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PG Fly-Man V's the Kamikaze Kookaburras
Kalorama November 2006

October 30th

Wake up early as Marie from the Solar company is arriving, I wait and wait and wait...Mark stumbles out all bleary eyed, 'has she been' he asks...."NO" I say just a tad pissed off that I've been up early .... I wait and then make the call. She has all good intentions, gave us time to sleep in from our late night...I wish she would of told us though as I could o done with an extra hour.

She's nice and we are out on the decking, overlooking the valley and a rather furry head pops out of the high bird house-feeder. It's Banshee the wonder cat.... way too cute and so weird... Marie takes a snap as no one will believe her, Banshee strikes a pose like it's some sort of "Red Bull Gives You Wings' advert......

Our solar dreams are all on track, the house is facing the right way for the sun and panels, Greville street was the wrong way but even so it created a lot of energy, so in theory Ailsa Craig will really churn out the electricity and feed any excess back into the State Grid. We get all the costs, a few added extras that we need but them the breaks....this is a good thing. Green & clean (should be my slogan eh?)

We find out that with the Victorian State Election coming up, if the LIberal Party get in, the Solar Rebate scheme will be history....so we have to get onto this fast. I'm hoping all the Polls are right and Labor & The Greens kick arse. It's great to look at the parties policys but it's also good to have some proof of good things a government has done. I still think of the Kennet-Baillieu school sales when i think of that era....hell hope that never happens again, horrid days gone by. Many years down the track when Steve Bracks is a mere blink in the eye of the public I will always remember that it was the Bracks Labor Government that gave us not one but two solar rebates, and basically made our solar roof scheme a reality. That's the sort of government I like, sometimes I want proof of good ideas, not just talk, especially at election time when talk is cheap. I'm also really happy the Greens look set to do really well, so nice to see them kick the evil Family Firsts butt (nothing 'Family' around these psycho religious cultists)....it will be a close election as all third terms are but we all know Victorians have such good tastes these days *grin*.

October 31st


Wow has it really been nine years since Hessie & The LLT boys played the Halloween show at The Conty- did you attend dear reader? What a fun night. I was playing I Like It Rare #3 today, love those Hessie songs, it was a nice thing to do to pass them onto the club, that man had a heart of gold.

So I carve the pumpkin, finally Australia has those huge orange American pumpkins, the inside always feels like crushed intestines when you are spooning them out, but they glow so well when lit. I balance it on the pot Robin & Trudi gave us at the front of the house and you can see Peter Pumpkin Head glowing from way down on the road.... having the Kalorama night so pitch black just adds to it. It's a huge pumpkin, the chooks love the inside of it.

Martin told me that they have several trick & treaters in the area, but I think Mark & myself have consumed all the treats (opps)..... there are a lot of wicca lovers up this way, I keep finding second hand wicca books in stores and stuff....hmmm maybe they have all been chased out of town...I bet tonight there are some sky-clad rituals happening in the forests up here. A few people dancing naked around the Kalorama General Store.....

Spend a part of the day speaking to and emailing local MPs and Mr Bracks, asking for the 'Music for the future' program to be continued (and it's looking good) and to beg if I have to that Labor do not give their preferences to Family First. Apparently they are not (Phew) and mostly going to the Greens, The Liberals will give preferences to Family First which kind of figures. I hope our good Liberal voting mates realize that part of their vote will be going to homophobic bigots. Will be relieved when God strikes them down for fucking people over in his name! Hmmm it is Halloween, was tempted to make an effigy of the local FF member and set fire to it *GRIN* but hey the fire restrictions started last night so better not.... how about a head in the mail....or a cow pat? No...ok I will be good and just have faith that the Australian public won't vote for white trash.

November 1st

Level 2 water restrictions start.... remember keep us in your thoughts for rain. Victoria isn't as bad as some states but we do have some serious drought areas. We've cut our water use to half....next decent rain I'm putting buckets and everything outside to save it for my vegie garden use. I try to convince Mark to run naked out on the decking with me with a bar of soap but we thought we might scare all the animals......

Mark lends me one of his negatives of Greg Skyhook live, so we can get copies made for the Hooks fanclub members. It's a great shot, the sexist bass looks exceptional and Macca is smiling away.

November 2nd

Jo Jo Laine (Joanne la Patrie) one of the most hedonistic rock chicks ever, died this week. Friends and bed mates with Hendrix , Rod Stewart and Danny Laine from Wings...she fell down the stairs and hit her head, went into a coma and never recovered.... sad days.

We work all morning, I am up early today, so decide to head to The Verandah to do some writing. Nice to sit outside and just work, looking at that view.

Book our air tickets home for Christmas, a quick visit but at least we are heading home.

November 3rd

The 100th million website has just gone up on line today...we've come a long way since August 1991.... 100 million (and most of them crap! *chuckle*).

Call EMI and ask them for as copy of Tims cd for us, we've spend around $10,000 buying stock of it for all the fans and don't have a real copy for ourselves, think I've worn out the advance disc Tim sent me all those months back. My favourite song on the album keeps on changing, 'Astounding Moon' still is my all round favourite I think.

November 4th

Reading an article on The Who's latest offering and love Pete Townsend's quote- " people don't mind if you're old as long as you're content'! I think he's right you know.

Was tempted to buy a Turleen Doll from www.trailertrashdoll.com ...she is the first pregnant trailer trash doll....such classic lines as 'Give me a double, I'm drinking for two...' or you can have Wayne Junior Talking Mullet Doll ' fifteen of them beers and yer still ugly'. Ah America ....the home of everything......what a place. The perfect Christmas present, i was tempted.....I think Turleen scares me, we are from Wollongong after all!!!!!!!!! Lots of Turleens from what I remember......

So Burger King sued over Pot found in 2 cops burgers......I can just hear the late night shows going for it now......so many jokes so many skits.

November 5th

ABC TV has it's 50 years TV special on tonight, it's good the best so far.

Saddams sentenced to death, good he is anevil bastard. When is Bush going to be called up for all the blood on his hands too. So many teenagers protesting his (Sadaams) death sentence in Iraq, how many will become suicide bombers because of this- very depressing. The time must be coming soon when the American voters kick some arse.

Mexico gets slammed so often as North Americas sad neighbour. How cool that Mexico city proved how ahead it is of Australia and USA by approving the legality of Gay Couples- property, pension, inheritance- good to see all people being treated as equal- go Mexico you are amazing!

November 6th

Have a chat to Phil Judd tonight, been awhile and was good to catch up. Suggested he do another wonderful painting for us,next year if he has the vibe (and we ever have any money). His quick drawings he recently done are really good, but his oil work is astounding, was honoured he did the first one. Anyway we'll see, he may be too busy working on songs.

Start on some Christmas presents, the list is crazy, the spare room is the place where everything is going, soon as I cross someone off I remember another person. My Amex card will be worn through this year- at least they are all pretty nice presents. I still like Christmas , never want to get moanful where I become one of those people who just whinge about it, the spirit of giving is a good thing. I am worried about how many trailer park trash dolls I will end up.......I did buy my uncle a dancing/singing homer simpson doll.... it went off in the shop so here was I carrying a dancing singing Homer around for 15 minutes- actually some cute girls shopping did kind of giggle...was worth it. Homer is such a chick magnet.

November 7th

Melbourne Cup Day.

It's a holiday in Melbourne, the city stops for a horse race....nice to see the 2 Japanese horses do well, the owners were so emotional and the Cup now finds a home in Japan. My mum loved them but she did win $120!

Ron brings his new girlfriend Rosco along for some parrot feed at our house, just before the peak hour bird rush. They went through so many sunflower seeds, and Destructo squawking away like it's the end of the world, these birds are getting spoilt. Taking over my life.

I hear back from Bracks Labor office, was impressed they bothered to answer me so quickly on my question.

November 8th

Notice Tim Finn on the front cover of Rhythms magazine this month. He's been getting a decent slab of publicity.

Take Banshee outside every night for 20 minutes 'normal' training....I am trying to move it up 5 minutes each night...the theory is that we will have a normal cat at the end of it. Kind of like sitting outside at dusk with her on my lap, watching the birds, very relaxing.

We were at Mountain Gate today and this massively large woman with 2 screaming kids running wild and abusing people, we ignored her and Mark made the mistake of looking her way, so she went off, he started to give her a serve back..I grabbed his arm and we left, she said something horrid so I gave her a very short Gryphon lashing. If she is a miserable cow that has 2 horrid kids it's hardly our fault..... I'm almost convinced it's the same cow as before, from 6 months ago ... just has the same 'nice' attitude', she probably remembered us *grin*. She won't forget us now....I am trying to be kind but MOOOOOOO!

Go America, great news, Democrats controlling Senate and House of Reps- just the best. Go Hillary too..she will become President just watch.... anything that causes Bush pain is great, this is better then the pretzel. The whip hand for the Democrats, the first time in 12 years. Imagine how fantastic it will be when Bush just goes away...forever.

November 9th

Oh nice one, Tattslotto win covers breakfast, my once a week $10 lotto gamble is still paying off....one day the big one will roll in, but hey I'm stoked that nearly ever week it pays for breakfast on Mondays. I am ahead by $85 now....

Neil gives me a call from England , nice to have a chat to him. I do miss those guys not being in NZ- the Finns sound great so they are obviously settling in well.

Loving the last 2 seasons of the West Wing , gobbling up the final two box sets we received from England, just can't get enough- what a show, shame it's not with us anymore.

Mark was funny today, every 5 minutes I'd walk over a copy of 'Wings off flies' for him to sign, they are THE in demand item and Mark has to sign every copy. This whole 3 second effort becomes 30 seconds because he moans and does the eyebrow thing, in the words of Margaret ....'Oh Mark!'. He should be stoked that so many people want copies of our WINGS photo book, and want us to sign them..it probably de-values the book (: (: (:

November 10th

So much coming up in November, several birthdays, our anniversary, one year at Kalorama, the farewell to the world 10th Anniversary DVD release, the State election where Family First do really really poorly (hurrah).....I celebrated by trimming my nasal hairs...yeah a really good nasal hair cutter...nothing worse then huge hairs hanging out like loose tree roots! Thankfully it's not one of those horrid nose clippers that rips the hairs out (Ouch) just buzzsaws them off *GRIN*...why am I telling you this..... just so you know that the efforts I make to be nasally well groomed for you all dear readers. I'll be looking up each and everyone of your noses when next we meet....maybe we can offer a line of Famous for 16 Minutes Nose Hair Clippers. It is tempting to do Banshee's white Bob cat ear hairs...but I keep myself amused by waxing them into peaks like Wolverine or a Bob cat ear-moustache!!! It's probably the reason she isn't a normal kitty.

Some chocolate arrives from Fiona, such perfect timing, the office had no treats left....so stoked.

November 11th

Sunny weekend, work in the garden, put the huge umbrella up on the decking and bring my bed cover out, read and think. Banshee walks over and lies next to me...normal training is obviously working.

Sad to hear that Belinda Emmett wife of TV presenter Rove McManus lost her battle with cancer- only 32. She was a lively spirit , I only met her once but she made everyone around her feel good. That alone is a great gift. Poor Rove he's one of the good guys.

I'm outside feeding the Kookaburras and they are dive bombing from the huge gum trees and snatching meat out of my hands....I decide to wear my huge Hedwig glasses and pile my hair up, so I look like a freak. A kookaburra scares the hell out of me as it lands on my arm, after zeroing in on the food, kamikaze style from the tree it controls it's dive to land on my arm- amazing! Way way too cool. I try to balance some food, the Kookaburra and my camera whilst pushing the button with my little finger....so a few arty Kooka shots and one will put one on the main page of the diary site(thanks Deb).

The owners before us apparently fed them mince every morning.... I won't spoil them as much, they should really get their own food but a treat every so often as long as I can wear my Bono meets Hedwig glasses and know my arm-landing strip is safe!!!!!!! The neighbours must love me...I will become the strange man of Kalorama.

November 12th

The weather has gone all sideways again, the Sun gone, and dark clouds are hanging about, going to be some rain up here, hope the rest of Victoria benefits too.

Bec arrives and I meet her at The Verandah, she patiently waits while I sip my coffee, she devours hers ... I'm all chilled out, and starting to get chilled elsewhere, why is it getting this cold, our Summer is around the corner.

Lunch and Dinner with Bec, she suffers my political rave, all in the name of escaping Ailsa Craig with my (not so) secret Chocolate Mousse recipe. We run a test batch, tastes pretty damn fine. Play some pool, I win both my games, this new calm allows me to focus more.

I hear Bono is going to jump up onstage at Kylie's Sydney show tonight and perform KIDS, it's meant to be a secret but it will be over by the time you read this....Bono is great, loving his interviews.

Wave goodbye to Bec, hoping she gets off the top of the mountain before the rain starts, and she does ..just...and boy it really rains up here. I go out into it with numerous buckets, basins and pretty much anything that will hold water. I am determined to save enough water for my vegie patch all week....I end up with 100 litres worth. We get 26mm of rain up here and Beenami gets even more.....apparently the city gets almost zero, seems impossible but true. The rain is so loud we give up on watching tonights dvds. You almost feel guilty receiving so much water when so many farmers are suffering. Ben Yeti calls and it's nice to hear from him, the rain is so loud I have to call him back later on.

I go outside and get wet, feels really good, smells good. I sleep well, that born in a storm thing stays with me my whole life, it's when I sleep the best.....anyway next diary in 2 weeks, the day AFTER the Victorian State Election. Vote for who you think is good for the future, especially the environment, it really needs you, we've dirtied our nests way too long.

Also find out who your politicians preferences go to, if it's Family First let them know that it's wrong. I'm a firm believer that people who read F/16 have both good hearts and half a brain and know right wrong, lets hope the days of people being abused for being different in any way are long gone....Family First so want those bad days to return, & Iso Ihope this election totally shows how wrong they are. I'm torn between Labor & the Greens for many reasons.....guess I'll decide on the day. Vote On!!!!


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