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Archive: 3 February - 15 February 2009

February 3rd

Australian promoter Michael Chugg wins 2009 Pollster Award for International Promoter of the Year. It's been many years since the days of you managing Jimmy & the Boys Michael... he's always been a nice guy to me, so good to see him win this. I think it's the second time that he has won the award.

We are preparing for more heat, Victoria fries while the top half of Australia floods. It's that monsoonal rain and our summer bushfire season, this year both will be extreme, you can just feel it in your bones. Mark and myself worry about the number of animals being injured in the fires. I can see a time where our gardeners cottage will be made into an animal rescue centre.

Acupuncture Tuesday for yours truly and todays session was the best yet, am bursting with energy, so much that I wipe all 20 things 'to do' off my list by lunchtime. I remember to call Tania on her birthday. Not sure if she is doing anything, never mentioned it to us- which is fine we enjoy being outcasts.

February 4th

The Turtle Cafe in Elwood catches on fire in the night. It does serious damage but the owners vow to rebuild. It was a regular haunt for Hessie and myself- good coffee, a local Elwood landmark.

We are getting quite a few orders for the Crowded House book, I keep thinking this will be sold out before it's actually finished being penned. I'm going to make sure there are fresh interviews with the guys too as well as a collection of old ones from our archives, think I have a few with paul talking about the Crowdies too, some never used before. Still deciding on the title, House on Fire or Ghost cars On The Freeway...the 2nd I am starting to prefer.

I am looking for a Valentines day present for Mark and somehow end up on an Adult products website- no idea how that happened when I was looking at Blu Ray discs. I couldn't stop laughing at one item- THE TONGUE TINGLER.

It just killed me. The oral sex helper for men and women! Silicone straps that stretch comfortably around the ears and head. You can experience the unique pleasure of becoming a human vibrator and it guarantees that your teeth won't rattle- batteries are included. I couldn't help it I had tears in my eyes, the photo of the person wearing this was just the best, even now just thinking about it I'm laughing like a crazy person. Please if someone gets the Tongue Tingler for Valentines day send in a photo wearing it (not using it!!!) it looks like something from Silence of the Lambs...Dr Hannibal Lecter would look great in it..and hey his teeth wouldn't rattle. *GRIN*

February 5th

Work on tax stuff all afternoon, I get confused around it, and we will either get a nice chunk back or have to pay them a nice chunk. Oh well as long as my tax goes in on time, staying on top of it all so I can sleep at night. My wonderful tax lady has her finger on the tax pulse.

Japan airlines makes a $567 million dollar LOSS- we all email them saying the reason we don't fly Japan airlines is because of Japans evil whaling obsession. We are going out of our way not to buy any Japanese products, people have to protest in whatever way they see fit. I'm happy to let them know why we don't support japanese products anymore.

I hear from the boss which is great-think I'm jumping on a flight to Adelaide to see LEN play. (Liam, Elroy Neil). LEN is good, think I'll start that one off as a band name.....if Sharon plays keyboards they'd be LENS! Wow it's only a month away till Womad. I wonder what songs they'll do.

I talk to a friend who sells cars, he tells me the Australian car market fell by 3% last year, but in America it was 37%, so against that Australia seems to of gotten through it so far. 37% is a lot.

February 6th

We are driving to Mt Evelyn for the banking, breakfast and all the things we do on Friday...down Inverness Road, past the Donkey patch. It's this paddock where Donkeys live. Anyway two of them were having wild donkey sex. I tell Mark that I think the girl donkey had an attachment hanging down..so yeah two guy donkeys? It reminds me of that tale when I was 5...in the car with Mum and Dad driving over the mountains at Wollongong to Moss Vale...I point to the fields rolling by 'Look a double decker cow'!!! (Yes little PG spotted a bull having some action)...my Mum STILL brings up this story. We go past a car parked near the road...is this guy watching the donkeys humping..ohhhhhh yieks... hmmm he looks a bit like Phil Judd! It's not is it Phil? Are you a donkey perve? *GRIN* bet that will be on the next CD cover.

We watch '30 days of Night'...Vamp movie with Ashton Kutcher...it's pretty average BUT I love the vampires and the way they were filmed- that part worked. Nice European inbreed freaks, love them. Silly ending. I didn't hate it like I thought I would. I notice some NZ Vampire movie is coming up on cable soon too.

The Australian bureau of statistics release their figures for December, when Rudd gave out the first stimulus package. Retail sales jumped by 3.8%..and supermarket sales at 9.8%. So it helped.

Now if horrid Turnbull would stop thinking of his own EGO and support the next one Australia might get through this. It would be nice in times of worldwide economic disasters for the opposition to actually show some spine and support something positive. Christ the Liberal Party of Australia have become a lame bunch of arseholes. The independents have more balls.

February 7th

Well today was the hottest day on record for Victoria. 46.4 Celsius, which is about 115+ fahrenheit. That is crazy... and the wind is blowing and by midday the fires start. It ends with 640 houses lost, around 40 people dead, 100,000 hectares destroyed by fire and in one case, the entire township of Marysville destroyed (except for one loan building). We bunker down, drink plenty of liquids. I put water containers out for any wildlife that is about. The girls and Miss Banshee are all ok. Our loungeroom is cool. Every hour I go out looking for any heat exhausted birds. I also keep track on the 100 or so fires, a few are at the bottom of the mountain but none near us.

By 3.00 the winds change, pick up speed and the view from our place now has a valley covered in smoke. I take out my 10 litre emergency container in case any embers come this way, our fire buckets (thanks Rosemaree) and just keep an eye on it. We are fine and I hope it stays that way.

It's a long day but longer for many other people, horrible day. The firestorm that people describe is insane, 4 stories high and moving at 25kms an hour, I don't know if you can ever be prepared for that- people's brick houses just exploding- like hell really...gas cylinders blowing up like mortar shells.

February 8th

Reports come in from the fire, and the number of dead keeps rising, 65 so far. At one stage I had to turn the tv off, I just got so upset by it. Called some friends about making donations to any NAB branch or Net banking (Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund) BSB is: 082-001. Account # 860 046 797 Also the blood bank will be needing lots of extra blood so anyone in Melbourne town, if you have the chance please give blood.

Deb and Iarla are great and run this information on the sites- had a few emails because of this too- good to see the world cares. We make a donation on line which is easy to do, it's several weeks pay but Australians stick together, it's a weird gene that's passed down, you just hope what you donate helps someone. Australians at their best.

I took the office recycle material up to the bin and as I walked down the lush green tracks I realise just how incredibly lucky that we are still here and not burn't out. Seeing people on the news that had lost everything, just sent me to tears, and like so many you just want a painful death to those who light such fires- they should be shot- simple as that. I do not have an ounce of sympathy for them, no matter how old or young.

People start calling and checking on us which is nice, Emails are endless I guess living in a national park people think of us during fire season. In the end only 2 'friends' haven't made any effort to contact us- how slack is that.

I force Mark to watch Buffy again at long last-as I need something to take my mind off this, otherwise all I do is sit and watch the death toll rise. It seems to jump by several dozen every hour, already over 100. Numbers seem to take away the fact that these were people, someone's family, someones soul mate or buddy.

February 9th

The temperature is much better, and we had the smallest amount of rain last night. You know it's the worst fires on record when the nightly news is extended by an hour. There are still 50 fires burning and a few are monsters. I get a call back from Nigel of the Enz and he is ok, as I know the Bunyip fires are close to his place. Nice to hear from him and Voodoo the cat.

I help out with some animals that have been burn't , and it's easy to get some supplies delivered, as we are in a safe zone. I wonder how many animals have been killed, really you don't want to think about it, saw a great scene of this fireman carrying a young koala bear to safety- just did my heart good. The PM Rudd and premier Brumby looked close to tears several times, I think this much destruction overwhelms people.

I take some time off and sign some diary books, there seems to be some rush on them, I think with Hussy and Bang both running out soon , collectors are grabbing them before we run out, plus Glamour and TRIP are selling equally as fast, maybe I'm getting good karma on our efforts this week. I decide to donate all book sale money (including the cost) this week- I won't miss the money but the extra grand can help those with nothing.

February 10th

Thankfully the days are much cooler- 2 drops of rain and that's it- almost Gods joke, I'd love for Victoria to be covered in rain clouds and a down pour but no sign of that.

Drive to Glen Waverley to get our Blu Ray player converted so it plays all regions all discs. It costs about $180 but we'll save more by being able to get overseas copies and of course with so many Australian movie companies not releasing old titles- we can now play them too when we import them. We totally hate region coding, such a load of bullocks, especially when companies don't release titles.

The region coding god gets us back as my car battery dies. I've been expecting it and have to say I prefer this to happen in a suburban Glen Waverley street instead of on top of the mountain. I call my roadside number and a battery guy turns up an hour later and replaces it- which I'm cool about. If we get to escape fires and drive from Ailsa Craig I'd prefer to know my car would start!!!

As we drive through Ferntree Gully we see the results of the small fire, they are chopping down burnt trees that have started to fall on the road. This is such small destruction compared to all those townships now wiped off the map.

We get a nice email from Bic Runga just checking on us, and hundreds of other people. A few people just haven't been in contact, says it all really so I'm chopping limbs off trees too- the family tree. *grin*.

Mark is ordering some Blu rays and cancels his order and gives half to the Fire Fund- which is so cool of him.

February 11th

I stumble about at 6.00 and let Miss Banshee outside, I notice it rained last night, no wonder I slept..no idea how much, just nice to smell rain, and not smoke.

Finally we hear that the Queen has made a donation to the Bushfire Fund.... we were so pissed off- she sent her condolences , the richest woman in England, and supposively our queen... condolences are all well and great but they honestly don't remotely help- condolences won't buy necessity's ...someone must of told her as she donated some loot. Good to see.

Spock calls by in the morning and collects some BCO videos- we go and have some brunch at Lilly Pilly which is fun. Boom Crash Opera have nearly finished their acoustic album 'Dancing In the Storm" and from all reports sounds brilliant - out in May for Australia we think. Some tour dates will follow.

It's Tandoori Chicken night here so spend the afternoon dunking chicken in my indian mix. Takes my mind off the fires. My kitchen is like that, a retreat and I love cooking.

I've noticed the media has slowed down on reporting the number of people who have died, which I'm kind of relieved about, I know it's done on purpose, but I have to say I'm just happy not to see a higher number count first thing in the paper in the morning. They say it will reach 300, whole families are being found dead and just bodies in the streets like a war zone.

Before dinner I make the effort to repair our Jukebox, the thicker vinyl singles flipped it out....Jukeboxes are complicated but once you work them out it's a lot easier when it's time to repair them. twenty minutes later it's 100% working again, much to Marks dislike!!! I love the Jukebox, I think he hates it.

There is something about looking after ill animals that is incredible, at some stage they know you are helping and they have that look where they trust you to a degree. It blows me away. I need sleep.

February 12th

I hear from a lady at Mt Dandenong that the main animal rescue centres in the heart of the disasters have ran out of things like towels, dog/cat bowls and even animal food.

So after breakfast I head to Mountain Gate.... I wanted to get my mojo back so decided to get my haircut and dyed, yey a re- charge....it helped. So after that I went on a small animal rescue shopping spree. Basically bought up every dog/cat bowl, collar, leads, animal blankets and pet shampoo from the stores. I visited them all-from the $2 shop to super discount to the animal store. The amazing thing, at every store and I mean EVERY store- people just looked up and said 'are these for the animal rescue fund' ....and I said yes. They gave me 10-15% off on the spot. 'Just to help' or 'to do our bit as aussies' truly it was then that I realised how amazing this country is. C'mon how many times does the $2 shop give a discount-and I never once asked for it-people just offered. Next the supermarket ,and a trolley later every sort of animal food I could find. It's such a small thing compared to true heroes like vets and the people who look after the thousands of burnt creatures. I got home and decided to call the neighbours- and the next few hours they all were turning up with towels and extra pet food. By 7.00 I had so many boxes filled (and professionally labeled I must say)except I did write on the side of them all- 'To the sick animals- these are for you' from Banshee the Cat at Kalorama! Even while I was watering some plants a neighbour asks what he can drop in, it's good, at least I didn't just sit around going 'oh how sad' and do nothing. So many things people can do, take up a collection at work and make the deposit at the bank during your lunch hour- it's so easy to do.

Here is the donation link for the Australian Red Cross:

A Happy Valentines story.....Bob the koala seems to be cuddling up to Samantha the koala ...she has become the worldwide face of the bushfires...reaching out to the CFA volunteer and drinking water- you've all seen the footage. Well valentines day romance is in the air as Samantha and Bob seem like the new Koala hollywood power couple (Move over Brad and Angie) - romance is blossoming and right on valentines day.

I just realized that our lovely VALI MYERS has been dead for 6 years now- I found some letters she wrote me from Italy the other day and a pile of Vali posters from each show that she gave me. God bless Vali Myers...or she's more of a Goddess bless Vali Myers! We miss her.

Shane's been busy creating loads of new art...really like this one 'Climate Change Idyll'- with the exchange rate I'm sure someone overseas could pickup this painting for a song:

February 13th

I watch the sun come up while I'm feeding Banshee, the sky is very red...and the air smells of smoke. No Kalorama alarms going off so I'd say it has been the powerful winds. I'll be glad when we can no longer smell smoke.

I know the towns of Bunyip and Healvesville are under ember attack, the wind has slowed today which is some small mercy. I hear that Nicole Kidman has given $500,000 to the fund- just nice when they step up to the plate and donate. Orlando Bloom was in town with his gal Miranda Kerr and worked the phones for the fundraiser at Channel Nine, so that was kind of cool. I had 2 deceased letters from fans on our Crowides fanclub list and that really hit it home, the sadness returned.

I open my first two letters from families of fans who are now deceased because of this. Truly horrible. Plus a few emails from people who now have to change their address as their homes no longer stand. You just shake your head in the sadness of it all.

Drive to Mt Evelyn and our friend Sherriden is back from Europe, so we hear about the big adventure- she makes her amazing salad sandwiches for us-we did miss these.

Mark calls into the bank and donates another $50, he is my hero. At the local safeway they have people with donation bins, so we buy even more animal food and hand that over- if nothing else all this support and buying might well save Australia from hitting recession, how perverse is that. It was funny I think every person going through the check out donated something. The cute Safeway boy is on and comes over and helps me with my pine nuts (sounds rude), I do have to tell him that his habit of touching his crotch while chatting is a bit unnerving , i think he has no clue he is doing it! In the end he still can't answer my question.

I get the call to drop in the final pile of food and animal item boxes to Debra at Olinda. She's taking them to the main animal rescue area for us. It's a small world- she is best mates with Paul Hester's sister Carolyn and Paul's niece pretty much lives at Debra's place. Just shows what it is like up here. Nice lady and loves animals like us. I think she is blown out with the amount of boxes we've given her, the car is full!

February 14th

Oh Valentines Day- I'm woken with a kiss- romance lives at our place. (We both decided to donate our Valentines present money to the fire fund).

Our romantic day is spent slashing back all the walk ways, a giant canopy covers the paths and it's lovely. When we are finished all the trails are wide with grey stone and sandstone borders. You can almost drive a small mini down them now. I'm getting a slight cough from all the smoke in the air. Melbourne is totally covered in smoke from fires and back burning. I think how horrible it would be for this property to go up in smoke.

Here is the Valentines day photo you have all wanted, the inside shot of Morrissey's new album ..... I treat myself by buying both his cd singles and the 7 inch vinyl version of 'I'm throwing my arms around Paris'. The albums had some great reviews in todays papers.

I email Neil and Sharon the Morrissey and band nude shot thats on the inside of his new album YEARS OF REFUSAL and suggested Crowded House do the same for their album (chuckle) I wonder what my response will be! Mozza is a God, I love his sense of humour. What between Phil Judd's nudie bum shots on the cover of Love Is A Moron and Mozzas nude band shot it's just brilliant...and something great how everyone is a bit CHUNKY (some more then others). Imagine a boring old bunch of farts like Coldplay even having a sense of humour to do this- it would never happen.

February 15th

Sleep in, well kind of. Banshee spent the morning running up and down the corridors and hallway, playing with one of Miss K's catnip mice. She loves them, rolls tumbles and crashes into walls. In the end I surrender and climb out of bed.

I head to the Verandah for a quick coffee and a read of the Sunday paper, just happy to sit and be left alone.

My faves list:

Favourite album- Morrissey's 'Years of Refusal'

Favourite play-WOYZECK- Malthouse Theatre, Southbank (with Tim Rogers). It has a Nick Cave-Warren Ellis score.

Favourite DVD-TRUMBO (Dalton Trumbo's letters)

Favourite Movie-MILK

Favourite Colour-with all the burnt trees, it has to be GREEN

Favourite People-Fire fighters & Deb-Iarla for all their help

Creep- Arsonists and people who are apathetic to donate to the bushfire fund

That's it from us. As I sign off about 60 fires still burn. The Kinglake area has the fires returning, and about 50 fire trucks are at the Kinglake complex battling it. It's the largest of the fires. I think 400,000 hectares have now been burnt maybe more, I've lost track. We are still safe here, and for the first time the alarms around Kalorama have not gone off.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who have emailed us, made us appreciate how many people do care- so thanks.

Stay safe

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