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Archive: 14 December - 31 December 2009

December 14th

Green Day hit Melbourne and the fans are happy indeed, up on their feet from the first song in their set 'Song of the Century'. 35 songs, two encores a long passionate show and Melbourne was up for it. The next night got cancelled as Bille Joe Armstrong somehow managed to get food poisoning , a friend told me he tried several times to get healthy in time but was so ill he could hardly stand. That's a bummer especially after such a passionate first gig.

Stargate Universe (SGU) finally debuts on Australian TV tonight, it's not too bad, not brilliant but it has some good moments. Brian J Smith is heart throb material (what a bastard-such good cheek bones!), those military types always are (: and Elyse Levesque is pretty darn sexy too!!!

Acting is fine well a few exceptions..... it will be interesting to see if this gets moved to the 2.30 in the morning slot, it is after all free to air tv and they have never been kind to sci fi. It's good to have some Stargate back on Aussie tv though and I hear it just got the ok for season two, so a healthy sign. Meanwhile we are still waiting on Season Two of the brilliant 'Sons of Anarchy' to be shown on cable here. It has an excellent cast, who would of thought Katey Sagal (yes Peggy Bundy) could end up being one of the finest actresses we've seen.... and of course Hellboy himself Ron Perlman as Samcros president..and Charlie Hunnam from Queer as Folk.... loving this show way too much- I'm off to buy a Harley.

December 15th

I mail David our fearless Enz manager his Gough Whitlam coffee mug for christmas. He loves Gough too- we are on the same page of politics, so we have some fascinating conversations. I know he'll love this seventies style sunburn orange coffee cup.... from a rather fascinating period of politics.

I spend what seems like ages on the net trying to find a replacement pair of Converse-All Star- black SUEDE (Revere) Mens USA Size 9 (or even a 10 I'd suffer). After ages I can only find 11. heaps of regular style, I'm fairly sure the black suede ones that I have are now impossible to get. I think Neil and myself probably scored the last 2 pairs, I think he stopped wearing his as stage shoes ages ago.... I wonder if he has any spare copies in his cupboard- I'll have to check- it could be my last hope! I've worn my current pair down to nothing, the heel area is crumbling and it wont be long till they have holes in the base! I keep trying Ebay but the sizes are always 11! The Converse Revere-Cons Skate All Star Black Suede are very close, so I'm even trying to find those in a Mens 9! I did try the rather cool Aperture Board Shop but shipping was $75!!! USA so they worked out to be $147 US. I think I paid $40 last time...... so $100 more...so decided to wait. Ebay is probably my best bet. I also spotted the Anthony Pappalardo Converse x1 Hund (REd) skateboarding sneaker is brilliant...I may be tempted to go for that as a tour shoe. I end up getting net frustrated and email Miss K in case she knows of a half decent sneaker site that has them. Could be I am ahead of the release, Anthony P's brand of converse may not be out yet, he is such a skater legend isn't he? Anyway cool shoe.

December 16th

I was thinking back over 2009...what a tough old year, financially draining for everyone I think as well. Some total madness for others, some probably deserve it. We got through it ok, I'm still a happily married old man.

I'm going to make 2010 the year of exploration and try and visit a few places I have never been before. I'll take our trusty HD cameraman Igor Senior along with me so he can capture some moments!! (and a good pash!).

Our good friend Cathy is in for her operation very soon, she's several states away so I'm hoping someone will let us know how it is all goes, we have all fingers and toes crossed. I've called a few times but no one answers or gets back to me.

I start working on my (very spoilt) sisters christmas present. Yeah it's all to do with Giraffes!

December 17th

Mike in the UK sends us a very cool 'time squad'...I know it was a christmas present but I am a very very bad boy ad can not possibly wait THAT long!!!!!!! It's the Dr and a Sontaran, love our Dr Who 'stuff' excellent. They will live on top of my Mac!

I notice we have salmon in the fridge so make some homemade pizzas tonight, various vegies from our garden , and half with salmon and fetta cheese and shallots. Mark loves his salmon, it's that cat gene of his.

It is raining today, sheets of fine mist like rain... even the air smells fine.... Banshee sits on a chair next to me under the back verandah and I read and she cleans herself and we just watch the rain fall- 30 minute chill out session for us both-before the christmas madness period arrives.

December 18th

The girls at the post office all score Blue Baldur scarves as they always seem to like mine way too much. One day they'll hit me over the head and steal mine...so thought I'd save an attack and give them a small present each. Good to see them so happy. They work so hard on all our stuff and I'm sure I drive them nuts with postage, parcels and everything else that comes in.

I see that Melbourne house prices have jumped by $100,000 in a year, the average house here is worth about $525,000. I'm too scared to look at the value of our place on several acres. They all sell so fast around here, you'd think with bushfire season upon us houses would not sell on top of a mountain in a national park, but our local real estate agent has had their biggest sales month. Recession what recession... !!!!!!

We drive to Mt Evelyn so i can do the banking, grab some chicken food for the girls for the next few weeks..... just getting all those end of year things done. We have lunch at our usual place on Canterbury road before some shopping at the supermarket. I go to buy 6 organic onions, and they work out to be about $2.00+. I spot a few 10 kg bags on super special, for $2.99! So I grab a huge bag. Mark thinks I am insane.... what am I going to do with several hundred onions!!! Endless amounts of Indian Bhaji maybe? No I'll just give brown paper bags full of onions to our neighbours, who doesn't use onions in their cooking. For such a small price it's a good deal. I'll leave them on the doorstep, the phantom onion man.

The mail strike appears to be over so I get the last of our parcels out, as well as a few stray newsletters. I didn't want anything sitting around during mail strikes. Even though it's all logged in, it's just more sensible to wait for strikes to end. Of course Australia Post workers had to go out just before christmas!!~!!!!!!!

December 19th

I call into Viewpoint and have a coffee and some food. I chat to Dot and she tells me how she went to the Enz with a Bang concert- the Enz farewell tour, all those years ago. Small world eh. It all comes flashing back, that last Melbourne show where Neil hurled himself off the Festival Hall stage and lands on yours truly! The girls around me try to steal his shoes and socks.

I head home and assemble my cool christmas gift from Mark. It's a Yardworks garden cart. So light, and exactly what I need. The gardening up here is intense and with so many walk ways and steps lifting wheelbarrows is not one of my delights., This wonderful creation is perfect, 2 wheels and extra light.... has a massive bag for all the weeds and clippings... just what I need. I start work on the path and other areas. Another fine Summers day, not too hot, so I get heaps done. I do like pottering around in the garden, and the place looks better for all the effort. I pick the last of the Jostaberries, before the chickens steal them. They are following me around today, they keep trying to talk to me in chicken talk.

I play The Divinyls 'Desperate' cd while I'm working- so many great songs on that album, a must have for any music collection. It stands up well over time.

I plant a new olive tree that Toija and Marco gave us, up towards the far end of the property. I've noticed we've started putting fruits like peach trees and olive etc.... takes a few years for them to start giving us some fruit but we are not planning on going anywhere. At least when we are REALLY old we'll have good organic fruit to chew on!

I spend some time in the afternoon using the micro drill to put some screw holes in the stain glass verandah light that I have bought. It has small stain glass dragon fly's on it- as soon as I spotted it , it just felt like it should be part of Ailsa Craig.

December 20th

I hear from Tim, he penned a short Christmas message, sounds great, time with the family after that Aussie tour. http://www.frenz.com/timfinn/

The hills are full of people today, all the bike riders are out, and tourists having morning teas and scones. The CFA guys have their yearly party down at the Kalorama oval, so rides and music and all the fun of the fair. Santa will arrive on his fire truck later on.

The summit at Copenhagen sounds like it fell way short on what is required to combat global warming. You watch everything will be delayed now and bog downed, sad. So much for a united front to solve this problem. Global emissions are suppose to peak by 2015, this is not very far away. In some ways I'm glad I don't have kids as I'd worry what we are passing onto them as far as a clean world. I think national interests will always prevail and I wonder how the worlds poorest countries will once again suffer. So many countries spend so much on war- it's depressing when you think that they are not willing to spends even half of that for future generations and a cleaner, more stabilized world.

December 21st

Neil told me he'd get the new Crowdies album to me for christmas. I'm not holding him to that promise, as it's coming up fast!

Postal workers are on strike again, I wonder how the pile of 4 million articles is going, once they clear it the new strike will just add to it again. I bet quite a few people miss out on presents that have been mailed this year. We've sent some to interstate friends, but I wonder if they will actually get them on time?It's the on again off again strike.

I go for a drive and get some small presents for all the kids on our list, for us they are the most important of them all- kids should be happy at Christmas no misery. At the end of the day my wallet is empty but hopefully these small gifts will bring some joy to the kids we know.

December 22nd

Mick Cocks dies from liver cancer, he was one of the original members of Rose Tattoo, that must make it about 4 members now all passed away. Angry Anderson is still with us. At least Mark and myself can say we saw the original line up live a few times while we were star eyed school boys. They scared us but we dug them.

I'm happy at last as my Muziekkrantoor music magazine arrived from Holland. It's a 1976 issue and has those freaked out hairdo Enz boys on the front cover and a huge double page article on them inside. It's from that period in early November when they played Amsterdams Paradiso - a full house. Mostly due to the rising of punk and magazines like Melody Maker and Sounds having massive articles. It was an oddball period, Judd is in the band still, as is Mal Green and obviously no Nigel or Neil yet. The hairstyles are flying high, and the photos around the article show those intense theatrics. I am hoping to track down the photographer as they would be cool shots to have in the archives. I have to say it is brilliant to have such an article on the band and front cover as well. It even smells like it's from 1976 *GRIN*.

I spend the afternoon signing and packaging up copies of the third diary book 'Glamour' which covers mid 1997- end of 1997, and big part of it is around Paul and the Largest Living Things- so many fun memories. Once these few copies of Glamour go, that is it for another diary book- it will be added onto the endangered special book list. Deb has it on the merchandise area of the F/16 site so people can still order one of these last copies. It always feels strange when one of the books is sold out , like an old friend has died or something has been stolen. Very weird. So if you need a bit of GLAMOUR for your collection now is the time.

December 23rd

I'm woken up at 7.00 today- actually I wasn't totally asleep. A very very cute courier boy turns up with a small parcel (not his 'parcel' I am talking a cd mailer)! The boss is true to his word, inside a really nice card from the Finns and better still, the new Crowded House album. I stumble into the shower, get my act together and head to the office.

It's strange the first time playing some new Crowdies music always makes me nervous, I've never been let down yet so I should just be bold and play it. I told Neil I wont review it etc, and lets face it music you grow to love over a time period. yes there are songs that you love instantly 'Amsterdam' is one such song, some change even from the second play. Love Sharons vocal work in 'Isolation'...more haunting voices....I LOVE the ending of the song.

After two plays in a row I am happy, very happy. The music tends to show someone like me what I am going to be doing for the whole of 2010. Neil's wonderful voice as haunting as ever..... hell I'm playing it a week later while typing this diary. Bring on the release.

I read a small article in The Age. The japanese may be shit with regards to the killing of whales but Japan shows it does have some balls and gain my respect for demanding that Foresty Tasmania's wood products must have the green tick of approval and community support- good to see, excellent Japan.

I spend the afternoon squashing christmas presents into our bags for the trip home. A general email arrives around our new management for Neil and Crowdies... so word is out. A fresh start for 2010.

December 24th

Up early I haven't slept, brain ticking over as it seems to do before heading home. Meanwhile in the UK, it's David Tennant's (10th Doctor) final episodes ('The End Of Time')- the Dr Who Christmas special, before he hands over the show to Matt Smith the 11th Doctor. I'm sure it will be a monster episode... and hey he's up against The Master (no not Mark!!), always a good nemesis. As fate would have it, my plastic figure of The Doctor has fallen off the computer and lies upside down....!!!

Head off to the airport, Mark fiddles around as I sit waiting in the car, he takes forever. It sometimes drives me nuts but today I relax around it. We get a lot of red lights on the way, so it does take ages. The airport is a beehive of activity, people flying out for christmas. We eat some breakfast at the freaky flyer. Mark times it and grabs a bowl of chicken tikka for us both. He's right the 'lunch' on the plane was a joke, the worlds flattest toasted cheese sandwich.

Arrive Sydney and connect the GPS into the hire car and off we go to the top of the great dividing range, to drop in and see Marks dad and Kerrie. At first we thought no one was home but the security door opens. It's nice and cool inside and it looks very festive. Good to sit and chat for an hour. Time flashes by and we have to go, my Mums place has all the relatives visiting and I promise to be home by 6.30. We call into Bundanoon and grab some wine and beer, I have a hamburger as I'm feeling an energy loss.

I drop Mark off at his Mums and rush off, as I arrive so do 5 other cars all with great great Aunts and various relatives. Mum has the house all decked out and we congregate in the large rumpus room which is heating up. I look around and remember that last year people were saying that several of the old ones would not be here next christmas, but they are, some even look healthier. Have they had work at 90? I chat to the cousins and Julie helps me pass out the christmas gifts.

It's nice to just talk and some tell me very old stories. I pop the new Crowdies album on and don't tell anyone what it is. Twice two great aunties ask me 'what is that band, they sound marvelous'.... so maybe a new demographic for Crowded House, the 90+ age group!!!~ Little do they know they are the first in Australia to hear it !!!!

I'm relaxed and it's a nice christmas eve. By 10.00 it's all over, by 11.00 Mum is in bed. It's a hot Wollongolian night, 28o outside... I opt to sleep on the couch and have mums cooling system going. I toss and turn, and keep one eye open for the fat man in the red suit dropping down the chimney....and dreams of sugar plumbs dancing in my head.

December 25th

At some strange early hour Mum walks by and starts making the christmas pudding, I stumble to my bedroom to catch up on sleep. I have a shower and stumble out again at 7.,30 just as Sis rocks up. We three sit and exchange gifts. She's a bit freaked out that we are all heading to Africa to Giraffe Manor in June. Hell I have one sister got to spoil her and travel is good. I get a fire engine red Sunbeam 2364 heritage mixer for the kitchen. I have wanted one of these for ages... it's so excellent. Such shapes such cool metal, I'll mix up a treat with this baby. God I'm becoming the master chef!

Christmas dinner is at Mums and my uncle Des is here for it. I only pick at my food, well except for the desert which is pudding, homemade fruit salad by yours truly and trifle .....

We all head off to 'The Cremo' as Sis and myself call it. The Crematorium , and it's full loads of families putting flowers around the graves and stones, all the roses are out, it smells so wonderful. I spot a sandstone spike about 2 metres high at some peaceful garden area and I tell Mum and Sis that's what I want when I die. Cremate me but give me a small sandstone monolith. ...I want to be buried in Melbourne.

Head home and we all have the after christmas dinner snooze. I read the second James Freud book ("I am the voice left from rehab'), Marky bought it for me- it's a good read but horrifying how bad his drinking problem was. I enjoy it more then his first book. I worked with James for a short period, around the time he had 'Modern Girl' out as a single, it made it to number 12 nationally but climbed much higher on the Melbourne chart. He later joined the Models (some say destroyed the Models), taking them from their Indie cool to commercial hits.....

We all wake up about the same time, like some family of vampires rising after the sun set. Mum puts together one of those christmas leftover salads , that everyone does because we always have so much spare food. We spend the next hour- Mum,Sis and myself posing for stupid photos with my camera, trying to remove any trace of double chins..... it's hard to get three people looking great in the one snap. Sis reads the book on Kenya that I have given her, she is way too excited. I box up the funky red mixer for the flight so Qantas won't crush it. The new Crowdies album is playing in the background, and my mother loves it ...and she tries to (unsuccessfully) steal it!!!!

Say goodbye to Sis and she heads home. Mum decides on an early night so I retire to the bedroom to finish James' book. 2 hours later a tap at the window and it's Sis back with her husband Mark. I stumble out of bed in my blue satin boxers, Mum in some satin PJ's... we all look sleepy. So they stay for awhile and we just chat and gossip and argue-!!! (my family).

December 26th

Happy Birthday Banshee cat, she turns 5 today.

No sleep again despite it being a cool night, I just couldn't get comfortable. Mum cooks me a small but very tasty breakfast, I'm in a grumpy mood from lack of sleep. My dear Mum making it worse by deciding she needs to go to the shops 5 minutes before I am ready to go. I try to be nice but I hate having my plans thrown in chaos. She is quick it's all fine, it's me I'm a shit head today. I tell her that. It's grey and foggy outside and so is my attitude.

It improves when I get to Marks Mum's house and she opens the door decked out in her full Vulcan outfit- pants, spock top, badge, ears vulcan black shiny bowl cut hair do... hysterical... I love it. Had to take a photo, she is a good sport, hey it's one of our fun christmas presents., I head home via the freeway as in my rush to get mum to the shops I leave my suitcase keys on the sofa. I'm less crappy now. I adore my mum no reason why I should be such a shit head.

A little bit of fog on the pass but it's not a bad drive, we arrive with time to spare. Qantas don't charge me any excess luggage fee's and my mixer is carried to the fragile area. The frequent flyer lounge is busy today and the flight is full. The newspaper tells us that Victoria has the biggest jump in house prices, a massive 16%, and the average house price is just short of 1/2 a million dollars. Scary as it means ours must be close to a million bucks! Shit!!! I read the Freud book and eat the creation they give us. The car is at the valet so we are out of their fast. Home and Banshee is so happy to see us as are the girls. It's nice to be in my own bed. Still sleep doesn't come easy...I sing Happy Birthday to Banshee before I fall asleep. She meows in appreciation of my fine vocal talent.

December 27th

I see Charlie Sheen is in the news again, not the usual Cocaine and Hookers, the press love him don't they?

We have breakfast at Ranges and everyone wishes us a merry christmas, they have the vibe. We watch the latest episode of Dexter, it's a good one , some nice twists and turns. I open the pile of presents that have arrived, just amazing how generous our friends are. The Tru Blood 4 pack of blood drinks is a favourite. It's got such a strange taste, love the bottles and the amazing carton they are in. So many cool presents, people send in some stamps too which is a god send. I know how lucky I am, I know how spoilt we are- sometimes just thank you sounds lame.

I'm thinking the next diary book might be called 'Destiny Ride' but that means I lose the one word title..... so not sure, plenty of time. In 2 weeks I continue work on the Crowdies 'Ghost Cars' book.

A few more orders arrive for Glamour & TRIP, I send them out same day and sign them all. Little F/16 diary books winging their way around the globe. I wonder if I can sell out GLAMOUR before the new year? Still a few to go I don't think it will happen.

I speak to Jen and Ben in Brisbane and thank them for their amazing generous present , I hope we see more of them in 2010, I hate that they live so far away from us.

I am reading Dee Dee Ramones 'Chelsea Horror Hotel' , our friends Merleyn and Maz sent it to us for christmas. It has a chapter on our mate Vali (Myers) in it, I think Dee Dee's memory was a bit fried, so many incorrect 'facts' about Vali...but hey that is Dee Dee so you just tend to run with it. I remember way back getting an invite to his book signing at Lakeside Lounge in New York city's East Village (no air ticket though *GRIN*). Only 100 or so people turned up, so it would of been good to go, he played a few songs too-obviously Ramone songs and one New York Dolls cover. Very few people knew that Dee Dee also painted, they are usually quite affordable, and prices haven't jumped since he died.

December 28th

It is 20 years ago today since the major earthquake hit Newcastle. It always seems strange when it's mentioned as in some ways the smallest decision possibly changed my life. I still stare at the overhead helicopter footage of the pancaked Newcastle Workers club- sitting next to it is our tour truck.

I remember it like it was yesterday- we were at Mudgee, playing one of the warm up shows before the big Sydney NYE gig. The show had finished and the truck driver was about to do the long drive to Newcastle. I thought a road trip might be fun and also to keep the guy company. I 'borrowed' a pillow from the band day room and spotted Neil and our manager Grant Thomas walking towards the tour bus. I went up and told them of my plan to hitch a ride on the truck. Neil saying 'Pete you should just stay on the bus with us it will be fun'.....and Grant saying a room has been booked for me at the hotel and I'd get more sleep, but ok if I want to go on the truck. (They get my weird adventure streak).

I look about and all the guys are edging me onto the bus so I thrown in my plans for a rough road trip and retire to the luxury of the tour bus, packed full of Split Enz, Crowded House and Boom Crash Opera mates.

I remember being woken up in my Sydney hotel room by minor shaking so head off and get some breakfast. I missed the note under my door saying 'Gig cancelled because of earthquake'! I run into Noel in the foyer and he tells me, he still says how white I went as I thought what might of happened. When you are trucking it , you tend to have a shower and some food at the venue when you arrive, so more then likely I would of been in the venue when it came crashing down, 3 levels on top of each other. The sad news reaches us that our truck driver was inside the venue and was killed. He wasn't part of our regular crew, we didn't know him really but it still hit home and we all felt so sad for him and the other 12. Horrible.

So it was as simple as that, like turning left instead of right. I believe everyone has about a dozen defining moments, usually all small in their lives, I'm convinced that this was one of them for me. As soon as this happened our manager Grant rallied the troops and the Newcastle Earthquake benefit happened. Grant was so brilliant around this, many think of the Opera House Farewell Show as his crown and glory but I think it was the Newcastle Gig that really had him peaking and making it happen for the people of Newcastle. So I always contemplate how lucky I am on this day.

Our friend Spock turns up for a christmas visit. Gives us an Xanthorrhoea australis which is also called a black-boy. They are this grass like plant and get a thick black trunk as they grow older. I have to find the right place for this baby as they look fantastic when they are a few years old. We three head off for some lunch at Ranges and gossip and laugh, we've known Spock for ages, since the early BCO days when he was keyboard player. Always good to see him.

December 29th

Australia Post seems to be back to normal now- I'm hoping all these strikes are over. There was mail today. not much but some. Our office officially is closed and not really checking Emails all that much either. It's for about 4 weeks, so luxury.

I decide that New Years Eve is too many days away to celebrate so Mark and myself party and party hard today and all night. It's only slightly a blur but I remember looking outside and seeing the sun come up. Banshee gives us a disgusted look like we kept the cat awake all night so I give her some extra treats and let her outside.

I crawl back into bed, get very little sleep. You know you are getting older when you ask yourself 'Am I too old to do all this shit?'! One does have rock & roll integrity to uphold, our reputation as rock dogs. Yeah right, god I need sleep. There is no way I can party this hard again on New Years Eve. What a fun sexy insane night though.... nah not too old.....!

December 30th

Did I even sleep, I know Mark is still sleeping, it's heading towards midday. I juice up my body and prepare some big hits of wheatgrass for us, green is the go for our rocked out bodies. I don't dig the 'your body is a temple' wuzz wank, my body is the Studio 54 party cellar !!!!! Still I do try and eat healthy and stuff..but I can't become gym buff man , it's like golf- too fucking boring. You can get a balance I think...without being a health extremist.

Head to Ranges and they cook us a healthy lunch, loads of water and just one coffee. I keep my glasses on...to avoid that blinding sunshine.

I remember to call Greg Skyhook- he is in Sydney. It is his birthday today. I track him down having a late lunch at a restaurant overlooking Coogee Beach. He is ten years older then us...so I ask him when it's too old to rock and party..he assures us our time has not come just yet. *GRIN* Well that's a relief.

We hear the sad news that Rowland S, Howard (one of the few Howards I like) passed away today from liver cancer. He was the guitarist in Nick Caves The Boys Next Door & The Birthday Party. You may remember a short while back I gave his 'Pop Crimes' solo cd a really good thumbs up on this very diary site. A really cool batch of songs. He penned the wonderful 'Shivers' which is such a cult hit and that was in 1979... such a great song. It's sad as I think 'Pop Crimes' could of been one of the most understated albums of 2009, it's really worth having. RIP Rowland Howard and we'll remember you from all those very very early shows when we were teenagers so long ago.

December 31st

I drive to Mt Evelyn in search of chicken food for the girls and eventually find some, they did however enjoy my carrot/apple pulp from the juicer. Plus it's probably very good for them. We have some breakfast at The Deli, Tony and his wife turn up and a few other locals, so everyone is end of year chatty.

I open The Age EG and good old Patrick Donovan he ran my small blurb on Recurring Dream in his article on THE Albums of 2009..it got a mention for it's longevity and because it's getting close to hitting the magic 13 platinum mark. I like it when my press stuff gets out and into print. Thanks Patrick.

I head to the office with Mark, even though we are closed, we both decide to do some last minute tidy up & work to wind some things up for 2009. My musical choices today are predictable- Howard's 'Pop Crimes' and the new Crowded House album. Just some background music. It's a stinking hot day outside but they think Melbourne's fireworks might be cancelled tonight as they expect late thunder storms to hit the city. Even the office feels a bit warm, that's rare it's usually wonderfully cool.

It's 4.00 as I type this, another year over in 8 hours time. I guess i'll come back down at midnight, finish off the diary and send it off to Deb...

The evening is a stinker, so hot but they expect a huge storm front to move through around 10.00 so that should cool things off. With so many people descending on Melbourne city to watch the fireworks it will be crazy, they'll be soaked, but like the Sound Relief concert this year Melbournites tend to enjoy themselves even if soaked to the skin.

We were hoping his life would improve but things seem to be getting worse and worse for Judd, he's out of control. There really is no reason why his life should be like this. If I have one new years wish it would be for him to have a damn big look at himself and try and change and get some control over all the bullshit. A few people who were close to him think he's gone so far down the track that it will just keep on getting worse. I just hope that there is a glimmer of hope but starting to feel there isn't. Such a waste and he brings it on himself.

Right on schedule at 10.00 the storm front hits thunder lightening and it buckets down. All the way till midnight. Well we do need the rain I guess. We watch the fireworks on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, have a JD and coke and in rolls the new year. For us it's a new Crowdies album, some touring, hopefully a new album from Bic Runga.

I think it's a year where it doesn't hurt to be a bit kinder to people... I think the biggest selling thing this year will be ALLI (orlistat) the weight loss pill that is now available in the UK. It's been around for awhile in the USA (yeah all the stars take it) but I think it will be the pill to pop in 2010!!! See no music or movie prediction just a pill *GRIN*.

Have a great 2010.... we all survived 2009, was it really as bad as people made out?

Enjoy waking up each day!



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