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Archive: 15 November - 24 November 2010

November 15th

One of my favourite albums at the moment is "Long Gone Whistle" (The Songs of Maurice Frawley). I know this will be one of those undiscovered albums that the general public will go what the fuck is that and who is he. Track 4 disc one 'Lonesome' covered by Adalita is my song of the year! (Bold statement eh?). Adalita SrSen is the lead singer of Melbourne band (ok Geelong band!!) Magic Dirt. Next week she releases her solo EP- HOT AIR and a solo album in early 2011. I'm hoping the EP is great, and she does well- a true rock and roll spirit. Love her appearances on Rockwiz- she does indeed rock!

November 16th

Mark all excited as the 4 movie set of ALIENS arrives on Blu ray, and all optional directors cuts... so nice and scary in HD! Excellent.

Crowdies are at the old home town, Wollongong. The WIN Entertainment centre though always sounds like shit- such a cavern. Marks mum is going so expect a 70 year old in the crowd, I'd say quite a few, any my cousin Lea. I'm sure they'll have a good time even if it doesn't sound brilliant.

Greg Skyhook tells us that we were the first to RSVP for his birthday bash. Of course we were it's such an important event.

I keep reading some very mixed reviews of "Skyline"... I'll still but it on DVD but I'm not expecting an amazing movie. I do love my Sci Fi even average sci fi.

I've decided on what my 3 pieces of art will be for the Linden show. I'm running with "Edie", "Nick-Crowded House" and "A Good Lie Down-Icon #4". The paper work arrives so I'll get that off before the end of the month, all 3 are small pieces but nice to have them up and I have a feeling they will all go to good homes. I'm being very frugal with my gallery prices. I just get a buzz that they are on the gallery wall. The Exhibition is on at the Linden February 5th-26th March 2011. Linden is located at 26 Acland St, St Kilda. The opening celebration is 1pm-5pm Sat Feb 5th. All welcome.

The weather has turned to crap here again, still trying to get a decent sunny day to do the 'burning building/guitar' photo (outdoor shoot) for the art piece for the Sleeping Gryphon Box set. You'd think this time of year we'd have at least one sunny day on our day off during the week. Next week its meant to be 7 days of rain in a row.

November 17th

Our friend Allie send some some fuchsite, which is mica I think a nice green to it... very calming.

I tell Bec we will go see The Church with her, it's been awhile since we saw Kilbey and co. play live..will be fun.

I dig up my small enamel Bowie pin for my jacket for tomorrow nights Bowie tribute show at The Palais. It's this cool 'Ashes to Ashes' pin... I still haven't heard how his recovery is going, at least he can afford the best care. The net is the breeding ground for rumours hopefully most are incorrect about his health. Every month or so we hear something new.

We hit the $2000 mark on our charity project- which will give a community/school in a third world country electricity via a solar 'system'... so great that people are supporting this. Amazing that it will still be running and creating clean energy long after we are all dead. The on line thank you list is located here: http://www.frenz.com/fundraiser.php

November 18th

It's our friend Jen's birthday so we know she loves elephants. The perfect gift...she becomes foster mum to a baby elephant! Next door to Kalama in Kenya there is a fairly new baby called Chemi Chemi... it's a boy... so we have sponsored Chemi Chemi too for a year under Jens name. We called and she was so happy she burst into tears. I love making our friends cry- well cry with joy. It's one of the better presents we've given someone and she will love it. The Trust told me that Kalama is doing incredibly well, loving her dust baths and she seems to enjoy going for a jog with the other orphan baby elephants. She has grown and fast...double the height when we first saw her.

Head to the city today, well back to Prahran. I buy some new undies on Chapel street, you get a bonus pair for free so that was tempting. I also picked up the canvas's for the box set art image. I'm glad they had so many left.

We called into JB HI FI, I bought some HE WILL HAVE HIS WAY -The Songs Of Tim & Neil Finn cds for overseas fans who want copies. That way we have them and they go out same day. The staff were over attentive and at one stage I had 4 people serving me. They told me it has been selling really well.

We called into the Market Cafe, thinking they would of closed up for the day but the family made us coffee and snacks, so cool of them...and Kristina is getting married. She looks so stunning, we've watched her grow so almost like big brothers- so is glowing- we are so happy for her. Her brother was there too, so nice to see them all, and we are stoked for Kris. Such a great family.

Next, down to St Kilda, we ended up parking at the Sea Baths parking lot as the machine near the Palais kept rejecting our coins for the parking meter. In the end its a bit further to walk but cost half the price. We link up with Bec and eat at Leo's. Watch the St Kilda madness wander by, people abusing each other, one guy pissing on a tree..nice...so classy. Marks throws a hissy because he wanted to eat inside and we wanted outside.... once he had something to eat he was back to normal.

Bec drives to the Palais and she finds a spot but once again the ticket machine is playing up, its a coin only machine. We find out later on that there is a credit card parking machine behind the Palais and you can use that for all parking receipts. We have a few drinks inside and move to our row C seats for a night of Bowie. "ZIGGY" is a fun romp through so many amazing Bowie songs. I spot Harry down the front having an amazing time. All the vocalists were fantastic...and a few were mind blowing. Bec jumped up to dance the only person in the Palais dancing!!! She is marvelous and brave....IOTA spotted her onstage and wandered over and did some pelvic thrusts her way...Bec gave them back... At one stage I joined her for a few songs but my Beatle boots lost their soul...sole!!!! My lovely boots were dying. At intermission Bec put some more money in the parking so added a secondary ticket... she ended up paying about $5 extra... Second set of Ziggy was equally mind blowing and they scored 2 encores... excellent night.

We excited , Bec scored a parking ticket which seemed unfair and all the fault of that stupid machine. People lining up for parking tickets all gave business cards and said they'd act as a witness if she needed one... we walked back to our parking and my shoe started to really erode..a metal bar fell out of it, the copper tips dropped off and finally the whole bottom snapped.... luckily I had some runners in the car... it was like some bad comedy. A great night...ZIGGY rocked.

November 19th

We've been watching the Aliens movies on Blu ray and for a change tonight we watched 'Picnic At Hanging Rock'.... it's such an Australian classic.... created from Joan Lindsays book. The Blu Ray has a fantastic documentary and even some short interview cuts with Joan from the seventies. She kind of reminds me of Rosaleen Norton in some small ways... it's the eyes dear reader..look deep into them..but don't lean forward you might fall in and life will never ever be the same... trust me on that. Anne-Louise Lambert who played school girl Miranda is still so incredibly stunning all these years later-maybe she really was a Botticelli angel...

Many years ago I heard a rumor that the secret chapter 18 of the book may well have a release. By chance I had a copy passed to me by an elf or was it blown in by the wind, perhaps just a mate at a drunken party surrendered it. It was badly typed (so bad it was equivalent to my own limited typing skills..maybe I typed it in some dream state). I loved how it started with " It is happening now." I found that rather commanding a statement and still unsure what 'it' was... like in chapter 18 time marched ahead..and by 1987 I held a printed copy of The Secret Of Hanging Rock in my hand..the typing had improved *GRIN*.. the words the same. After the massive success of the movie there have been attempts to explain the unsolved 'ending'... Joan Lindsay kept silent on the final chapter, which of course just added more layers to the mystery..however she expressed a clear, very clear wish that the missing 18th chapter get published after her death.

So of course after watching the Blu Ray of Picnic At Hanging Rock, I just had to dig out the missing chapter and continue the journey...

November 20th

I head to Viewpoint for my morning coffee. Dot shows me a copy of "He Will.." that was sent to her, I thinks it's from the Cafe CD group or whatever it's called. A company that mails new releases to coffee shops to play in the back ground... and wow some postcards too. She puts on the CD, and within a few minutes 2 women come up and ask about the release and Dot gives them a card. I love seeing the wheels in motion that sell our CDs. It's funny to see the demographic that recognizes Finn Brothers lyrics... about 3 songs in another 2 people ask. Dot kind of winks at me... we both get how funny this is. The women were older the 2 guys late teens.... oh well 2 more sales. I'll have to let EMi know that this direct marketing does indeed work.

Two of our friends look like splitting up, sad as we get along and love both of them. One asks if he can leave some bits and pieces in our spare shed and of course thats fine- no big deal. We sit in the sun have a few beers and just enjoy this amazing day. When they leave I grab my camera for the 'art shoot'-finally I can do this- the gods were watching a huge storm cloud moves in and it threatens to rain. Truly I give up, what is wrong with the weather?

I speak to the St Kilda council and Bec's Parking Ticket is voided they know there is a problem with the machine, I was happy to help save her $60 on a fine. The council guy was a nice old gent. She now owes me a coffee.

November 21st

Wow my 30th anniversary. It all feels very special, cook some great food and just misbehave a bit. A really nice night with the person I dig the most. Has it really been 3 decades, good grief we are becoming old farts! Joined at the hip, some perverted humour and just having the best time. I wouldn't change our life for anything- someone once told me that the best revenge to the nasty creeps in the world is to have a really happy life-they were right.

November 22nd

Charts are in and a really strong debut for HE WILL HAVE HIS WAY, #5 nationally, #2 on digital.... we are about 1/3 to reaching Gold already. This week had quite a few Best Of christmas releases-Pink, Bon Jovi so for this release to debut Top 5 is pretty good.

As we drive to breakfast we see some Liberals signs that have been plastered with "Honk If You Support Gay Marriage"- brilliant, of course we give the car horn a huge TOOT! Gay Marriage and supporting it is really getting media attention in Australia. We spoke to a lot of friends and emailed people, nearly every single person emailed their local politician and told them they should support gay marriage. I think about 3 friends didn't get back to us (yeah we keep lists.... wiping people out of the will *chuckle*). Great to see that your mates care enough to stand up and be counted, they are the people we appreciate...and the people we will remember down the track.

I see Warner Brothers have obtained the rights to remake the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer' movie. The first was total shit.... such an amazing TV show, and I bet this remake will be crap too. Joss should of pushed for this years ago just after the TV show finished... the tv cast are getting a bit old now .....and with out Joss involvement it will probably really suck. Bite Me Warners!

November 23rd

I heard on my grapevine that the SEX Party (political party) will be blazing away with some joints on the steps of Parliament House in a few days time, to push for some legalization of marijuana especially medical. (I actually thought medical was already legal till a small degree).... watch the conservatives freak out over this election stunt. Tony Abbott will piss in his speedos in fear...of course no one cares about the mental and physical health of that other (legal) drug alcohol.... what does that cost society....worse then pot...in many ways.

November 24th

I finally get around to sending 'Belle in France her birthday present, she spoils us with these amazing chocolates every christmas, and I am crap at remembering birthdays. But gift on the way, better late then never.

I slept well last night, rain and rain... I keep having dreams of moving to the mansion- weird. I normally would not obsess over this but mark has been having the same dreams-just very odd.

I open the post office box and find so much political paper and spin material. It's such a waste. I hassle our local Labor guy for not making an effort to email back on gay marriage- tempted not to vote for him and vote Green. Obviously he doesn't think he needs the 30 or so votes we can give him. I see some great articles on Bronwyn Pike for the Seat Of Melbourne. She is so gay friendly, her seat will be so close I hope she gets in...so Pike for Melbourne I say. I know the Liberals wont reclaim Victoria, people can see through their bullshit down here in the South of Australia. Liberal Ted B. just looks way too nervous about all those tv adverts of his former estate agency being involved with selling off public schools from the Kennett era. That stuff is bad karma and comes back to haunt you.

So remember Victorians you have to vote on Saturday.

All the best


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