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Archive: 21 June - 2 July 2004

June 21st

The day starts well. A whole box of Chocolate Orange Heaven Biscotti arrives from my friend Judy in California. These are the best Biscotti treats we have ever had. I think she uses really good ingredients and you can taste the difference.

If you live near Carson in California head down to Biscotti #4 and grab some, especially Chocolate Orange Heaven. The shop is located at: 17121 South Central Avenue 2C, Carson, California. Think we need to stock up on some for the tour bus!

With Biscotti on my mind, and making my mouth water, I head to see Dr Frederick my dentist. Like I've said before any major tour I just go and have a dental check up. Good to do. I don't tell him my bag is over flowing with Biscotti filled with sugar, almonds, semisweet chocolate, orange zest and pure vanilla....

I do decide to get a metal filling re worked so it's nice and white, trouble is it's way at the back , one of the few I have but a total mother to work on. Add to this my fear of Dentist, my hate for that cleaning tube sucking thing that goes in your mouth and I am having second thoughts whilst I sit in the chair. If I'm quick I could bolt out the door, wearing these Elvis style Xray glasses and Dental napkin I am wearing so glamorously!

He shoots up my gum, I have a habit of gripping the arm of the chair so hard it almost crumbles, even my back arches like some offshoot of a wild Porno movie, I control any moanings of fear in case they think I'm enjoying this pain. He even wedges a jaw opener in my mouth- ME the biggest mouth you know, hell why doesn't he just climb on in and take up residency in my jaw!

I tell myself ten minutes it's only ten minutes.... but with this sort of work it's a RETURN VISIT. Those two words we hate. I convince myself second time round will be better and it is important, I refuse to go to a cheap dentist, knowing you get what you pay for. I want to be found century's later mummified with good dental work still intact.

Head to Prahran Market Cafe for a coffee and a light breakfast. Was meant to be interviewing Greg from Skyhooks for a special fanclub DVD in Living In The Seventies - thirty years, but my left side of my mouth is drugged up and feels swollen and I can imagine how I sound.... so an interview could be a silly idea.

An hour later I call and thankfully Greg puts it back by half an hour so we hope the injection would of faded.

I find my best interviews happen when I don't prepare lists of questions. It's easier when you know the person and the bands history. With Skyhooks that is an easy call. I plan to expand on some questions just to try and get some fresh perspective and (hopefully) some new answers. Hindsight and thirty years can do that.

Greg shows us his upgraded computer system, he's really into it and it's good to see, knows his stuff and his software.

Mark moves us to a different room for natural light and we mike him up and start. It's a good interview, Greg takes us right back and I think the fans will really love this.

Several hours later we leave and head to visit Hessie. he's looking after the girls today and his 2 new dogs run to the gate. We miss Rosie and Stan but these two are really happy , youthful dogs. Paul's good, happy to see us and we chat and plan. I still believe in his solo CD, but we are letting him take control of it- so basically Paul comes to us with CDs in hand. I just can't have the delay thing, really unfair on us and the fans, he knows that, so hopefully this will be the way and it will happen. The music is too good to sit on a shelf. It's still the same ol' Paul in many ways, still does a piss with the bathroom door open, still makes a fine cuppa tea and you know he is a mate and he glides under the radar and we pretty much will let him get away with far too much.

Get home late, and check the areas charts. Hmm hope yet for the Australian Music Industry. Australian Idol person MILLSY's debut album comes in at #21. Only 21 after all those In-stores, a bit of a stiffer. 15, 14, 13, 12....... the fame meter is dropping fast.

Hmmm watch Paris in her #1 Porn DVD, it's a bit lame, the best bit is the boyfriend describing his camera technique. Wow she has aged she looks younger in the various Porn shoots. It's not that good, any Porn buyers ignore this, he's not even a good camera man.

June 22nd

BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE is on cable and it really did deserve the award for Best Doco. I thought Moore was brilliant going to Heston's house and boy could Charlton Heston of tried to get out of that room any quicker. Good on you Moore, one of the good fat guys. Talented bastard you are. You know the dick-heads that boo-ed you at the Academy awards will be kissing your bum crack at the next lot if "Faranheit " does what I think it will do. You just know all the people in the Pro-Bush camp will do their best to discredit Moore. Interesting times ahead. Per capita Australia was the most successful country in the world for people who went and saw 'Bowling for Columbine'. We were going to record it onto DVDR but I am going to buy a copy- good to support movie/doco making like this.

My other great fear, apart from Dentists is Consulates. The U.S. Consulate is notorious the world over for being a horrid experience. With all of George W. Shrubs paranoia around terrorism I was expecting today's Interview for my working Visa to be a nightmare and a total drag.

Imagine my surprise when the security people were both charming and helpful, the woman at window #1 (who looked EXACTLY like Monica Lewinsky..I kid you not) was lovely. Hell I'd go on a date with her she was gorgeous... and the guy for my Interview at window #2 equally nice. They noted some details around my friend Ben and said he would be looked after too (I am assuming they don't mean thumb screws). After weeks of not knowing if we would get to the USA on time for the tour, I left with massive relief that our P1 working Visas would arrive on time. Proof that I can be really wrong, and every so often our biggest fears can turn out to be a good experience. So thumbs up to the U/.S. Consulate Melbourne and all who work their.

Oh I did mess up my fingerprint scan, think they have the print of the incorrect finger (opps) but I never showed up in any FBI database so that is good.

June 23rd

Sis gets me into Brazil Nuts, apparently they are a major health thing, gobble just two per day.

My Passport arrives already, for a moment I panic that it has been rejected, as it can take several weeks. The consulate moves up another notch on the "I am Impressed" meter. There it is already my P1 stamped and ready to go. An incredible effort guys.

Mike Moore's FAHRENHEIT 9/11 released in Australia on July 29th.

It's doing really well in the USA, breaking several single day records, especially in NYC. I think it's opening a few eyes around Bush, it could be the final nail in Bush's coffin leading up to the U.S. election, I damnw ell hope so.

A whole 15 Michael Jackson fans turn up at the Santa Monica Court room to show their support. Fifteen, what a joke, Cosmo the rabbit in a top hat dancing in our bay windows get's a bigger crowd.

Heard a song 'Got you on my mind' on radio this morning, no idea who it was but really liked it. Will have to do a net search and find out.

Scott at BMG sends us some music for the tour bus. thanks for that, will pack it and take it along for the tour.

June 24th

An invite arrives for us for the THIS IS BLYTHE exhibit at the Outre gallery. It's an exhibition of photographs by the New York artist Gina Garan. For those not in the know Blythe is that very evocative Big eyed dolls that are once again in demand.

Head off and visit ex-Enz manager Nathan. Give him his $ for Book Enz, and glad so many of you enjoyed your copies. It's good to see him, and I enjoy my visits these days, he seems more relaxed around the Enz and Finns stuff so that is good. hate being tugged into taking sides etc. A nice afternoon and hopefully some projects together further down the track.

Bolt to the bank, and make it by 1 minute. Phew. There's my exercise for the day.

Our ISBN arrives for 'Letters to my Frenz' so send that onto Spock who's working away on the layout.

Chicken for dinner.

Greg Mac from Skyhooks calls by with his Beta machine, and we do a few transfers. We have The Stones "Ladies & Gentlemen...." on BETA so it's nice to have a transfer done, it hasn't been released on DVD. Even our Beta copy is close to 25 years old.

June 25th

Happy Birthday Tim Finn. 52 and feeling 20!

Call in and see our travel agent for the end of year Canadian train trip. Surrender most of my pay to her. It's o.k. at least it will be out of the way, way way in advance.

Rebekah drops in, and yey some very cool presents from her grand trip. She's looking good, both on the outside and inside and I'm glad she's home, missed the little elf.

She lends us her copy of ALL ABOARD-Canadian Rockies by Train. A fantasic glossy book on the history of the rail lines being created through the Rocky Mountains. The sepia tone photos are magnificent and come December our 10 day journey across Canada by train is set to be a memorial trip.

Rebekah told me that our Gold Leaf service means we will be stuffed with food and plied with alcohol for the whole ten days. At least we break it up with some serious hiking, other wise we'll stack it on.

I take her to Daguerres for some food and drinks and a good get together chat. Bec has some really good shoes on today, retro classics.

Home before the rain sets in, and quickly call up a clearing spell to allow us to get our shopping done in time before it all comes pouring down on us again.

June 26th

Rains through out the night and I pop a melatonin for a tranquil sleep. Only hear the shits next door once, I think my baseball bat waving scared them into making an effort, we'll see how long it lasts.

I dream endlessly, nothing too brutal but my dreams seemed to be major efforts, wake up feeling like I've gone on a five mile run.

The tree's out front are almost naked, so clean up the last of the leaves, and it doesn't take long. A girl parks out front in a sixties car and she leaves her extremely fantastic dog in the drivers seat. Cute girl, cute dog cute car... gotta love it.

Wash all the cocaine residue off my suitcase, from the previous tour and no none of it was because of me. Should of found out what band used the tour bus before us, they obviously had a huge stash of coke in the carry bins for that much residue to attach itself to my suitcase.

No crunchy combo for Cosmo, the supermarket had sold out. I did buy a big box of Alfalfa & fruit for him, which he will nibble on, but it will not even come close to Crunchy Combo.

Cold today, overcast and grey. Will take me a few days to adjust to the USA Summer. It will be nice to catch up with people, great to see Deb again in New York.

June 27th

Happy 21st Kimberley Marsden.

TUSK for breakfast, well lunch by the time we arrive. Get a table inside, as the wind is picking up. Mark is impressed with their breakfast.

Spend most of the day working on stuff for the USA Tour. Mark spends the day going through Greg's Beta tapes for possible conversion.

Have to look after the neighbours cat- Terra. The one with the loud meow. At first we couldn't find terra and panicked that he could be dead. But suddenly a loud squark from upstairs. Such a funny cat. Crying for attention.

June 28th

The wind is insane outside, Mark gets no sleep. I am the opposite, wind and rain I sleep like a baby, crazy elemental stuff, relaxes me. Probably explains a lot about my character.

The Finn Brothers NEWS board has it's 100,000 visitor today. People are gearing up for the start of the tour. I wonder what our crew and the band will be like. I know a few people but always interesting when there are new faces on board.

Charts in and it's good bye to Millsy. Only week #2 on the charts and this album is really stiffing. Drops from #21 to #33 this week. (waves goodbye). Meanwhile Australian artists have control of the top three spots on the album chart. Kasey Chambers is STILL #1 with her album, Pete Murray at #2 and Jet are sitting at #3. Go Australia.

Call in and see my travel agent to put the final dollars on the Rocky Mountaineer Train trip across Canada. There goes all my pay in one big hit.

So windy, signs are blowing down the main stretch of Prahran, and a few people are blown over. Talk about the windy city. I find sanctuary at the travel agents.

June 29th

Finns are filming the video clip for WONT GIVE IN in Auckland. It's at the Britomart, which is kind of a transport hub, a bit of a white elephant, so it's probably perfect for filming, no people. OK the 100 extras and cast and crew. Michael Lonsdale who worked on one of Tims recent clips was involved and Alex Sutherland.

hear from Robin who's been workinga way on my tax. She tells me that her mate Adam Thompson, who used to be part of Chocolate Starfish has the launch for his new solo album at the mercury Lounge on July 2nd. Onstage at 10pm for those of you who want to go out in windy old Melbourne town.

Call NYC regarding the merchandise for the tour, are there really six T-shirt designs???

Afternoon visit Paul (Hester) and that was nice. Sunday and the kids spend the afternoon attacking me with rubber balls... I amaze all by my catching skills and quick returns.

I hear Fahrenheit 9/11 is the first American doco. film to be shown in China.!

June 30th

Speak to Warren at the record company and it looks like the Enz Anniversary CD will be re done...without the horrible applause loop -yey- Go Eddie. Good to see him repair that one major mistakes of his *grin*..we've all been on the poor buggers back for years.

Fran and Trudi call in for a visit. It's like 'we may never see him again' or is that just my vibe *grin*.

The girls are great, and it's a nice evening. I promise them I will return home safely.

Pay endless bills today, always before I leave. have to think ahead and cover everything that comes in while I'm away. $8000 later.... and $3.20 in the bank. That sucks.

July 1st

Go through the Hester Interview that I did the other day, and write that out for the Letters to my Frenz Enz book. So now all the interviews are done.... Really weird as it looks like our book printing company might of closed down, none of the numbers exist anymore... too weird.

Rosemaree and Toija have breaky with us at the Market Cafe. Toija leaves for Italy tomorrow, so a few of us are heading off.

Spend the afternoon working on a new VIP email. Stressing to everyone that ' no emails for 5 weeks' is the golden rule. Do not want to come back to ten zillion of them...or I might not return.

Dickheads next door keep us awake all night, feel like shit. It sounded like one of them was O.D.ing (we wish Opps). Total white trash. It's moved up the scale, we now officially hate them *grin*.

Mark spends some time giving me some excellent lessons to use the new digital camera. He makes a great teacher, very patient. Only 100 or so major things to remember.

July 2nd

Re- Pack my bags for the third time. The main case weighs far too much, am hoping Qantas will be nice to me.

The good news is that they have upgraded me to Business class. God bless Alison at Qantas and Allie our travel agent for the tour..... Allie puts me upstairs with a window seat so I am happy, ecstatic. The Gods are smiling today. Thank you Igor for use of those extra points.

Merelyn and Maz have made it to Sunny Melbourne... will be nice to catch up.

Head to the badge company to pick up the EVERYONE IS HERE square badges for the USA tour, nice to have a low cost item...they should look great.

That's it from me. Keep look at

For reports from 'On the Road' and of course I will update this diary site in 2 weeks. Not checking this one for mistakes so sorry...time is running out.

See you on the road. (and you Deb at Central Park).

Stay Safe


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