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Archive: 7 January - 20 January 2002

January 7th

A 300m asteroid just missed the Earth tonight, the closest that one has been to our small blue planet in decades. If it would of hit London, the whole of England would of been annihilated. It was discovered by scientists on December 12th, and has been kept under wraps from the public as much as possible. Sounds like a B-grade movie plot but it's real, only a matter of time I think before the hand of God doesn't reach out and stop one. Weird when you think of it, could of woken up today with a thick blanket of dust covering the planet, or worse whole populated areas destroyed. A bit of a scary thought for the start of this diary. Maybe be should be celebrating our survival.

Apart from surviving, we are also excited as the tile shop reopens today. Well it was a total let down. You'd think being the only tile shop in Melbourne mentioned in our Mexican tile book that it would actually have Mexican tiles. No this is Australia, of course it has Italian tiles and really "nice" tiles. We think we found some basic tiles but really nothing like what we envisioned. Someone throw me an airfare to Mexico-City please.

January 8th

UFO sightings in Malaysia have doubled over the past year. A massive SIX sightings in the last year- holy cow it's an invasion (not).

For all you visionary's who said DVD wouldn't work, in today's "connect" magazine it's 'official'. The DVD will out sell VCR by 2004, that's the projection from the USA and if christmas sales are anything to go by, it will be the case. It was the biggest selling items in Australia this Xmas.

Eating my lovely breakfast at Babble when Michael Babble Boy leans across the table and predicts an asteroid will hit Italy mid April! he has a serious look on his face. Hell I am meant to be in Venice in September.

January 9th

Neil tells me that there is a good chance for an April/May USA tour (which I'm assuming includes some Canadian dates). Tim Finn is touring around the same time, so I guess there is a chance that they may link up for some dates (hopefully). Not sure how or if it goes under Finn Brothers for those "shows", nothing locked in yet so like you guys I have to wait too.

Find a copy of the 'Toorak Times' newspaper under our door, I thought it had closed down years ago. Not sure if I ever liked anything in this paper. In the antique section it says: 'always vacuum your stuffed moose head from the snout up & you must rinse the head every 5 year' (URGH).

"So all you readers of the Toorak Times,
And connoisseurs of vintage wines
Switch on your brains read between the lines
You don't have to pay those parking fines".
(In a bar in Adelaide -G. Macainsh-Skyhooks)

January 10th

Three very different DVD's. (All 3 available in Australia not import).

DOGMA- Prepare Thyself! Basically a comic fantasy by writer/director Kevin Smith. (He was the director of Chasing Amy and Clerks). Matt Damon & Ben Affleck and 2 fallen angels searching for a way out of exile in Wisconsin (who said God forsaken). A group of humans and supernaturals set out on a quest to stop the Angels. Classic characters Silent Bob and Jay (Jay is even more sex obsessed then I am which is nice to see). The new revamped Catholic Church with the Buddy Christ is a classic moment. It's funny, filthy, totally outrageous and extremely clever. Alanis Morrisette as GOD is heavenly.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS-Thanks Marky love this present. Great Expectations was one of my favorite books at school, I always worry when you have a modern day spin on a classic. Etham Hawke as the adorable Finn (no jokes please), has his heart broken instantly by the sexy Estella (Gwyneth Paltrow). Wonderful moments with Anne Bancroft and Robert De Niro. I want the mansion, in all it's decaying sadness. Etham gives Brad Pitt a run for his money- but you'd have to ask Gwyneth about that. I am more worried that I could end up like Miss Dinsmoor!!!! Some of the most wonderful camera shots I've seen in years.

ME,MYSELF & IRENE- This was a christmas present from Greg Skyhook, and he probably summed it up best by saying "I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of Jim Carrey but I've seen a lot of his movies". We are the same and we seem to own a lot of his DVD's. The directors (The infamous Farrelly Brothers) of the wonderful "There's something about Mary" worked on this movie too, so you know it's going to be good.

Jim Carrey's character Charlie works for the Rhode Island Police Force. he's a nice guy and takes everyone elses crap...one day he has enough and Charlie becomes Hank...holy split personality disorder Batman. Hank is super aggressive, a filthy bastard, serious hard drinker and is the first one in line for a fight (though his fighting technique is suspect). Charlie & Hank fall for Irene- she's on the run. It's fun, Hanks 3 kids swear a LOT which is actually a bit off putting and predictable after awhile, but the breast feeding scene, the shooting of the cow (and yes the cow is fine) and the obnoxious little skipping girl (who one day is rude to Hank not Charlie...BIG MISTAKE) make this a worthwhile rental. Oh the chicken up the policemans arse is another classy moment...let's not go there. Could be a fun present for the right person...not a Mothers Day Gift. Was a good laugh though. A return to form for Carrey.

January 11th

Book our ticket to New Zealand for the Finns 20th anniversary party. Should be great. Was amazed at how expensive flight tickets are to NZ, there goes my pay for a month but it will be worth it.

Looks like I will be going as a singing Nun....well a prerecorded , recorder hidden in my art guitar Nun. Thought the Nun outfit relates to the odd bit of Catholic guilt, plus Nuns are such lovely creatures, all calm and loving, till they whip your sorry arse with a cane.

We are working on a special guitar for my outfit, all religious and blinking crosses and glitterised. Thinking off having small paintings of Sharon & Neil on it- with the bodies of the various Patroness. Would love for it to spin around in that ZZ Top fashion, that's a hard call. My friend Laura is going too, she's deciding on her outfit. Was thinking of going as Xena till I found out the real Xena is attending, even though it would be a great photo op. I decide it could be a bit horrifying.

Call Rosemaree as she is going to help with the outfit. I just want it to look good. Maybe I can slam the tambourine in my outfit if the Finns have a bit of a sing.

January 12th

We push the WINGS OFF FLIES photo books back till late February as our printers are still closed. Which is ok as it gives me some more time to work on it with Mark. He keeps saying I shouldn't rush it and he's right.

Bardot start work on their next video clip LOVE WILL FIND A WAY, it's filmed in Sydney, would of been nice to catch up, but I've just returned from up north so I decide to stay here, not much for me to do.

Work around the house today, squash the small BBQ into the car for Beenami. Ben Yeti gave us the monstrous "feed an entire army" BBQ which was incredibly generous and boy does it work well. Nothing like a good BBQ. Think we'll have to have more BBQ's at the house, the nights are starting to get nice and balmy as only Australian nights do. We really do live in the best country in the world. Don't think I'd trade it for anywhere else.

January 13th

Up nice and early today- look at the joy on my face, the huge smile (not), the bright blue eyes (not) the stifled yawn (yep), The boys are off to the Forest House and Mr weatherman you lying dog- it's raining, blue skys and sun, yeah right. The Yeti was in party mode last night, but today is another story.

So we arrive at lush Beenami, and spend the day in the barn, walking in the mist and just hanging out- all very groovy and peaceful. Get the small BBQ happening (gee life is one big BBQ for me).... more baby birds near the house, and we find out that we have wild deer somewhere in the backyard (akak State Forest) all the signs are there. Various vegeies are springing up, and I point out a few new herbs growing. It's so calm up here, and I can't stop following the treeline- I keep expecting to see Koala's.

Drive home through the mist and the world seems ok. No giant meteors crashing down on Prahran- life is good.

January 14th

Start the day with a lot of orders for BANG! Nearly all postal, Hussy had the same thing happen, one day people must of woke up and went- 'hell I need to order that gorgeous book', kind of overwhelmed me. Means it will be out of the red soon, 40 more copies to go and then it's in profit, which boringly means it isn't a flop (phew).

Get an email from you know who and Pearl Jam are hitting the studio to record the new album, I think it's an interesting time for the band, hopefully they'll do a huge tour with no cancelled dates!!!

We have a visit from Greg (Macainsh) he's such a father figure for us, which is nice. He's been in Sydney so it's some late Christmas present swapping, nice to hang out- our Xmas seems to go from late November till February 1st. Not a bad thing if it's the fun and joy of Christmas extended. More people should climb down off their crosses and enjoy life.

January 15th

Adam Adam Adam Ant what are you doing. The much loved Ant was refused entry to a private party in London and pulled a fake gun on the door staff. I'm sure he'll cop some major media slagging as well as a hefty fine for that. What was he thinking. See Adam in all his glamour in the upcoming WINGS OFF FLIES photo book- when he was more cool then tool.

Call in and see Vali in the studio, she has her cute tinted reading glasses on, she's telling some man that he hates his girlfriend simply because she's a strong woman....go Vali. Her tv doco is due early March I think it was. Almost paid off my Vali original, I think I've been paying it off longer then the diary site has been in operation. For a small piece of art it's taking me forever, it's close though, next pay I figure. To own a Vali original is worth all the effort. Am dying to see which pieces Deborah Harry and Chris own, Vali's bringing in some photos. I notice Chris mentions Vali in the recent Blondie book.

Call in and see the travellex people, they pre-warn me that it's double points time soon, which is fantastic, means we get more Qantas points on money exchange etc, if all goes well we'll end up with two business class tickets to London and Russia in September.

Won't even mention the horrible night I had last night, one of those fluke chemical accidents (no not drug taking) but I found out that I am allergic to something and it spun me out...my brain was clicking over, talking about sucking in information. Thankfully my protector was there... very weird experience. Thanks Marky.

January 16th

Spoke to Mr Hester today, think he's heading down the coast with the family, am trying to talk him into changing his solo cd to being called NUTS, instead of HAIRY NUTS. he may be back on radio again soon so that means he can play a few tracks too. We both really love Dog Trumpets latest (soon to be released) album. It has some truely wonderful songs on it as mentioned in the previous F/16 update.

Have lunch with Ben today at the Tin Pot at Fitzroy Nth, if I lived over this side of town the Tin Pot would be my new Babble, nice vibe. Who should wander in but Libby, Mark Seymours Ex-girlfriend. She joins us at the table and it's all a weird cosmic thing- you know part madness, part this is the first day of your new life thing, loops of conversation just discussed, all very freaky. I sit as I am use to this strange universe stuff. I even find it fun.

Walking back to the 4wd and call into the odd little antique shop and buy a brass rabbit, that looks like Cosmo. Of course Cosmo just can't admire this new door stop, he tips it upside down every few minutes. Is he threatened or just showing off. It's cute to see a rabbit use his hands to lift and throw.

Fall in love with the Panosonic E-Wear MP# player, just like the shape, am going to ask Panasonic for a free one. How daring am I?

January 17th

Rosemaree tells me she is heading into Xavier to perve at the Essendon football team during training. I think it's some sort of gang bang in the showers thing that she is not telling us- a wild footy orgy under the sacred roof's of Xavier college. OK maybe not but it sounds all hot and sweaty- do you ever think I have had just far too much vitamin E today?

Well Ted Demme who directed BLOW just died of a heart attack at age 38, you just know everyone will say he sampled too much of the BLOW product. I said No to drugs but they just didn't listen!

January 18th

Laura and tribe call by, dropping in her flight money for NZ. We are both going what to wear, what to wear....looks like the Nun it will be. Into the city to the Catholic shop again to get some more goodies. I must be evil I started drawing a Dali moustache on the Pope. hey he looked far cooler with that moustache. What a funny shop, the few men inside just give out a battle cry of frustrated sex, so stiff and serious. Please tell me this is not the image that god made man from. I truely believe if there is a God he has a mighty sense of humor. Some people just don't get the joke, some people are the damn joke.

I did buy a friend matching Mary MacKillop metal icons for his nipple clamps. To be honest I really dig Mary MacKillop, she's one of the few who truely lived the Gospel with passion and human dignity- she was cool, though her eyebrows could do with a pluck. I think the Sisters of St Joseph have a copyright on her image which is a tad scary (the copyright not her).

The best things are the prayer cards, and so cheap- a mere 30c. I buy them all, I am a prayer card-holic.

My name is Peter I am a Prayer Card-holic.
Hello peter!

We have some food at the Alley cat and it's name has changed, and the shop has kind of turned sideways....feels like it's sinking. Very odd, but the space looks bigger. The food tastes the same.

I notice two more Dr Who dvds have been released locally, so the Dr Who fanclub will be stroking their K-9's over that one. It's the least popular Dr's as Mark points out.

A woman in a pink fluffy coat walks up to me in the alley way and asks me to sign her book- her name is Lulu and she wants me to say HI next time I write something on the site, so I guess this is it. I left a hidden prayer card in her book, they make good book marks- I think she scored St.Therese. She's known as the little flower, she's kind of a messenger and she always has those roses in her hands...and a shower of petals. So LuLu meet St Therese. hope she gives you hope.

We watch the last Planet of the Apes movie tonight, the phone kept ringing and cutting out so I unplugged it. I'm going to have to train people to call me only during office times, I want a life.

I awoke with a crash tonight, someone felt through our front gate, a drunk girl in a very short skirt, I was going to open the door and point out that I never ordered a hooker. (Opps) Just another drunk party goer from boring old Revolver, what a dump, every bogan in Melbourne goes there now, they walk down Chapel street all bright eyed like they have discovered Nirvana.

January 19th

Wake up...water the chilli plant, it's getting baby chilli's on it, they are super hot so Rebecca will devour them all.

I have an afternoon reading session, finish off the latest Anne Rice book and love it. Sit high in our balcony like a 500 year old Vampyre and watch the mortals wander by. No one ever spots me, I could stalk them if I wanted, jumping down from the upper branches- that would shake up Mrs Pritcter down the road, I'd probably land on her shopping jeep.

Spend 3 hours answering emails. Spend the afternoon making Lasagne for dinner, will be a nice one I can tell. Now that I have lost a stone, I'm sure after ways to put it back on!!!!

My Bardot girls have been very quiet, then again the new single LOVE WILL FIND A WAY isn't out till mid February, so the media blitz tends to grind to a halt. Will be interesting to see how this single goes, at least it has a non album track on the single.

January 20th

It's going to be a super hot day today, decide to go solo and head to Beenami to mow the lawns, well if you can call endless acres "mowing the lawn". Just with all the fires it has to be done.

Score a playstation Xmen game for $24.oo, simply because it doesn't have a jewel case, and I went so close to buying the full price one, my bargain of the day.

Igor is happy to see me for once and does some major goat talking, which probably means I want food, I want food. His eyes are so trippy, they look like vampire contacts.

Stop and start with the mowing all day, the temperature soars so I hide in the house. Still get most of it done. Nice and peaceful.

Come home to find Mark has made homemade sausage rolls- guess that is my reward for mowing!!!!!!

Rather a short diary this week, my vibe has gone out the window, feeling kinda lazy, must be the heat.

Look after yourselves.


p.s. in my laziness I won't check this one for mistakes- forgive me *grin*.

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