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Archive: 27 October - 9 November 2008

October 27th

It's another Monday, I like the start of the week- wake up all vibey and ready to rock. Put on my kick arse Doc Martens today- the one's with the 'i've killed someone' yellow shoelaces - not that there are many gang members in Kalorama ready to pick a pissing match with me, though those grey haired hiking ladies have cast iron attitudes and don't take any shit! They scare me.

Mail the Seymour's baby parcel, loads of merino blanket type baby things - hey, they are in cold old Ireland so gotta keep that cute kid warm. Think Shazza sent Merino too, between us and the Finns it will be the warmest baby on the planet. Merino sales just climbed.

Hear from my Hong Kong printers and they are rolling along with the printing procedure- the ozalids and proofs arrive here on the 7th for me to sign off on. I pretend I know what an ozalids is...actually I do know they are like a low res proof, it's all part of computer to plate printing. A learning curve- I do get it- strangely enough. Just a step in the process.

I chat to David and let him know that Neil has ok'd me for the Aussie dates-so I'm on the road- it's such a short time- but cool. Some old crew mates are doing it too- will be one big party. I will behave, I will behave..I will.... you so know I wont!

Barry next door turns up with a huge bag of organic silverbeet, the girls must know because suddenly we are surrounded by 3 eager chickens. Barry is now their hero, we repay him with a good bottle of wine.

October 28th

Lunch at The Verandah- a few people, Joy spoils us and fusses- such a mother hen- she loves her boys. Tells me two gay couples were in this morning, she gives me exact descriptions of the lesbians- makes me chuckle. I'm sure to some people all Lesbians look the same- how odd is that?

I'm thinking of getting a honda generator for the house- the new quiet ones are very cool. Looking at the EM5000SXK2A- how blokey am I? 5000 watts, runs for almost 12 hours if needed ..though the Honda iSab is more stable if we want to use our computers during power black outs. I'm just having it for when the Tsunami comes...I won't say who, but two people I know have both have the same dream as myself (and they don't know it)... very odd. My mouth hung open when they told me. Plus we do live in a National park so the power goes every so often when giant gum trees lay down for a sleep. Mark rolls his eyes..he thinks I'm a freak. I also think it could be handy having a secondary power source if there are bush fires to run our fire hoses and spray systems. Survival man that's me.

Belinda the chook looks through the kitchen window at me while I am preparing Chicken satay for dinner...I guilt! I feel like Mr Cannibal.

Playing Judds VIXEN and Electric Elf from Love is a Moron while I'm typing this- god it's a great album. he has no clue how much we love this CD- if I tell him his ego will run riot and I'll be stirred endlessly. Love Is A Moron could well be my album of the year- hows that for a heavy statement.

October 29th

My newsletter artist is away so I have to put the mail-out back by 3 weeks- aw shit... I was all ready to get started. Guess I still can at least get all the pieces together. I encourage Marky to help me mow the lawns, now that we have our second mower back, it's much easier.... of course I still fall down the steep slope in front of the office and today the grass catcher came off and covered me head to toe in grass clippings, like I enjoy wheat grass but our cut lawn in my mouth- urgh. Holy hayfever!

The place looks so cool when the lawn areas are done, and the Kookaburras land and search for worm food. I get an email from Tim, his first showcase in Darlinghurst is tomorrow, and it's sold out, Melbourne is a larger room but it will still do well, people have the vibe for his shows. "Out of this world" getting some airplay too. he sounds really happy, that's nice eh?

October 30th

I clean 5000 pixie lights for Mums place at Christmas, replace a few broken globes, the things we do for the christmas season.

Tim played Chocolate Cake in the set tonight, he should really add a verse in there about Sarah Palin..something about Moose's revenge maybe? Sharon mentioned they were minding the Tim Finners kids while Marie dropped over for the show... be nice for them having some kids at home again. Lots of nice emails about 'The Saw & The Tree' as well-one of the live favourites... and as expected 'Out of this world'. 'Forever Thursday' will be the next cut to radio further down the track. He's pretty happy how it's all going, especially live.

October 31st

Happy Hallowe'en-and a super Sanhaim to you all.

It's a misty rain type of Hallowe'en here at Kalorama and we are working through the night. This is the first time that I haven't carved a pumpkin, not for the American Halloween reasons, but more about the Celts and the celebration of the end of the harvest, and the joining of the two worlds-that boundary between living and the dead, it becomes a blur (hows that for a mouthful). So we are both in the office, but hey at least I lit the Halloween candles. I had emails arriving from around the world, people in costume, some people celebrating on top of mountains with fires a roar- I was just happy to hear from so many people. Some had very nice pointy vampire teeth, hope they didn't use super glue to apply them (or were they real?). Bite me?

Mark took a quick snap of me with the candles around midnight and I sent that out to a few people. Think Deb thought it was for the diary site but it was just for her and Iarla. Anyway hope you all had a fun night and gave thanks to the seasons.

November 1st

Well Tim Finns new album THE CONVERSATION is out today, and it's frustrating as quite a few stores didn't receive stock. So I spend the day redirecting people via email to stores that have it. I know it will play havoc with the charts, but you can only do so much. 'Out of this world' is still my favourite track. 'Straw to Gold' too- something about that song, probably the way Tim is singing it. 'More Fool Me' interesting to see how that song has changed since the version on I LIKE IT RARE #4 (which you can still get by the way). Head to the bottom of this diary page and click on MERCHANDISE. I think Deb has Hussy still available on the merchandise area too- it's basically the only place where you can get it now as it's totally sold out elsewhere. So if you need that wonderful first diary book HUSSY buy it from Frenz.com before it has sold out forever.

I'm sure the share market is glad October is over- it was the worst month for the market in 21 years. Still no recession, so we are lucky, I've lost count of how many countries now are on the recession list. It's the one door list you don't want to be on !!! Those two negative quarters of economic 'growth' in a row will give you your special 'I'm in a recession" button! The overseas recession is all over the newspapers as I sit reading them in the Avalon type mist of The Verandah. I turn the page and find more real joy in the wonderful article on Gough Whitlam in the Good Weekend Extracts from the new book- will have to grab a copy.

November 2nd

BCO are playing The Espy tonight but we are working on Tim stuff, committed to this work schedule for several weeks. There is a party that we are meant to go to as well, and we've said yes so better do the right thing.

It's a sunny day in the hills so I drive to the bakery with AC-DC's Highway To Hell playing rather loudly-what a yobbo! Lovin' it.

We work in the office till 2.00 in the morning, again. Not sure if fans ever realize the long hours we put in, will be strange the day I reclaim my life back, I'll probably get bored-I won't honestly!!!! *GRIN*.

November 3rd

The day starts off with Tim at the Bourke Street Mall- the Today show. Richard Wilkin's makes an ass of himself by calling Tim .... Neil! God what a tool- you'd think he's get it right, it's not the first time, the fans send in so many 'what a dick' type emails- makes me chuckle.

Two songs from Tim as per the schedule- 'Out of this world' and 'Six months in a leaky boat'. When it's two it's always a newie and a general public favourite. I'm surprised at how many people watch the show- we get comments all week- mostly about Richard *grin*.

I make a note today to tie this big branch back- it has these massive thorns on it and blows in the wind, just waiting to take someone's eyeball out. You have to watch these gardens in Australia, full of killer plants.

Sharon and Joan are on strike, no eggs from either, just the little black chicken Belinda. Mark tells them they will end up on the Christmas dinner table... urghh don't think we will really eat the girls. They are so strange no idea why they have decided to stop laying. Minds of their own.

Rosemaree visits today and spoils us with one of her mighty fine meals- Mark smiles- far better then sex (Rosemaree might wnat that sex honey!).. So I shout her breakfast at RIPE. I think we got the better end of the deal Ms Taverna! Good food good company.

November 4th

Tim has a NZ date locked in- It will be on December 1st at Monte Cristo- the norwegian Simen -well it will be his last show with Tim as he is heading home. I'm not sure about tickets but the venue would know. So give them a call if you are in NZ...mostly media but a chance for a few to the public. I'm hassling them to make some available for sale.

It's a holiday in Melbourne- the race that stops the nation-The Melbourne Cup is on. My mum picks the winner and wins a few hundred dollars, I'm so happy for her.

We harvest the last of the wheat-grass in the afternoon,. God it's a strong batch- cringe- urgh. It must be good for us it tastes potent. I so hated this being a holiday today, really interrupted the flow of things. Yeah it's great for the general public but it just made the office grind to a halt.

November 5th

I know -US election today.. Australian TV seems to be covering it even more then the last Australian election. The time difference is perfect here, I think there will be a result by late afternoon.

Jump in the car with Mark and head to Knox to start on our store targeting for Tim's The Conversation. Doing everything from stock check to placement to buying some fan stock for people. Not many people about today, so we get everything done in half the time. We have some food at Knox, the usual place. I do buy the new Cure cd '4:13 Dream'. The reviews have been extreme- love it or hate it no middle ground. I play it in the car, on first listen, I love some of it and I';m bored by some of it- see I have found the middle ground. I'm hoping several listens will have it suddenly click. No band photos in the artwork, I want to see Robert Smith in 2008. Mark says he'll be really fat by now-cheeky bugger.

Not sure if all our store work will help. I really just want to try and get THE CONVERSATION in the Victorian ARIA Top 200. Top 150 would be wonderful. Remember there is no massive tv campaign or super spending behind this release. So we go the extra yard to try and get a chart spot in Victoria.

Home again, grab a yoghurt and green tea and crash on the couch and watch the U.S. election. It seems to be moving along quite quickly- I've just arrived mid election so a lot of votes have been counted. Still no word on Florida. I say a silent prayer to the election goddess offering Mark as a sacrifice if Obama takes Florida.

He's doing well, and is ahead by a strong margin. McCain is holding his own in the obvious states (some people never learn and will even vote for old windbags like him time and time again- because your parents did doesn't mean you have to). I love it when Virginia falls....a nice sign..c'mon Florida. Once the voting closes in California etc- CNN flashes up it's prediction within seconds...Obama is President! The cameras shift to Jesse Jackson with tears, Florida is handed to Obama -and it's true a few big tears welled up in my eyes. The Bush clone will not happen and America has made history- this will help repair those horrid 8 years of that vile pig George Bush. Change has indeed come but Obama is the emperor of a decaying Rome me thinks. Talk about a steep hill to climb. I truly loved all the people who turned up in front of the White House- especially the guy with the 'Bush Pack Your bags and Leave' sign- holy eviction Batman- I just laughed at that-a man after my own heart.. America deserves better then what it's had, and like so many other people today it was one of those moments in history where the world seems like it's a good place and people have done the right thing.

The other classic moment came from Banshee the cat. She climbed onto the arms of one of the couches during McCain's speech and turned her back on him (truly)-nothing like a cat waving her arse in your face to say it all Palin. Obama came on and she turned and just watched him (or possibly that insane size crowd). You did well America... well so I thought till the results came in from California on Proposition 8. This vile law won- 52.5 to 47.5 stopping gay marriages- something truly sad about a country that can remove it's bigotry for a black president but for a few % not allow two people to get married simply because they are the same sex. Saying all that; it was close and ten years ago the supporters wouldn't of been as high, but still it should even be close- it's just basic human rights- so shitty. Australia is just as bad at least California got to vote on it -I guess. But one day it will become law and people will look back and say can you believe that was actually stopped in 2008.

November 6th

I wake up smiling, Obama's in and it wasn't a dream-nice. I grab the headline flyer from The Australian newspaper that says 'Change has come to America". Nice!

I see the Bali Bombers are trying for another appeal. I hate psycho's like these guys, what's it been 6 years since those bombs in Bali killed hundreds, not just all those Australians, all the Bali people who were working at the venues and on the street. Six years too long I say, shoot the bastards. I say if someone does such a hideous crime and obviously shows no chance of changing do what you do with a mad dog, put it out of it's misery. Why should the survivors and the families of the dead see these evil things get off so lightly. They really believe they are going into Gods arms and will be rewarded with 72 virgins and thought of as heroes. Sorry guys- you are sad arse religious tools that are going to hell or at the least just into the ground in some cheap wooden box. I hate human life being wasted but every so often evil only understands the bullet.

November 7th

Well it's kind of good news, the unemployment rate stayed the same in Australia, in fact loads of new casual jobs were created. It's at 4.3%- in a world recession staying the same is fine. I see PM Rudds opinion poll continues to climb, something like 74%-thats like amazing. He must be doing something right.

A lot of people have been receiving RATED PG, decided to send it off early instead of having to wait till DEC 20th for TRIP the next diary book. Some nice comments, and thanks Wendy from QLD- nice fishnets! See you wear fishnets once and you get them mailed to you *GRIN*. Lucky I wasn't wearing a trout or we'd be receiving fish in the mail instead of fish nets. It's a bit of fun, a few people may find out what our past has been like, I'm glad so many are enjoying it- thanks Marky for creating it. A job really well done.

The weather turns for the worst today, storms but hey at least it is raining, Melbourne's dams would be lapping it up. We blow out our interview with Phil Judd, just too much noise filming in storms so change it to next week. We'll do it next week-plenty of time.

It also means I can target the last few stores on my list for Tim's cd. So a day of driving. Into the city first, and hit some JB stores. I am also going past Myers so buy some Biotherm gel. They didn't have the eye stuff that we use in music videos, so just the cream. Wow it feels great. We also decide to head via Prahran to clear any mail from Post Office Box 333. As I'm walking into the post office, I spot the infamous Vivienne- yes the one who tried to kill me with a telephone handle at Neil's old Osborne street house. What the fuck is that on her head, it's some orange hand-knitted beanie...but it looks like a freaky teapot hat creation- at least I can keep her in my sights by watching the orange hat glide through the crowd. Georgia at the Post Office hides me out back for awhile till the coast is clear (Phew). Saying all that I should of said hello but wasn't quite up to a chat. I bet she's heading to JB and Marky is in the shop. I bolt down Chapel street and sneak in the side door of JB, I spot Miss orange cap and hell Marky is at the checkout about to walk into a Viv cul de sac. I hide behind the dvd stand and go 'Pssst Marky- MARKY...' he spots me, I mouth 'Vivienne' and point.

His eyes open in an alarmed state, and he jumps behind the dvd stand..we both wheel it towards the door and make a run for it. Close call.

Call into Rosemaree's but as expected she's not back from work yet. We spot her car as we are turning towards home, well I think it was her car.

It's a long day but I think our efforts will help The Conversation. I need to make up the days that the stores didn't have stock. Our first chart is in 2 days, I'm hoping it's in the National Top 150. Tim emails from the airport and a big thank you- he's been really easy to work with on this one- had such a nice time at the aussie shows.

November 8th

I've only used bio-therm twice and today at The Verandah I had three different people tell me my skin looks great, very healthy and none of them knew each other. Wow. My ego is now out of control, I'm going to borrow Michael Jackson cyber tank and fill it with bio therm and sleep in it for 8 hours.!!! I'll roll out of it looking like Brad Pitt!!!!

Had plans to move one of the blueberry plants onto the decking as I'm convinced they are not getting enough sunlight. I want to be able to pick blueberries this year, not in 2020. They take so long to grow.

I work in the office all day and part of the night, play email ping pong with Mr Judd. Makes me laugh. Will be good to interview him. The NZ election is on today, I almost forgot. They expect results later tonight. Helen Clarke won't win, you can tell, it's just time- after 9 or so years-it won't happen.

November 9th

Wake up to NZ having a new prime minister - there is a lot of that happening this week. The National Party's John Key bumps off Helen Clarke. I'm getting the bad of habit of calling Mr John Key.... Mr Donkey..I can't help it I'm immature. I hope we don't meet him backstage at a show as I'm sure to say Donkey..yieks. No idea if he is a good politician, time will tell I guess. I know nothing about him.

The school reunion is on tonight at Wollongong, Cathi and myself have avoided it. Just not our thing, but I hope it's fun for all those who go. I'm hoping to catch up with the girls in Sydney and have a mini reunion when we are on tour- that will be much cooler for me.

Well the Bali Bombers got executed last night- all I can say is good. The woman from Amnesty International was on the news saying it was the wrong thing to do- she also said she does not think Hitler or Sadam should get executed. Sorry they should. Why let someone have a cossie life , 3 square meals a day, books and tv and the public pay and the families of the slaughtered get no peace . I'm not talking about mass executions or even an eye for an eye just truly evil that doesn't repent... I'm sure everyone has their views.

I can't believe how nice it is outside, just truly the best. Work in the yard, move a blueberry plant- I want to eat my own blueberries soon not in 5 years. Sit in the shade and eat a honey pear and read some books-feel like I am Huck Finn (no relation). Today is a good day to be alive.

Cathy calls chat to some insane hour of the night. Too much laughing my throat hurst. Watch Dexter to 1.00 in the morning. It's now my favourite show on TV. I hear from EMi NZ and I'm trying to get some tickets for Tim's showcase available for purchase to the general public.

Stay up late and get our ARIA chart in for Tim's album. In the top 200 it is #166. The only State chart was Victoria, #140- so it did make the Top 150 here. Hoping it will keep it's move up the Aussie charts. Good old Victoria. In many ways it's the toughest time of year for albums that pre-christmas period, and people with limited money to spend.

Keep it real!


P.S- our legendary Skyhooks band from the seventies have been nominated for 'Favourite Australian Album of all time' at the E-G Awards. We are hoping that all readers of the diary could spare 5 seconds and cast a vote for them. Here is the link:

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