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January 1st 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

This year seems to already have lots of negative stuff stacked up against it, so my new years resolution is to make it a far more positive year and avoid the land-mines of negative BS floating about. Life is good.

Hmm our neighbours are not back yet so Stan the cat and Megg the dog get their new years meal from the ol' Gryphon. They sure are happy to see me everyday. Some huge dark devils dog was visiting too- we stared each other down, I casually move my eyes about in case I need to find a weapon to fend off this hound from hell. It gets the vibe and walks away, kind of vanishes actually. Woof to you too.

We call Miss Merl in the afternoon but it rings out, usually the girls have their machine on, a bit odd- wanted to sing (poorly) happy birthday to her.

Feel quite good considering it was a late night and we misbehaved, actually feel terrific.

January 2nd

Pay a few bills and Mark and myself head to RIPE. The owner George has a table for us out back in the tent room. It's a cold old day but he puts the heaters on. We are alone in our tent world, the packed indoors crowd stare at us through the panes of glass, 'look at those two freaks' I can read their thoughts.... in fact it's really nice out here, a huge table and the staff serve us first. Got to love freaks like us....you are all just jealous..and equally so because we get served nice and fast.

Banshee loves Miss K's disco mice she sent the cat for christmas, Banshee rolls, Banshee flips and flies through the air with them....Miss K has good cat tastes when it comes to kitty presents, plus it uses up some of Banshees excess energy.

The figures are in. Even though 2008 was a slightly cooler year, the 12 year period from 1997- 2008 contains the 11 hottest years ever recorded. This is from the past 200 years of global instrumental records. Just having 11 of those years being record breaking surely is some sort of sign....and not a good one. Well there goes my positive vibe out the window.

Loving our time off, been a few days since I even wandered into the office- this feels great. I'm learning to relax all over again.

January 3rd

Sunny Day, the solar cells on the roof are sucking it in.

I trim the paths for the 2 huge stone statues that are arriving soon. We work out where they are going, and thankfully both locations are easy. These babies are heavy, and 4 of us will need to move them. The way things grow up here they'll end up looking like set pieces for LOST. Still it adds something to the place, walking down the paths and 2 big stone relics are on the side of the walk way. Intimidating people never..not us!

I hear from the company who are bringing my diary books in, as expected some red tape, everything gets scanned checked for drugs, and you pay GST and a hundred and one other things.... I'm patient, in fact the lady I'm dealing with tells me I'm the calmest of her clients *GRIN* Maybe this is the new me... I'll be called rational next!

Find out that the police now have several hidden speed cameras on ridge road up here.... I know I would of been busted a few times, it's the only area that I slightly creep over the snails pace of 60. Otherwise I'm fairly sensible driver, even won two driving prize packs from the TAC!

January 4th

Well today was interesting. Starting to think we have been watching too many episodes of the Supernatural DVDs! At 3.33 (yes 333!) in the morning woke up by a small glow near the door. At first I thought something was on fire as there was a slightly strange odor (no not sulphur!!! it wasn't George W coming to visit). For about 5 seconds I saw this strange looking person who was nothing but shades of black and grey, almost squares, and he ...had a distinct feeling it was a 'he' ... was obviously decaying...so yeah DEAD! As far as I can remember it was not someone we knew....my memory is vague around this moment, but I suddenly remember Banshee crashing off the bed.

She's a cat, how many times do cats NOT land on their feet. She also right down the other end of the bed so I couldn't of kicked her off.

My fear overtook my thoughts that she had hit her head and I crawled over and she just went 'meow meow'.... and yes the grey/black vision had gone- thank the gods! I feel kind of wanky even writing this and it's one of those strange things that I can't explain. No drugs, drink or anything else involved. I almost woke Mark up but why mess his head as well, not that I got much sleep, the whole night Miss Banshee sat upright like some the Egyptian Cat Goddess 'BAST' or "SEKHMET' just starring endlessly at the spot by the door where the freaky thing had stood. I couldn't tell if she was guarding me, or pissed that she went flying... I must of nodded off when I woke up at 6.00 she was in the same position. Maybe she's my witches 'familiar' nah I think she was just as much freaked as me.

So I'm blurry eyed today, wondering if I'm going nuts. The one small bit of evidence is the very small wall shelf by the door, nearly every nick-knack on the shelf was lying on it's side. All fallen to the right.

The numerous years we have been here I've had almost (almost!) zero freaky moments, no demon hunters needed, no exorcists.... the odd fashion victim moment but that's it...... so yeah it's kind of threw me a bit. Strangely enough a few days later I read a report from the UK that people who drink too much coffee are prone to have visions of the dead...... I drink one coffee a day so I'm sure I'm out of that formula, Marky drinks more....why doesn't he get woken up by freaky things? (apart from me having a cuddle I mean). Anyway hesitated about writing this in case you are thinking the Gryphon is cracking up- I'm rolling with it...hell I'll probably just buy a bag of protection salt from the Oracle shop at Olinda...... stay tuned....and I'll be watching for bright lights creeping out of my closets!!!! I think this freaked me more then I am saying.

So my security guard friend spotted Matt Smith going in for a few meetings...guess he is the new Dr Who ...... the 11th actor to play the Doctor....he takes over in 2010, some fresh blood...always adds a new spin and keeps the fans talking and disagreeing *grin*.

11.30 We head to RIPE with Fran and Rosemaree, shout them some breakfast.... George keeps a table reserved for us, still a bit shaky today, don't really want to talk about it..... I'm banning myself from watching Supernatural for a week. Good to see the girls though.

January 5th

Recurring Dream the Crowdies cd that refuses to leave the charts...jumps back into the Australian artist chart today at #20....ticking over towards 13 platinum.

We take the Christmas tree out to plant, all the green needles started falling off, had to put in a new Vac bag, they were everywhere, the tree was getting dry, it needs mother earth and some solid watering. No point trying to do the right thing and have a real tree if I am killing it!!!!! Trees grow so well here, it will survive. It just needs some TLC.

We are excited because Lilly Pilly opens again tomorrow.... we have been hanging out, all the locals have. Our office opens in 6 days so I know work will start building up. I sneak down for an hour a day just to get some stuff done.

January 6th

I notice Phil has his Love Is A Moron cd up on his website, available to music lovers everywhere. We only have 5 copies left with the bonus dvdr. So club members after the bonus copy have to Email us fast to reserve one of the final five. http://www.philjudd.com/

Marks Mac has a slight hiccup, it won't turn on. Thankfully I have extended warranty on it, so we take it for a drive, to the MAC shop ...and they are repairing it. Am hoping it's cost free. I use the baby GPS and it gets us to the store, a hot day outside and the car is not enjoying that. Look at the new series of MACs, just waiting for the new ones that will have the Blu Ray burners... no date yet but it can't be too far off.

We use the Eastlink tunnel, all very exciting, and so few cars.... feels very 21st century zooming along under the ground like this.

January 7th

We call into JB HI FI on the way to pick up the computer. They have their 20% sale on... rare they have sales these days. We go to the JB on Whitehorse road and it's probably the only JB that is not packed..we love this. It's a good store this one, has a lot of stuff.

I even buy that Crowdies Best Of that we don't have, for the archives... just so it's in the collection. Pick up a few copies of Recurring Dream too, just to help the sales, we all know Crowded House needs the money *GRIN*. nah it's good to see the lads on the chart. MASH dvds are on special so we grab the last few that we need, plus a pile of Blu Rays, all 4 Batman movies from the first movie releases all those years ago... with Clooney, Kilmer, and Mr Mum Michael Keaton as the various Batmen.... Michelle Pfeifer as Catwoman in Batman Returns SO HOT! MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that whip!

It's strange as all 4 Batman movies are not yet released in the USA on Blu Ray, yeah Australia has them nice and early. Maybe cashing in on the Bat's popularity......

Also buy Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti 2 cd set digitally re- mastered for a mere $9.00 AUD!!! Bargain.

Kenny at the Mac place looks after us and no cost for the repairs and replacement of the Mac..so fast..... he used to work with several bands and has a rock n roll heart ( I can pick 'em)! Mark will be happy having his baby back in action. he is lost without his Apple Mac.

Good to see John Linson will be creating the movie on 70's girl band The Runaaways (Cherry Bomb was big in Australia) and financed independently like he did with Into The Wild. So is TWILIGHTS Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett. I know the real Joan will be exec producer on the project. It will be called 'Neon Angels'....I still think it should be called 'Queens of Noise'...but hey that's just me....I hope it's nice and 'tough' and not whimpsy!!!!

January 8th

Bec turns up at 1.00 so we are back to Lilly Pilly for the second time today. A chance to have cake.

Head to our fave store next and she buys me a present, cute christmas decoration cross.... she's forgotten she gave me a similar thing last year, it's different but the same person makes them, they are really lovely, at this rate a collection of them.....just nice to get a present without knowing. Thanks Rebekah.

Watch them play pool....have a few drinks, nice way to spend the day (hic).

January 9th

The two stone garden statues finally arrive.... and thank goodness they have some heavy duty trolly's. What heavy mothers these are. The 2 spots are convenient which is good..even though at one stage I start losing my grip (on the statue not reality) and it's kind of falling on me! The nursery guy comes to my rescue... and between us they are up on the walk tracks. It will take them awhile to settle and the vines and flowering runners will encase them... they'll have that tropical 'Lost' island look....all that's missing is tiki torches and man strangling vines...and a few headhunters.

Gift box arrives from Miss J..we are in Dexter and Weed heaven. It's great as the Weed shirts are really cool-nice to have new and clean..... such a nice holiday surprise....I feel like a kid at christmas every day, that girl spoils us.

January 10th

Peter's Pesto

Make some Basil Pesto as a big chunk of basil is growing in the garden and I want to get in and pick it before Joan and Belinda invade the garden.

So I get a cup of basil leaves. 1/2 cup olive oil, 3 tablespoons of the remaining pine nuts that are in the cupboard, some ground rock salt to taste and one or two garlic cloves depending on size. Drop it all in the food processor or even a mortar and pestle is ok. Stir through 60 grams of grated parmesan cheese... I'm using Parmy that has a bit of a bite. You can now add this to a dish of spaghetti and it's extra good on Pizza.

A reminder that Tim's POOR BOY is on in Melbourne on Jan 21st- March 8th. Bookings 86880888- brought to us by the Melbourne Theatre Company . Some Tim Finn live dates for Australia too up on www.frenz.com/timfinn/

January 11th

Nice to see that Heath Ledger won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in the Dark Knight. He really deserved the awards for his amazing acting in Brokeback Mountain ..but hey better late than never. Just sad he's not here to pick it up.....it's been a year already.

Heading down the walk track and manage to pick another bowl of wild raspberries ... they taste amazing with ice cream, so organic ...so good for us....food from the gods. $6 a container at the supermarket.

I'm working with Greg Skyhook on the Skyhooks Live Show listing for the website. Thought we'd have a list up of all the Skyhook shows, for their fans... even I was amazed at how many. At the time of writing I'm up to 887 gigs. So many memories for us seventies rock dogs (woof). Enjoy working on this project.

I have now finished addressing all the padded envelopes for the mailers for TRIP. The 4th famous for 16 Minutes book is now clearing Australian customs (it takes awhile) and will arrive next week, so I'll be numbering them, and signing them. I'm stoked as 25% have already been spoken for. We have about 4 copies of the bonus dvd RATED PG, so I guess the next 4 copies sold via us will get the dvd with it. You need to Email me first (peter@frenz.com).

I know Iarla will have TRIP up on the merchandise area soon as well. The previous diary books (Hussy, Bang and Glamour) covered 6 months periods, but TRIP will cover the whole of 1998..that first Neil Finn Try Whistling This tour and other fun stuff. Thanks for supporting this 4th diary book too- really good that so many put up their hands and make projects happen.

The first book HUSSY is now down to the final 12 copies, and that is only available via the Frenz.com merchandise area..... so I figure that Hussy will sell out and TRIP stock will take it's place. So if you are wanting to collect the diary books- grab Hussy from the merchandise area at the bottom of this page as once the 12 go, that is it.

Phil Judd has created the front and back cover artwork for TRIP (thanks Juddy)..in his freaky PJ style.....hmm nice butt crack I'm showing on my skate board!!!!!!! Thanks Phil. We all know my arse with class is far cuter then he portrayed!!!!!

That's it for now..a quick diary for the start of the year!

Take the Trip baby!


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