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Archive: 27 September - 9 October 2004

September 27th

Call the Pet Resort to reconfirm Cosmo's stay. He's the only rabbit that has a Penthouse view ... darling I love you but give me Park Avenue..... He's a lucky bunny, we worry about leaving him while we are away but the Resort is good and they pat and cuddle him.

Yum, Arnotts Premier Chocolate Chip cookies are the best. The sign on the front says Australia's BEST tasting chocolate chip cookie, and for once the advertising is correct. They have 40% chocolate chips and you can taste the difference. Word is out as the local supermarket keeps selling out...I am known to hide boxes of them in places to reclaim later on in the week. It's my squirrel mentality!

Start reading RESIDENT ALIEN-The New York Diaries of Quentin Crisp. I love this book, Quentin is so, well so damn Quentin. As Boy George once said, Quentin Crisp 'IS THE QUEER JESUS FOR THE 20TH CENTURY'. I love that quote.

Quentin has a certain way of looking at things, I wish my diaries would be one millionth as excellent as Quentin's, but their was only ever one Quentin Crisp and the world is a sadder place without him.

For what seems line eternity people have asked 'what is it that you do'. For now on I am going to steal one of Quentin's replies to that question. I am going to say 'Oh I breathe and I blink'. Such a good reply, I have noted it. Quentin wouldn't mind, and if Warhol can tag me with having an extra minute....Quentin would surely bestow upon me that witty reply. Thanks old man.

September 28th

Religious fundamentalism is such a huge crock of shit. Conservative parties in politics are so boring, usually full of rather overweight people who think God will punish them for even saying the word masturbation let alone actually doing it. Does masturbation count as exercise, maybe that's why they are a bit porky.

Australia currently is stuck with the latest batch of dickless wonders in the form of THE FAMILY FIRST party, conceived by the Paradise Assemblies of God (what a fucking stupid name) three years ago. It will field 126 candidates across Australia during the election and Gosh golly gee, who would of thought, our Prime Minister John hoWARd is in bed with them (but of COURSE only in a Political way..no Sex please we're conservative!!!).

Could someone lock them all in a room and feed them several Ecstasy tablets and a bucket full of Viagra, a box of duracell batteries and a trunk of sex toys and just let them get it out of their system.

Oh and Guy Sebastian is from the Paradise Assemblies of God, does that make him a homophobe? Make a note to go and deface his singles this week with some Family First SUCK stickers. Grrrrrrrr Political activist on the looose! Watch out.

Crude Oil prices hit an all time high today and Wall Street got really excited. Don't they know that the higher the cost of Petrol, the more it costs for people to fill up at the pump, and the less they spend elsewhere on Guy Sebastian singles and duracell batteries.....?! Simple Politics. It's now $50.18 per barrel. Between Iraq and Hurricane Ivan it's pretty gloomy around the Oil prices. It's now up 75% compared to a year ago.

Maybe people should ride their bikes more. Good to see so many people ride to work on World Bike Day or whatever it is called.

September 29th

Sent Deb the Skyhooks Calendar image for the Hooks website. What a BRIGHTLY coloured cover it is. Some fun, a Skyhooks calendar for 2005...who would of thought!? It's not like Sherbet will be bringing out a 2005 calendar. Who are Sherbet ask so many of you....exactly.

Book the escape to the Grampians. Am hoping the weather is good. Decided to go the day after the Election, that way if the hoWARd government wins I can throw myself off Halls Gap ( will dress well for my leap of death). I figure the Liberals are ahead by around 4 seats, so it's close but you never know. Pollsters have been wrong so many times. Isn't it time for a change Australia?????? It's in the hands of the people, we'll all survive no matter who gets in.

Think this year most of our friends will be getting wine for Christmas. The Qantas Club has some really good bottles and our wine industry needs some support, so red and white all round. They all like a good drop.

September 30th

I speak to the Performing Arts Museum about having the Skyhooks display up in time for the 30th Anniversary of LIVING IN THE 70's. I love these costumes and some will be shown for the first time. All my little fun projects. I breathe, I blink, I do 'projects'. I'm a specialist.

A backing vocalist at a recent gig gave me her business card. It said she was a female vocalist (well I didn't see a dick so I assumed as much)... a professional singer (would someone put that they were an un-professional singer?), ice skater (I loved that one), Dancer, and has an extensive vocal repertoire. I just loved the ice skating line...does she sing while she skates and is it considered professional to do so?

Hmmm mine would be- types emails very fast, has been a killer zombie and a blinking Russian manequin in a video clip, wore a gorilla suit for a major camera store, made top ten in the state in multistrand science but couldn't do Geology because the class size dropped to three, says the word 'brilliant' far too much, but gets the job done in the end, excellent (some may say 'brilliant') kisser and dancer, has double joints in both his arms, 20/20 vision and the annoying habit of wanting to remove any hair from his ears.

Can break the speed record for running up a two storey staircase on both hands and knees and obsessive over clean teeth.

Would prefer a book to sex unless the book is about sex and then I really want both. Thinks we are all bi-sexual underneath (the covers?). Wants to release a single (CD) in New Zealand, buy all the copies so it's goes Gold and to #1 just to annoy the Finns. (opps). Thinks Sci Fi is the be all and end all, has fallen in 'love' with a Pornstar called Margo but only if Mark can be 'involved'. Thinks Cosmo has been inhabited by the spirit of Hairball the cat and spends long Spring afternoons sharing Cosmo's crunchy combo-sprouts. Can read some hieroglyphics and knows the different between the upper and lower Nile. Hates the AC/DC lineup after Bon Scott died and thinks anyone who likes that lineup just doesn't get it or was born too late, thinks David Bowie's Tin Machine is total shite and the song 'Quicksand' to be one of his best. Loves the words 'epoch', 'epidermis' and 'engender'. Hates homophobes, wife beaters and WAR. Prefers to know what's on the inside of a person, and has a pet hate for women who are 5 second actors,models,painters,and superficial door bitches. Thinks Golf Sucks and is boring as all hell and people who complain that all their money went on feeding their kids, really shouldn't of had them in the first place. Thinks Mr Ed is hot but Gilligan is better. Detests ALIAS but would give it all for Buffy. Likes woman kissing (well unless they are eighty or something). is that enough?

Wow I'd need a big card, no real skills, have I. Just opinionated diary entries (sorry).

Rocktober 1st

It's Rocktober!!!!!

I almost accidentally bought a Yoga Mat from the Qantas Frequent Flyer store today. Thankfully I noticed... yieks. cancelled the order.

AC/DC had a lane named after them in Melbourne today. A lane really suits them. That's kind of OK. But they forgottoput the '/' between the AC and the DC so it's a bit pissy. Molly Meldrum suggested a Skyhooks lane. I think we should have a Molly Meldrum Avenue.

Hmm Film of the month-THE WEEPING CAMEL. If you loved our suggestion of Himalaya you will like this one.

Go Green Day Go! Billie Joe for President. Green Days AMERICAN IDIOT debuts at #1 in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Japan and probably everywhere else. See we TOLD YOU SO (we like to say that occasionally). If you don't like Green Day you are too old. The album is great, the production x-cellent and gee George W...is that you they named it after.......... COOL! Play it loud and after track 2 they can never be accused of writing too short a song. I love this band. Good to see that in times of lame arse Reality Music Shows, a BAND like Green Day can still make it to #1.

Tiffani in the USA sends the most amazing Gift Box. We are humbled, we are blown away. Just exceptional and what can we say. YUM!!!!! OINK. Thank you times one million.

October 2nd

Mt St Helens is erupting, they think it's only minor but we'll see, I just know all that lava is building up, and up and UP!!!!!!!!! BANG! First the hiccup and then the cosmic burp. Watch all the tourists run. It's the end of the world. Run little animals run.

Work on stuff around 'Living In the 70's'. It's just so good to do, and feels nice. Greg Macca calls and tells us that Mark and myself have a thank you on the album. So kind and that means a lot, our favourite album, the one that changed our life... so to be thanked on that whoa! Happy campers.

Send Kate some flowers, we'll miss her 21st birthday, so thought some flowers would be nice. Now go and vote for the Greens & Democrats because the Family First people will punish us! Help Kate- only your vote can save us! (:

October 3rd

Oh far too sweet. Paul Hester just called, 'Peetey I have something to tell you". I instantly think horrid thoughts that someone has died... see I am scarred! 'No it's all fine...."

Are you getting married...my 2nd guess.

"Oh you are too good, YES I am getting married Peter and I need you to be a bridesmaid' (laughs).

So yep May next year Paul and Kashan will be married. I am so happy for Hessie and tell him as much... happy for them both. Will have to get my sister to steal a bridesmaid dress from her dry cleaning service. I AM KIDDING!!!! Though my legs do look good these days. (It's all the hiking).

Anyway it was good to chat, I just want my friends like Paul to be happy. No more dark Paul, happy Paul is much better and I worry less.

Head to the Pint on Punt. It's a Pub at Windsor and little Bobby Starkie is playing as part of his Bob Starkie- R & R Show. I take a bit longer as I stick up the little Anti John Howard stickers on all the traffic lights and letter boxes. I link with Rebekah and I spring her fagging away, bad, bad smoking woman. Busted. Oh well at least you tried.

I hate the smoking stuff, I just want my friends to be around forever and smoking is just slashing your wrists slowly, paying to die- makes me sad. I bite my tongue, I have so many faults I can't comment on other peoples. Oh I just did (opps-sorry).

It's a cute pub, and we sit at the bar and have some comfy stools. Bongo says hello and he's straight into playing. He's one of my favourite guitarist and a mate, I just love to see him playing. The songs are all classics, Chuck Berry...

By the third set Bec and myself are a bit blind, it is a worry when I spot a bottle of Glayva on the top shelf!!!! Is it the drink or is the crowd really getting into it. No it's the crowd, Starkie and band called back for an encore. I get Toorak Cowboy dedicated to me. C'mon Shirl used to do that, what about Molly, let it be dedicated to Molly Meldrum again ... (sigh). If I need a theme song I don't think it's 'Toorak Cowboy'. 'he dyes all his grey ends and he's got lots of gay friends...'

Chat to the manager about a certain possible surprise on October 28th. Hmm working on it...... could be fun if I can pull it off. We'll see.

Indianna turns up, Bongo's lovely daughter, I joke that I last saw her leaving the party at our house and heading off with a cute band boy ... she's a good girl now!!! Off to London on Friday with an armful of clothes from Melbourne fashion designers. Safe flight little one, and try and be good. I know it's genetically hard to do *grin*.

Give Bec a peck and stumble home. Thankfully I had Dinner prepared so that was easy. Check out the charts and Green Day are #1 for the 2nd week with American Idiot. Life is good (hic).

The late news tells us that Janet Leigh has died (aged 77). She did the infamous shower scene in Hitchcock's thriller PSYCHO. Jamie Leigh-Curtis was her daughter...isn't that right????? I think so as when we met Jamie Leigh I'm sure she mentioned her Mum to me.

October 4th

Monday and the weeks roll on by. I like Mondays, usually full of energy and spark. A girl from Austria was waiting at P.O. Box 333, I spotted her way before she spotted me. I think it was that copy of Glamour in her hand that gave it away *GRIN*. Sue at the Post Office pointed out that she was waiting for quite awhile. She had the cutest accent, sometimes I had no idea what she was talking about but she smiled a lot so that was o.k. She had on some really good shoes, which I commented on. Australia can sell good shoes but but so few good ones are made here. I knew if I stayed and talked I would be late for the first meeting today, but I got all guilty and did the right thing. I always feel such a fraud doing this as I never know what to say to people. She showed me her favourite photos in the book, which is strange to have someone talking about you as far as having a favourite. I've never thought about it like that before. Anyway it was an interesting way to start the day. The other people clearing mail would just stare at me, I was going to put up a little sign. 'Freak on Display today...ask me how'!

Walk past the 'Black Olive' as today we are eating at Daguerre's, and they are digging up the floor in the Olive. All the tables have gone, I wonder if it's more renovations? Or has another of our food haunts been taken off the map. Is it us? Did we do something wrong?

Head across town to Northcote to drop in the Skyhook photos for the booklet for Living In the 70's. I arrive fine, negotiating down those little streets. Drop a parcel into Ben's and Fran's place, and head on home. Take some short cuts and they work. Got a chance to play a lot of music on the car CD player, the best part about driving.

October 5th

Had an early night in bed last night (11.00) and seemed to dream all night. Evil neighbours have been quiet the last few days, they mustn't enjoy the new Green Day CD which has had some major airplay at our place (cough!). Our new way to deal with them. If they are loud, we are Louder!

Labor leader Mark Lathan announces a solid plan to rescue the overwhelming majority of Tasmania's Old Growth Forests. John Howard is very quiet on the subject. I think while it appears that hoWARd is in the lead by those few extra votes, he doesn't want to rock the boat and lose any ground. It's always a big thing the environmental vote, and no matter what you say or what compensation there is but loggers are going to be pissed. Howard will sell out the Forests for sure and bend over for the loggers I just know it and you can bet the loggers unions will punish Labor in Tassie.

Nicole thanks for all your help with my USA mobile. Owe you one, nice to keep my USA phone still operational. You rock girl! Betchadupa on the way soon (well the CD not the guys *sorry*).

Bongo Skyhook drops in and it's good to sit for awhile. Talk about life, plans, ideas and he seems good. There will be some interesting stuff coming up, if all goes well, could be fun. When I was a young teenage whippersnapper Bongo was my favourite Skyhook, followed by Greg Macaiansh as a close second. The rest of Australia was going nuts over Red and Shirl, but Bobby Starkie guitarist was so damn cool- all glammed up...with some place to go! Who could ever forget Bongo's stage cossies- the green and gold jumpsuit with the lizard collar, or the white furry wigs, golden velvet with baby doll faces attached. It was an odd statement when he painted his face black- he loved Little Richard we know but wasn't that taking it too far *GRIN*. Arghh the good old days.

October 6th

Spending a few days eating at Daguerres, the Market Cafe people will be worried. It's funny as I am use to the Market cafe crowd, and having it packed in the mornings. So to wander into Daguerres and sit wherever I want is weird and kind of cool.

Mark has completed this amazing video-clip for Split Enz MAYBE. Am keeping Mum as to what is looks like etc, but totally mind blowing and Split Enz 1975 that no one has probably ever seen... too incredible.

Notice Betchadupa are playing their album launch for AIMING FOR YOUR HEAD at The Corner Hotel Melbourne on October 23rd. Kick arse guys!

Still going through a small backlog of emails from our few weeks of zero internet time, people will have to be patient. I think they are use to me getting back within 5 seconds, so it probably feels strange- but even I can only do so much dear reader. (-:

Look out the office window at the clearest sky, the chilli plants are loving this sunshine and some yellow roses have popped out. The plants are just saying bring on the sunshine. Little do they know that a huge storm front is moving in over the next few days- Melbourne's cold weather isn't over yet.


We grab a copy of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW on DVD. It's kind of what we expected from the director in Independence Day. Global warming triggering a bombardment of freaky weather, calling in a New Ice Age. Extreme tornadoes flatten Los Angeles, which is damn cool. Predictable Iconic landmarks are destroyed: oh there goes the Hollywood sign, our old record company Capitol is ripped to pieces (ouch)...New York is the place to surf...if you like tidal waves and finally the Northern Hemisphere freezes solid. Meanwhile Australia and New Zealand look rather snug. Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal are passable, the script is ok. But it's a disaster movie with breathtaking special effects. Mother Nature really is the Academy Award winner in this one. For those who love Armageddon , Earthquake, etc etc this is a 7/10 and you'll like it.

It's a throw away, a night to snuggle and watch something that you won't find in an around the table debate. Like Independence Day the over use of the American flag is kind of a bit sickly. There is a special edition too but like most bonus editions it's a bit limited. So just grab the standard release. Fun.

October 7th

As predicted rain, wind and hay fever attacks today.

At breakfast I check out the share market and notice that Air NZ shares have slumped, 29% this year. Maybe it's Karma for their backdoor deal with Singapore Airlines. The results a NZ$523 million loss. Yieks.

Spoke to our friend Kylie last night. The original Kylie (Little Pink), one of those phone calls where you spend more time laughing. She's a bit like our other friends, feeling like some change is due. Think she wants a Sea change. Selling up and moving perhaps.

The return of KATH AND KIM tonight. ABC at 8.30 and this debut episode of the new series will be massive. All we can say is 'Look at Moy' and admit that that Mrs Kath Day-Knight is oh so foxy!!!! Good luck girls.

The two girls from the performing Arts Museum are calling by today. My 1.00 meeting, mostly to grab costumes and bits for the Skyhooks display on October 28th. Cosmo is running wild through the house, so it will be a nice surprise when a blurry white ball of fur goes zooming past. 'Rabbit what rabbit'... fun to pretend. No we don't have a rabbit- what do you mean???

Oh the loggers in Tassie loved John hoWARds 'Logging Plan'. Just great, it's easy to save some jobs for now Mr Howard but what about the future- nice if we have some areas of Old Growth forests for future generations. Talk about wanting someone's vote for all the wrong reasons. It's a strange election this one, all the Party's seem incredibly boring, you get over-saturated and in the end it's just very hard to even read their waffle. I can't even begin to understand how the Americans suffer through endless months of this bombardment.

October 8th

Dark and gloomy outside.

Head into the city and a camera crew corner me on who I'm voting for and why. Basically say anyone but John Howard as he is a liar. Short and sweet. The news crews are out everywhere, guess an election is some sort of interest on the news etc.

Spend part of the afternoon installing the NAVMAN 630 navigation unit for the 4WD. Hey gotta buy Navman, it's made in New Zealand. Support those kiwi's.

The 630 is great as it has vocal navigation too with his and her vocal and 40,000 POI's. That's Points Of Interest, our life is so full of buzz words. POI's WMD, TDL....IF.U.SEE.KAY .....

Takes some time to install the software, maps, desktop and gods knows what else. You get a 128 Mbyte card with the 630 too. It's pretty funky and will save the stress factor between Mark and myself when he gets us lost navigating. *grin*. Now I just have that two sex voice to scream at. Be cool if someone has programmed it to tell me to 'Bugger Off' or to scream back.! That would be a good gimmick, a ICN that can be rude to you.

The Australian Map section is really detailed, shows all Parks and lakes and rivers, either as an overview or at street level. Even has a 3D perspective (but no silly glasses included...joking). I can picture all these people driving around Oz with 3D glasses on. Not a bad look.

October 9th

Election day 2004.

Wake up feeling good, still convinced that the Liberals will get an added 4 or 5 seats, pray it's less, we'll know soon.

Oh it started really well, walking through the sea of 'how to vote' card people and the foolish Family First member made the mistake of lunging at me. Oh I've been saving this. I basically told him that his church was repulsive and his political party even worse and I hope he burns in hell. he stupidly went to Mark ... who's more basic approach of 'Why don't you just fuck off' got a round of applause form the crowd! A man of not many words but the right ones.

It was so odd spotted loads of people taking voting cards for Labor, Greens and a few for the Democrats. The Democrat vote card person leans to me and says, 'our local candidate is Bi-sexual, I heard what you said to the Family First person, that was great.' So I took one of her cards too... I think the Democrats will really suffer in this election.

In the end I just voted Labor, more so that I think they will need every vote to succeed. I just don't want them to lose a single seat in Victoria.

We ran into Warwick from Greville records and one of our ex-Babble mates. They are all voting Labor. So if nothing else Prahran may well rally against the Treasurer Peter Costello who is the Liberal for this seat. It's a 8.4% Liberal safe-hold these days since the boundary's changed, so the odds are very slim.

It's 6.00 the voting is well underway. By 11.00 it's basically all over with hoWARd getting his fourth term as PM. he's tied the record set by Bob Hawke.

The Liberals gain seats, still unclear how many as some are down to the wire but I think my 4 or 5 seats will be correct.

The horror tale could be that they might control the Senate, with a possible one seat for the evil Family First party. If this is the case expect the rest of Telstra to be sold by mid 2005.

A few good things: Peter Garrett scored his seats so the Midnight Oil front man is in his way to Canberra.

Am especially proud of Victoria, as it was the only state that didn't surrender any new seats to the Howard Government.

In our area of Higgins evil ol' Peter Costello got in as expected but unlike other areas where the Liberal vote increased by 2-3% his was only .05. Possibly the Bi sexual Democrat slowed him down *grin*... or my Peter Costello Creep T-shirt helped.

Anyway good old Victoria. Strangely it doesn't feel too weird, at least we are free to vote here, to tell Family First members to go stuff themselves to have a Bi-sexual democrat. Latham did well, considering what a train wreck it was going to be 12 months ago. The Senate worries me far more then the obvious hoWARd win. It makes me wonder if this can happen in Australia, will there be enough silly Americans to vote Bush back in (who's a bigger dickhead then our Little Johnny Howard). Gawd I hope not.

and meanwhile in Afganistan there are woman voting for the first time, and that's not a bad thing. That's if all the donkeys carrying the ballot boxes get from A-Z.

What a world!


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