The Life and Times of Peter Green
Archive: 13 September - 26 September 2004

September 13th

I feel a change coming on. It could be seasonal, as Melbourne moves from wet and cold to something more pleasant. Even I, a child born in a thunderstorm at 3.33 in the morning get a bit bored by the wet and grey. Hell anyone would think this was England (*GRIN*).

It could be a change in me too, a good one. Fate seems to be dancing about at the moment and all I have to do is reach out and grab her. Give the old gal a twirl.

It's not only me though, my friends too are in some sort of upheaval, lives are being shaken up- in all areas. Relationships, friendships ,the Planets (if you believe in all that) must be truly askew. Hey it could even be a good thing. People do seem to be very lonely at the moment.

I first took this as a bad thing, pressure, annoying and 'just what we all need' (NOT) but over the last week, a bit of embracing it all seems to be working and it's all o.k. Now if the Gods were truly splendid they'd grant me the third wish and give me that house on Magnetic Island. Hell I could truly escape some of the last legs of Melbourne's Winter each year if that was the case. (Huge Moan from Mark, who still has major fear factors that I am going to move and live on the Island. All those reading this now- I AM NOT MOVING TO MAGENTIC ISLAND TO LIVE!!!).

So here I sit, the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and life really is ok. I've packed the 70+ sun-block just in case ....

September 14th

Week #3 on the National chart and our Finn Brothers album is still in the Top 10 (#9). Don't think we'll get a 4th week but hey , even making Top 10 amongst all the shite is exceptional.

N.Z. is a tad more frustrating, the record company actually ran out of album stock and are rushing to get more pressed. EVERYONE IS HERE had record sales one weekend, the most a local album has ever sold over a weekend. It's like N.Z. woke up and went 'MUST have that Finn Brothers release today'. Emancipate you kiwi's and rush out and try and find a copy!!! I'm sure the stock problem has been resolved, but hey even having a stock problem is a good sign, if you look at the glass being half full that is.

I've been working on the Fanclub Split Enz book. Fine tuning the original draft, and waiting on Eddie Rayner to send over those bonus songs so we can get the CD pressed for the pre-orders. God Bless Ed! It's coming together and yeah this ones taking time, but we will get there. Just have to get all the money to pay publishing for their use. It's worth it though.

Out of the Police Box and I've landed in Oz Department! Katie Manning who played the lovable Jo Grant in Dr Who, became an Australian citizen today. She totally loves Australia and has always wanted to live here, so she's done it. Guess that makes it easier for her to be at all those Aussie Sci-Fi conventions.

Greg Skyhook calls in today and hangs out with Mark and goes through DVD stuff. Marky G. has bitten the bullet and has become a computer Geek. I am rolling my eyes, but he has promised not to let it over run our lives (thank F*CK). Having one computer obsessed best friend is far far enough (wink).

Make Mango Lassi. What a nice drink, I even use low fat Yoghurt. Spring the time to be healthy.

September 15th

I picked 'The RAM' today from the Druid Animal Oracle- card set. I know the RAM's Gaelic name is REITHE and it's a card for Sacrifice, Breakthrough and Achievement. It's to do with family, place of birth and connection. It also represents the power to overcome and achieve, being patient, persevering and attending to the needs of ones daily life and you will eventually have a breakthrough.

There is the other side of the card. Instead of banging your head against a brick wall, it is possible to walk around it. Solutions are multiple in most cases. (though sometimes I do make a door right in the middle of the wall!).

Kind of where my head is at the moment. Less banging more observing and having choices. It's a good card and the RAM does look a lot like our Ram at Beenami Igor Snr.

Incredibly sad, another of the Ramones has died. It's like the Grim Reaper is scattering all the six pins. Johnny Ramone, the third to die means only Tommy remains. How strange would that be? Being the last.

God bless Eddie and Jill Vedder, they were at the house and by Johnny's side till the end. That's a hard thing to do, shows a lot of caring. Prostate Cancer, age 55, it seems to be becoming a common thing. Time we all had a check up. Rock in Peace Johnny.

Wow love the cover on the latest SFX magazine, all Star Wars-ish. Nice job. I especially liked the Star Wars Interview with Gary Kurtz who was the producer on the first two classics. Thought his comments on the latest Star Wars movies and the Special Editions were spot on. Especially the part about Special Editions losing their momentum and energy when extra stuff is added.... he is a wise man. Death to Jar Jar Binks is all I can say. Thanks Jayne...and the Star Wars Box Set is only days away...looking forward to that.

September 16th

Single of the Month- Green Day's AMERICAN IDIOT. The title track is good but the 2nd song on the single SHOPLIFTER is even better. GOVERNATOR is a change in direction and lead vocals are not by Billie Joe. Play it loud and mail a copy to the people who support George W. Go GREEN DAY hope this does well.

Book of the month- Not sure if it is the Rosaleen Norton painting in my room or feel a tad witchy (and twitchy). Decide to have yet another read of PAN'S DAUGHTER by Nevill Drury. No idea how many times I've read this book, just fascinates me each time I pick it up. My Norton Painting (THE CAT), am just in the middle of tracing it's time line. Really want to know some of it's history. Am pretty sure it came from the walls of the infamous Kashmir Coffee Shop, that existed in Kings Cross and was painted around 1951. Roie went to the coffee shop nearly every day (Gee sounds familiar). Anyway if you can get hold of a copy of Pans Daughter (Collins Books Australia originally released it) do so- it's a fascinating read.

Food- I seem to be cooking a lot of chicken Satay and fresh Vegies... and the little chocolate logs at Daguerres restaurant are delicious.

Creep of the Month. Liberal Treasurer Peter Costello. What a suck. Hate how his propaganda keeps filling up our letter box. Finally had enough and took his latest flyer and changed it. It now reads Peter Costello- 'Something Smells in the Seat Of Higgins' and added some devil horns etc. The photo on the flyer is just so horrid- he is surrounded by the biggest dorks I have ever seen. So that now reads DORKS OF THE MONTH GENERAL MEETING. I glued it onto the power pole on the street. He creeps me out-URGH, such a fake laugh.

Favourite Item of clothing- My Fruit of the Loom Socks. Still so comfy after endless washes...despite me getting stirred by a certain road crew member.

People of the Month- Had to be our record company EMI, who have been exceptional this week, and very generous. It's easy to slag a record company off but they have done some good stuff lately.

DVD- Gilligan's Island Box Set-Season One. Though Warner's should really not have said that it's in colour when the season is actually in B&W. Contains the Pilot episode with the original cast (no Mary-anne, Ginger, Professor). Thankfully the cast changed to the ones we know and love. Mr and Mrs Howell have the best lines in the show. If I hear the theme song once more I will scream though. ..sit right back .......... argh!...and Star Wars Box Set... finally it's here. Gilligan does look a bit like Jar Jar Binks does he not? They could fit into one of those 'separated at birth' magazine shots.

September 17th

Some flowers arrive for Mum, it's nice to send them. Mums are special, she knows we love her but it's good to make the effort.

All we seem to do is package and send signed copies of EVERYONE IS HERE, no idea how many have gone out, but it's a damn lot. No wonder EMI loves us *GRIN*.

So Missy Higgins is special guest on the Finn Brothers Aussie tour. The album is doing well for her, no idea if this will help sell Finn tickets but I guess it can't hurt. She's currently outselling the Finns album wise in Australia... is this another Sheryl Crow situation...

Off to the Red Pepper for dinner, we worked so hard today, just slump in the chair and eat. It's nice that they now have coke here in glass bottles. It just tastes better. The Pepper Girl goes 'The usual guys?'...I should of freaked her out and ordered Japanese.....

Mail my Uncle Des Neil Diamonds HOT AUGUST NIGHT c.d, I know he will enjoy it, think he is still playing the original tape. Good Lord!!!!

Our internet is cut right back for the next 14 days, so people have to wait for replies. We've already gone over. It's annoying, you tell people not to email for 14 days and they email you saying OK...and then ask a question. What part don't they understand? Grrrrrrrr

Take an hour off and work in the backyard. It's nice to be outside, it's not sunny but it's ok. Blue Skies over head. All these orchard like flowers have opened up, so I move the huge pots about. Holy backache Batman.

The hanging baskets are all starting to work- should only be a few weeks before the flowers and tendrils start falling down the sides. The Jasmine is out, which always means the weather is getting better. peter Green Thumb Returns!!!!!!

September 18th

So Macaulay Culkin looks like keeping the bed warm for Michael Jackson in Jail. Macaulay gets busted, and boy does he looked totally f*cked up! Can't work out what was scarier- Macaulays mug shot or the Jackson clan turning up for court. What a bunch of dickheads they are-so funny that the whole family are so damn freaky. Do they really believe their own bull$hit or what?

Just heard the good news that the Green Day AMERICAN IDIOT single will debut at #8 on the Australian singles chart, the highest new entry this week. Missy Higgins is still #1 on the album chart, so who knows the reaction to her on the tour may well be mammoth. AMERICAN IDIOT debuts at #3 on the U.K. chart. X-cellent!

Did some serious cooking this weekend and cleaning of the house. Rosemaree calls by on the way to some Rage Party, say no to designer drugs girl, and we spotted that huge vampiric love bite on your neck! You devil you.

September 19th

Been having some very deep sleeps lately and serious dream activity. Mark takes me to breakfast at Daguerre's which was a total treat. We arrive early and get our regular table.

Good news for TV- OUR GENERATION ('American Dreams' is the USA name..YCH) finally returns and it's two episodes. We love that show- so good to have something that's not boring old reality TV.

I know it won't last, Channel 7 are sure to stuff the show around and it will disappear, as Mark pointed out they never fuck with Reality Shows. We are almost paranoid thinking it's all the shows we like. Kind of glad we are not like all the other Reality Sheep though. Bahhhhhhhhhhh Bahhhhhh.

September 20th

Monday, the start of the new week, the start of something good. Can feel it in the air, or maybe it's all the sunshine outside. People dancing down the street, skin I see skin. People lying around in Greville Street Park picking the daisies and smoking Pot. Bliss.

My Gold Amex card is still active so go shopping. I buy the double Nick Cave CD- ABATTOIR BLUES / THE LYRE OF ORPHEUS. It was the article in today's Sun newspaper- a really good interview, made me laugh. I also bought Green day's album- also titled AMERICAN IDIOT. The Betchadupa CD is next, I'm sure all three albums will be loved by yours truly. Love Green Day's release as much as I expected. It's different in some ways to theie other releases, it has the potential to be massive.

'Don't want to be an American idiot
Don't want a nation under the new mania
can you hear the sound of hysteria?
The subliminal mind fuck America
welcome to a new kind of tension
all across the alienation.....' (Billie Joe Armstrong)

Pay our excess Netspace bill today- it's the fans fault all those emails *grin*. I want 5c off each and every one of you.

I send my sister details of the TAP- Term Allocated Pension. It basically means pensioners can get an extra 3.9% return on their money, so they are slightly better off. Gee must be an Australian election coming up. If it helps my Mum I don't give a cr@p. Minimal thresholds, asset assessments, and allocated pensions welcome to old age. Hell shouldn't it be easy for the elderly?

A rush on 'Wings off Flies' today, make Mark sign some of the copies. He loves it when he has to autograph stuff, it's hard for us Wollongong boys, autographing stuff is kind of odd. These days I sign almost anything (except band albums) all the books I am happy to scribble my name on but don't ask for anything unique, one off autographs I am totally crappo.

Mark is playing HOT AUGUST NIGHT CD nice and loud...GOOD LORD!!!! Crunchy Granola Suite- GOOD LORD- HEYYY!....Alright, ,,,dee dee de dum.... I know a man that was out of touch...... GOOD LORD....!!!! Sorry..where were we...... now he can family man......Sorry. (Picture the whole office bouncing and dancing around. It sure is hard to type while dancing on my chair!). Holding Jim, lovin' him..... me and you that died too, don't know that I will, till I can find me.. solitaire' man .... Opps sorry. Neil Diamond Love-Fest in progress.

Hmmm what else, oh love the packaging of the Nick Cave CDS, a really nice box...good job St Nick.

Lunch, catch up with Spock for our meeting on the Enz book. It's coming together. It's maybe ten times harder then we expected, but slowly coming together. Balancing out text endless Jpegs, and it all has to fit into 'X" amount of pages. Slow and steady. It will happen. Our meeting is at Babble, Dan the man is still at Babble but no other familiar faces. We get our usual table, just like the good old days.

Pick up the Star Wars box sets. I don't know, I was expecting some sort of really cool box, it's a bit cheap Mr Lucas. The main box would of looked great in a metallic tin. I still buy it, so we can can relive Star Wars tonight.

Climb into the deep bath and all the candles are lit. I rarely ever drink alcohol in a bath, but tonight I have a Glavya ... how nice is Glayva, what a cool drink warms the cockles of your heart. Cosmo hops into the bathroom (yeah the door is wide open- such an exhibitionist eh?) he hops in and says HI and sits and watches me wash my hair. Such an inquisitive creature. Mark brings him some corn so he is lured away by his best friend- food! When it gets warmer I'll pop him in the tub, he is o.k. with getting a wash, such a clean animal, always grooming himself.

September 21st

Hmm slept well, Star Wars marathon at our place last night. How fresh and clean are those DVDs in the Star Wars box set. Think I am becoming a bit of a purist though, I find it really hard to enjoy the new bits added, it just looks so damn CGI. I agree with all those fans it should of been the original 3 movies, yep clean up up, remove the dirt , scratches etc and dump the extra CGI stuff. Those 3 movies just gel- a case of script, the right actors and some humor. Was really good to see them again, and Harrison Ford what a Spunk as Hans Solo (he was so good prior to mid-life crisis and the ear ring). Always had a soft spot for the walking carpet Chewie.... and I became alarmed when C3PO has his oil bath and in the background the only area he continually rubs is his crotch! What a rude droid.

Another fine Spring day here, in between work, I clean, I plant- today it's more Chilli and Parsley, plus loads more flowers in the garden. Am going for it- Spring brings out the best in me.

Speak to NZ and Neil gets on the phone, sounds like the rest has done them good. He's happy how it's all going. Try to call Tim just to say HI but he's not in, but I get a hello from baby Eliot which brightens up my day.

Tonight our old friend Pete Farnan who was a founding member of Boom Crash Opera is playing his first solo spot at Club Acoustica. Club Acoustica is a once a month performance at 234 Flinders Lane in Melbourne (there is also one in Sydney) and basically artist get up and play new material (no covers). Each act gets a 30 minute set.

We all talk about supporting Australian Acts and being a friend I'm going to make the effort. Don't really care how sleepy I am tomorrow just have to keep my promise, and it should be fun. I end up going alone and decide not to drive but get the 10.00 train into the city. The station and train is a bit spooky, it's also a weird cruise zone- is Public Transport the new Gay Cruise Scene??? Could be. Very odd, strange as it seems I'm actually on board to go two stops into the city *grin*. Not to pick up like the rest of the people on the train. Pretty good really, it took 20 minutes to go from my house to the Venue.

I walk in and who is sitting near the door, my friend Robin. Appears that Adam Thompson has played and a few other people. She's got copies of Adams solo CD 'Reconnected'and is selling them at the show. Copies of the CD are available via: www.adamthompson.com Anyway I am overjoyed as I can hang with Robbie, as we haven't had a good chat for ages.

I also spot our Skyhook guitarist Bobby Spencer, who replaced Red Symons in the band,pretty much giving them that beefier sound (aka- 'Women In Uniform' track). Good to see Spencer too, he's a good bloke.

Bungie (Peter Farnan) was the last on and really great, very brave and had some fun stories between the songs. The last song was 'I'm Gonna Die' which had a sing along. Bungie standing on top of the table getting the crowd into it...a room full of people happily singing they are gonna die.

I went up and said HI, I think he was happy that I turned up as promised. Will have to see him play again. Club Acoustica is a nice Venue and it seemed Smoke Free which was so brilliant. A sad 5 smelly breathed smokers were stuck outside suffering the dust and crap blowing down the alleyway (is it really worth it guys-a bit pathetic).

Robin is getting 2 of Adams band mates home she she grabs me and I'm in for a lift, so no mugging or debauched Sex on the midnight train. Thanks Robie.

The wind is increasing and it's a howling gale outside, I sleep so well during this insane weather- hey born in a thunderstorm... what can I say, bring it on.

September 22nd

EVERYONE IS HERE drops to Number 2 on the NZ charts after being #1 for 3 weeks- they expected it to do that this week. Still it's done well.

I head back into the city and grab some stock and pay some bills. I was walking past the city mall and a kindly old lady gave me a flyer for the 'PRE-ELECTION RALLY-To Defend & Extend Medicare'. I happily took one, I totally agree Health care is a right and not a charity or luxury. John Howard and his health minister Tony Abbott have got the Medicare system so wrong. In the end the total cost to the community in terms of the percentage of GDP utilized for health care, decreases. The poorer people end up with a very second rate system.

Australia has been fortunate at times and the health systems has sometimes been really good. It should continue to be improved not hacked up by the Howard's and Tony Abbott's of the political world.

The Rally is on October 4th at 12.30 (Monday).
Forecourt-State Library (Cnr Swanston St & La Trobe St, Melbourne).

I'm going to wander in for this one, just to add an extra number, eventually when I'm an old fart I will need the health system like everyone does, so it would be good if the system itself wasn't a corpse by that stage, so time to act now.

Spot Belinda Chapple's single 'Where it all began' and buy a copy. Gotta support our Miss Boo. Mark is going to buy one too...arn't you MG? Not sure about the cover and where did you get those breasts from girl?

Betchadupa's album AIMING FOR YOUR HEAD was on-sale at JB so thought we'd eat beans for dinner and grabbed a copy of that too. Hate these silly digipaks.

First track: 'My Army of Birds & Gulls' is one of my favourites on the CD. I wonder how this will go on the charts. Some very solid press around this. Liam Finn has his the media Interview trail. It's out on Liberation Music. Am hoping it does well.

September 23rd

Am sleeping a bit more these days, that running out of energy thing around 4.00 in the afternoon, probably the usual chemical imbalance. It's those one hour cat naps. I'm getting all my work done but feeling frazzled. It started drizzling with rain this afternoon so I just went and surrendered to the land of sleep. Maybe I am sick?

Mum called, she's ok, as ok as any of us are. Missing my Uncle terribly, and each phone call I'm just letting her talk but it does my head in a bit. I'm thinking of heading home again for a few days to work on the Vegie patch and weed the gardens and have a break from music stuff. A part of me just wants to be left alone at the moment. Not sure why, maybe that's why I feel a bit worn out.

Peggy calls from the States and that's always a nice surprise, our favourite Mad Dog calling up. Will be sad that we miss her this Christmas as it's always good to see her for those few days.

Not many days left in the Australian Election, October 9th is the date. By the time I write the next F/16 Update Australia might have a new Prime Minister. That would be so good if John hoWARd gets the boot. I think it's going to be really really close. Not sure if Labor can creep across the line but anything is possible. I just hope the people of Australia think before voting- Iraq, Medicare, Education and the Environment. Hell also how totally stuffed the Australian Music Industry is under this Government, they take so much and give such little support and financial assistance. Anyway whatever happens Australians will have their say...and if you are voting make it count. There is talk that the Greens will get 1 million votes this year, that would be good. Be nice if the Liberal Party get One Million LESS.

September 24th

The Market Cafe has added Tandoori Salad to their morning menu, a sure sign that the weather is getting better. It's pretty good, so have that for Brunch.

Boost up my Super as the Government have some sort of Co-contribution plan, depending on ones income and that I have to put in at least $1000 a year, the government will put in $1500. Cool, so I now pay an extra $11 a month. It's worth it, to get anything from this government is a bonus. I email the information onto several musician friends so they can do the same. Got to have something for when I'm old and frail (:

We run into Louise and Ferd at Prahran Market, they've just been to a wine tasting (hic hic). Nice couple. Louise and Mark hate all sport...they are starting a Sport Haters Club *GRIN*.

September 25th

Breakfast with Tania, Rosemaree and Jake. Head to Daquerres and get our usual table. They have mini chocolate logs too (taste great). Jake is really well behaved , a nice morning.

The AFL Grand Final is on today, and neither team are Melbourne based. It's Brisbane V's Port Adelaide. Brisbane are super favourites and it could be their 4th Grand Final win in a row.

I was all set to barrack for Brisbane then I spotted our evil Prime Minister in the crowd and he was supporting Brisbane, too this as a sign and jumped ship. C'mon Port Adelaide 'Power'.

Watched some of it, the only time I ever do, the rest of the time AFL means jack-shit to me but a Grand Final has some passion and action and supporters making dickheads of themselves...which is always fun.

Well Adelaide proved everyone wrong and won. Not sure where our Mr hoWARd ended up but they never showed him again. Maybe this is an omen for the election...?

A lovely day outside, Mark escape the Grand Final and goes to Borders to hang out with the rest of the intelligent people. Half way through the game I get bored and clean out the huge cupboard under the stairs.

I return to the match to see the last quarter... and a very happy Port Adelaide. The MCG held around 80,000 today, should look good when the new stand is finally completed... in time for the Commonwealth Games and next years Rolling Stones World Tour(?).

September 26th

Sunday, a day of sleep. Felt my body needed catching up so I really wasted away the day. I did make a chocolate cake. Read some more of the Clinton book.

Mark copies the CAVE IN THE SNOW doco. on SBS on Tenzin Palmo which is totally cool of him and just so happy to have this. It's taken SBS 18 months to replay it, but finally a decent copy on DVD. Excellent. Just him doing this shows how much he understands me, it's the best present I could of received.

Bongo Skyhook calls and that is always nice. Am off to see him play at the Pint on Punt (Cnr Peel & Punt Rd) next Sunday at 2.30. Should be good. He's one of my favourite guitarists and underrated as such. Volunteered as a character witness in some legal stuff if he needs me.

So glad when our Internet time is back to normal (in a week) till then people are going to have to wait for replies I'm afraid. It's just a cost thing at the moment, and yet again we've gone way over for this week, so hang in there, will reply soon.

Playing Betchadupa's AIMING FOR YOUR HEAD and track #5- 'Diversions' is now my favourite for the day. It's got a good sound, and you can see how much the band has grown since their first release.

Week #5 on the charts and the Finn Brothers album is #22 (14) and getting close to Platinum here. Green Day debuted at #1 on the album charts with AMERICAN IDIOT excellent. After all the hype Duran Duran only manage #22 with the single, I thought it would do better.

Went for a walk down the road with Mark as I spotted a Mark Douglas original mirror (valued around $2500-$3000 sitting behind some boxes. It has a crack in it, hate that) sow e left it. It was tempted as it would of been good for Beenami. However being mud brick we seriously doubt that the walls could hold this huge heavy mirror. So we abandoned the idea. We have the large size version of M.D.'s mirror at home and it is the best, Nick Seymour is the only other person I know who managed to get one. To put ours on the wall we had to have some special re-enforced screws made (yeah that heavy).

We watch the 'Cave in the Snow' doco. on Tenzin Palmo and Mark pointed out that at the end there is a website.


It's great that SBS co funded the making of this and each time I watch it life seems good and it tends to neutralize a lot of the day to day negative stuff that surrounds us all. It re-focuses me that Life is indeed a journey and it really is what we all make of it.

So let the journey continue.....


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