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Squirrel Underpants- one item not on our merchandise page!!!

June 1st

Winter has arrived. She's been practicing for weeks and finally madam freeze has arrived. Those clouds are very fluffy, it is surely snowing somewhere, that icy bite to the air.

Swine Flu seems to be everywhere here, well in Victoria. We are the swine flu capitol of Australia. People get so panicky , I think the regular winter flu is just as bad but not as hyped.

I end up picking a big container of kiwi fruits, I figure 3 a day will give me a huge vitamin C hit. They just drip in juice, and kind of make me shiver as they are not over ripe. I hate over ripe kiwi fruits (urgh), I enjoy the pain of slightly un-ripened ones. The net tells me if the seeds are black they are considered ripe enough to eat. So I go for it. There are hundreds on this vine, I best get in before the birds discover them. A few parrots are watching me, you can bet as soon as I head inside they will steal a few.

I hear from St Wally Wilkinson, what a nice bloke- he'd have to be! *GRIN*. He's always welcome here, an Enz member with such little bullshit, feel we can trust him, nice guy, his wife is fun too.

June 2nd

Major points to Sacha Baron Cohen at the MTV awards for crashing down with his angel wings spread (and god knows what else spread) on Eminems face. Mr White Trash storms out. You just know that MTV will announce that old homophobic Em was 'in on it' they do that to save face for the artist...... we doubt Eminem would even have that sense of humour.

I will not be tempted to bid on the Star Trek breakfast cereal on Ebay! I will not be tempted to bid on the Star Trek breakfast cereal on Ebay! I will not be tempted to bid on the Star Trek breakfast cereal on Ebay! I will not be tempted to bid on the Star Trek breakfast cereal on Ebay! I will not be tempted to bid on the Star Trek breakfast cereal on Ebay! I will not be tempted to bid on the Star Trek breakfast cereal on Ebay! I will not be tempted to bid on the Star Trek breakfast cereal on Ebay! I will not be tempted to bid on the Star Trek breakfast cereal on Ebay! Repeat 50 times till this is out of my system. No idea why i couldn't find this in any American supermarket, or did people buy truckloads of it forEbay!

Two King Parrots land on Marks arm and he feeds them, they are desperate for food or just spot a sucker when they see one. Out of all the parrots they are surely the most tame up here. They chatter a bit too, probably saying 'sucker with feed sucker with feed'!! In the afternoon Racist Ron the red parrot visits and lands on my arm too, his girlfriend isn't as daring. She sits and waits, as soon as I am inside she sidles up to Ron, gives him a peck on the head and eats his food. Pussy whipped parrot or what!!! Banshee is at the kitchen window watching them- she licks her lips as if to say ' I'll show you pussy...pussy dinner!!!!!'. 'Leave them alone' I bellow. She walks away slowly- I can see a thought bubble appearing out of her cat head it reads 'Next time.....you won't be so lucky'. Images of tweety and sylvester fill my head.

We work in the office till 10.00 at night, Mark editing, desert footage and Boom Crash Opera and who knows what else. I just let him do it- Filthy Rich pays him his wage and he's happy- I'm just stoked that I have a very talented boyfriend that loves his work.

Sad news about Air France 447 going missing over the Atlantic- they say it was hit by lightening, I don't believe that, I think it will be some other fault. I've been alone in the top of the plane ,during our Continental Airlines flying days and we were hit by lightening and the plane was fine, horrible though. Mark refuses to fly A330 Airbuses...I think I'll join him on that. I know I've been on them before and I'm still here. Maybe it was just bad timing. If they find the black box they'll know. It stops sending out a signal after a certain period of time so they'd better move fast.

June 3rd

God how happy is PM Rudd and Swan. The Liberals are so miserable- they really hoped Australia would fall into Recession so they could say 'see we told you so'. Australia is now the fastest growing advanced economy and the only one not in recession. The gross domestic product was positive in the March quarter. A massive 0.4%- so no 2 successive quarters of negative growth. We also recorded our best monthly trade figures in 48 years- so that is something for them to crow about. It at least will put a positive spin on where we live- I think a lot of Aussies have no clue how bad it really is overseas and we should count our blessings. So lucky here. There is an outburst from the ex-hoWARd era treasurer Peter Costello- since the Libs defeated election I swear I think this is the first thing he has muttered, he should of just retired ages ago- the public purse pays him his wage but he does nothing.

Australia's oldest man dies at age 110- a non smoker. Asked about his main vice- he eats chocolate!! Great an excuse for me to do so...! Eat chocolate (dark chocolate!) and live longer! *GRIN*

My night ends with another charming (NOT) Email from Phil Judd- another one saved, quite a build up of them now. I'm not biting, Karma can do it's thing- some may say it already has.

June 4th

We drive to Wagners Poultry and pick up 2 new chickens. Now that Joan and Sharon have gone to the big Chicken farm in the sky- we thought Belinda should have some friends. I hate seeing them squashed into those small wire cages, and I know we can't take them all with us. At least these battery babies are fed well and look healthy. Still I think they will enjoy several acres at Ailsa Craig a bit more. We name them Frances and Alice.

We let them out with Belinda in the big pen and they just stand still- I don't think they have ever had freedom to walk about- which does my head in. Belinda gives them a peck, as if to say 'move it or lose it'. It takes some time but eventually they walk about and explore- their eyes are so wide-amazed by all the greenery. (no not dope plants!). They'll adjust...

We are at Lilly Pilly and I'm reading The Age EG. MTV's Ruby Rose is on the front, cool article inside. She is totally gorgeous, Australia's sexiest Lesbian- well except for Merly #1 and #2 , Jen, Leanne and Maz. But I can't find them sexy as they are mates- Ruby is a horn-bag and I like her attitude. She's cool and intelligent. MTV must love her. Mark and myself want a threesome with Miss Ruby- and did I really write that- oh well.

June 5th

Good god Gordon Ramsay is an ugly bastard! His shows no longer rate here so the tv channel desperate to improve on their tragic ratings fly him in, kick up some controversy and then he'll leave. He's kind of pink, hairless with man boobs- boring really- he should just go away and throw himself on his butchers knife. Just another one hit wonder that thinks he has talent, doesn't really come up with the goods, swears and blames everyone else for his piss poor attitude and failures and really just has a horrible dark old heart! Loser, so glad when he leaves Oz so we don't have to read about his (boring) bad behaviour.

June 6th

I hear from NZ and some cds are on their way to me of the recent 7 Worlds II studio recordings, 2 cdrs jam packed full of music. Love the Neil and Sharon duet, just makes me smile. I've heard Dawny singing quite a few times, even had the odd sing with her- but her voice on this is really good. Loved the lyrics too, this could either be good or tragic- thankfully (as expected) it's good. I like how the money goes to Oxfam, I wonder if they will have copies in their stores? It's the perfect point of sale really.

I follow Joan Frances around all morning till I find her secret nest that she has made. At least this one isn't in a tree. I come back 5 minutes later and she has laid an egg, I feel guilty even stealing it. Rent paid for another day girls.

My accountant Carolyn, husband and their niece turn up- chain-saw in hand. They leave with a full trailer of wood and our 2 fallen tree's are a few metres shorter. I'm happy to help them and they help us. Doesn't feel like Winter today but I'm sure cold weather is just around the corner.

I hear from my Mum-so proud of her. Since dad died she is rather hermit-ish. Today she went along to the Old Girls Hockey reunion. Spur of the moment thing and she had a great time. She told me it was a one off and don't expect her to take up my offer to travel the world! She is far more stubborn then I am -I'm just happy she had a good time.

Hmm so guess who probably has carpal tunnel syndrome, or the beginning of it. Too many Emails and the chain-sawing doesn't help I'm sure. Not too worried, there are worse things, at worse an operation, at best an excuse not to do as many Emails *GRIN*. No you can't get it from jacking off!~!

June 7th

The mountain is covered in fog, we all have the Kalorama sniffles. Even Banshee sneezes in the morning.

Sunday Roast for dinner- use some of the rosemary from the plant Miss Trudi gave us, it likes it's location as it's doubled in size. I like that i can just wander outside and pick some herbs or fruit. Life should be that simple, little ol' nature boy me. Head off with Mark in the afternoon to this secret water fall area that we know. No one wears bathers up here, then again so few people know it exists. There must be a warm spring as the water isn't that cold, either that or heaps of Kangaroos are peeing in it upstream! (Urgh). No clothes, true natures boy. Getting some small arm muscles these days, don't want those big gym 'arms are wider then most peoples kegs' type muscles... just little muscles are fine. The possible carpal stuff stops me using the punching bag in the garage, seems lame just kicking it.

Care almost zero about sport but happy for the Australian Socceroos qualifying for the world cup finals- they do ok for such a young team. Good on them. The sales of blow up Kangaroos just increased world wide.

June 8th

'Flight Of The Conchords' Season 2 is now back on Aussie TV. It starts on SBS tonight, haven't seen any promotion for it. Loved the first episode, hope the rest of season 2 is equally as much fun.

It's the Queens Birthday holiday today- so stupid as today is not even Queen Lizzie's real birthday. I still think it's for all the Drag Queens in Australia, and I bet they do too.

It hailed all this afternoon, so I dry my Blundstones by the fire. I should really wear my new pair as these have some holes in the souls (a bit like some people I know!!! *GRIN*). The chickens are protesting about being locked in so early, you'd think they run the place, all 3 of them complaining. If I left you out Mr Fox would be dining on KFC tonight- Kalorama Frantic Chickens!

Star Trek keeps climbing the USA Box Office top 200 all time list. It's now at #66 with $222 million at the US box office. Have you seen it yet Peggy, remember NOT to wear your Spock bathrobe!!!!! My sister won;t go with her husband to see it- I'm sure she is adopted-how could I get all the sci fi gene?

June 9th

The mountain is covered in fog- really covered. Which I kind of like- just adds some mystery and a hint of danger. It's when all the ghosty's come out, at one stage in the afternoon I could of swaw someone was standing in front of me in the hall inside Ailsa Craig.

Mark finishes some of the USA footage so we mail it to the family. He did a great job, he edits SO much, you'll never get bored with his dvds.

Hear from Maz and the rest of the BCO boys- so appreciative, nice guys. They are off this Friday for their last gig for awhile in Adelaide. Some half decent crowds, and good feedback.

Radio station Triple J has it's all time Hottest 100 voting on now. Thought it would be great to have Tim Finn in their top 100. Usually both Crowdies and Enz and Neil get in, but Tim always just misses out by a few votes. So asking everyone to cast a vote for Tim Finn this year- Persuasion, Note Even Close, More Fool Me, Out of this World...what ever you like, but if we keep it to those 4 , he'll do well. Here is a link to vote, and your vote could be the one to get him into the top 100:


I send the Skyhook fans a Red Symons photo a day (from the good old days) just doing as a lead up to his 60th birthday next week. Got to keep those fans happy.

June 10th

It snowed this morning, well at 12.30 last night. Not massive but our car went from Forest Green to White within minutes. We had heaters and the fire going and Banshee flatly refused to climb off the bed this morning. I was tempted to join her and stuggle in deep inside the covers. The drive to Lilly Pilly had fields and houses with the remains of the snow fall. It was around 2 degrees for most of the day- more snow tonight they say.

I hear from our friend Dean at Liberation and they are indeed putting out the SOUND RELIEF dvd, later this year. Just getting everyone to agree, that's been the delay-so many different record companies to deal with. The Enz have ok'd their stuff.... a few of us get to see the Finn-Seymour stuff via a secret net link So good to relive this, lets hope they ok all of their set for it too. Liam has said yes to two songs of his. Weird to spot yourself side stage, that red satin bowling shirt certainly stands out. God the crowd are in fine voice...

Australia can't be doing too bad, I see that demand for home loans hit a 14 month high in April, first home buyers being 28% of that. Guess that keeps builders and suppliers going- all sounds positive, as long as unemployment is kept under control (don't sack me Neil). The weekend Auction results had an 84% sold, which is a lot of houses being bought. Not sure if this is just Melbourne or if it's happening in every other state. Two houses that went on the market around the corner from us this week, have both sold, they've only been available for a few days- guess Australians are investing in bricks and mortar.

It seems the snow went everywhere, Mt Buller received 56cm of snow, and snow is now falling on the bushfire ravaged town of Kinglake.

June 11th

File under 'there is a God' department. 'She' answered our prayers.... Miss California Carrie Homophobe or whatever it's name is, was fired by the pageant. That must of made Trump feel like a dick-head after going into bat for her, sleep with dogs Trump and you soon get fleas. Good to see someone put out the trash, bad white fake teeth and all. (Urgh).

Mark showed me the footage he filmed at Hoover Dam, when we were their 14 years ago and then again last month. It both amazed and horrified me how low the water level has dropped, a HUGE drop, makes Melbourne's dams look full! Incredible, it's just disappearing!

Drive to Prahran and clear the post office box, visit our friends at Smarboo, quickly grab some desert from the Market Cafe and head to JB HI FI to buy some copies of Tim Finns THE CONVERSATION. They only had 2 copies left. The girl at the counter remarked to me how she has sold a few of these lately, which is strange as she is the third store person to say that, all from 3 different record shops. It's great for Tim, sales keep on ticking over.

Home before the peak hour traffic starts- those trips to the city just exhaust me.

June 12th

Had a few emails around the infamous 'squirrel undies'- I think a few people thought we were taking the piss ('gee wonder why')! But yes they do indeed exist. In some small warehouse in China sits several women eagerly sewing underpants for squirrels, I wonder if they get the joke, or just think Westerners are totally fucked! *GRIN*. Anyway as you can see at the top of the page (thank-you Hairball senior & Miss Debbie) a scan of our Squirrel Underpants!

I keep seeing more and more of Sacha Baron's BRUNO movie- this will be massive, the 'buzz' is huge, what a vibe. It's released in a few months I believe.

Several boxes of POOR BOY flyers arrive for the Sydney show- Matthew Newton- yes son of Patti and Bert(not a friend of our lovely mate Brooke), and gangster star of 'Underbelly-the tale of 2 tities' takes over Guy Pearce's spot. I know nothing about Matthews singing capabilities but they'd be careful who they pick so he should do a good job. Tickets for POOR BOY now available via:


When we were driving to Lilly Pilly, a fawn was walking along the side of the road- it's the first time we have ever seen deer up here, and she was truly beautiful. Amazing markings and just happy grazing- we drove back for another look and she had gone, I'd expect into someone's yard! Excellent, just made me smile all morning- I love the day that deer wander into Ailsa Craig.

June 13th

Happy Birthday to Skyhook member Red Symons. He turned 60 today. Bongo, Greg and Fred were all at the party tonight, they didn't play, I thought Red's wife would of been encouraging that, but it didn't happen. So Red Symons is no longer 17, he's an old fart- looks ok for his age I guess.

I'm playing Disc One of 7 Worlds II. 'Too Blue' and 'Little By Little' just do it for me. With two discs there are so many songs-drowning in music. Still August till it's released , but the year is flying by so that isn't too far away. 'Bodhisattva Blues' is now playing- serious dancing in the office...till the final few chords where it just becomes way too intense! Cool song.

I've been checking out the various support groups around injured wildlife, as we have a few hundred dollars still as far as donations. Originally it was going to the RSPCA, but we did a separate huge auction in conjunction with Frontier, and I know the government assisted as well, so they were looked after. The Federal government also made donations to several vet and animal wildlife areas that were destroyed in the fire- so many areas were covered. When I cleared our old post office box (333) the other day, we found a leaflet from Trust For Nature. It's a not for profit land conservation organisation protecting native bush land and obviously the habitats of so many animals. I knew they did some stuff around the Buloke woodlands too, which help save the Red Tailed Black Cockatoo. So we'll be giving them this small donation, all helps-especially these days when peoples purse strings are tighter.

I spend most of today in bed, just some minor Winter -flu. Fairly sure it's not the Oink-Oink Flu- just let my body fight it, I'll be back on deck tomorrow.

June 14th

I was going to do the final lot of mailing today but still a bit Flu-ish so it can wait till Monday.

Mark spoils me and brings out the 4th Season of WEEDS on Blu-Ray- this makes me smile. Australian TV seemed to drop Weeds after season two- so lame of them. NZ on the other hand seems to love the show, they were a country of big BUFFY fans too I remember- NZ always ahead.

We get the sweetest Email from ol' Tim Finn. Wanted to thank us for all our work and fly both of us up to Sydney-so airfares and accommodation to see POOR BOY. So nice of him and not expected. It 'made my day' just had to use that line.

I keep hearing that Peter Costello won't be nominating for his seat of Higgins...which basically means he will finish his term as a back bencher and go...one of the final tattered remnants of the hoWARd era! He has wasted so much timing taking up a seat in parliament since that election- he should of finished when hoWARd went. I guess we'll know on Monday if he announces this.

So that's it, life is good here, surviving the Melbourne Winter.

take care and remember to give ol' Tim Finn a vote in the Triple J 100 Hottest songs.


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