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November 30th

So the last day of November and tomorrow we start to head into Christmas!!! Wasn't it only Easter? I don't mind December, I don't mind Christmas, it never sends me kooky nor do I have any urge to end up in a padded room because of the silly season. I guess it is a time where the lonely become lonelier. Usually when December rolls around I do something wanky like try to do at least one good thing for someone every day- even if it is just for the buzz of doing it, I guess 31 people are somehow looked after- maybe that's what Christmas really is about? So tomorrow got to start being a better person. No drum rolls nothing you just do it. Sometimes I forget and then force myself to do two things in one day!!!!

I pay my mobile phone bill today- a massive $14.85- I never have it on, except when touring. It is handy in the car up here when tourists drive over the edge or I am late coming home because I can't find the house due to the fog.

I watch Muse's clip for 'Uprising' which I quite like, I hear that song a lot here, not a massive Muse fan but I just enjoy them.

December 1st

Wow Tony Abbott wins by 1 vote and is now the new Liberal leader, he really stuck the knives into Malcolm Turnbulls back- T.A. is such an ugly bastard, possibly one of the most hideous people I've ever seen in politics, hairy shoulders and speedos good grief why do we need to see him like that.! Urgh. He doesn't believe in Climate Change yet he believes in God...when you think of it proving the existance of God is probably harder to do in many ways (*yeah 'look around us' etc etc I DO get that but beauty isn't always 'proof'-maybe I just don't believe in man/the church's idea of God).... at least Turnbull wasn't a homophobe like Weazel faced Abbot.. He'll just be a caretaker leader, the public dislike him too much to be anything else, scary creepy man that he is. He'll act on the publics paranoia to score some votes- just watch.

I make a quick decision to drive to the chicken farm- we rescue two more chickens from their laying pens- their names are Meg and Ginny...so Joan Frances will at least have some mates to roam around our several acres...and she'll stop stalking us! Hey more eggs too though being young chickens they will be small!!!

A nice surprise from NZ, our friend Richard sends us a bottle of the Crowded House Pinot Noir! I think this wine is from the Marlborough region of NZ- cool present- people are so good to us! I jokingly say that I hope it tastes good imagine having a wine with your name on it and it tastes bad- I have heard it's an ok drop though.

December 2nd

I really like the Finn-Vedder version of Chris Knoxs 'Not Given Lightly' from the Auckland Pearl Jam show- nice one.

I head to Blue Baldur website for some christmas shopping: http://www.bluebaldur.com/ Those funky scarves are a good presents, such a great price and they are sent out so quickly. One of my favourite websites. I also order a small present for Mark from a different website... something i spotted in Auckland while wandering about.

Paid endless bills today, why is it that the closer we get to Christmas the more bills arrive. Well they are all out of the road except for my American Express one, which never seems to go away...........

December 3rd

I hear from Neil and I'm off to NZ for 2 days just before christmas. A bit of a meeting, I know Nick will be around too. Will be good to see everyone but it is such a rush, NZ back home for a day, back to the airport, home for christmas....hell I'll be falling asleep on christmas eve and never waking up!!!! I have to say that it will be good to have this meeting, it will give me some perspective on what we are all doing in 2010, plus a few more shake ups.

Call up Panasonic and go through all their bullshit on the delivery of the new TV. They are so far behind with stock for Australia, it's insane. This is Panasonic not some small backyard operation, you'd think they would be aware of how many orders have flooded in- no excuses guys it's all a bit lame...especially for a major company.

Off to Boom Crash Opera tonight, they are back again at The Corner. Their last Melbourne show for 2009. It's an extra special night as original member Richard Pleasance will be jumping up onstage and having a play. I've known Richard for awhile, he took the original photo of me on the tour bus that we used for HUSSY- the first F/16 diary book. He also lived with Hessie and played in bands with him- so it will be good to catch up.

We arrive at the Corner and manage to get a park in the venue car park area. Spot Pete Farnan out back NOT smoking but chatting on his phone. We sit, I don't want to invade the band room while Taxi Ride (the support) are doing their stuff...

When Taxi Ride hit the stage we head inside, and just chill out in the band room. I spot Richard wearing some luscious blonde wig....and laugh. I remind him that Hessie and him posed for such a photo wearing those wigs many many years ago (Page 29 of Hussy). This cracks him up-he remembers it fondly *GRIN*. Bungie starts to play some songs in the band room- the warm up sing along that we have always done..and he breaks a string! Already! It's nice to see these guys they are another of my band 'families' and always have a place in my heard for them. Marky is off chatting to Spock and scoring a drink or three. We are both filming the show tonight, for history, for us for them.

Being a week night the crowd is smaller so the side stage area has the curtain pulled on stage #2..which is annoying as it's one of our spots for camera set up. So Mark bites the bullet and films stage left front row! I bribe someone with a signed set list to invade their space. I am using Maz's HD camera and onstage again, this time stage right next to Spock and Bungie- rather in the spotlight!!!!!!!!

God help me. As I'm next to marks camera and familiar face comes up and says 'I love your famous for 16 minutes diary'. I go a bit red and mutter something nice, I get so tongue tied around those moments and I am also stoked- nice that people do that eh?

It's electric tonight not acoustic and the crowd lap it up. Good crowd singing . girls in the front row winking and mouthing words to the guys.... Bec is dancing loving it - she's a good dancer. Half way through the set Richard wanders out with Bungie and they both perform 'Axe to Grind' ....Dale walking onstage singing during the final chorus. Mr Pleasance is up there till the end of the set. The crowd know it's a rare thing and this adds to a good night. Encores etc... you know how it goes.

We say goodbye to them all, Spock in a deep conversation with an old mate.... we walk Bec to her car and head home ourselves, it's about 1.30.

Call into a 24 hr MacDonalds for some rare (for us) junk food..,... and back on top of Mount Dandenong by 2.00.

December 4th

After 6 months of being closed the cabinet of the government of Nepal has finally approved the re-opening of the wonderful Tiger Tops at Chitwan National Park. Now the company have to re-negotiate a lease, terms and conditions , so still a bit to go- sad that it had to be closed in the first place. It really is a magical part of the world and all those wonderful elephants and rhinos! I'm so stoked we managed to get to Chitwan before all of this happened.

Our wheat-grass is growing, it loves this time of year. So each day we gulp down a shot glass if the unsavory green mixture- the things we do for our health.

December 5th

Tim Finn is at Homebake today- a nice reaction- it's surprising how many Emails we get from new Tim Finn fans that enjoyed his performance today. It's the first time in quite awhile that a chunk of Emails have came in from new fans or old ones rediscovering his music. Good to see.

Well The Verandah re opened today, and is now called Viewpoint. It's limited food but the coffee is good, decor a bit rustic, lots of old chunky antique furniture which is ok. Dot and her greek mum are running it! I do miss Joy and Brian but while the coffee is ok I will call in for one or two here. Today I have two coffees so that is rare.

I manage to get into the Tally room for the 2 By elections, one in NSW one in Victoria. Both are blue ribbon Liberal seats and Labor isn't running candidates, so I am hoping The Greens do well. They do indeed, getting a nice chunk of the votes. The Libs were always going to win these 2 seats, no matter how much of a stinking corpse the Australian Liberal party has become even they couldn't lose these seats!!!!

December 6th

Only two plus weeks till Christmas, and suddenly it's all on- stores are starting to get packed, and shoppers fever pitched. I'm glad I managed to get a big chunk of ours out of the road already. I have made an effort this year to really find good presents for each person.... for Rosemaree she has a main present she wanted but for a month I have been nurturing this small tomato plant that actually grows heart shaped tomatoes. Cool... every day i fuss over it and it's looking healthy. She loves to make her italian sauces so I am hoping these will be enjoyed.

No more information on my NZ meetings, I know the office is working on air tickets etc, so I guess I'll know more details a few days before. At least I'll be able to plot out what we have to do-work wise in 2010. Will be great to see Nick and family again- the gorgeous Miss Lola.

December 7th

We watch Fight Club on Blu-Ray, still love that movie, Mark and myself seem to be punching each other out after we watch it, macho bullshit but there is passion in each punch *GRIN*..almost sexual isn't it!! He pretends he is Brad Pitt (such a striking resemblance) which makes me Edward Norton (some may say Angelia!!!). It still is a head fuck of a movie though....... I do like Brads characters shirts and sun glasses! Inspiring!

I manage to grow one very small marijuana plant as a present for someone, just one. We don't really smoke dope , not that we ever really did, the odd joint but I'd probably get more stoned walking around the backstage areas of the venues we play at. Anyway I knew someone would like this one off little plant! See this year the perfect presents. After reading the latest article on cocaine in Australia I'm starting to think we should give that to everyone, great auntys everyone- apparently Australia snorts more coke then anywhere else in the world and it's about 5 times more expensive here. The Cocaine Kings have Australia pegged as the best place to sell.... at this rate I'm sure our $20 notes will have the same amount of coke residue as their USA counterparts! No wonder all those Cocaine It's the Real Thing (Coke logo) Tshirts sell so well at those little market stalls. The headline in the newspaper- 'It's A White Christmas For Australia!

December 8th

I hear from Liz re: The Crowded House Refresher Course. I put together a lot of facts around this many many months ago-at the moment because of the work load I haven't had a spare moment to run through them, tidy it up and create the history. Thankfully Liz responded from the Frenz Forum and has done a great job, so this will go on our Crowdies site soon and probably some other areas.... much appreciated Liz- you just made it happen.

Rain Rain Rain today.... Summer rain..I'm out dancing in it with Banshee the cat! Bring it on.

We watch 'Last Train To Freo' on Foxtel. Little unheard of Aussie Movie.... another mind fuck movie with a surprise ending. It was oddly fascinating, just set in a train carriage running from Perth to Fremantle in Western Australia. Jeremy Sims from Aussie Classic drama 'Chances' directed it, I think it was filmed a few years back (2006)..basically two thugs catch the train and there is a small cast of characters interacting with them. It did receive some nominations for an AFI award and FCCA award...but really unheard of by most people. Support your Aussie movies..try and see this... or buy it on DVD. http://www.devoteddvd.com.au/shop/product_info.php?products_id=31809

December 9th

It's Nick Seymour's birthday today-send him a short email.... a fan reminded me, I am hopeless with birthdays.

Work outside today, want to mow all the lawns and such before the rain starts again. So I take some time off from the office and will catch up on my office work tonight..... so another late night.

UFO watchers worldwide are freaking out over the giant blue catherine wheel lights over Norway. I've seen something similar before when a missile went out of control.... it is a freaky blue though...my bets are on a messed up test rocket... if I read once more that it's a black hole...some people do not know their science.... it's not a worm hole.....!!!!!! Still it is fun how freaked out people get.

December 10th

Some people are so kind to us and generous. We received a lot of christmas cards today, all filing up the mantle piece and cupboards in the office- we are feeling the love!!!! I am equally stoked as every second card someone has included some postage stamps as a christmas present- just great, they are indeed the perfect gift. Each year my Mum says what do you want for Christmas, I say postage, she always ignores me! Anyway thank you to the many people who have sent cards and the generous souls who sent some extra stamps too- you are the best!

We have breakfast at 'Ranges' today- they are flat out-mostly the tourist trade. I have pancakes but they were a bit dry, I didn't enjoy them very much today, coffee was fine though.

Liberation send me the new Tom Jones cd as a freebee promotional copy. I know he is touring Oz to promote it, so bra sales will go up! he's been making music for 5 decades now..I guess the Finn Brothers will end up doing the same, I can't picture a day where they just stop. They seem to love singing and playing... getting out on stage instead of hiding away, it's a good thing.

I don't know, I do like Obama a lot but really the Novel Peace Prize to Obama..I'm sorry that's bullshit he doesn't deserve it, such a wank.

December 11th

I let the cat out around 6.00 this morning, the sun was coming up and there is that amazing smell in the air, it's also crisp and a bit of a bite to it, so green up here from the rain, like nature has baptized the plants and trees. I just sit and look out over the valley- hell I love being alive. A part of me didn't want to go back to bed, but with only 4+ hours sleep I decide the extra 2 hours would be a good thing. Nice to climb back under the covers with a smile on ones face. Life is such a challenge and the true genius's are those who take life by the short and curlie's and do something with it- mould it shape it and enjoy every damn minute of this way too short life. Bring on 2010, I'm ready.

We drive to Eastlands, spot Wendy at JB HI FI, they look busy, people in line with Recurring Dream, I love to peep at what people are buying, I guess the album is a great stocking stuffer. Eastlands is busy, babies everywhere pregnant women with babies, hanging off their arms, tits and hips..... it's drowning in babies. The mums always look stressed and tired. I edge closer to Mark scared of the baby invasion. We buy a few more christmas gifts , do the banking and have a coffee. I head into the box shop to try and get the right box size for the F/16 Diary Books box set- (2010 release). Mark goes in search of the ingredients for his home made sausage rolls for our christmas get together ..he gets lost, gets stressed and is freaky when he finds me..I am calm and rational- coffee and cheese cake- that will chill my best friend boyfriend out. he loves Christmas (NOT).... I chuckle as an autistic boy has a shouting match with the fake Santa. I'm on the kids side*GRIN*.

We make it home... christmas shopping is exhausting isn't it. Ho fucking Ho!

Green Day arrive in town... Billie Joe and Adrienne are heading to a local protest around Copenhagen and Global Warming... in Sydney in a few days time. Australia loves Green Day, it will be a cool tour.

December 12th

Some of the gang from the city are visiting today, our Christmas lunch. It's a 50/50 chance of rain and Mark convinces me to have it in the kitchen. The kitchen at Ailsa Craig is quite decent, and perfect for about 20 people eating... so extra tables in and we christmas them up a bit. All reindeer and tree tea lamps..and holly..even mistleoe (we saw you run at Greg for a pash Rosemaree).

It's a nice day, the kids are all growing, running and playing... the adults all chat, and it's a nice scene . Rosemaree spoils us with her great pasta, Bec forgets the much talked about key Lime Pie that she made especially for today... we still are amazed she forgot it.

Fran brings Pete along and lets us know the good news, another baby for our family- yey. We are so stoked for them. I make my home made christmas pudding, 9 sixpences are in it, all lucky..... and it's a good Pudding this year, all gone every last crumb. Marks sausage rolls, 72 of them, consumed at a fast rate.... presents swapped, and christmas cheer. Greg Skyhook takes a snap of everyone outside near the fountain, it's almost tradition now for him to take the christmas photo.

I go into the bathroom later on and take a snap of Frosty the snow man, standing next to Jesus which is part of our bathroom Christmas nativity scene...I figure Christ-mas being for Christ he should be able to wear his own little Christmas hat! Why should Jesus feel left out so I pop a hat on his little wooden head! I manage to mess with the flash to add a different hue to the snap. So this is my christmas snap this year!

December 13th

I feel a bit seedy, one too many JD's last night. Mark lets me sleep in, a sleep in Sunday, snore! I was awake early yesterday working on the lunch and all that, it is all a bit tiring, how many more christmas lunches do we have to go?

We get a call from Bec in the evening, she's coming back up tonight with that pie.... a woman of her word. Mark says- this pie better be worth it. You know IT WAS, she makes a really brilliant key lime pie.............!!!!!!

So down to the 12 days of Christmas and counting. I guess my next Diary update will be around Boxing Day- before I sign off I just want to thank the many people who have been so incredibly supportive this year, I honestly count my blessings how lucky we are and am amazed sometimes by the kindness of so many. I get so blown away by even the smallest acts of generosity, and good will.Thank you- you all know I appreciate everything that is done for us.

As Christmas approaches, just try and do a few good things for people especially strangers, you'd be amazed the pleasure you will receive by doing so. It can be a both a bitch of a world and an awesome place, and Christmas is a time of extremes. (Goddess this is sounding like the Queens Christmas message..ok no jokes!).... anyway I hope it is a wonderful christmas for all of you.

Take care


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