy Bot kick some arse. How extremely stupid are channel Seven to put Buffy on at 10.30 at night- all people talked about on the streets of Melbourne was the return of the slayer. "Alias" is such a piss-poor cousin, Jos and crew have nothing to worry about from that show. Time will tell. If Seven would move it forward Buffy would be a killer in the ratings.

March 5th

Happy Birthday Mum.

She's in high powered gardening mode, so I buy out the local nursery and get them to deliver tubs of seedlings to her door- this will keep her out of mischief for a few solid weeks. (:

Record company calls and we chat about Split Enz and Skyhooks dvd's - both are still go and will be fast tracked I think. The band and the record company only want us involved so that's a good thing. Someone who knows what the guys want. Two good projects.

Go through stock of Enz tshirts and the remaining copies of BANG! Decide that we might do a special charity item via the Finn club, a special price for both and a chunk of the money goes to a local charity. It's a good thing to do, and I have a few charities in mind....

March 6th

Start paying a very large pile of bills, about 60% of the way through, 40 in one week was too many-everyone had their hand out. Money does make the world go around, I expect the next few months to be bill free! Mail off a cheque to the surf-lifesaving people first, might as well give them a donation before the avalanche of bills gobbles up the dollars.

Rosemaree helped a lot today with some work. Just getting bits and pieces together and her help just keeps the office running. OK her computer jumped in and changed CDs to 'Crypt drama studio' which was bizarre...damn stupid machines....

There is a calm in the office today, Mark working away with headphones on, I'm at the main desk, we even have birdies chirping in the atrium. The phones have been busy, now that I'm back on deck it seems like people are calling wanting us to work for several new acts etc.

See Andy White as he has his wish come true and has relocated to Melbourne, so nice that he drops in. Asks me to do some work but our schedule is so incredibly tight I'm not going to take it on. Our new policy is that if we can't give 100% we don't do projects, will help him a bit anyway, but we have said no to a lot of people today. Never rains but it pours.

March 7th

Head out back and clean up the masses of leaves from the side tree's, the compost bin is now full, should move it soon but it seems to be feeding the fruit trees. Mark cuts back the ivy and hedge so Hairballs rose gets more sun. We miss the cat so much, but I still feel her presence, it's like she is in the air in the house...watching, in a good way, not a bad Poltergeist 4 sort of way....gets me a bit trippy when I think of it though. A few net friends have had their cats pass away this year, all old age ones and it's sad...no wonder the Egyptians loved them.

Cosmo is become more of a cat then a rabbit everyday...he did a "cat stretch" today...you know when they arch their backs upwards....plus he has a new obsession, he loves to scratch on Marks socks when he is near the door, cats usually knead them but Cosmo goes to town..he even bites Marks toes (urgh better Cosmo then me)..it's not a dog-humping the leg thing, he just seems to like attacking Marks socks. No one elses...he is a weird rabbit.

Vali calls and leaves soon so I'll be back in the art studio soon. She makes the front cover of The City Weekly under the heading of THE GYPSY QUEEN. She is the main article, massive photo on the back. She is Vali, swears when she wants and says what she thinks. I admire her honesty... The article says that she is belatedly being recognised as a national treasure. She has some great quotes.

A description of her drawing technique is stuck to a pillar in the middle of the room.
"I hate to talk about how I draw. 'Do you do that with an airbrush'.
'Fuck no, mate" she says!
"I could always draw, even when I was a tiny little girl" she says, "draw and dance. I would run outside when I heard the Salvation army band in the street, and spin like a top".
Like anyone too big for their town, Myers was drawn to Melbourne, where she became a leading dancer in the Melbourne Modern Ballet company. In 1949 (age 15?), she journeyed to France by sea.
"Well I wasn't going to go to fucking England" she says.
Paris was the beginning of a whirlwind existence in the underground art movements of Europe and America where the strange and famous seemed to seek her out.

Anyway its a great article by Bridget McManus and Darren James has taken some lovely photos. Not sure if the City Weekly is on the net but it's Issue #6-February 28th-March 6th. Their phone number is 84177000 maybe they have backcopies.

We get the ratings in and Red Symons "Shafted" now drops behind the ABC news, in it's timeslot, now at #4, hell the static on channel 6 rates higher......I wonder how Reds ego is about the disaster that is this show. I know some people hate Redmond and think he is getting what he deserves but a small part feels sorry for him, it's a total flop.

March 8th

Into the city to buy Merl girls birthday present, go to the Oxfam community aid abroad shop, find a beautiful jewellery case all hand painted with a secret drawer. Nearly buy these funky rings but I am being good...yes it's rare but paying off my Vali original means I have to be sensible for a few weeks....the jewels can wait *grin*.

I do get Ghost World on DVD- USA Import. Just couldn't wait. The always wonderful Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson play two best friends who have just graduated from High school. They are hell bent on tormenting the world, they zero in on a special case- Seymour (played by Steve Buscemi) who just wants to have a life...any life....things take a slight twist. Enid (Birch) sees a kindred spirit...and what was a mean joke becomes a heart shattering awakening.

My fave characters are the guy who harasses the 7 Eleven owner (we love his sunburnt singlet patterned torso)..and his redneck (literal red neck) and the man waiting for the bus every day that never comes......though one day it does show up. Note the bus is empty...except for the man...deep eh! Great script, great fun, sad, funny, and back to sad...based on the comic book by Daniel Clowes. You are amazed at how much Thora Birch looks like Enid. If you live in the States or Japan keep an eye out for the Enid doll- a must for every kitsch mantlepiece (and yes we have one).

Metro Golwyn Mayer release. Some bonus material- Making of Ghost World. In a similar vein to Todd Solondz " Welcome to the DollHouse"...just Enid is more clued up then Dawn Wienerdog.

March 9th

Drive down the coast to Merls birthday party at Mt Eliza. Yes down past Frankston (Hi Marge)...a long way out of town. The hall is by the beach, some smooth navigating by MG. It's a fun night and stars are so much brighter out of the city. I don't think this many lesbians have ever been in the one room at the same time *grin*. We all dance (no I'm not a lesbian) under the giant parachutes. Sit up on the fence and watch the waves crash into the rocks, have a spliff and take in the sea air. The NZ girls all have a sing, Merl sings "that" song. the one we sang over and over to till 4.00 one morning at Murchison street....was just fun. Home after midnight, sleep well.

Miss Alex Lloyd at Gaslight, just too hard to head into the city on a Saturday. Wonder if Bill or Amanda were down for the Instore. meanwhile Bardot are doing an Instore in Blacktown in Sydney...I'm the only person who is not doing an Instore...oh I have no CD to flog...damn it. I want an Instore...I want an Instore. I don't really....

March 10th

Neil plays his first USA show at SLIMS, get a call and it all goes very well. Roll on the main tour...hope there is a budget as I really want to do this one.

Keep working on WINGS OFF FLIES, this takes far longer then I thought... getting there. Spocks taking some time off which is ok, if it means the book is delayed that's totally fine, friends before work, people will just have to understand. Have no problems with that.

Yeti calls and he is off with Midnight Oil soon, just for a few weeks, keeps wanting to cook for us, he has become the master chef, needs to let me cook, it's our turn, small dinner party when he comes back. Thats if I ever get all the WINGS photos off the table...the book is taking over the house.

March 11th

Off to our Bardot Instore at Chadstone, meet Mel and we head and pick the girls up at the drop off point, Sally has a new boyfriend, seems like a nice guy. They are all good, it's the girls...doesn't change too much.

Good crowd for a public holiday, so I decide to man the stage side area just to keep the line moving, heaps of regulars along today- they are so supportive, and that's one of the main reasons why Scandal'Us are crap and will keep fading away, fan power. Any artists that under values the power of loyal fans is a twit. Bardot's attitude form the early days has simply been one of appreciating the support. When Scandal'Us sold out their fans by postponing the tour and making a grab for the UK it really pissed fans off. Bad advice and greed for success...some fans give me some flowers when I am leaving, usual reaction, go red, almost stutter....feel like a dork...nice that they include me in this world of theirs.

Buy Ed Vedder "the cave in the snow" book, sending him off his copy of Bang this week and the Enz tshirt that we talked about, they are sending me some Pearl Jam shirt, keep saying I want to pay for it...nice of them.

March 12th

head to St Kilda to catch up with my date for the Bardot Palais Theatre show. I'm going with the lovely Katie Underwood, who was the Bardot member that left a year ago. We like Katie heaps, and she has a new hair cut. It is just the best, and every head on Acland street turns...we go to cafe Vibe for dinner and some fans spot us, I nod. get to the Palais and pick up our passes, weird for both of us as neither of us have ever watched a show from out front before. I watch some fans in the foyer and they say "yes it's her and so and so"...I am so and so....hey I have a name! That's Mr So and So to you!

It's a fun show and we dare each other to dance, up we get , and she is totally relaxed..and we both like it. We head backstage and run down the corridors and grab the girls....into the band room and I'll tell you what to see her with the other 4 is really nice. I avert my eyes to all the breasts and other girlie parts, yep still a gentleman. Take off some of Boo's hair for her....thank god for extensions...you know she's really totally bald..and yes I am kidding. The girls give me some flowers to take home and I leave Katie to catch up...just good to do...a fun night...Human Nature bore the shit out of me, just think they Suck (with a capital "S").... a lot of people were leaving when I did. Caroline lets me use the private car park for staff, so it's a quick getaway.

March 13th

head to Armadale in the hope that the Arckley show is still on, it's not but some serious Erotica art is on display, the Statues are the best pieces, now if I only had a spare $12,000.

We reel in shock as the New York Deli has gone...but we discover Hunters Cafe Bar and they have a brilliant Chicken Parmigana. One door opens another closes.

Buy A.I. on dvd, hmm it's good but not great, has some good parts but it feels like two movies joined together....jury is still out...need to see it again.

March 14th

Get an email from Tim Finn, some Aussie dates coming up soon, mid April, we'll release them as soon as I have them all locked in. Not long to go... they'll be in the glossy newsletter.

Sleep in a hammock between two gum trees, recharge, dream, float away, wake up- dream while awake, watch the black cockatoos fly over...they are vicious with their beaks on the gum trees, they turn their heads 180o and watch me watching them. Mark looks for the blue tongue but he is well and truely gone. The tree ferns are now massive everywhere, idyllic, very much like New Zealand, lush and green....and it's a warm day, such a great place to live. Till you get to the logging area....I spell out logging sucks in granite rocks...no idea why it won't stop them. Maybe I should of spelt it out in landmines? I still don't understand woodchipping...why do we need it? Sorry on the soapbox again....

Had an idea for a massive solar project, just have to find the right area and not sure if Victoria gets enough direct sunlight.....

March 15th

Neil's tour manager for the recent USA shows seems really good, very passionate, I like her.

Yeti leaves for the USA, think he has a holiday after the dates, so that will be good for him. We bought a lot of Aussie CDS yesterday- the latest Midnight Oil one being one of them, it's good, very Oils, also decided to get Casey Chambers, prefer her to do well then overseas crap, and a big pile of Betchadupa singles...hey it's Liam and Matt...what can I say I like the 'Dupas.

Into the city to say goodbye to Vali and see if I need any info around the studio. John is there and I love some of his carved pieces....all on bone.

I young man comes in with an art tattoo on his forehead, I tell him it's close to the symbol of the high priestess of Avalon and he blushes a bit, well some of it was a blue crescent moon ...he creates these hug arty chandeliers.... he had a nice glow to him...strange he felt like a very old friend....think I spooked him a bit...as I do.

Vali's starting on a new drawing when she is at Positano, told her in September we may come up from Venice and visit for a few days...think we can take the hydro. up the coast to Positano. Seams ages away but the year is going fast. She wants to show Mark all her animals...he'll be in 7th heaven. Not sure how long she will remain in Italy...the group of us will look after her studio...she knows that.

Fried, I think that chandelier mans glow stole my energy....or I'm having a sugar -low , need to have a nap.

March 16th

Love the official Buffy site, especially the quicktime promos for the new episodes...we all gather around the computer and have a 15 second chuckle.

Tiffany sends me an email and India is still happening for Bardot, so some serious shopping as well I gather, told Tiff she can at last wear her Bindi's!

This website had it's 150,000 hit today....some sort of land mark...feels ...good.

GLAMOUR is delayed till May, which is ok, just need to let people have time, I can keep working on it.....listening to Mark he says I am doing too much at once and it's wearing me out.....so the brakes have been applied.

Sleep by no means comes too soon...restless...go to bed early, can't sleep so I read for three hours.

March 17th

Wake up, Rosemaree calls, and we head to Babble for breakfast. Rebecca strolls in and it's a nice gathering, she's still home hunting, doing it all the right way- she is so sensible these days (and will hate me for saying that)....still she has a good Karma vibe, and I think life is turning her way. Shouts me brekky so here is another wad of Karma...thanks. Rosemaree is wearing some nice black outfit, black suits her, forgot to tell her that, but she'll read it here.

Mark shows her how Cosmo does his scratchy sock attack...weird rabbit.

Has there been some major planet stuff happening, had 6 people all ask why I am so calm these days....makes me wonder what I was before. It's like I can't be totally calm, very odd....maybe I am the centre of the storm?! Better watch out I could explode tomorrow!!!!!!!! *grin*.

Before I do I should sign off......hope all of you find some calm in your day to day life experiences.

Life rocks...and I can't get enough of it.


p.s. 150,000 visitors and I'm still too lazy to check this entry. (sorry).

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