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Archive: 1 December - 14 December 2003

December 1st

Well here we are the 12th month and I can hear those sleigh bells fainlty ringing in my ears, they increase in intensity as it heads towards the end of the month and I get a craving to join in with those Churches but defer to do something more constructive like a few good deeds. Wow imagine if all those people suddenly put down their prayer books and up and left on mass and just did something so positive and amazing, said 'well done' and then went back to the Church and started singing again.....a very Tim Burton visual thought methinks... must be those crunchy M&M's that trigger off such things in my brain.....

Today also marks the release of Andy White's single 'Tell me why' so it's National Andy day, at our office anyway!!!

It's also World Aids day, so I scoop together all the gold coins I have been saving and promise I will buy a red ribbon from every collector I see... I miss one poor straggler so I run across the road and buy one, almost a human insect on the window of a #8 tram! My publishing bag is ablaze with a sea of red ribbons. So did all of you buy one ?

Monday is chart day and that Delta keeps on selling, equally Crowded House's sales for 'Recurring Dream' in Australia...she'll hit 12 platinum next week, and still no one can bump her off the top spot. Kylie's album is starting to drop, I wonder if the record company are worried, sales are sluggish at best here and England, you can hear the knives coming out...it's like the media are deciding that we need a new icon...

The Return of the King- Premiere in New Zealand tonight and we spotted him, there was the NZ King, Mr Neil Finn at the premiere giving them a wave, and the crowd of 100,000 lined the streets and we could hear them chanting 'Neil, Neil...' what a great event for Wellington am so happy for N.Z. to steal the Premiere away from Hollywood.

Andy & Christine are excited, as are we that the final few shows of White Collar Blue are being shown at long last, this series deserved better and even at it's worst it out-rated everything else that replaced it... such a stupid move to axe it.

Our old gig friend from Sydney- Judith is in town, so she stays the night, it's a quick visit but always fun to see her, the spare room is getting some active use lately, our home has a revolving door these days....

December 2nd

So Mark Latham is the new Leader of the Opposition, just piping Beazley at the Post. I know very little about Latham but anyone who describes John HoWARd as an arse kisser is o.k. in my book. Seems the public feel that too as the opinion polls are showing a strong swing in support of Latham's new top post....

The Hockeyroo's defeated Holland yesterday (2->1) in Sydney at the Champions Trophy, so far Australia is undefeated, what a team.

Mark and his team turn up and yes the front gutters are finally done. Several neighbours of both sexes were rather drawn to the number of young men scaling ladders at our house in their little black shorts..... it must be all that balmy heat outside (and a few peoples balmy heat on the inside!!!).

Thankfully our mate Sarah saved the day and tracked down the gutters, they have been the only ones who have turned up and got the job done... so Sar. we owe you. Next Savage Garden Boy who has a solo release will happily help out with some extra push!

Good timing on our part..that balmy weather ...well it was a huge storm front and 100+mm of rain fell, biggest storm in 120 years, 6 people hit by lightening and those small plastic cars were bopping up and down on the flooded streets....they said something like 40% of houses flooded, we had one area get a bit water logged but our house is 120+ years and the roof angle so steep...wasn't too bad..the front new gutters worked well. Cosmo sat in the main windows near the wrought iron balcony and watched the plastic cars float by.

December 3rd

Don't leave for N.Z. till this evening so get a full days work done. I have my bags packed, really packed considering it's only for a few days they seem awfully heavy.

I'm over Air NZ again, thought I'd give them one more chance and it was such a stupid idea, the flight was really late, food was o.k. and hey I had a giant Lord of the Rings cast member painted on the side of our plane. Had a weird experience with the person next to me trying to pick me up.... and it would of been at least interesting if I was single, and despite them being quite stunning I gave them my 'it ain't gonna happen' look. I even left my dissembled flying hairstyle look in the hope it would push them away. It's weird when that happens.....

Arrive at the Hotel, Janey says I should of stayed at Finn mansion but, I was really into the Hotel, simply because the Finns have finally moved the office and studio out of the home and I thought it might be nice for them to enjoy their time in a home environment...some sort of respect thing from my part.

The Hotel always looks after me, and they give me my usual room.... of course I can't sleep, order room service, read , work on some interview questions, call Mark, talk to the rabbit (he never talks back)..... take a melatonin .......

December 4th

Tim emails me that he'd like to do his interview and hour early, thankfully I checked my mail at the airport.... so am aware of his request. Have some food at Mt Eden's wonderful Volcanic cafe, I always forget that their coffee bowls are the size of a spa bath.....I never need THAT much coffee....and have some healthy fruit salad. Buy Marie the most amazing roses that I've spotted in the window of the florist. Such incredible shades...they look like they belong in an old world painting....

Harper is at home and he is fun, he's growing, still has those eyes that know the worlds best secrets...great kid, get to meet Miss Elliot and she is going to be a stunner...she can't stop watching me.... another set of lovely eyes.

Interview Tim for the 'Letters to my Frenz' ENZ book....and then film/interview him for the Finn Brothers questions. He tells me he is so happy with the interview, the best he's done in ages and ages. Good to hear that, I know he's being truthful. I tried to keep away from most of the Chunn book stuff as it's all been said before.... some good detailed answers.

Next it's a quick visit to Eddie, and stay for awhile as we like to have a chat, go through some more live material, some for possible use as a bonus disc for the True Colours Re Issue... and the other half (here's the scoop ENZ fans) might be used as a bonus disc for those who have pre ordered the Enz Book (Letters to my Frenz)...so for those fans who had the faith to pre order they should be looked after...not saying what show, it's also early days but IF all goes well that's what I am hoping. Have spoken to most of the guys and it all seems fine.....

Ed is now going to be the MC for New Zealand Idol , the deals signed and Ed's on board.... hope his dry humour comes out .... as time goes on I enjoy Eddie more and more...think it's the brutal honesty between us (:

he plays some of the upcoming Space Waltz album... it's really good.... love all those sounds...so much better then Space Waltz ever were.....it's cool.

Leave Ed's and navigate to the new Finn office, the building Neil & Sharon have bought, and I do well, arrive pretty much on time. Jeff let's me in and I am captivated by this building, so incredible, so f**kin' HUGE, an amazing Masonic Lodge and I can smell ritual everywhere (it's my Wicca nose and some severe PSI courses in L.A.).... so good to see Janey who I always love, she's a great mate of Sharon's and I see this great golden heart when I look at her.... she's also made my life much much easier by cataloging Neil's Hi8 tapes which we'll be using as part of the 'Home Movie' area of the Crowded House Retrospective DVD in late 2004.

The boss comes out and I'd forgotten his Neil Finn look, those eyes and that grin... I've finally settled around him, and a big part of that is Sharon, can't explain it here, I used to get so nervous, not in a fan-ish way, just in 'a' way...for no reason.... but that's awhile ago and I guess I am the Duncan Idaho of the Finn/House Atreides for those who understand my 'Dune' reference. It is good to see him. Funny I've started calling him Boss, hell it's only been 20+ years......

I get the guided tour, well part of as a real guided tour would take an hour, and we need to get the Interviews done, the Finn Brothers one and a small one for the Enz book.

We hear the sound of a piano being played..and both look up and walk in the direction.... there sits Ex Enz Man Ex APRA man Mike Chunn tickling those ivory's....after a few minutes of us watching he looks up and smiles.

Right on queue walks in the lovely Dave Dobbyn and he's wearing a Fez... I say hello to brother Dave and we both say 'Toga Party' and crack up. A Fez suits him... he should be the royal welcome party for all who enter this Lodge of Friendship.

Do the Finn Brothers Q&A first, fans from all over the globe have sent in questions, there were a lot and a chunk were picked and 95% of them given to both Finns so the answers will run under the Questions..from both points of view... so it's interesting.

Sharon walks in, looking great Dawny and the recent chandeliers are so intricate and lovely, her display room is really a form of art, not just a light appliance...great stuff.

Neil is needed in the studio, 'do you want to come in' while I record, won't be long...yes as if I'd say NO to seeing the Finn Brothers recording.... Tim pops out of some side door....and he jokingly asks if Neil's answers were shorter then his... *grin*....

The sounds are great, it's this moment that defines why I love my job, that first listen, or advance listen of these guys making this music. I get so pissed when people easily dismiss artists songs as most people never really get to see or know what goes into them.... the voices of both Finns meld and I am captivated.... they know it....I am the March hare stuck in the Finns musical headlights..let the black wheels fly over!

Neil points out that they won't be rushed on this one, they are giving it the best chance, and that includes live.... so it may take longer to record but it sounds like globally fans will get to see it performed live in more places.

We head back to the Ballroom where tomorrow nights Christmas Party and the christening of the building will happen. Pretty much all the friends and family around the Finns, a bit of a Xmas party..... an amazing room. pretty sure I am back in NZ soon to do the full work on the archives in our basement area, made a half real suggestion that every Sunday we should have Yoga classes in the 'Ballroom'..has these windows that are the buildings soul.... this light rushes in, not nasty white light it's kind of defused by the glass....

We continue the Interview and both stop after the question... 'it's hard to do this after being in that studio' I say... Neil totally agree's and we do continue but the music is floating about in our heads I just know it...... doing an interview is kind of surreal.

Head down to our archives and work out some areas with Jeff, and chat to the boss about it while he sits in this enormous room with a racing car set... it was a kodak moment. Go through some of the HI8 footage and box it so it comes back to Australia, Janey has given a very detailed account of what's on the tapes, she saved me weeks of work...maybe months.

Come back upstairs and Neil and Tim have signed the front of a few of the Wings Off Flies books, they looks great autographed.

Watch the sun set from the ballroom, get an offer of a lamb roast and the boss was cooking but thought with all of the touring next year, some time alone will become a rare thing..... I know that sounds strange..... I head off from this amazing place.

December 5th

Not much sleep again.....head to the Trinity Cafe at Parnell for breakfast, some guys asks me if I am English.....weird...I say Mexican.

Really want to buy 'TAKEN' DVD box set.... for some reason NZ has it first and it's around $120 here....head to the wonderful Real Groovy, like I always do whilst I'm in N.Z. and I find a second hand copy...mint condition and it's only $75 NZ! Super bargain....buy a few other Christmas presents...

Call Jules who's on the Robbie Williams tour, and just miss her at the Hotel, tell her about the Party but I'd expect they'll be working on all the show stuff..it's a big gig here so they'll want it sounding hot. Duran Duran are the special guest on the tour and they have really grabbed all the media in NZ....the news is full of D.D.

Have a look for some stuff on Craig Parker from Lord of the Rings....for a friend....not a lot about. Send her some websites....

Head off to the Finn party, ok what am I wearing.....my Morrissey designed pants, my striped shirt..and some winklepicker super pointy shoes... originals which are a true danger as that Ballroom floor can be very slippery....I could stab someone to death...hair well..yes what can I say a mess and getting thicker....it;s a look as Robert Smith once said!

Security is at the door and says 'welcome Mr Green' I have no idea, I keep thinking that he must of been an old crew person...I smile non the wiser.

Such a lot of familiar faces, over the moon to see the Eccles, Brent & Helen, their boy Matt takes after his Dad and is the drummer for Betchadupa, Brent was in The Angels...and now Helen and Brent are these incredible promoters in N.Z. There's another Brent Eccles connection which is slightly Enzish...as some of you know Enz keyboardist Eddie Rayner played in NZ band Space Waltz well so did Brent Eccles...and he was in Stewart & the Belmonts with Ed as well... N.Z. musical history tends to wrap around itself and I'm sure every musician has played with another at some stage......

Helen makes my night and tells me she has made Jen's Pinwheels..at first I thought she was kidding, but on the massive food table...there they were... and they were perfect, every one of them went within 10 minutes, one particular musician (who shall remain nameless had three on his plate!)... the PInwheels have taken over New Zealand. Good one Helen. yep Pinwheels for Peace.

Some great music tonight, a bit of R&B, Neil then takes the stage and plays a few songs by himself, then the Finns with Bones and Ross. Dave Dobby is up there and they all create some nice sounds...add to that Liam and then Elroy on drums and his friend....the music is filling this room....Eddie and Mike Chunn from the Enz....GoldenHorse finish the night. I'm convinced that Richard Finn danced with every lady in the room, he has so much energy. Chatted to quite a few people, great to see Bones again, fantastic that he is aboard the Finn Bros project....and John was looking after the guitars and stage so it was all familiar....really liked 'Anything can happen' one of the new Finn Brothers tunes. The Betchadupa boys are wandering about they are like a little gang makes me laugh the Enz in the early days used to be the same....all joined at the hip.

It's getting late and have to finish packing, use my esp to track down Sharon & Neil....find them rather quickly and thank them for a lovely night. It's so wonderfully them to be having a cuppa together. As I head to my car out walks Dave Dobbyn and I kept thinking he should be wearing the Fez and hand me my car and keys....wishes me a good Christmas and a bit of a hug... I loom up at the ballroom and the lights are dancing out of the windows and a few stragglers are still partying on.

December 6th

The streets are always deserted this time of morning I like the drive even traces of fog surround my car.

A family from Port Fairy are on my flight, and they are nice and keep saying 'Hey Peter......' like they have known me all their lives...odd but ok... I am really tired and nod off a bit.

Sleep is on my mind again......

December 7th

Can't remember if Jules birthday is 7th or 8th, I am hopeless, I keep missing her at the hotel, I'm sure she is having a good time. Wonder what Robbie Williams gave her for her birthday?

I have some diary books and WINGS aside for her, they'll give her a good laugh.


Single of the Month- The N.Z. release of MOVE OVER...by Betchadupa...but for track #2 THE BATS OF DARKWELL LANE...really nice cover art too. Overseas music lovers can buy this (tax free) at Marbecks online website.

Book-How to rule the world-a handbook for the aspiring dictator (thanks Marco & Toija for this present).

Food- Vegetarian Patty with chutney- Prahran Market Cafe.

Drink- H2O from my tap, Melbourne water is the best.

New Toy- Sony VX2000E Digital video camera...incredible quality, the only one to get.

Dickhead of the Month-Whitney Houston for staying with that loser Bobby Brown, even when he beats her she keeps coming back for more. She's fu*ked.

Album-Marshmallows release- good work Alan Gregg.

Person of the month- Neil Finn.

Clothing-Morrissey Pants.

December 8th

Cate Blanchett looked fantastic at the opening of Roman Polanski's 'Dance of the Vampires' musical- all pregnant and wearing a sashi nui jacket.

Need to buy a kataplana for cooking..I bet I spelt that wrong....anyway need a good one for the kitchen to whip up some interesting dishes.

JET hit Platinum with their album and it's back in the National Top 20. Kylie is about to exit the national Top 10, the TV special didn't work any wonders with the album sales....some treading of water.

December 9th

Took some copies of BANG! and the order sheets down to breakfast as they need to be signed, looks like people are buying the little Famous for 16 Minutes books for Christmas presents as they are asking for them to be made out to other people, I'm happy to do it and I guess they are 'unique' in their own way...if not slightly bizarre. Will start working on 'TRIP' mid next year, instead of covering 6 months they'll cover a year....

Call in and we buy the worlds biggest Christmas tree, get numerous potted tree's to cover my conscious ... even though this came from a Christmas Tree Farm I hate the thought of a tree being chopped down.... so we'll do our usual and plant some extra's. It just fits in the 4WD, I'm sharing the front drivers area with the top of the tree. The Oxfam shop Christmas stars look amazing such works of art and this year those micro christmas lights... it's some genius tactical work to get the Christmas Angel on top...but she's up there and clinging on for dear life.

December 10th

Much as I don't like our P.M. John Howard, Zimbabwe's foreign Minister Stan Muderga should really look at Zimbabwe's human rights issues before pointing the finger. Howard was right this time by -pushing for Zimbabwe's suspension from the Commonwealth.

Hmm Michael Jackson's 'Number Ones' drops from #13 to 329 in the USA after 2 weeks, however the U.K. seems to support Whacko keeping his album at #3.

Some friends call by this evening and we have some Christmas cheer, Jen ends up in a wig and the santa top as my humble assistant in the present passing out. I like all these people and it was a lovely night, felt good and loads of laughter. Our Melbourne family. As in all good traditions Rebekah is the last to leave, she's a trouper!

Didn't really sleep, the sun peeped around my drapes so I just got up and cleaned the house, still the question has to be asked, how only a few people could use so many glasses. (: Loved our presents guys.

December 11th

Hear from Debbie in Sydney who is writing a book on Australasian songwriters the Finns are probably going to be in it, no release date guess it's in 2004.

Head to target as they have some Cat in the Hat dolls with books on special... a great Xmas present for Genevieve up the road.

Mark spends the day using the new Sony camera, if I end up on the road for the Finn tour, this is what I will be using, it's the same one the Pearl Jam boys use to film their shows. Amazing picture quality...amazing price tag (!) YIEKS.

The Cat in the Hat is hard to wrap!!!

December 12th

Really enjoying the TV show OUR GENERATION... good scripts.

A present arrives from Jules, Star Trek Outtakes, brilliant!

20 years ago today treasurer Paul Keating floated the Australian dollar....one of P.K.'s very clever decisions. The Australian dollar has surged more than 32% against the U.S. dollar this year as the greenback continues to capitulate across global markets. It has been a resounding success for the Australian economy. Let's see treasurer Costello come up with anything half as brilliant-that guy is a tosser.

Hmm get some sales figures for Silverchair, they've only sold 770,000 albums in Australia so nowhere near my 'million albums sold' list.... I'm still sure there are only 10 Australian groups who have sold One Million + albums within Australia.

We notice the Peter Green DVD reviewed in The Sun received 4 stars....!

Melbourne fans just remember Dec. 20th Andy White will be playing his last show for the year at The Elsternwick Hotel (Elwood) I think it's free as well, so come on down for some Christmas cheer.

December 13th

Woke up early with some tools playing football on our street at 7.00...big joy!

Washing day, how I love washing day, (NOT)..... get up early and put Cosmo the bunny outside, he looks at me letting him out early as if to say 'hey it must be washing day'!

Won $10 on lotto again.... God keeps forgetting to add the extra zeros. Mark won $20 he's doing better then I am.

Mark goes out shopping and brings home some fun bargain priced DVDs for us:

The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (The Shameless Saga of a young Aussie in Pommyland)

The Omega Man featuring Charlton Heston

Breakfast at Tiffanys with the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn.

Mick Jagger was knighted over night by Prince Charles -he finally collected his accolade for services to music. Keef will be happy!!!!

Mark works on some mini movies on the G4 and the VX camera...we email Ben a Christmas movie with Jen in a lovely black wig and Santa outfit! Hopefully it worked! he's somewhere on the road with The Living End. (Bummer we failed it came back to us!).

December 14th

Sleep deeply last night, loads of dreams, think it was the Chilli Con Carne, all those fresh green chilli's....must trigger something. Very weird dreams and they were vast and cavenous.

Didn't hear from Rosemaree so our possible breakfast is blown out, we both have spent too much on Christmas so Babble won't get our last few cents.

Write out the Neil interview for the Split Enz book, am planning to finish up the Tim Finn one this afternoon as well. Trying to get all the text out of the way, so we can start on the photo images. Am hoping our special surprise comes off for fans who pre-order the book, if so they'll be stoked.

Sis calls and looks like I do get some new runners for Christmas, those great black Air Walks, Neil introduced me to them as stage shoes a few years back and really comfortable. It's all I really needed, I am a man of simple tastes.

That's it for now..... next update just after Christmas, so I really should wish you guys all the best. Hope it's a fun time for you all, and the best gift you can give is kindness and some hope.

Lets hope 2004 swings towards some Peace in the world.


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