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Archive: 26 November - 9 December 2007

[ed. note: it's totally my fault that this is going up 2 weeks after PG emailed it to me... sorry!]

November 26th

We receive so many emails from people worldwide all glad that hoWARd has gone, exciting times for Australia, shaking off the cobwebs and dullness, the next few years will be interesting. I hope Rudd steers us to signing the Kyoto protocol soon.

As stated in the treaty itself, The objective of the Kyoto Protocol is to achieve "stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system".

So far 173 countries have, Australia will be the 174th if our new PM keeps his word, and he will. It saddens me that America is the only that country that has said it has no intention to ratify. Kazakhstan will sign but not just yet (Yay Borat- all his doing I'm sure). 19 other countries have no positions expressed but hopefully when Australia does more will follow.

Crowded House tour starts off again in Dublin tonight, seems weird they are over their and I'm here, but I'm happy to have this time to catch up on work and all the stuff that has built up. They are in fine form so I'm sure it will be a fun few weeks for the fans.

November 27th

Notice Liam Finns I'LL BE LIGHTNING cd (and vinyl) is out in the USA on Jan 22nd. All info on this release can be found at: http://store.yeproc.com/album.php?id=12987 I'm just glad it's on vinyl as well, ok a one run pressing, but nice to see. With his recent thumbs up in Rolling Stone magazine (America) it should help create a vibe.

Meanwhile the Enz New Zealand shows approach in March, I keep having the feeling lately that this really is the last time for them. No one has said that, Split Enz always seems immortal as far as live shows but as time goes on, it seems like it's more complicated. So roll on March, will be loads of fun, and hey this could be the last chance to see Split Enz- forever... but hey i could be wrong.

At 7.04 tonight John hoWARd was driven away from Parliament House, his offices are all empty, the 'Lodge' is next- it's real he's finally going (Hurrah).

November 28th

Lunch at Lilly Pilly today, they make really great Turkish Kofta, homemade chilli sauce.

I see brendan nelson is the new leader for the Libs, he used to be a Labor guy originally, I'm sure his history will upset a few. He seems ok, at least it's not Turnbull in opposition. Notice Peter Garrett is now in charge of The Arts, hoping that is a positive thing for bands in this country.

Christmas is fast approaching and this year I have been rather slack with the shopping. usually I have some of it done by now, I like Christmas, and I do think about all the people who face Christmas with fear and sadness. If you can bring some happiness to even one person this December that is a great thing.

November 29th

Get loads of work done today, wish I could do this much every day. We really went for it, managed to get those pesky Emails back to what a 'normal' person would receive, feels like luxury.

Book air tickets home for the wedding....and the hire car and all those other bits and pieces.

At 5.15 the heavens open up and much talked about rain arrives on the back of a massive thunder clap. It freaks banshee out and she runs under the house. We get a lot of rain in a short period, the water tanks are over flowing.

November 30th

After the rain fall yesterday decide to blow some of my tour pay on a second water tank, a smaller one for the other end of the property, we'll install it ourselves, we are those DIY guys.... sweaty sun brown skin in a singlet..yeah so macho (cough). I kind of like doing this stuff , getting a bit messy, growing our own vegetables, it's kind of what I'd really want if I was husband shopping! Someone that does all this stuff, it's hard to find in 2007.

Email Spock my christmas card design for him to work on... Kalorama Card #3. People ask what we want for Christmas, and truly just postage stamps, the only thing I need in my life. It just makes my world much easier having some spare stamps- no matter which country they are from.

Decide to take some of the afternoon off and work in the garden. Ron and his birdy girlfriend visit, such lovely parrots and they let me pat them, I think she is pregnant...we know what you have been doing Ron- Parrot fashion Love- big time!

December 1st

Summer already!

I take a huge box of the F/16 diary books to the verandah , determined to get them all signed. Nice to sit in the sun and just chill out and do this, no phones ringing to side track me. It doesn't take too long, an hour or so. I get some odd looks, people trying to figure out what Hussy, bang, Glamour are....a few people dare to ask. One old ex-Toorak matron who vaguely knew the Finns corners me on them..needs to know *GRIN*. These will make nice Christmas presents for peoples stockings i guess.

Juddys Pete turns 8 today, what a little champion. I swear that boy is the best thing that has happened to PJ, what trouble they must get up to together (:

Maxine officially claims the seat of Bennelong with 57.25% of the vote, ousting hoWARd in his own electorate- only the 2nd time this has happened in Australias history. Bye bye Johnny.

December 2nd

Have a chat to our old friend Ingrid- wow 4 kids now! That's a handful.

Work all of the day, chiseling away at bits and pieces, it never seems to stop.

We do watch 'Gough Whitlam -In His Own Words' on TV- love those interviews- and for someone around 90 years old he is amazingly sharp and witty. One of the few politicians I think is brilliant. The Queen should have her arse kicked for removing him, always been a thorn in my side around 'her' sticking her beak into australian politics- especially a PM elected by the people. I have little respect for the Queen of England.

December 3rd

Seem to spend the day paying bills- that time of year- all done though, now just to get on with Christmas presents.

Well Australia officially signs Kyoto today, a very positive step towards global warming. Hope it somehow starts encouraging the USA to do the same. Time to take some responsibility America.

December 4th

Water tank #2 arrives so we install that one. It's isn't ugly and is quite subtle where we have it. Will be nice to have some water at the other end of the property, and handy in case we ever have any fire break outs.

Find a cool christmas present for Leanne in Perth, she will love this, and in case she is reading this, I'm not saying.

We hear from Ash, one of our greyhound people, and they have some cool footage up on UTube. Love the backstage stuff with the Crowdies:


Seems likes ages ago now.... but fun that it's up for people to enjoy.

December 5th

Noel Cromb calls and Sally is still away in India, what an amazing adventure, I can imagine what fabrics she brings back! Noel and the Enz boys head off to NZ soon to perform 2 songs on the 'Campbell Live' show, the last show for the year. Neil will be home from England by that stage as well and Michael Barker on drums. March still seems so far away but nice to see some Enz activity.

Mark splurged on the new Sony HD video camera today, which is a wonderful thing- our future footage should look pretty amazing!

Head to the Verandah in the afternoon for some coffee, keep running into people who sit down and chat so it's more social then I expected.

December 6th

Back to Dr Chiro today, Warrick gives my neck a good snapping *GRIN*.

Mark reminds me to watch 'Dexter' which debuts on cable TV here at long last- excellent show, they are up to season two in the States, horrible that it has taken so long to be shown on Australian TV. Really like it, nice spin.

December 7th

Remember to pack my Peru book for my tax agent, she is so lucky, I'd love to be heading off to Cusco and Peru for an adventure. I'd love to be sitting in my favourite seat on the balcony of the Bagdad Cafe over looking Plaza de Armas and sipping coffee. Think Peru is calling me back, I can hear it in the wind!

We buy a live Christmas tree in a pot, so it can be planted when we are finished, just too much guilt having a chopped down tree. Those trees with short life spams drink up so much water, and for a few days at christmas and after that chopped up. Might as well add another tree to the 'forest'.

December 8th

Looks like we will close down the office for a few weeks from January 1st, so a couple of weeks off. That will be luxury and kind of weird.

December 9th

Spock, Bob and young Jordy drop in today, just hanging out and having fun. I grab our old soccer ball from the garage and have a bit of a kick with the young one. he's great, reminds me of some midget old old man...great hair! Just one of those perfect Kalorama days, sitting outside, the giant umbrellas up on the decking... sipping cold ginger/green tea. I need to have more days like this. have escaped some of the fast lane being up here and look at the world in a different light- people seem to be running around frantic and stressful like manic ants.

We say goodbye to the Wold tribe and wheel our our eco-bin for it's first 'native waste' collection.... we've filled it with blackberry bush and leaves and tree fall. Think we need about ten more of these bins just to stay on top of it all!!!

So two weeks till Christmas, another year gone by. A good year overall, some sadness but every year has that. It's nice to have the Crowdies back. Bic will be playing again with the CSO in February and possibly something in Auckland in March, will be nice to have her performing again.

Anyway that's it, am not going to proof read this one as it is a bit late. Have a brilliant Christmas.

Love & Peace

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