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Archive: 4 July - 18 July 2004

July 4th

Melbourne - Los Angeles

Too hyper to sleep, very restless night, feel really homesick already and have serious doubts about wanting to do this. Yes the Green one has a major case of cold feet.

Mark and gorgeous Rosemaree drive me to the airport. Feel sluggish and teary like I'm saying goodbye forever. I change my Business class seat to downstairs, as the top section is packed, and this way I not only get two business class seats for myself, but 5, yes FIVE pillows, my own steward and damn fine service. The flight seems fast, catnap on and off, and this is penned 5 hours into the flight and crossing the International date line.

I'm first off the plane, customs is a breeze. They ask 'and what do you do for the band?". I reply 'everything'.

I buy a copy of the 'Weekly News'...the front headline is FREAK METEOR KILLS POPE! Love it perfect for the tour bus.

Climb into my L.A. Bed at the wonderful Le Parc Suite..it's morning, Ben and our tour manager Doe call, feel really welcome. Easy day today no rehearsal studio for me.

I try not to sleep and walk to the Beverly Centre, buy up big at Savon Drugs. Get Rebekah her Tongue Scraper (she's so kinky) the last one, must be a run on fetish tongue tools.

Go for a walk with B while the 4th of July fireworks bursts overhead. Exceptional dinner at Sushi Zen (8163 Santa Monica Blvd). Head back to Savon Drugs and buy a straw hat for the outdoor gigs...designed in Australia (not made in Australia) hmmm must be good....looks ok. Heaps of fruit loops and freaks at 7-11, and the odd missy who's obviously seeing the world through Ecstasy eyes. I'm going to be good on this tour, no E for Me (sounds like No to drugs slogan)... Last Finns Brothers tour I did misbehave and I know some of you like to read about the abundance of love dripping out of my pores while in such a state, not to mention the odd UFO that seems to appear when I indulge, but I'm a new man, healthy and wise. We'll see....

ZERO sleep tonight...this sucks and is expected.

July 5th

Los Angeles

Great to see everyone at rehearsals, nice bunch of guys on the crew, band all all fine, feels ok to me. We are just around the corner from the Capitol building. I end up filming a lot of footage, and yes Mark I think it actually came out ok...well praise the lord! ... A lot of thanks to 'Marks advanced class on fine film work'. Finns and band cover about 8 new songs from EVERYONE IS HERE ....plus old Finn- Angels Heap, Where is my soul, and Suffer Never....NF playing a brilliant solo...he should do them more often. I think I enjoy his playing as much if not as more as his voice these days. No sleep again..oh someone hit me with a hammer.....I need my ZZZZZ's.

July 6th

Los Angeles

Call NYC and speak to our T-shirt people, sounds like they have it all under control, will be interesting to see how all the designs turn out. Some great TV stuff on KCET a PBS station, is this the only honest TV station in America? Colin Powell's highlighting of the struggles in the Sudam was really heartfelt, it's such a bad problem and one area that the USA has helped a lot. The "by the people' show is really good.

Coffee at café B, buy chicken and cheese sandwich, why is American cheese so damn awful? Ben fixes my computer and superfast Net- talented bugger that he is, appreciate it fella!

Head to 'Don't Panic' on the gay strip- 802 N.San Vicente Blvd, the owner buys me a coffee. West Hollywood sure has sprouted wings, all those pink dollars. The Good Bush Bad Bush T-shirt is my favourite. Great designs: www.dontpanic.com

July 7th

Los Angeles

More rehearsals at SIR studios, nice to see the Green Day guys rehearsing songs from their upcoming album. Hmm all that dope smoke billowing out into the car park, or did they simply have funny smelling smoke machines????? I like Green Day more power to them. Chat to the drummer for awhile.

Spend my morning on the internet, then off to rehearsals at 12.30. Take my main bag for the tour bus as it heads off to Canada with all the gear on board.

Neil leans over and says :'Day off tomorrow, only an International Flight to worry about'!!!

The Finns end up rehearsing 30 songs for the tour,all sound good.

I help the crew with the load out, as much as I can without getting in the road. They are all professional and I think I get in the way a lot, but happy to help where I can. Wave to Terry our driver as he moves off...think he spits a final pile of tobacco out the window...his salute to Hollywood.

July 8th

Los Angeles - Vancouver

Hmmm how am I surviving on 2 hours sleep per night, nothing seems to help, melatonin, exercise, serious wanking (opps!). Up at 8.00 and head to the Belmore for food-fruit and yoghurt-healthy.

LA airport was alright, not too terrorist paranoid. A guy walks up to Neil and says 'I love your music man' and he meant it- good to see.

Arrive Canada and the customs guy is a huge Enz fan and remembers us from the Time and Tide tour. All of us walk through fine. Bus takes us to the Four Seasons Hotel. I watch a Kylie live special on TV. Her legs are waxed to an inch of her life.

Feeling a bit sad today, think its lack of sleep.

July 9th

Vancouver-Canada 'The Orpheum'

Take a sleeping tablet, can't do this non sleep thing any longer. In a very deep sleep when at 4.00 in the morning the phone rings and my sleep filled brain registers and picks it up. Extremely sad news from home, my Uncle has passed away. I find it really hard to talk, and after awhile hang up. I'm still in Zombie land, and wonder if I'm really awake.

I call home and my other uncle answers it and the whole family is torn apart, when one of the strongest men in your life is so obviously crying it just rips your heart out. Mum is worse and I just want to walk out the door right that minute and go, fuck it all and get home. Mum tells me if I do they'll never forgive me and it's more important for me to be working.

I sit alone high above the streets of Canada feeling like I am the loneliest person on the planet, feeling totally hopeless and my heart hurts.

I decide that if I'm staying I have to get through the day, no sympathy I'd just crack if people started treating me different and gave me the kid gloves treatment. I just don't want this to affect anyone's work. I decide to tell Sharon and maybe one other person.

See some of the crew in the morning and decide to mention it but it gets lost in the conversation so I give up on this and totally poker face the day. It's all I can think of and several times I just wanted to curl up and grieve.

Besides it's a hell of a day. All around me people are saying 'hell of a day'...I just agree, if only they knew. The Bus is delayed at the Border, for several hours, so the gear arrives late, help Sharon and Matt assemble the chandelier 'bird cages'. They look incredible, talented bugger that Sharon Finn. She knows me so well and knows that endless work will get me through this.

Catch up with fans outside, all fun and we take them into sound-check. Sound- check itself has gone back by an hour or so, but they have a good time.

The first gig is good, I love the songs. I notice that the new songs only have the birdcages fully lit onstage........

Tim takes me aside and the Finns offer to send me home, totally understand, incredibly kind and even that brings tears to my eyes, way too emotional on the inside. I thank them so much but I'm here for the long run, well USA at least.

We quickly pack up, jump in the bus and head for the border.

The border check is kind of fun, we all have messed up 'bus hairdo's and I say to Neil what a scruffy bunch we all are. I am shivering, part real part fake and the border lady says , 'some of you are cold so hop back on board'.....OK it was mostly fake I just wanted to move on.

Share a room with Allan at "W" and he's good he doesn't snore. I stare at the ceiling all night...just thinking. My uncle taught me to fish, and we realized my forte' was with a hand line. Pulled in many a fish along the Moruya breakwater, I watch the sun come up another day is upon us... Memories just keep spilling out of my head, in some ways it helps.

July 10th

Seattle 'The Moore'

Susan Fraser gives me this cool card and the best pen ever. I use it for the 'real' diary as I can never have enough pens. Feel a bit special around the Finn fans and sometimes their kindness makes a day a bit better at the moment.

The fans are excellent , they help remove hundreds of plastic wraps off Tim and Neil CDs so the Finns can sign them. A human conveyer belt. Thanks guys. Soundcheck is different a few more songs, they get to watch 5 songs today.

5 boxes of stock arrives and keyrings. So I have stock coming out of my ears.

I love the venue, thought Sharon's birdcages were perfectly lit. 5 stand in the aisles with Marie Finn and we admire the lighting. Heading out of the production office and walking towards me is a scruffy haired Eddie Vedder.

He puts out his arms and says 'Peter Green'!

A hug is just what I need, and he is all smiles and pulls out a photo of the most beautiful baby. He's going to be a great Dad. Guess it's the way of life someone dies someone's born. He asks how I've been and says 'is this your sixth book now'. Hmm he's keeping tabs on me. *grin*.

His girlfriend is drop dead gorgeous and I'm glad he's happy. We stand side stage during the show and both admire Sharon's birdcages with hanging threads of diamonds.

They look like amazing jellyfish we both say... Too weird. Makes us laugh.

He's a good man that Ed Vedder, wish there were more people like him.

The band are getting tighter and the crew are working their arses off to get the sound right. Tim is cutting loose, I'm calling this his 'return to Stevie Nicks' period! God bless Tim Finn and that Tambourine.

Neil Finn is always praised for his songwriting and lyrics but lately he's becoming my favourite guitarist, I watch him play with total envy, damn good work.

Load out is underway, and we bus to the Vintage Plaza-Portland. In bed by 4.30 after falling asleep standing up next to Doe our tour manager. Exhaustion has finally set in...call my amazing Sister before my head hits the pillow. She's keeping the family together.

July 11th

Portland- 'Crystal Ballroom'.

Wake up, actually had some sleep. Watch a CNN special on the Kennedy's whilst eating breakfast.

Really like the Venue, so good to see people standing and dancing. Totally over the sit down crowd, too boring, too old, wouldn't hurt for a few people to shake their bodies - good exercise, nothing sadder then dancin' in your seat.

Go on a coffee search for the crew and run into Dominic and Natalie at a local food place, really well suited- happy anniversary guys. Stacey and Dina are out front and I tell Jean to cover up as I know she will get sun stroke, ol' Sol is brutal today. Extra nice surprise that Linda makes a drive and calls by.

The springy floor is really getting a work out tonight, the crowd going for it. I See Red just brings the house down. We get the feeling there are a lot more Enz fans on this tour, it's like and 2nd or 3rd coming for Enz music, weird but good. If I had a dollar for every person that said 'I saw Split Enz in..blah blah' I'd be rich, oddly enough not Crowded House but Split Enz.

Long 13 hour drive , so I work on the computer at 2.42-alone in the galley. Our bus overtakes the Finns band bus around this time-I wave. Am sitting next to Terry the driver and I chuckle over that.

July 12th

San Francisco

Day off. New album cover arrives, really nice, especially the paper that it's printed on. Trying to figure out what I did today. Probably bookwork around the tour.

I did get Mark his 'Sympathy for the devil' Stones DVD, only one shop had it, but it will be a nice birthday present.

Organise flowers and funeral stuff, check on Mum and Sis.

John Walsh (bless him) phones up and entices me out for dinner. Didn't hear from Nic etc so I take him up on the offer. We go for a serious walk through China Town. He loves his woman, and I keep seeing his romantic side sneak out. Like the rest of the crew he works incredibly hard, those guys earn't my respect from day one. They are the wheels of the tour, if they even slowed down I think the whole shabang would just stop.

A cold breeze sweeps in over San Francisco, I do love this town.

July 13th

San Francisco 'The Warfield'

Nice to wake up in San Fran. The tour bus can't get to the hotel, so two mercedes pick us up. At 12.00 security sirens go off all around the city, it is absolutely paranoid bullshit. The only people who pay any attention seem to be old people and they look shit scared, probably terrible memories of World War II or something...no one else cares. You know if something really happens everyone would think it's just another test.

I love The Warfield, it's crumbly and kind of grotty but has a vibe. Nic and Angie arrive , nice to see them. Run into nancy as I'm heading to the bus and get some of her infamous cookies, probably the best cookies I've ever had... Thought tempted I only have one...OK TWO..the rest go into the bandroom and are consumed, as I dispose of the empty tin later on.

Film some of the show tonight, Benny's side of the stage. Watch him do his thing, and it sounds great. Fans comment on how much they loved this show.

July 14th

Los Angeles -'Avalon' #1

It's another long drive, I read in my bunk. Tim tells me that Elliot is traveling well and sleeps well in her basinet. Another Finn kid being rocked to sleep on the road.

Weird afternoon, call into Amoeba again and see what they have for offer in their SPIT Enz section (yes Spit). Back to the Venue and - gets cancelled as the PA system totally blows up, so it has to be replaced. Meet Ralph who is head of security and runs most of the venue. What a nice guy, totally spoils us all day, and a very quick sense of humour. Get along well and he lets me ignore the Venue's % on Merch tonight.

Find out I have to sell tonight, which is fine, the front area is neo gothic DARK, cool but for a Merch display it's extreme. Judy and Teresa help me out, and I am bombarded with those heavenly Biscotti.......Biscotti Biscotti Biscotti. Most people pick up drug addictions on tour, we all end up with Biscotti addictions.

Neil can view the street all the way from the stage, which means he probably spotted me dancing during 'Luckiest Man Alive'....(Yieks). Says it all and my heart goes out to you Mark.

It's funny having capitol Records across the road-our old 'home'.

Music lovers bring us a lot of wine tonight and Steve W the biggest box of CDS from his company. The Santa Barbara Winery bottles look cool, a fine drop of Cabarnet Savvignon! Neil tells his Bob Seagar Capitol Records Xmas Party story. Makes me laugh.

July 15th

Los Angeles- Avalon #2

Stumble out of bed at 7.00+ and see the fearless crew depart for KCRW. I wave and no one spots me. LA is still asleep. Crawl back into bed for an hour or so, try to catch up on my sleep.

Doe calls and some fan tries to invade the session, using my name, hate that, better not do that while I am around. If one thing pisses me it's that.

Do some washing today at the Suites. Luxury. Clean socks and jocks. The washing powder dispenser sends out the cutest 51g packets of Tide. Warhol would of loved them. A part of me really wants to keep the box.

Ralph again waivers the venue percentage, he's now moved to God status.

Highlights of the show- Shark Attack and Black Betty.

Heading to the bus when Lisa Marie arrives, yes Ms Presley herself. One of her minders buys a T-shirt, the blue one. She's put on some weight but has her fathers eyes.

July 16th

Anaheim- 'The Grove'.

I like the band on this tour, and enjoy time with them on the bus. The Stacey Brothers were brought up on the same musical diet as us, so when they start playing loads of 'Sweet' songs I am happy.

The Grove is near the Angels baseball stadium. Tonight The Angels play the Boston Red Sox. It's just too tempting. I find out that it's a Sold Out game and 40,000 are in attendance, the chance of getting a ticket are almost zero.

I decide what the hell and ask Doe for some time off, and I get the nod. I bolt across the car park and of course the lady at the ticket window tells me All Sold Out, but kindly suggests I check again. I was going to bring Elroy but I know he would of been disappointed as even one ticket is hard to get. Only saw one scalper and he sold his last ticket.

I look to the sky and ask the big umpire upstairs to help me out, bravely walk to the window. 'Sorry no tickets left.......' as I turn she says 'wait...one just came in'. I say a silent thanks and I don't care if it's the back back back row. The ticket lady says 'you'll be happy'.

I head in, so vibed, and guzzling in all the colour, smells and hotdogs and even baby pizza's...so electric. Imagine my surprise when my ticket puts me three rows from the front, right by the pitchers mound and directly behind the team. It is an incredible spot, an amazing seat, someone's looking after me. I take it as an omen and let this good feeling run over me. The girl next to me asks what I do and she freaks me out by telling me she is a fan and going to our Boston show on the 31st. She loves the Red Sox so naturally I had to go for the Angels, fully expecting them to lose. The highlight was almost catching the ball, but making it onto the big screen...too cool and scary seeing a huge PG up there. I get to see some of the game and then head back to the show, buying an Angels cap on the way.

The Finns know I'm happy and encourage me, seems awhile since I've been happy.

Add the sixth T-shirt design into the mix tonight and we have a good night at Merch. I film from different areas, a good show but I thought the birdcages looked wrong tonight.

Highlights: 'Stuff and Nonsense' , 'All the colours' and 'Homesick' played for the first time using acoustic guitars.

The life members get to see quite a bit of sound-check.

Deanne the totally gorgeous runner takes me on a drive to the Post Office so I can send Marky a parcel and some other work related stuff. She's good company and probably drives all the boys wild.

The Venue people tell me we are the nicest bunch they have had at the venue for years, and chat Bush/Bad Bush stuff with the Merch girls. One likes Bush, the other 4 really dislike him, hopefully that's the ratio for the election.

Head over to the security fence and chat to the fans, they make me laugh, all fun. Climb aboard and we head off for the BIG drive to Denver.

July 17th

Bryce Canyon National Park- Green River-West Winds Diner.

It's 3.30 in the morning I'm floating around the sleep realms when a small noise wakes me. It ends up being the bearing on one of the wheels on the trailer. Terry cuts our speed down to a snails crawl and we limp into Green River. At least we made it across the main part of the desert. All those amazing outcrops- Thors Hammer, The Sentinel and The Silent City- no place to be stranded despite their beauty.

I drag out the video and film Herpes the dog, who's kind of cute and Tim from the band makes friends with him by surrendering some water. We find a lovely old caddy that someone has been working on, all stripped back... And Jeremy from the band bares his arse for the camera.

We cross the road to the West Winds Diner and Terri the waitress fixes me up with some of the coconut cream pie and a salad. Paul Stacey somehow ends up with the biggest plate of hash browns in the world. So no doubt more farting on the bus (:

Buy a book on the National Park, incredible images.

I have a new favourite seat the back of the bus and I watch the Utah desert drift by, they remove one of the wheels and we hope that will do to the trick till we reach a major town. I'm still drug free, though the amount of pot I have been offered has been major, and pretty much don't need it. One chocolate bar only, but too many Biscotti.

Spend some time in my bunk writing, feel good today. Hang with the Stacey Brothers who take me on a wonderful flashback musical journey. Good times.

We arrive Winter Park just before 10.00 and have to order some food at the bar. No room service and they have closed down the main area.... And we just get in on time. Terry the driver did good today and I offered to shout him his beer but he already paid. He sits with Tim Smith (Bass) Staceys, myself and we have a drink. The barman who obviously is a ski instructor during Winter up here makes sure my food arrives, he has that 'way too good looking' Alpine ski master thing happening but he stays true to his word and rushes me my food.

Find out the Finns have several flights cancelled so we arrive before them.

Fall asleep around 2.00. Call Mark before hand and he is getting bits and pieces ready for the Club Stall at Camberwell CD Fair. Rosemaree and Mark will be looking after this while I'm away. It's on August 1st at Camberwell Civic Centre, Camberwell (Melbourne) Doors open at 10am. The club stall will be in the foyer. Loads of fun stuff. So come along and say hi.

July 18th

Winter Park Resort- Colorado

Looks like a nice day outside. The festival is across the road but it's not that simply, this huge freeway stops you just walking across. I watch a lone punter (musician?) try and almost become road kill. So our bus is taking us over.

The hills are covered in Douglas Fir Trees, it would be brilliant up here during ski season. We are at 10,000+ feet above sea level, I hardly notice it. After the Andes this is small fry. A few band and crew are chuffing down the oxygen and the odd nose bleed. Maybe altitude also tests how healthy you are?

Rush some stock to the merchandise sales area, and the Tshirt people say people have been asking for me. (hopefully not the tax man!). Catch up with a few names, a bit rushed as the plan is to leave straight after the set.

Weird day for the Finns, Neil is suffering a bit- think it's lack of sleep, the altitude and air conditioning. Tim rallies to the cause and helps his brother out. The set list changes, the crew do well and the audience respond in a supportive way.

Get some really good footage (I think).

I keep finding money on the ground, in the end enough to buy the worlds biggest burreto. It's a good one too, share it with the Yeti as he looked hungry. A hotel with no room service- weird......

Tim and the family end up on our bus as we are taking them to the airport. Good to chat with TF, and I have a focus on what I am doing work wise. He's a good man, and having the family along just makes life better for him.

The small string of disasters continues one of the tires goes completely. We leave John Walsh (who wishes it to be known that he had the time of his life with one of LA's finest tattoo'd ladies a few days ago) with the trailer while we head off to drop the Finns at the Hotel and after that find a Kmart.

Giles is navigating, and it's all a bit trippy. Some strange fatigue sets in and I know it's my sugar levels hitting ground zero... Head up the back and black out and hit my head. (Ouch) and my brain seems to be functioning well so I grab some orange juice.

Reset the old system but it takes a bit longer, still in a smoky haze when we are changing the tyre, try to do my bit. Shit happens. Check into the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Denvers Cherry Creek district. A room with a bed....

Order room service and work for 3 hours just to catch up. At least the crew are lucky in that way, they do the bulk of their work before and during the show, 40% of mine is still after the show, if I go out it's still their when I get back (hate that *grin*).

This hotel is loud, how many times can the people across the foyer slam their damn doors. So the tour is hobbling along, actually it has been fun. I've grown to love America again, and most of it is from the kindness of others. It's easy to let dickheads like Bush turn you off the States, but there are many good things here and really good people and the tour so far has made me see that.

We are getting close to the half way mark, as far as the time I have spent here, and so far survived it- though some more sound sleep would be good.

I sit here pondering another 10000 mile drive. Next stop Minneapolis. Despite the sadness I'm really glad I'm on the road with the Finns. Hope those of you who have attended the gigs have had a good time. Nice to meet So many of the readers, albeit briefly.

Am sending this now, mistakes and all, no time to check it hopefully it makes sense.

Back on the Bus .....


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