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November 10th

It looks like Victoria is the only state to chart Tim's THE CONVERSATION in it's first week. I'm happy for it to be charting in any state. As we get closer to Christmas there are hundreds of tv adverts for albums, mostly Best Of's and they gobble up the chart space. I know sales have been healthy, some stores selling out and from what I gather EMi didn't care about a chart just longevity in the cd sales area. Loads of good fan emails coming in, and people have been enjoying the bonus disc that we supplied.

I think our mates Nicky & David will be doing all our printing for now on, they did such a great job with our little Enz book when they were in WA, so now they are back in Melbourne I think they will be it for us. Nice people too so that's always an added bonus. Meanwhile Fed Ex somehow sent our parcel elsewhere of the parts for TRIP, it will turn up just have to work out what they have done- their service isn't as good as it use to be ol' FedEx! I wonder as time goes on why so many services get worse, or is it simply that we are getting older and grumpier and see it because we are not as patient *grin*

The good thing about the month zooming by is that I get paid soon... rich for 2 days- luxury!

November 11th

Well we filmed Phil Judd today, the weather was good- he locked his two insane dogs away. I think they got excited that they were going somewhere but it was all a con. Oddly enough both dogs just love the ol' Judd, tails wagging- imagine if they could write a book what a strange world to be part of (chuckle).

These days I rarely go into interviews with massive clipboards full of questions or notes. I have a think and hopefully store some good ideas. Some people like Tim and Phil are so much better to run with, to let them take you where they want to as far as subject matter. Marks filming and directs Phil a bit, and that works- Mark just knows what works. Fuck he's good behind the camera.

Judd splutters a bit like a fish out of water, but when he settles in it's all good. Some is silly, some intriguing , some possibly made up and some wonderful. When he laughs it does me good to see him happy. I know I've said this before but it really is a favourite album of mine (even though 'real copies'; haven't been pressed yet....about 2 weeks). He has a surprise ending, not quite what we had in mind but it works (I guess) and yes he kept his kit on! (Phew). Before we go he hands over the Unthinkables cd, the other current Judd Grierson project. Totally different to Love Is A Moron and I love lyrics so this isn't something I'll be into in a major way but it will find a home for many. I judd like his songwriting.

Finally get home, it's been a long day. Sharon the chicken is really ill- just like her spring won't wind and she is out of energy. I carry her to her pen. She's still eating but I think her days are numbered. The girls at Lilly Pilly tell me the brown chickens only live for about 2 1/2 years, first they stop laying, then eating and finally off to chicken heaven. Life is cheap for a chicken.

November 12th

The old stone walk way off the decking needs a bit of TLC, so I start clearing weeds away and the stranglehold ivy. There are some small skinny rose bushes and lavender, but I'm going to clear the area a bit and fill it with all these old world pierre de ronsard roses. They are amazing, double cupped and you'd expect to see them in some baroness's house. I like the idea of ancient cracked walk areas surrounded by old world roses- they go hand in hand- think I've been watching too many 'period piece' movies, or the romantic in me is climbing out of it's winter hibernation. Plus I like good flowers- c'mon romantics you know what I mean, if someone is giving you flowers make them stunning, like they mean it. I keep walking around singing that line "... you never promised me a rose garden....".

Looks like PINK will bump off John Farnhams record for the most shows at Rod Laver Arena. She is already up for 10 shows so a tie, one more and she holds the title. Hopefully that will mean Rod Laver will get rid of the Farnham Room and make it the Pink Sanctuary. Go Pink.

November 13th

Sharon the chook is wobbling everywhere, I go off and maker her a coffin full of flowers, I don't think she'll last the day. The 3 girls have had it good, we saved them from small wire cages, with 2 in each cage and the roam all over the property. Fresh organic food, Barrys lush silverbeet and Banshee the guard cat to watch over them. Still sad one of them is going, how on earth am I going to tell Sharron Finn her namesake has died. Next time I'll have to name a turtle after her or some critter that lives for ages.

We drive around the hills trying to find a iTunes music card for a friend, think all the local kids have bought them up, sold out everywhere, 6 store slater and we finally find ONE, and it's only $20, feel a bit cheap. But at least we remembered.

Get our voting out of the way in the local council elections, vote for the Green gal in this one. I give her a call to check her out, she sounds good nice and positive-at least she has 2 more votes. As soon as the other guys started saying how he was majorly into sport- Mark and myself truly didn't really give a shit- like that has about zero to do with councils in our books. Like sport is good exercise but so is skipping rope but you don't see councils saying they skipped rope for 2 hours....in the words of Red Symons- 'when it comes to sport I don't give a shit'. Copy us on that...for once he was right.

November 14th

Pay Marky on time, what luxury. He's been working so hard lately, editing Phil Judd is no easy chore. *GRIN* Pay rise soon Mark for that alone (sorry Phil).

Well the mighty Skyhooks are most certainly romping it in on the Age newspaper EG awards. They are up for Favourite Australian Album of All Time. The massive 'Living In the 70's. The Age is Melbourne based and for a decade 'Living in the 70's" was THE aussie album for this city. Not only do the songs have so many suburban names in them- Carlton, Toorak, Balwyn but it's just a cool debut. It spent 6 months at #1 in Victoria, imagine that- six months at the top spot- no album has ever done that since. I think it was the Enz True Colours that bumped it off as biggest selling album, or was it Kylie?

Anyway between Skyhooks fans and some fantastic mates who have voted, the band are ahead of everyone else in the voting, also Melbourne loves Skyhooks, it's as simple as that, even after the death of our lead singer Shirley they are held dear to Melbournian's chest- if you don't have 'Living in the 70's' in your cd collection and live in Melbourne you should really leave town. *GRIN*.

Voting finishes on DEC 1st so if you haven't voted for the fantastic Skyhooks you can do so here (it takes 3 seconds): http://www.theage.com.au/polls/entertainment9/form.html

A huge thank you to the many friends and fans who have so far, it's blown me away...you'll know I'll mention this again just to bug you!!!! *GRIN*

November 15th

Start on the chance for 10 life members to get into soundcheck and see some crowdies songs. It's always nice to be able to do this. Just want everyone to have the chance, I just say 'NO' these days, wear no guilt for people making a fuss. The 10 each show that get a YES are so stoked.

PM Rudd has been in for a year already, god that has gone fast. he seems to be doing a good job, will take time for him to settle in I guess- the opinion polls do love him, lets face it any PM that gets over 70% is astounding. It's funny as I thought the Liberal Party with Turnbull would of picked up ground but they haven't, in some ways they have dropped back.

Last night Skyhooks jumped in the voting for the EG Awards with Favourite AussieAlbum, and they are now in front. Astounding, life in the old girl yet.

November 16th

It's so cold outside, a real biting wind. Summer is only a few weeks away but it seems like Winter all over again.

Email NZ for the Tim door list. His showcase on DEC 1st, Tv is doing a live cross over which will help move some copies of THE CONVERSATION in NZ.

November 17th

The AUSTRALIA movie is getting some push. Oprah almost wet her pants on TV the other day..... Hugh got voted 'sexiest man alive' (not dead?) which means he'll forever cop grief and stirring from his mates in Oz. Oh I'll admit it Mr Wolverine does have a certain natural wild man charm about him. Might as well use it. I hope 'AUSTRALIA does well, the Oz Movie Industry does need a rocket under it, it's not having too many winners lately, so AUSTRALIA may bring home the bacon. I'm sure the scenery shots alone are worth the price of admission. My sister will enjoy it.

Well I am looking forward to the Crowdies Warm Up dates and Homebake, will be fun, nice and fast. The little shows are always my favourite. I had a weird dream of myself in wet weather gear walking around the outdoor show in Tasmania. Neil had the crowd singing 'weather with you' and a Tsunami hit! It was a bit scary fans scampering trying to climb up on the stage, which appeared to be floating down river..... I sat high in a gum tree and watched, I woke up sweating. I rarely have dreams like this, think I'll pack a life jacket for Tassi.

November 18th

I won't pack my bags for the Crowdies dates till the last minute, really more work stuff then clothes, after all a few days in Tasmania and back home for the Victorian dates and then off to Sydney for a few days. So not really going away for very long. I've got my new Rolling Stones 'Exile on Main Street' T-shirt. 'Exile' is my favourite Rolling Stones album, everyone has one right (well the cool people do). It's such a road album. Going to buy Led Zeps 'When giants walked the earth' book, seems perfect for a tour read.

The crew is interesting this time around, Duges is back and Angus so the old team, where is Arloe? Only a few shows so won't even break a sweat. I'll just do what I do. I heard from Mark Hart the other day , really nice email so that's always good-what a nice bloke- I can never ever remember having even the slightest problem with Mark, for my tour area he is just so calm, makes my life easier.

I am preparing for the shows in other ways, more so time on plane seats, so Warrick adds a few extra acupuncture needles today-ouch ouch ouch., I was focusing too much on them piercing my skin. I am booked in a few days before I head off too so I'll be in good shape.

I attempt to make some truffles for desert and they are not too bad, maybe too much alcohol (hic) in them. (hic hic).

November 19th

Japan's last 'factory' whaling ship- the evil 'Nisshin Maru' left Imoshima- once more to kill whales in the Antarctic. This time they intend to kill 935 minke whales and 50 fin whales. Japan you are so totally fucked for pursing this. I hope you hit a global warming iceberg and this wretched vessel sinks. The day was also good though I, had some emails from some Japanese Crowdies fans who have sent letters of protest to their Japanese whale industry related politicians- saying it is so wrong. I like it when music lovers have some balls to stand up and tell their governments how crappy they are for supporting things like this- that was good to see.

To make the day even sadder, Sharon the chicken died-she just ran out of energy. We were sad but also a small part of me relieved as I was worried she might start suffering. I just went into the chicken pen every half hour, the last time her sister Joan had climbed up in the straw next to her, hollowed out a spot and just sad there 'talking in chicken talk' - that was sad. As we sat I gave her a sip of water and not long after she fell asleep and died.

Mark and myself and the girls bury her next to Cosmo - a fine chicken with an extra toe (we love those oddity's) and she laid her share of the 1500 eggs! Only two left now. Sharon Finn sends an email-sweet dawny!

November 20th

Oh almost forgot, I managed to put the garden sheers through my hand. I had to take the garden glove off to get under this chunk of ivy, the spring snapped and the thick blade ripped through my hand a rather deep hole. I stared at it, it felt painful, I willed it not to bleed, it didn't, my will is weak... it started to bleed, it started to REALLY bleed. God my blood looks dark today, nice and thick too. Miss Kiersten in her Vampyre teeth would love this.

So now my hand is wrapped, I think I just missed out on stitches, but typing is the opposite hand and no two fingered so that's a drag.

People keep emailing me asking how my hand is without thinking it's actually painful to even type a reply. They mean well but I think they forget that fingers are attached to hands *grin*. It's also a bit annoying because when I do use it blood seems to creep out onto the white Mac keyboard, so a bit messy. Thankfully I am a freak as far as healing, am hoping this bloody oil well in my hand will be capped in a few days. It teaches me to wear garden gloves every moment.

Oh well GUNNS are going down the drain, the terrible Pulp Mill people in Tasmania have their shares dropping like the smelly turds that they are. Down to .75c, they were $3.00 in May. Karma my friends, wielding a big stick and I promise I wont graffitti the pulp mill when we are in tasmania in a week- though I could wear a Tee! More info here: http://www.mcgunns.com/

Water water everywhere. Does anyone need any water- we have regular tap water but also all our water tanks are full. I'm running out ways to use it all, and storm clouds on the horizon. Queensland has been battered with massive storms, the worst since the famous ones of 1974. I think Victoria is coming up for a few weeks of drizzle type rain, which is exactly what the farmers need. Maybe I'll have to install a third water tank. It can't hurt having this much water for summer when the fire season is under way. I just hate wasting it.

It's been the worst month in a decade for car sales in Australia (I'd say USA too) but it was good to see the Victorian government step in and save the Ford plant at Geelong, that at least keeps a few jobs and especially with Christmas coming up, no one wants to be out of a job so close to christmas.

November 21st

Happy Anniversary to my better half, how long has it been? (Who said too long), no one comes close to us- talk about joined at the hip!

Queensland hit by another massive storm, scary to see so many roads looking like swollen rivers.

I spend the afternoon working on the Neil interview, it's a good one, it's only now watching it I realized how trusting he is around me, which is great. Makes me laugh- think the fans will enjoy this one.

We watch HELLBOY TWO on Blu Ray- excellent movie, should of been massive, it still can from DVD sales-hopefully. Thanks Hairball Snr what a nice present. We always laugh at this huge red skinned hellish devil boy..that loves cats!

Tim emails and is doing the Poor Boy work shop tomorrow, and guess who can't make it- I have some family commitments, which is ok, not stressing too much- would of been good to see how it's all going, I'll stick with opening night, always more appealing. Nice that he even remembered to offer, he sounds flat out.

November 22nd

It did my heart good to see PM Rudd visiting the Mercy Family Health Centre in the shanty district of Lima-Peru. Rudd was in Peru for the summit. It was just great to see a major political leader venture out to an area like Cerro Candela- it's so poor. What's more he gave the Australian Nuns a cheque for the X-ray machine and fetal heart machine that they badly needed, the kids loved him too. It's a side of our PM that was hoping we'd see and I just said 'yeah thats why I voted for you'. ! Good one and I rarely say that about politicians.I know hoWARd wouldn't do it, his tongue would be firmly up Bush's bum to have time to venture out to a shanty town. A truly fine moment.

I'm reading this outside at the Verandah, as I drove through our large gates, it started snowing, not much but yes it was snow. No wonder it is 2 degrees outside. Remember folks the Aussie Summer starts in a week and we have some snow here. In the words of the Foxy one from Queensland 'that's insane!'

We light the fires in the pool room and pull out the Peruvian blankets. We snuggle, even the central heating doesn't feel warm.

Tonight's movie was the Blu Ray version of BLOW. I always chuckle at Johnny Depp's different wigs in this one...and freak at the rooms and boxes full of drug money. It's a cool one.

November 23rd

The Warburton Protest was on to try and stop the logging of the catchment area. I told a few people but was so slack(and my hands wrapped up) so I didn't drive. I just want this cut to heal before the upcoming shows or it will just get annoying.

Nick Seymour sends me a snap of the Crowdies rehearsing, a nice one with a fisheye lens..he's so arty (: That's kind of it from the top of the mountain, it's going to rain all week, which is great for the dams, and I sleep better during storms and down pours.

I'll be seeing some of you on the road, I'll try and send some 'on the road' reports in from the shows.

If you haven't voted for Skyhooks 'Living In the 70's in the EG awards there is still time... as mentioned voting closes DEC 1st- and thanks if you have.

To vote: http://www.theage.com.au/polls/entertainment9/form.html

All the best and yep this has been typed left handed with two fingers.


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