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December 13th

For those Melbournites you'd probably be aware that Luna Park turned 98 today. It sits next to the wonderful Palais Theatre on the St Kilda foreshore ... a giant smiling face (Mr Moon) , walk through the mouth and enjoy the rides. Our Skyhooks boys did part of their video clip for 'Horror Movie' at Luna Park. When the Park turns 100 I'd like to get the remaining band members involved, maybe some press around the clip etc.

Originally Australia had 4 Luna Parks, the Qld and SA ones have long closed. I remember in 1981 when the river caves ride was demolished, it was the same year fire destroyed the wonderful named 'giggle palace'. I remember a friend took me on an underground journey once- there is a secret tunnel that goes under the road and almost all the way to Luna Park from the Palais Theatre. It's probably bricked up now, I wonder if it was a place to hide during WW1? It's such a fantastic Melbourne land mark , lets hope Mr Moons smiling face is around for many more years.

December 14th

For those in Sydney at a loss for something to do on December 23rd. The always brilliant Dog Trumpet (Reg and Pete from the Mentals) are playing at the Annandale Hotel (8pm). Hopefully they will have their latest release RIVER OF FLOWERS at the show too, the perfect christmas gift for the person who has everything!!! Love Dog Trumpet- christmas fun guaranteed.

I see the Gustave Moreau & the eternal femine art show is now on at the NGV International (St Kilda Road) it runs till April 10th......Moreua is one of those wonderful 19th century artists-truly gothic mesmeric .... a must see. I love "Oedipus & the Sphinx" (and no not because the Sphinx looks far more like a Gryphon in the painting) at first I thought it was "Christ & the Gryphon"-this was years ago, when I knew nothing about the King of Thebes. It was Oedipus who answered the riddle of the Sphinx was it not? (Have I got that wrong?). Anyway is you are into Symbolists this is the art show for you.

December 15th

We watch 'Inception' on Blu ray quite liked it, a bit like the Matrix 2010.

Anna M from ACT sends us some stamps for christmas as does the wonderful Wendy, makes my life easier and helps with the evil postage bill. Thank you everyone...truly the best christmas gift-stamps.

10 days till Christmas that is crazy .... I'm not counting- ok I am... I feel a tad more stressed this year, I'm running out of pre -xmas days that's why. I've decided January 1st I will start focusing on Sharon and Neil's Pajama Party project... so will have to whip them into action. I keep asking about a release month but that Neil Finn keeps ignoring that question *GRIN*.

December 16th

We are off to see The Church play in a few days, I haven't seen them for awhile so I am excited and a bit apprehensive in case they are shit. They are one of my favourite bands so I seriously doubt they would be bad, I'm hoping for some amazing gig where I get addicted to their music all over again.... do shows like that ever happen anymore?

December 17th

I spend the day paying bills and more bills. I've almost caught up. There goes my pay. Thankfully the boss paid me early (bless you).

We head to KNOX for some more christmas shopping, not as insane as I thought it would be, many people shopping on line I hear. I get some master photos done for the upcoming silkscreens. I've decided to do my 'box set' shot and 2 art shots after christmas.... when the weather improves. I guess I shouldn't moan about rain and grey here when it's snowing and freezing everywhere else.

December 18th

I play Billy Thorpe's 'Tangier' cd and it's really good. It opens with the wonderful Marrakesh.

Our friend Warwick didn't show or call today-he is bad..we hate that.... not really a big deal but just annoying as we had things to do, it's like wasting a day. Plus he's a mate and it's nice to have some christmas beers and misbehave. *GRIN* he's new to the clan so doesn't know my 'pissed if you don't call' rule. I'll present it on a stone tablet for a christmas present when I see him next.

December 19th

The Church- Thornbury Theatre.

Ok it's really raining (again) Marks lost the vibe to go but I encourage him, it's not like it's an outdoor gig. It rains all the way and the GPS gets us to the venue with no dramas. We spot the big PINK building a mile away and park in a side street. Catch up with Bec outside , we are having dinner so in we go, reserved table #5 right next to the stage-excellent.

We are in the foyer and the Church have their merchandise out... and there is lead singer Steve Kilbey just walking about. I go up and say hello. Mark buys "No certainty attached" which is the book on Steve and The Church. It's an early Christmas present and I get Steve to sign it. "I know you guys...?".. Yes we're from Wollongong. "WOLLONGONG" he bellows... and laughs..Dapto and Unanderra. Steve spent time at the 'Gong so it makes us both freaks and friendly. "What's your surname again" ...."Green"... Peter Green. We chat about the Crowdies and he says to say hello to Nick. The Church are playing America soon, in February. The dates are on: http://www.thechurchband.net/calender/

If you live in the States go and see them play! You wont be disappointed. Tell them the Wollongong boys sent you!

Anyway we say goodbye... what a hero Steve Kilbey is, and like Neil he does make me nervous for some oddball reason.

We head inside and sit down for dinner, swap some christmas presents.. one of Bec's is "Skins & Heart" the Church debut cd. I'm glad I convinced her not to buy it at the merchandise table!

The Church hit the stage, and without going into massive detail, this ends up being MY GIG OF THE YEAR! When did Steve Kilbey become such a chatter box, he was so funny and the band just bounced off each other. They played so so SO well. We've been to some great gigs this year and who would of guessed at the 11th hour it would be The Church that would race up the straight and steal the prize for best gig. Better then Crowded House, better then U2. I was saddened it was the last show for Australia, I would of flown interstate for another show as mighty as this. All 3 of us were blown away. I say goodbye to Bec, she's got a gig in Qld with The Seekers... and we have a drive home and the rain is pelting down.

All the way in the car we rave about the show.... that's always a good sign. We are near Whitehorse and a huge lightening bolt hits a power pole and it explodes.... for 20kms the power grid is off and it's pitch black, no traffic lights working. Thankfully few cars are out and about but it's weird whole suburbs black... 'final days' must look like this ... armageddon!!! We arrive home musically full (burp) what a show. America GO AND SEE THE CHURCH in February.

December 20th

So the snow is really falling in the UK, 1/2 a million christmas travelers stuck at Heathrow, doesn't this happen every year? If you get desperate you have my permission to burn copies of Hussy in the fireplace!

HE WILL HAVE HIS WAY still in the national top 20 in Oz and now Gold status, I think people will be giving this one out as a christmas present. It will reach platinum here methinks.

We spend the evening wrapping presents, putting a few more decorations up, it's arrived too fast this year, I don't think I'm ready for the Ho Ho Ho season.

December 21st

It's great to see the U.S. senate vote to abolish the horrid 'don't ask don't tell' policy. 65-31 vote and incredible that 8 republicans joined the democrats. Of course heinous old coot John McCain tried to stop it- why doesn't he just fuck off. If someone is willing to serve their country and put their life on line who cares if they are straight or gay. The McCains of the world should really just go retire or have a large stone tied to them and thrown off the Brooklyn bridge. Hell I'll supply the stone!

Tania and Warwick drop in, and we have some food and fun. Great to see them. Everyone has made the effort to see us before christmas, well almost. Which is so nice. Fun night. I give Tania a bell that you ring when you want SEX !!!

December 22nd

We get so many nice emails today, they really made me smile, just so appreciative , a lot around the club charity project. 'Sorry this is so last minute' most people said, I'm just stoked that during such a crazy time people can make an effort to open their hearts and donate to the project. Over 1/3 of the way to the total. Thank you everyone...I know who has supported this. You rock.

December 23rd

So my day starts with 1875 emails. They are all good but I'm about to close the office for a few days for Christmas so it's a long long day. I reply to as many as I can, the rest will have to wait till boxing day. Late afternoon I pack my bag, finally. Drop presents into the neighbours and pass out some christmas cheer (that was pass out not pass out from!). My sister is being spoilt and she will be getting an apple lap top. Get rid of that god damn horrible PC sis... Apple rocks.

Miss Banshee has to open her present tonight,a packet of squeaky fake mice..... that will keep her running around the house for an hour.

December 24th

Xmas Eve- home to Wollongong! Have a brilliant christmas everyone. Thanks for endless good vibes support and kindness this year. Hope all your christmas wishes come true and you know helping some one out at christmas is a really really great gift.

Thanks to Deb too for her work on my diary... not sure how she suffers my ramblings! (: (editor's note: you're welcome!)

Ho Ho Ho


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