The Life and Times of Peter Green
Archive: 19 July - 6 August 2004

July 19th

Cherry Creek-Denver- Day Off

Pick up trailer today for the 24 hour drive. It's not ready for a few hours so we call into Walmart, not as good as last time, it's probably not a SUPER STORE. Annoyed as I try to find the Wiggle talking doll for Rosemaree as an early Xmas present but give up, maybe they have all sold.? Buy fresh produce for bus. Three hours at trailer repair, read , stretch, eat, this sucks as a day off.

Finally on the road, amazing golden sunset with lightening on either side.

Already 4.4 million acres of forest/land burnt from the Californian fires. Hate to imagine how many animals are dead.

The further we drive the more lightening and thunder there is, hmmm cruising along in a silver metal bus is probably not the smartest thing to do.

Read the papers and it mentions the Sony and BMG merger, the worst kept secret of the music industry, 25% of the music business is now theirs.

July 20th

Minneapolis Holiday Inn

It's the hottest day of the year in Minneapolis today and here we are...frying away in our rooms. We arrive around 2.00, everyone on this bus is looking a tad insane, Bus Fever has taken over. I'm ok, had a meditation for a short time, so feeling focused. Recharged a bit.

The hotel shuttle takes me to 9th street and I walk to the wonderful LET IT BE records (1001 Nicollet Mall). Buy some odd stuff- 'The secret life of the love song'-two lectures on a CD by Nick cave and some hard to find Cave tunes. Alos a CD on Howard Finster 'The night Howard Finster got saved')... Lets face it no one else would by this CD...I have no idea who is even on it...but I like Howard's art -we own a Finster art horse...and I found a hard back copy of Resident Alien-"The New York Diaries of Quentin Crisp" so I grab that too. I track down an 'Aragon' action figure- complete with sword from Lord of the Rings..it's the hard to find one, so a present for Ben as he seems to have the tour blues, got to look after your mates on the road.

Spend 3 hours on the Net replying to fan emails and work stuff-damn expensive. The hotel kitchen closes so I miss dinner, sucks no 24hr room service-what sort of place is this?

July 21st

'The Guthrie'- Minneapolis

It's the shakespeare style theatre with weird seats and a huge frontage on the stage. Found out that I sell, thought the Venue did- no problem.

Nice night, catch up with our old crew boy Arloe, excellent. Great to see him and his lovely wife.

Chat to people all night, loads of locals gather around the merchandise area, most not connected to the fan area etc we all just talk, kind of cool.

July 22nd

Chicago- 'Vic. Theatre'

Part of our two nights in Chicago, a stalker fan breaks through security twice. Someone allocates a security person to keep an eye on me, as the fan area is huge here. I laugh, as I know all these guys really well, don't think I'm in any danger. Catch up with Marck Bailey and Maryann Kienapple. Not long enough, touring sucks for seeing people for more then 15 minutes. I surrender to it. Heidi is there and am so lucky this lovely pillow- a gift I use every night on the tour- it's probably the reason I start to sleep on my tour bunk. Very kind and must of took her ages. See Dominic again, always strange when it's only one of the couple...(: Hand over some band wine that I have been saving, so they can have a drink when Nat. returns from Sydney.

Walk around the corner to Smoothy Heaven and read a really great article on Jim Morrison. It was about his final days from the upcoming Morrison book. Reads well should be a good one.

Have a list a mile long of things that the crew need, American Spirit cigs, stamps, coffee, etc, happy to be their runner every so often if it makes life easier.

The show is good, Chicago has always embraced the Finns music.

Urhh Pizza for dinner again...I only eat one slice now, it starts to make me feel queezy..eat fruit instead. Still no real drugs.

July 23rd

Chicago #2- 'Vic Theatre'

Oh nice request guys-'Luckiest man Alive' for Marky and myself...Tim penned it about his young baby daughter Elliott, so it's a private song. So am honored that he played it for us. Right in the middle of the song, the venue guy comes up and bellows in my ear 'Can we do all the food for the buses now?'...talk about destroying the moment... I tell him to wait and go back to enjoying this song. I think Marck B says this is his least favourite song but tonight he liked it.

Tim says it's his 30th anniversary in the music business tonight, no idea why but I think he made that up...I could be wrong...sounds good.

On the bus with the crew and some young ladies flash their breasts at the crew bus... Rock and roll!

Next stop Detroit Rock City!

July 24th

Detroit 'Majestic'

I love the venue, rustic charm. The whole side of the walk way is a massive cloud of pot smoke. The people walking by are a bit suss, I lock the bus door even when I'm on the bus. A porn shop is located across the road, I make a huge effort to be sprung going into the porn shop. I re enter the shop several times as I really want some fans to spot me and add to the Porn star image... Even when a mass of club members go pass they miss me . I get a huge brown bag out of the cupboard on the bus and fill it with padding and carry it out of Porn-land... And still no one see's me. I even BUY some porn which I must say was kind of funny...as the guy behind the counter just thought I was out to bust him. He was so coy and he looked like he was hung like a donkey. As I bend down to look at the 'seventies' retro porn DVDS I think hmmm not a good idea flashing my tight levi'd arse his way....YIEKS! Anyway I could not get sprung- so no controversy -sucks. (well it did on the dvd!!!!!!!)

I head inside and get the crew some food, discover pan-fried raviolli- yum.

Walk a few clubbers in, Lifer Tim gives me this HUGE bag of jellybeans and it is really wonderful. (except the peanut butter ones). Pineapplehead is helping me sell tonight, really fun, it's good when an old mate gets a chance to hang...serious slam dancing from us both during the encore. Her efforts tonight make life easier and means we donšt have to carry stock over the border.

Sit with the crew and watch more of the Simpsons DVD box set. Not sure if its the excess Pot that is floating around before we hit the border but The Simpsons seem even more funnier then usual.

Our tour manager Doe is on board and is rolling down the aisles (in a good way) she's going for it with the customs people, and it's pissing down outside. She finally boards the bus again, looking like a giant purple drowned rat...here have another glass of red my dear..I offer (:

We arrive around 5.00 in the morning, and the Finns are in the foyer swapping rooms as their stinks of ciggy smoke. I love my room. Work on emails till 7.30..hard to sleep, brain is ticking over. Fuck I am working hard on this tour, guess everyone is.

July 25th

Toronto- Washington Hotel

This time I save the Warhol washing Powder box...too cute. Washing done, clean jocks and sox. All good.

Call the yeti but no answer so I head to the Eaton centre and to 'The Path' to venture into those 330 shops. Find nothing I want.

I like Toronto, the people are really nice.

No idea what I did today, but the bed was damn fine? Pass out and get some much needed sleep, no sex nothing, just sleep.

July 26th

Toronto- 'Massey Hall'

The Collingwood Elvis festival is on all week and I share the elevator with several Elvis's...makes me the Colonel ???? I especially like the metallic mime' artist Elvis at the start of the shopping entrance.

Head to Union station as I know there is an Amex office there, finally I can put some money on my card. I have a coffee at Starbucks (which we now call Starfucks...no idea why) and watch the passionate lineup for the Hockey Museum Hall of Fame.

I like the Vanilla-bean coffee and the Brulee tart from Starbucks... So that's what I have.

The CN tower looks like the Skylon Tower at Niagara Falls, wonder if the same person built both?

Good show, really good, the crowd were fun. Mid tour and the band is starting to tighten up, watch Tim on bass tonight, he's a fine player, and just such a pleasure to have on the bus. He used to hang with the Boom Crash Opera boys when they were recording 'Fabulous Beast' in L.A.- so he knows Bungie etc.

We head back across the border, all nice and easy. I sit with Terry our driver for some of the night and just watch the road unfold before me.

July 27th

Washington DC

Happy Birthday Marky.

I called Mark from my bunk on the bus last night, seems like the gang were all taking him out for dinner. Now I'm homesick and wish I was in Melbourne.

Drive through the streets of Washington... Hey kids there's Big Ben...opps. All those famous buildings, all that wonderful history and incredible political minds...and of course that evil George W Bush. Neatly unpack my Good Bush, Bad Bush T-shirt. People keep wanting to buy this shirt off my back.

My friend Chris calls and is town for some exotic high paying model shoot. So catch up, our tour manager spots us leaving and has that 'what a spunk' look in her eye...I naturally assume she is eyeing me off *grin*!

We head to Union Station as today I am going to be spoilt. Nice that someone helps me escape the tour. Food is good but we are moved as the public keep checking him out, too weird. I guess that's why he was signed in the first place. End up with an invite pass for Catwoman movie and throw caution to the wind and misbehave- yes drugs in Washington- not doing coke with the President on the white house lawn but it feels wicked. For some reason half way through Catwoman I start to enjoy it- sad that you need to take substance to enhance this pretty pissy movie...but really it's a throw away sort of day...so go the whole hog.

Finally get dropped off at the hotel and Andy calls- the bitches are in town and we are all heading out for dinner. I drink a lot of water and waffle shit I'm sure... I like the bitches, fun gals.

We all head back to Union Station for dinner. On the way six Police cars are lined up, some security check, but the lights on top transfix me... So blue and flashy......hypnotized. The bar is lame, so my attempt to get everyone in party mood with Sambucca slammers fails- hard to do when they don't stock Sambucca, or Glayva, or anything else..... So slipper nipples all round. Raise a toast to Marky for his birthday- sucks that I'm so far away.

It ends up being my most expensive night on tour as I generously shout the drinks....YIEKS. It's not the addiction of drugs that makes people bankrupt it's shouting drinks...still good people, so all fine. Ben winks, and has one of those 'Party on Dude' looks about him- if nothing else my good friend will make sure I get home safely.

Can't sleep, call home and confess my sins, send my Sister a cactus from Qantas on line (as one does) and read the whole of 'The Death & Life of Superman' book (Roger Stern). Head upstairs and have a swim while the sun rises.

July 28th

Washington Dc '9.30 Club'

Yep back at the 9.30, a regular venue on our tours. It's packed, loads of gorgeous passionate Frenz. I fuck up and bring everyone in too early for soundcheck and the Boss (aka-Neil) calls me over and has a chat. I hate messing up, am so conscious of this so can't believe my timing was off.

After all my duties I do endless paperwork on the bus. I can't sit here any longer so I head in and sit on the balcony with Sharon and Elroy and watch the tail end of the gig. Great work Giles and Ben, I'm sure it was a hard one- sounded good. Highlights- I See Red & Gentle Hum.

Head to the two tour buses and load on the various food-stock for the drives. Throw out old stuff and clean up the fridges. Pity if the Finns wanted to have a shower on the bus, it's loaded with drinks and food as the cupboards are packed.

I chat to the fans at the merchandise area, need sleep still and feel like a hollow shell. It's taking it's toll on us, band and crew alike.

On the bus- fantastic fun-Andy, the UK Stacey brothers, and Tim Smith the bassist have the 'Queen Hour'- countless harmonies of Queen Hits & Misses. Tim is brilliant, he gets Freddie Mercury's teeth down pat, nearly wet my pants laughing- seems a long time since I have laughed this much, my jaw hurts.

Climb into my bunk- it's almost sleep, but not the real thing- more like a restless coma.

July 29th

Philadelphia-'Electric Factory'

It's very early in the morning. We are like strange alien sight see-ers, visiting your town at weird hours of the night, our silver bus landing on the empty street, discarded newspapers blowing in our wake. The streets are empty, it's pre-dawn, the rays of the Sun not quite eradicating the darkness shades of gray.

You can spot us by our 'bus hat' hairstyles. Sitting at angles on our heads, sleepy eyes that a bloodhound would reject, uncoordinated footfolds as we walk, like rock and roll zombies, heading to our rooms on the top floor to sleep and recover.

'Honey I'm home' I call out as I enter my room- honey doesn't live here anymore, it's empty. Honey is thousands of miles away in Oz.

The radio turned down low, my Queensize bed just for one, the windows are sealed and I can't control the room temperature. What the windows don't open- the Split Enz boys would never stay here.

I stay an extra 2 hours, don't care if people get pissed off, have emails to do and hell an extra hours sleep. I wear the taxi fare...and finally arrive at the Electric Factory. Most of the crew look shitty today, think they had an early one for radio. John Walsh who is usually chirpy is crappy so I stay clear of all life forms. We all get like this from time to time on the road- This ain't no holiday for the faint hearted.

Grab our runner and the Yeti and we head off for work related driving, oh and also a quick visit to Sailor Jerrys shop (38N.3rd St, Philly) . I buy some shirts, T-shirts, art book and shot glasses, simply because we all get our Per Diems today (Yey).

Back to the Venue, and I can not picture this gig in my mind. Usually I can ...a guy delivers Pizza and demands Cash.

I think of the line from the Skyhooks song (Is This America) 'Philly don't deliver till Philly gets the cash".

Next stop the Big Apple....Bite Me!

July 30th

New York City.

Summer Stages- Central Park

Arrive NYC about 6.00 in the morning...the Bus can't turn up certain streets and today was terry our drivers only goof-up. 'Theirs your hotel boys' he points...we stumble carry our bags across the road...walk up the street.... And it's an apartment block. He's sent us the wrong way.

Shite ... My bags weigh a ton. Ben stops and carry's one, which was probably the nicest thing anyone's done in ages and I wipe the cuts on my hands on my shirt. Tour Stigmata!

We find the correct hotel and I let the crew get their rooms before me, they are all looking knackered. The hotel clerk is slow, and his computer equally so, I climb in a baggage cart and cat nap.

Two hours later I am awake and out my hotel door. The Bus arrives and takes us to Central Park. The Park streets are closed and a security car meets us and tows the trailer to the site. Nice area for a show, all those trees. Dark clouds over-head and the air is thick, sticky- carve it with a knife.

God Bless the Pineapple head who arrives with stock, keyrings and good vibes. She helps me set up and do the stock count. I owe her one and make mental note to shout Deb and her and Debs step daughter lunch.

Go for a walk to buy some tour supplies and head past Strawberry Fields, the Imagine shrine. People sit, stare into space, at times like this America and the world should really 'Imagine'... All the people living in Peace. It seems like such a dream....and I'm sure it once felt more like it could one day happen- everyone here looks sad.

Head to Serendipity to catch up with Deb and her cute house mate. We have wonderful desert, really was nice. Debbie Levitt seems to look younger each time I see her, good skin care or what. [editor's note: thanks, dahhhhling!]

It does make me sleepy so back at Central Park I have a power nap under a black Cicada Tree and Maryanne keeps watch. Planes fly over head...overhead. I thankfully have this new CBGB's black tshirts that was a great gift...and perfect timing as a bird shits all over the Finn Brothers T-Shirt that I am wearing (gets Neil right on the face)...so I swap shirts at the fountain.

The gig is exceptional, and the crowd goes for it. The Merchandise sells out and I jump on the golfcart and head off to meet our stock people. Fresh stock arrives, it's like fresh bread, all steamy and the natives go nuts and buy us out.

Drag Maryanne onto the bus so she doesn't get mugged and head back to the hotel. I need sleep, she wants to party. I wave goodbye as she heads off into the night. Watch out NYC the Pineapple Head is loose.

July 31st

Boston- 'Fleet Pavillion'

Four hours to Boston. Not too bad, I continue to read the Clinton book in my bunk and do some paper work around the merchandise area.

The Fleet is a funny Venue, looks like Melbourne's Myer Music Bowl. Huge white sails by the water, and thousands of chairs underneath.

Nice lunch, nice people and it's strange as many of the woman who work here have that hairy lip thing happening. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation. We are a hairy-lip friendly diary site.

The band arrive and start soundcheck.'Sunset Swim' is played for the first time. It's a bonus track on the new CD single. I love this song. N&T say it's too early to add it to the set yet, maybe in a day or so.

Walk some life members in, great to see Augie and family- nice people.

Off to the mall as I have to buy Matt a birthday present for the bus...Andy spots these round weird lights so I buy them...four....just 'cos they are freaky looking. We grab icecream as well- yum.

Notice the Lord of the Rings exhibition starts tomorrow...how cool.

Angela our special guest asks if I can film her tonight... It's her last night with us, so happy to do so.... The light is limited but it's not too bad. She blows multiple kisses and tongue wiggles at the camera.

Have an argument with Neil's manager... For once I explode and he runs off I walk away severely pissed. Shit happens especially on tour...

The big drive is next...Boston to Atlanta- about 22 hours on the bus.

August 1st

Travel day to Atlanta.......

We celebrate Matts birthday, he's our lighting guy...even I have a puff on some Pot. His birthday breakfast is Cod and cream on a bagel...I make toast with vegemite and cheese for us all.

I wake up with my toe twitching in the night so I knew it would rain. It's about 5.00 in the morning and I head up front throw the ghostly Bus with all it's bunk curtains drawn closed...and sit next to Terry. As I sit the rain starts and it really floods down for several hours. I like the rain.

I call the spare seat and Terrys area 'Ground control'... It's the quietest people will ever see me...Terry tells me about the boxing Kangaroos on the sports channel.

He navigates us through the lush and now wet areas of Pennsylvania , Deer crossing signs, Welcome McDonalds signs, very little road kill and hardly any roadside litter. Terry looks like my Uncle Des, a very similar nature. Same no bullshit attitude, we like Terry.

As we drive through new Market I have some sort of re birth and feel content and happy and free. Maybe it's the thought of not doing the U.K. Tour. Feel good though- hope this feeling lasts the final week.

So New Market Virginia holds a special spot in my heart, feel good territory.

As we approach the next town- Harrisburg I decide to describe the back lounge of the bus. The couch has my Qantas carry bag on it, it has my tour ID tag..I am #12 on the tour, a crate of Portland spring water sits next to it, 1/2 pack of American Spirit cigarettes, bottle opener, playing cards, the remote for the satellite TV, a cup of tea, Simpsons DVD Season 4 box set, Boss AC adaptor, stray crystals from Sharon'sn stage chandeliers, stage shirts with Hollywood laundry covers on them, George Bush is a Punk Arse Chump stickers...and me.

Arrive Atlanta at 11.30- so nice the wonderful Ritz Carlton.

August 2nd

Atlanta-'Variety Playhouse'

Baby it's hot outside, help the crew unload. John tells me I don't need to, I know that, I want to, just to help, won't hurt to carry in some of the stage gear...of course the first case I pick up weighs a lot but I grit my teeth and take it in and run the fu*ker up the metal stage ramp. Hell I can do macho...

Very vague tonight, so sorry to those who spoke to me and I seemed elsewhere. Fans ask for copies of Wings Off Flies tonight, the whole six copies I have sell, and people want more. No idea what caused this rush.

Loads of fans traveling for this one, driving, hitching, flying, walking And they start lining up at midday. 'Disembodied Voices' is thrown out of the set...I'm sure it will return eventually.

Lots of Australians from the Consulate, funny to hear the heavy accents, I'm told I don't sound like them... I wonder what I sound like?

Tonight I decide to sell, so get to chat to people, thankfully my foggy vagueness has left me and it's nice to see people. The T-shirt table is crazy, we want we want we want...

The guys who does the stage was at the first Split Enz show that they did in the USA, he's still a fan.

I head down the street and buy a lamp and some incense for the band room as it kind of smell rank. The lamp is cool will give it to my sister.

Have a break and sit with Sharon backstage and have a chat, I'd miss her so much if she stopped touring, her council is exceptional and she's one of the few people I can trust with everything- if she had nothing to do with this crazy lifestyle and the Finn world I'd still like her just as much. I think I 'get her' and she's probably sick of people saying that, hell I just dig her and her honesty. Ben asks if I am having a wank...yeah right, sorry no Monica Lewinsky notions in this bunk..and hey you are the one who's missing a sock all of a sudden...*grin*

No Hotel again, back on the bus for a nine hour drive, piece of piss. Easy as pie... Snuggle up with Bill (Clinton) in the bunk. Matt makes me a cuppa tea, god bless him.... Andy wins the Bus hat of the day award...makes my hair look good .

August 3rd

House of Blues- New Orleans

My plan of action today is to dye a white tour T-shirt purple. Our tour manager wears a lot of purple so it's only fitting that she gets a one off PG special Purple Tour Tee.

There is major street construction going down on Decatur street which of course is where the House of Blues is located (and Lestat took a few bites on this street too from memory). So the tour bus and trailer can't get down the street. Giles and myself jump out and remove all the roadworks barriers and the bus gets in but nowhere to park. Damn. Means I'll just have to kill time by going shopping. I get some stationery for the tour and a few trinkets for home... And some Purple dye from Walgreens.

The bus finally gets in and I steal the salt, electric kettle, small bin and head to the men's room. I succeed in dying the object de' art and the men's room looks the same when I depart..it's not purple-fied.

I take my tour paperwork out back and do that while the shirt is drying in the sun in the Voodoo Bar backyard. Lush plants and Voodoo tokens are everywhere- too hot for the tourists though so I am alone.

Head to the bus and run into the Powell sisters who are Lifers and waiting for soundcheck. As I'm talking to them Neil and Tim and the band show up... Cathy and Rachel go all glassy eyed but still calm and I introduce them.

Have to get more EVERYONE IS HERE covers signed for Waterloo Records who are selling in Austin tomorrow night. Think the guys will be happy when they have no more covers to sign.

Good passionate audience tonight, one of the smaller tour crowds, but they made up for it. It was like two different shows, the second part of the set was great... And for a short time the set list was ignored.

Pack up quick tonight and go with Brett from the venue and get the ice for the tour buses. A crowd is behind the barricades when I leave and they give me a hearty cheer..I give them a hearty red face...and scamper on board. I find a few of the two track samplers so I bring them out, the gift of music can't be beaten and it's a nice memory of the show.

One girl in the crowd collapses but I think that was a case of too much alcohol and the humidity. The Finns sign autographs, the clever Powell sisters are at the other end so they get the best view of the guys and can say goodbye.

I head onboard the bus and unpack the food stuffs for our last 10 hour drive to Austin.

August 4th

Austin TX.

1.5 hours in the Hotel room... Time for a shower and some quick emails. So great to hear from Nic and Squid who are in town.

The bus takes us to Stubbs BBQ..an open air venue, and with the temperature around 104 today, it's already cooking. I drag out the 70+ sunblock and distribute to the crew.

Head off to post some mail, and it's a killer outside...the footpath is melting.

Climb back aboard the bus and take some towels out to the stage area and more water for the crew.

Nic and Squid turn up so see them upstairs. Neil walks in and doesn't recognize me in my hat... I take him to the dining area and re direct the others.

Soundcheck happens and people wander in off the street, management kicks them out and I rescue some of the life members and they get to see a few more numbers. Love my GROUPIE T-shirt (GRIN) and other goodies... I think these final presents will make my carry on explode...I squash everything in.

The Rock The Vote people are at this show, fantastic, the more people who vote in this upcoming US election the better- have your say America.

Kelly Sharpe is here with her husband and what a terrific lady, Tim Finn take note you have only BORROWED my new NASA shirt...he keeps saying it's his, it's not.....I love my Nasa presents from the Sharpe clan.

The Dixie chick and her cute baby are in attendance , and loads of internet Frenz. The crowd goes off, and tonight is one of my favourite nights on tour. Squid and Nic help me so much- owe you guys.

Say goodbye to the boss just in case I miss him tomorrow, and we are good.

The girls take me back to the hotel as the crew are taking ages to do the shipment of gear for the UK. The Yeti arrives and we eat in my room... Sleep soon takes over.

Even lying in a normal bed I now feel like I am moving...always moving, I suppose we all are as the planet turns.......but it feels more like that damn bus.

August 5th & 6th

Austin- Los Angeles- Melbourne

Miss July and Miss Peru arrive in the morning and we head off with the Yeti to the MAC shop. Get some new RAM for the G4 and that's all I need (I heard that Yeti). We scoff down some food and head back to the Hotel as the crew and band leave at 1.00 for the U.K.

My flight is later around the same time as Miss July's so we three are going together.

Go to the foyer and order tea and coffee and run into Neil, so we all sit. It's funny when he signs the bill it's the same as his autograph signature.

I wave to the crew and band as they climb in the bus... Guess this means I'm now off the road.... A few members try to climb out and stay, I feel that Big LOVE guys.

We head the wrong way to the airport but all three are calm. Major wicca delay spell cast and we get there with time to kill. The icecream is truly exceptional and just what we need.

I have a nothing flight to L.A. And am walking threw LAX when security screams out BRAVO and does some stupid security drill. Totally annoying and the security woman near me really was a dickhead. When America finally gets over it's fear, you will have a chance of beating terrorism. While all this drill stuff was going on I watched as two people just walked around the checkpoint un-noticed. So extreme. Being prepared is one thing, being over prepared is another. It's only a matter of time before older people start having heart attacks at these 'security tests'.

Good to see the article in the LA Times, 'leading Pop musicians announce anti-Bush Concert Tour'. Springsteen, REM, Pearl Jam, Dixie Chicks etc etc Hope it goes well. Go get 'em Eddie.

Sit in the frequent flyer lounge for awhile, have a shower, emails and more paper work.

Head to gate 121 and board the Qantas flight (QF94). In the upper deck, nice chunky Business class seats. It's a full flight and the only empty seat is next to me (yey).

Have some food, pop the sleeping pill and get a good 5 hours sleep.

Thursday becomes Friday as I lose a day and I arrive in Melbourne at 8.00 in the morning. Mark and Rosemaree are at the airport, so how happy am I. I get some Glayva and exchange some dollars while waiting for my bags which do arrive from Austin (direct).

Baby it's cold outside, I have forgotten how cold Melbourne can get, especially after Austin's heat-wave. Give Rosemaree a hug, just means a lot when she does that airport run.

We head down to Prahran for some breakfast and the coffee tastes like it's a million dollars , home really is where the heart is and my heart is here in Melbourne. America was great, especially the people and it feels good, but as a tour it was a ball breaker with moments of brilliance. For those of you who came up and said HI, it made me feel really welcome and in many ways got me through some long days, so thanks.

That's it for now... Sorry about the typing mistakes, but am a bit late and needed to get this up.

Rock On!


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