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Archive: 27 July - 7 August 2009

July 27th

Happy Birthday Marky. To my favourite bloke- I know it was a fun day- as it has happened already *GRIN*. Another birthday another grey hair eh?

Our Skyhook boys-well some of them are surprising Michael Gudinski tonight when he collects the JC Williamson Award for contribution to live performance industry. They are going to perform 'Women In Uniform' at the Sydney Opera House- Jimmy Barnes and Mark Lizotte are singing and playing too. It's probably the only Skyhook song that will suit Jimmy's voice. It's on Foxtel a channel we don't get. Greg asked us to come along as his dinner dates but being Markys birthday we couldn't... and only one song.

Quite a few people called for Markys birthday today, 1 or 2 slack bastards didn't , oh well we've got excuses if we forget their birthdays , excuses are handy...especially because I forget so many.

All our efforts around Crowded House's RECURRING DREAM cd have paid off, it's #17 on the ARIA Australian Artists Chart, week #71 on the charts here.... 12 platinum- god that's insane.

July 28th

I decide to splurge on one of my favourite on line Tshirt shops..they also have great scarves etc, here is their link: http:// www.bluebaldur.com They have such great stuff, but it seems to sell fast especially around 'sizes' and colours. Very quick at getting items out.

It's been one of those incredibly long days, we seem to be drowning in work again. A surprise comes in from Jan, more of those spectacular NZ flakes - suddenly work doesn't feel all that bad- talk about an energy lift! Presents we can eat (: We get spoilt so often, it's magical.

OK who stole Michael Jacksons nose? Suddenly Michael's nose went missing on the autopsy bench-someone stole his prosthesis, 'bits of cartilage around a small dark hole'. God that sounds horrible.

I was going through storage -archival boxes today and found a small pigs nose with an elastic on it. We were tempted to put it in one of those lab jars with liquid and tell people we bought Michael's nose off Ebay. Very wicked and I'm sure we would burn in hell.... if it wasn't so incredibly horrid it would be funny. So the guy went to his grave with- part of his brain removed for autopsy, no real nose, peach fuzz hair because his wig was removed and white skin colouring. For once even I am speechless.!

Lilly Pilly this afternoon it seemed like the whole street turned up. People would just walk in and say hello to us- felt like a true 'local'.

July 29th

I send Greg's Hooks snap out to some of the media, not sure if they are using it- still good to do it. It's rare that these guys get to play, so part of history.

The Pansy Division boys sent me the link for the 3rd Jonah episode on YouTube. 'Some my best friends' was the PD song used around the mini drama. I like it when people try different things.

The United States Of Tara' debuted on the ABC tv tonight. We have been waiting on this one, it was really short but enjoyed it heaps. Toni Collette just brilliant as always, a good cast too.

July 30th

We receive a parcel from the Gough Whitlam Institute . A very cool 'It's Time' Tshirt, cap and excellent mug. 'The 'It's Time' was one of the most successful political campaigns in Australias' history, way back in 1972. Loads of celebs singing the theme. Worked so well. 'Time for freedom, time for moving...' it had that feeling of Russell Morris 'Real Thing' as it gathers speed. I just love all those old images and there she is margaret Whitlam by Gough's side with that massive 'I could kill you with this' hand bag! For a 1972 Australia flashback go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jykIqQxEOw

Todays parcel surprise, a huge box of freaky (though very warm) Winter caps from Miss Wendy. The Ewok one with the guys in the fake fur is just too twisted.... but Mark says it really suits me. Does it sound like we are having fun in the office or what. Serious dancing wearing assortment of hats, can't remember what music we had on but it was 'Hat Au Go Go' at kalorama today. We even managed to get some work done.

July 31st

I've been playing Pearl Jam's 'Speed of Sound' tune- what a great song. It seems to get endless plays here in the office. Their new album 'Backspacer' is out September 20th. 'Gonna see my friend' another cool song.

The Managers Forum get in contact and ask me to be one of their guest speakers at the next Forum meeting. It covers things like Image management, Marketing, Promotions, Internet, websites etc I was so blown away being asked that I instantly went into small meltdown and said I was away!!!!!!!!!!!! I called back 20 minutes later with tail between legs (woof) and said 'yes'. Apart from band people, managers etc they do have some spaces for the general public. It's on Tuesday 11th August (yes in a few days). Doors open at 7.30 and Forum starts 8.00 pm sharp!

It's a cool little place in Fitzroy called The Laundry. 50 Johnston Street. If you are a MMF member it's free, Students $5 and Public $10.00 A good one to support and hopefully interesting. There should be 2 other people as well as the ol' Gryph. I decided if any of the fans (hate the word fans!) come along or people reading the diary I'll have coffee with everyone later on. I rarely get a chance to talk to people away from the live shows so thought it might be nice to do. So if you are coming on down, email me (peter AT frenz DOT com) and mention it and ask about catching up for coffee afterwards. Am I nervous- TOTALLY- public speaking here I Come - NOT!!!!!!!!! Please don't bring rotten fruit!!!

I'm really doing this for the MMF as they do good work, give some small thing back to the industry (no we are not paid to do it *GRIN*)... just honoured.

August 1st

We announce Neil's '7 Worlds' UK show today. Tickets go on sale on Monday so I spend the weekend spreading the word. My whole weekend has gone, but we know we've done out bit.

Watch BOLT, what a great animated movie. The kids across the road don't have it and our Blu Ray copy comes with a standard dvd too-so we give them the standard dvd. If you see it, check out where BOLT is in Vegas, he visits the Neon Graveyard! It's kind of freaky to see it in an animated movie!

Oh dear I was wrong , Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbulls popularity can still drop- down to 16%. Banshee the cat is now the preferred leader of the Liberal Party. I used to believe Turnbull was such a threat even worse then hoWARd, but he's just a toothless nothing really. Funny how politicians can just keep falling over their own feet.

August 2nd

My favourite CD for today is Johnny Cash's 'MURDER' album- excellent- I bet Nick Cave has this one in his collection.

Frenz Twitter is doing well, 3 people shy of 500 (it originally had about 50). Big thanks to Iarla for setting this up-a handy thing for fans and also some fun too. I asked the Enz boys to contribute their Top 5 favourite Enz songs and quite a few have already came in and gone out on Frenz Twitter. Plus snippets of other information ,some of it not on the Net. Anyway can sign on, you don't have to be a Frenz club member. You just need to set up a Twitter account (very easy to do). http://twitter.com/frenzdotcom

Well Recurring Dream still hanging around the charts, it's 72nd week and heading towards the 13 platinum mark. Think we have about 5000 units to go before we hit 13 platinum, but we'll make it. JB have Recurring Dream on special this coming week for a mere $9.99. meanwhile '7 Worlds II- The Sun Came Out' has it's Aussie released pencilled in for September 4th.

I keep joking that the next lot of Enz shows should be called 'The Enz Of The Line' Tour..... I keep thinking they will probably never play again- who knows anything is possible but it seems to get harder and harder.

August 3rd

I pay our Original electricity bill today, in Winter our solar is halved , really notice it on the old power bill. Still we do get some solar credits from unused power sent back down the grid so it all helps.

I buy some cream as the chickens have started laying eggs again, just one egg every day or so- so that must mean that Winter is ending..... we find Belinda the old black chook sitting on an egg but we think she's faking it. One of the new ones laid it and she pretends she did to score points with us. She's a sneaky chicken that Belinda. Make chocolate mousse, it's been awhile.

The people at RAW Gallery are in contact and want to use some of our Skyhook photos but I decide to point them in the direction of our old Enz manager Nathan. Natty took those brilliant early Skyhook photos so I'm hoping some of those can be used, or the best one. I know there are already Crowded House and Enz shots and god knows what other artists at the gallery. The show is called "Solid Rock: A Visual History Of Australian Rock Music". It runs from August 21st to September 16th. Raw Gallery is at 250 Park Street, South Melbourne.

Neils' UK 7 Worlds II tickets sold out quickly today, 30 minutes I believe.

August 4th

I get 'pushed' to start cleaning our garage roof. I was going to do it in a few weeks but decided I'd start today.... not happy but at least it will get done. Jason has his little fire going burning stuff in the water gutter on the road... so handy- I add to it. I get half done, and decide the rest can wait till the next dry day. I'll have to use my art skills and paint the roof itself, as it's got some small amount of rust. If nothing else we'll have the neatest garage on the street. It's quite cool- holds 4 cars so I use part of it for my art room. Mark comes out and helps, we clear up some tree drop too- people probably have no idea how much work goes into having several acres- well a few of you do (you email me about it!!!).

Cromb from the Enz calls and we have a bit of a chat. He reads out his top 5 Enz songs. Good that so many Enz people contribute this to Frenz com.

August 5th

The second episode of 'United States Of Tara' is on tonight, we already love this show but episode #2 it just improves- the characters are growing- fast. A well written show... no wonder it is popular.

Britain looks set to free Ronnie Biggs- the great train robber. On compassionate grounds- he hasn't long to go. I email Bob Skyhook. Our Bobby used to live with Ronnie for awhile, they even bought a holiday place together in Rio. He has filmed some amazing Biggs footage- not sure if he is still in contact. Hope he gets to use it for something- the public would enjoy it.

Nige calls, he's off to England soon...he'll celebrate his birthday overseas this year-it's a special one.

August 6th

I decide to drive to Mountain Gate to get my hair cut. Its grey and gloomy and about to flood down (the weather not my hair). On the way I spot a guy with amazing dreadlocks at the bus stop and hitching. A km back the bus was stopped and police everywhere so god knows how long the delay will be for a bus. So I pull over and save him from getting wet and wind blown. Yeah I know don't pick up hitch hikers blah blah blah...but you know there's also the old line of 'be kind to your fellow man- or wo-man"!

He chats and asks what I do, I just say PR and he asks for whom. In the end Crowdies are one of his favourite bands... as we approach Ferntree Gully he drops the bomb ' You're not Peter Green are you'. Kind of did my head in. He says he's on the net a bit. Anyway nice guy and happy to drop him off, my good deed for the day.

Hair cut goes well, the most excellent scalp massage (hear me purr!) . The radio is on and they announce that Sam the Koala has died. She was the poster girl from the Australian bushfires- drinking water from that CFA volunteer. Apparently complications with urogenital chlamydiosis - so she had to be put to sleep as they couldn't operate. I can imagine how many kids cried hearing this, hell I was a bit teary., The Southern Ash Wildlife Centre do a great job, check out Sam's site and details for the centre on the site too: http://www.samthekoala.com.au/

Oddly enough I hear another PINK song on radio at the barbers- and yet again I like it- she totally surprises me.

A wind storm hits Melbourne and we cop a blasting up here- no trees down but it was close. The rain buckets down as well. At midnight we hear THAT noise again. It just sounds like a fox has a chicken and it's a death scream. I've never seen Mark run so fast, he's out the door before me, I have super torches in both hands and take the lower trail. Our chickens are thankfully ok again. The noise seems to move fast, almost swings to the park. I'm wondering if it is some sort of weird bird, or maybe an owl. Such a horrid noise- we vow to find out what. The girls are not too happy that we woke them...and we still don't know what 'it' was.

August 7th

Well Neil got it right- four seasons in one day- all happened today. We head off for grocery shopping and it rains. The sun comes out, a wind starts. We just roll with it. I buy some straw for the girls laying-sleeping areas. These 3 chickens sure are well looked after.

I hear from David and he has some passes for PINK for us- so kind of him. he's looking after her on the tour- nothing but good things to say about her. So we are off to the show in a few weeks. It's suppose to be a pretty cool theatrical experience as well. Thanks David.

I've started making a few notes around the managers forum for this Tuesday. had people email who are coming along to show support- will be nice to catch up with people afterwards for coffee. If you are coming along email me and we'll have a coffee afterwards.

All the best


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