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Archive: 19 January - 1 February 2004

January 19th

It's always a bit hard to write in the old diary after a night of solid gigging, but i'll try ok.

Have discovered XanGo juice, hell even the name sounds impressive, anything with an 'X" in it is interesting I think. Xenophobia, Xerography, Xylophone....... X-Rated! Anyway XanGo juice made from mangosteen fruit. The Xanthones in the fruit give it it's effectiveness. Xanthones help conditions such as gastro intestinal disorders, cholesterol levels, auto immune disorders, allergies, skin disorders and a Christ knows what else... but I think I just like asking for Xango juice...because of it's freaky name! You just know with an "X" it will be some new huge fad.

January 20th

Silly ol' Molly Meldrum ticks the wrong box on his entrance VISA for America, is handcuffed and sent back to Australia. he's such a Dorothy, such a Molly, makes me laugh....if nothing else he scores even more publicity.

Russell calls by at 12.00 with some completed art work, for the next mail out. All fine, I sign off quickly, that was easy!!!

David Kay steps down from Iraq Survey Group-saying he doubts if any evidence of WMDs will ever be found. Blair, Bush and HoWARd shutter, put on a brave face and will no doubt use the 'well the world is free from Saddam' Card, which I'm sure we all agree with, but it would of been easier just sending in a sniper, killing the evil bastard, instead of using it as an excuse to conquer a country for it's Oil. Bush says how free Iraq is now, and improved so much, one has to ask why the 500th+ soldier has now died in such a free place full of happy Iraq's!? I'm sure the kids who have lost all their families and some of their limbs from American bombing will grow to love Mickey Mouse one day too....but probably not.

Meeting with Andy White at 12.00, set my Press targets, lets see what we can get, as per usual I try for full media, so if I get 50% that is brilliant. Not long till the BOY 40 album launch at The Corner.

January 21st

Watch UNDERWORLD on DVD and I do enjoy it. A lot of people probably won't, either you like this style of movie or you don't... no middle ground. It runs for 120 minutes on Tristar/Columbia. USA DVD release.

Overall it's incredibly sleek, and the lighting tones are fantastic. The Vampires are so goddamn aristocratic, I would of easily offered up my neck, just 'cos they are cool. Their mortal enemies are the Lycans (that's werewolves to you my pretties). Basically street thugs, who prowl the darkside of the city, and being the main players in this bitter blood feud. Kate Beckinsale is totally hot, not a bad actor and is the cross between Buffy and Max from Dark Angel...and she has the wardrobe to match. It involves the age old 'forbidden passion' (Vamp and Lycan), as action packed as Blade II and set amongst the crumbling Gothic cityscape. (I really do want to move into the Vamps Gothic Manor!). Thankfully the changing of Man to Lycan is pretty good and the sets like the Vamp crypt are exceptional, and you can rock out to the soundtrack.

The script could of had some more depth, and every so often something daggy does happen or is said that comes close to a cringe factor, allowing for this, I still loved it. 7.5 out of 10.

* * *

BIG DAY OUT Tour Party at "Q BAR", everyone partied on till the wee hours, metallica, Black Eyed Peas and the lovely Drew Barrymore dropped in for a few hours. How cool is Drew!

Betchadupa are now in Australia recording their album, was going to be in N.Z. but it worked out cheaper to record here (go figure). They've also signed on for the 'Live & Local' tour- 6 gigs across the country- March 26th-Rod Laver Arena Melbourne. 20 Coke labels to attend...I think it's good for them to hit the road and play to some audiences their own age.

I want to know how the government expect people to live on their superannuation when they retire, when they currently take $3 out of $10 on Tax (on an average). The Tax from Super has increased from $1.6 billion to $5.6 billion this financial year- since this government came to power. I think by the time I'm really old, their will be a lot of retired people struggling.

Oh give me a break, Art Garfunkel busted for Marijuana possession in New York, how fucking lame. This has to be a joke right.... ?

January 22nd

Wow endless day, working working working. Trying to stay on top of it all, only slightly drowning. My media is starting to roll in for Andy White, part of it is that Andy does have that Irish charm and the Interviewers etc love him for it. Starting to kick some major PR goals so I'm happy. In a few weeks when I finish up as Andy's PR, I just want him to say 'well that was the best publicity I've ever had' and I can go away knowing he is happy. It's always ten million times harder when you don't have a hit single or album, but I'm always up for a challenge.

Mail Deb some Auction Items for the Frenz.com Auction, running low on stuff but she got a few things, so it's good to support it.

Wing my way over to Rosemaree's who is on time as always, play Skyhooks 'Guilty until proven Insane' CD in the car and just lap it up, some great songs.

End up working on 4 of our artists today, so was jumping from project to project, Neil and Tim tell me that they may do some final work on the Finn Brothers album overseas.... I'm glad they are not being forced to 'get this out asap' they have to be happy, I'm all for it.

January 23rd

Take a pile of Andy White's media envelopes to Mushroom Publishing, so very weird to be back in this building at Albert Park. The temp (?) girl at the desk seems a little vague, I leave wondering if I can trust her with our Press mail out....*spider senses tingling*.

The long weekend is coming up, I'm considering working for most of it, and hopefully a quick BBQ with Jen and Ben on Australia Day. We still call Australia home(o)!?

Watch SFW, what a great movie. OK hands up- who else thinks Stephen Dorff to be a total hunk and an underated actor (wow so many of you). It's funny to see such a young Reese Witherspoon in S.F.W....and then you spot some of the other VERY young actors with their 5 second moments....Toby McGuire as a teenage stoner...and Tara from Buffy towards the end -she is this mild mannered geek who's 'best friend' is a tree (!) and she shoots Stephen Dorff's character Cliff Spab.

The interesting thing about SFW (stands for So Fucking What) is that it was made in 1995, years before Big Brothers and all those other 'Reality' shows. It shows America's fascination with celebrities, but particular instant celebrity. Dorff & Witherspoon are held captive for 36 days by terrorists who broadcast their ordeal on the NEWS channels, they eventually escape and become national hero's... and their words are parroted by Americans everywhere.... their friends sell them out, the public ignore the other people who died during those 36 days ...and after making their escape, they are prisoners of their new founded celebrity. Interesting. Check it out.

January 24th

Track down some DRAGON FRUIT at our local supermarket, amazed they even stock it. It's real name is Pitaya, and is a good source of Vitamin C and dietary fibre. They are so cool looking, the pink/red layered skin and inside the flesh is white with thousands of tiny black edible seeds, and it can be sweet. When you cut it down the middle the outside layer is almost fluro pink. You just scoop out the flesh and eat it, great with Sorbet. I buy a few for desert at Ben and Jens...they are the coolest looking fruit.

Debbie Rowe, Jacksons ex wife will sue Jackson for custody of his kids... wow the knives are out. Mark and myself spend some time visiting Michael Jackson websites baiting the fans...we are mean.

Start cutting up the Christmas tree, a huge effort....hate it.

January 25th

The second Rover lands on Mars, America and Nasa are amazing when it comes down to it, kind of sad because the poor old English just look really lost, and Australia, well we're a total joke as far as space... NASA is brilliant. I think Bush should give all his War money to Nasa...

Charts are in the Jet with GET BORN, jumps to #7, about to hit double Platinum in Australia. Watch out USA readers they are heading your way soon with The Living End.

January 26th

Australia Day long weekend here... and it's also the Andy White- BOY 40 album release. It marks two years to the day that Andy and his family decided Australia is the place for them and they arrived....of course it was a holiday so Melbourne was all closed up *grin*.

How fantastic- Keisha Castle-Hughes has been nominated for an Oscar. The 13 year old Auckland school girl is incredible in 'Whale Rider'. Now lets hope the media don't refer to her as Australian like they continue to do with Russell Crowe...hmmm maybe we can do a swap, N.Z. can have Russo back and we can have Keisha....!!

JET are getting busy, after playing at the Big day Out, they next head to the TOTE Pub in Collingwood to film a clip and then partied on at the Dandy Warhols gig at The Metro afterwards. Oh to be young with endless energy.

Head over to our friends house to have an Australian Day BBQ. See some tradition still exists. Ben is the maestro of the BBQ, and we were totally spoilt- and I surprised many by having seconds (Get outta town you all say). The Dragon Fruit goes over a treat, and it was really good, nice comfort zone with some mates.

Home in time for the new season of Queer As Folk, I know I shouldn't judge a whole season on the first show but it seemed a bit of the same old stuff.... it still works and is better then a lot of trash on TV, but you get the feeling we've all seen it before. Emmett and Ted are very funny though....

Someone can't sleep and it's not me, too much party....so I'm awake too, that's what friends do.....turn out that light- oh it's the Sun. Well maybe getting messy is part of the Australia Day tradition.

January 27th

Call into the METRO 5 art gallery to give Christine White a few votes in the 'public award' section. Christines really was one of the best pieces, most I didn't like, and hope that it's not the state of our local art (as harsh as that sounds).

Email Nick Seymour to see if he wants to come along to the Andy White launch, I notice the horrible ol' Tarmac Adam are playing, bland with a capital "B". Please God can they break up soon so these talented two can get on with a good project.

Watch 'The Star Dreamer'- on SBS. It's a doco on cult legend film director Pavel Klushantsev. In the fifties this amazing Russian made some of the most incredible Sci Fi work- long before 2001 the movie....Klushantsev truly is the Godfather of Sci Fi Films. Magazines like SFX should really do a feature on him, and stop doing reviews on movies like 'Brother Bear'. C'mon guys SFX can do better...'Brother Bear' just shouldn't of even been considered no matter how cutesie it is.

Thankfully 'Planet of Storms'- made in 1962 with Klushantsev is on SBS in a few days so we get a chance to record it onto DVDR through that lovely digital TV box....all pre-Stanley Kubrik (2001 was done in 1968) so not only did the Russians have the first man in space, they also had Pavel K. doing amazing filmwork half a decade before Kubrik...check the similar 'unique' film shots between the two.......Klushantsev deserves massive praise from all area of the Sci Fi industry.

January 28th

Metallica goes off at the Myer Music Bowl, 13,000 fans all going nuts!

Wow leave for Egypt in a month, that's coming up fast, a real holiday, excellent.

Beat and INPress run whole page Andy White interviews, The Age and Sun are also running stuff...and RRR is playing BOY 40- we have lift off.

Really funny get an email from Sharon Finn and then Bic Runga straight after that, really great. Bic is driving herself to gigs and digging it, through all that snow and playing support at the Aqualung gigs in the UK. Best thing she ever did was to get out of N.Z. for a period- travel = growth.

January 29th

Greg Skyhook drops in, and blows us away with a gift of art. he handed over a ROPAR painting (Melbourne artist), kind of the coolest graffiti artist- just love his work. Thanks Macca, very kind.

I run into Courtney the cat on the way to get my numerous shots- Hep A, B, Typhoid etc. Mr Doctor is great, I turn he shoots I don't feel a thing, I'm even getting triple Hepatitis shots so I will never have to have them again in my life.

Wow the rain sets in, total flooding, Melbourne hit with another massive storm- 70mm rain in under 90 minutes...our house has two leaks but compared to several thousand other houses we survived ok. The roof caved in on many, underground car parks full with cars totally submerged. Full on.

Heard John HoWARd on radio, and he lost his cool today, Mark Latham and the Labor party seem to be rallying really quickly, after a very positive speech, and HoWARd is rattled. Our PM started screaming at people today when his headphones cut out on air. His days are (thankfully) numbered.

January 30th

Hear from Richard Pleasance, who use to be in one of our bands- Boom Crash Opera. he's put a new group together called Pleasantville, with his wife and a few other muso's. One familiar name is Michael Den Elzen (on Bass), Michael used to be in Schnell Fenster. The PLEASANTVILLE advance cd arrived today so will have a listen to that after our Andy White BOY 40 stuff is out of the road, should be good- new music (cool).

Heading into the city and the train service is a bit unpredictable because the tracks are still flooded in parts.

Sit next to Christine on the couch at Basement Discs while Andy does his Instore and acoustic set. Quite a few people, and it sounded really good. Call into Travellex and give them a bag of foreign coins for their charity bag- all helps I guess.

Good news for four readers of this F/16 site. We have FOUR Rocket Pocket Books T-shirts to give away (all are XLarge sizes) to the first four people who buy a copy of either of the three F/16 diary books (Hussy, Bang, Glamour). You MUST email me first (peter@frenz.com) to receive one of these 4 bonus shirts. These are super exclusive with the rather cool Rocket Pocket Books logo on the front and book titles on the back.

January 31st

BOY 40 Launch- The Corner Hotel.

We came, we saw, we danced our arses off and had a great night. Thanks to: Mark, Christine, Rosemaree, Tania, Goldmember (Deb), Trudi, Fran, Wendy, Jordie, Lea, Karen, John, Kate, and the countless others (and sorry I've forgotten people I know) for coming along.... what a night. So passionate, if you didn't make it to the launch you really missed out on a great night, one of the best gigs (already) for 2004.

Climbed into bed around 3.00 and didn't get much sleep. Incredibly happy for Andy White, and all our PR paid off and let me tell you, the thing about good PR is having an artist that is easy to deal with, so these few months have been easy and a delight.

February 1st

Oh it can't be February already, that's my first thought. Both Lea and Mark are awake before me, but I stumble downstairs and cook everyone breakfast. Boy 40 songs are ringing in our heads...always a good sign.

We say goodbye to lea (Andy's manager) as she heads back to Sydney. (Thanks for that exceptional foot massage!).

The phone rings and it's the man of the hour himself, can a person glow down the phone lines? He did....very happy.

Kind of have a cat nap, wake up, start on this F/16 update, eyelids are closing while I'm typing....haven't had chocolate for days..that would be nice, so I'm out of here to my Dragon Fruit selling Safeways store to buy some Chocolate! need to re write our marker board which has all our future projects on it....the Finn Brothers album is on the horizon.....so I guess that's our next major project. Bring it on I say!

Take care
Peace is the only way.

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