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Peter & the Slyhooks- Melbourne May 2010.
(Thanks Bec for the snap)

The 4th Famous For Sixteen Minutes Book "TRIP" is now available!

May 17th

I spend a big part of the day deciphering filmed interviews, transcribing my life away, Neil Finn, Craig Hooper etc. Some of it is for the upcoming mail out, some of it for the Ghost Cars On The Freeway book. It takes a bit of time, I do get sucked in by it as always, especially around stuff that I didn't know. Miss Banshee the cat decides to get very close to the flat screen and check out my boss Mr Neil Finn. I have no idea why she is starring at him- who knows what cats see. As long as it's not devil horns or a tail.

I write Kevin's Music Store 555 Party details in the 'real' diary book, will be good to see everyone. Dying to check out his beautiful guitars.

Miss K surprises me with several boxes of Godiva biscuits, I do love them...love the 'we bitches live forever' card and f**k yeah we do!

The day flies by, I'm actually glad I am here and not on tour at the moment otherwise I would be home to a mountain of work. Seems strange writing that but I'm being realistic, touring is incredibly overrated - just ask any musician what life on the road can be really like. Even the mega super groups get fried out from it.

May 18th

I get an email from Julie L one of the original Frenz members way way back- always nice when emails like this arrive out of the blue, and fun to read that the club and band added some fun to their lives. She has an old Mullanes interview which will be fun to listen to, the good old ABC radio always supportive.

I had a chuckle today, someone on Frenz Com pointed out that a handful of Judd fans are trying to remove the details of Phil Judd's criminal convictions off Wikipedia. You can't change history folks no matter how much you try to hide it, the truth has a habit of coming out and in this case, it's a year sentence. All you are doing is highlighting this by attempting to keep it off such things. It happened and really people need to just leave it as fact and get on with their lives, talk about in denial. I think people would care less if it was up and part of his life, he may even get some sympathy- instead of his fans playing the victim for him.

The 'real' copy of Jeff Apters Finn Brothers Book arrived today.. some of the photos are good- Neil looks incredibly skinny in the photo with Buster Stiggs from 1976. Mark tells me one of my Hessie press quotes is in the book- so many media called that week I actually had forgotten what I said. I was more worried about Mardi and the girls, and keeping them press free. Oh I just found it on page 306. "Anyone who saw Hessie at his finest knew he grabbed life by the balls"!!!! Oh well Paul would of liked that one.

I took the book to the post office and freaked out how much postage would be if we made them available via us- just under $30.00!!! That's just the postage, god that is a lot.

I also picked up a belated birthday surprise from Wendy in Queensland, a present which is SO Wendy, hysterically good and also practical.

It's been a long day, we are really putting in the hours and starting to feel worn again. It happens every year, just long days around this band, but it has to be done... so somehow it is.

At 3.07 this morning I awoke in a state of panic, like there was an earthquake, it seemed everything was shaking for about ten seconds. Next day not a single report of one. How strange. Maybe it was because it was thew start of the Crowded House UK tour, good show guys you made the earth move for me...

May 19th

Today I grab the Rocket Pocket Project box. I've been planning on having the RPB Box Set for the diaries. The first 3 have sold out of individual copies, just leaving TRIP. But I stored a few dozen away for the Box set project so maybe it's time to have that available this year. We get emails every day from people checking out the diary for the first time..... so it's a good way to grab all 4 books and some other fun stuff. I like the idea of doing this art silkscreen incorporating the Crowdies burning building desgn on canvas but just the size of the books as an extra. Freaky idea I know.... I'll have to work on this. I kind of like box sets providing they are fun...but I especially like those limited editions.

I hear from Lisa from San Fran who was one of the contest winners, she's in oz very soon so I will have to catch up for a coffee. Just our busiest period but sometimes you just make time, even if it's only 30 minutes- plus a chance to run away from the office.

I buy our malaria tablets today, oh the joys of travel. I've made sure we have the right ones. I just have to remember to cover up a bit as they have a habit of making your skin sun sensitive. I've ordered in the Kenyan shillings, while the Aussie dollar is still strong. I hope it's not like Nepalese money where its grotty and on the nose. At least I'll have some when we arrive in the country so less of a hassle.

May 20th

Tania & Warwick gave me a book voucher for my birthday so I'm thinking of getting this book I spotted on the Freemasons. It was penned by an Aussie member of the Masons... I find it fascinating... of course the myths are many and those tend to be created by non masons purely because the members kept it to themselves, of course the Masons would of perpetuated some of them because of the romantic nature and maybe just to have a chuckle! Secret hand shakes and oddball hats..gee sounds like me.It is the largest and oldest fraternal organisation in the world and they seem to have endless energy to do good....and what a logo!!! Maybe I should become a member and reclaim the 'lodge' back that Neil has inhabited with his studio in Auckland.

I'm dancing in the lounge room with Banshee (Mark wont dance) to the Stones 'Good time women' from the EXILE bonus disc (it's basically the original version of 'Tumbling Dice'). Mark says that Banshee doesn't dance as well as Hairball the cat .... he's biased and he never dances so how would he know?

Mike D in the UK wins 'best birthday card' so many good cards this year for yours truly... his a late arrival but had us in stitches.

I keep thinking I will get some disease from my Kenya shilling money..it feels odd and kind of greasy...I keep washing my hands when I touch it. Can you get yellowfever from money? (I am joking).

May 21st

The Slyhooks are coming to Melbourne, the Hooks Tribute band.... I'm hoping it will be fun. We normally avoid tribute bands cover bands etc..Mark wont go to this one....if some mates go I might. Plus I think Greg Skyhook and maybe one other will get up for a play, I'm just looking at it as fun. I wonder how they will do, I do worry about the lead singer, Shirl had a one and only voice, no one sings like him, so it is my main concern.

I was looking at the back of the Rare #3 cd today and was amazed that of all the streets Hessie lived in in Elwood, his first Elwood address was Wave street, the same street the Enz lived at wen they came to Melbourne to live. isn't that odd?

I'm having coffee at Viewpoint and Bing is on.... Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo Ra is playing and I have a huge flashback to my grandfather playing it on accordion and that wonderful voice of his, my eyes gazed over for a second, he was a good man, I miss my grandfather a lot, something great about having a grandparent that everyone liked. he was very cool....

It's Sharon Finns birthday so send her a quick email, she's on tour so Robbie is probably mixing up a cake as I type this. Another May birthday.

May 22nd

The guys are playing the Aberdeen Music Hall in Scotland tonight, always a nice vibe at that place, so they will do well.

I am chatting to the professor at Viewpoint and think I'm taking some of his notes to Kenya for him for a fellow egghead *GRIN*. My pleasure to do so.

I get an email from Doug who is 'Red' in Slyhooks, they are excited about playing Melbourne, I do hope they do well. We've given them a bit of a push here and there.... all helps.

Tonight the temperature dropped at Kalorama, it was the coldest night for the year, Banshee snuggled in and stole all my body heat like cats do. She wanted to stay in bed.

May 23rd

Melbourne people it's time to plant your garlic in your gardens or pots. It's funny I seem to be always telling Aussie to plant their garlic or their marijuana at certain times of the year. Why is that? Hopefully not together- urgh garlic smelling dope plants-yieks.

I call in and sit with Martin and the kids, he makes a great green tea. Nice just to chill on this Sunday. I spend the rest of it answering emails. Have to jump on a flight to the office.... just a few rushed days....!

May 24th

A funeral today for our family, apparently it was quite full on, my great aunty is fairly old and a bit hazy and it all just went pear shaped, my sister accidentally getting a black eye from her..... (Mark wants to stir sis that an 88 year old lady punched her out...I wouldn't my Sis might well punch him out!!! You know what we Greens are like- plus she knows my 3 kick boxing moves). Sad, imagine losing your husband and not being clear that he is no longer alive... old age is a bitch. I totally believe that if you want to go when you are over 80 you should be allowed too -hate that bullshit sent to hell stuff. If there is a God he so wouldn't want people to suffer and have such a poorer quality of life.

May 25th

Exile On Mainstreet back on the Aussie charts at #6...wow finally a great album in the charts.! Nice to see Crowdies Recurring Dream finally has 13 x Platinum next to it on it's ARIA chart spot. We did it... Australian's Biggest Selling Album by a group.

May 26th

Wow in Kenya in 3 weeks.... that has arrived fast. I forgot to take my diary so no real day to day still till I am home tomorrow.

May 27th

The whole of Kalorama is covered in fog, the Goth twins are visiting and they love to wander around our few acres, the beads of moisture dripping off the ferns, the giant Eucalypts dropping mist rain on their shiny black hair..... Warwick said we have the best 'grove' so naturally I know thats where the Goths will be...digging it. The fog is so intense this evening...! I have food prepared so I go outside and finally get to use my David Bowie line from 'Diamond Dogs'...." Come out of the garden baby, you'll catch your death in the fog"

I hear my return call "Young girl they call us the diamond dogs" Woof Woof (and a nice howl).... what will the neighbours think...and they wouldn't care. Funny as a friend howled in the grove recently too..... it must bring out the beast in my friends.

I'm just settling down to dinner and I get a call from a girl who's working on some store Tshirts etc for the Crowdies for Australia so run through a few ideas and stats with her. She makes me laugh she tells me she has only been in the Music Industry for SIX days.... for some reason I find that hysterical. "You've joined a decaying beast" I chuckle.... what are you thinking. She's kind of fun so was fine that she spoilt my dinner. The Goths are impatient ...as Goths can be.

May 28th

Sexy ol' Miss Lisa arrives, well not that old. I know you are reading this, it's funny as I have seen 2 Lisa's in as many weeks and they are probably only a suburb away in the San Francisco area- I'm starting to think all S.F. girls are called Lisa. We've known this Lisa (have to call her Lisa #1) for about 10 years, time flies. Anyway she's here for a few days, so Ailsa Craig is a bit sexy, she adds to it. She's lovely on the inside and outside, oh that sounds a bit pervy doesn't it!!! Kind of gynecologisty ...! This is a losing battle I'm giving up. A friend asked me if she is our Fuck Buddy...my friends are very direct aren't they and is this avoiding and answer from mark and myself?

Tonight is also the Slyhooks show at the Village Green. The Slyhooks are the Skyhooks Tribute band, arrived in Melbourne from Queensland for a few shows. Skyhooks and Angels member Bob Spencer is jumping up and having a play at a few shows. I've been chatting to Skyhooks bassist/songwriter- Greg Macainsh and he will also play during the encore tonight. It's a bit like the worst kept secret in town, I've kept the lid on it as much as I can....but word is creeping out.

It's also a chance to use the lovely new camera.... I was going to start with it next week but tonight I could take a few shots. I'll just take the 70-200 lens not the zoom. God I love these "L" series lens, why would anyone use anything else if they had a choice. It's such a great gift from Marky, you are a prince MG!

Cook some food for the three of us and get ready.... change my mind as to what to wear, I'm back into red shirts again, goes well against the dark short hair.... and I couldn't resist- I'm wearing OUR Rolling Stones jacket Jennifer!!!

Marky and Lisa are staying at home and getting up to total mischief.... Mark doesn't do the cover band trip! I find the Village Green ...from a distance I could see a huge sign saying "Vill... ..EN "...hmmm that must be it Villen!!!! I chuckle to my self like new guy around town. half the globes had gone in the neon sign. I find a great parking spot and it starts to rain as I head in.."must protect the L series lens at all cost". So the cameras is dry I am wet!

Bec calls and she's inside already with Vicki..... "There are lots of nana's sitting at tables". I fear she has gone into the bingo room by mistake. Tania calls and they are in, Warwick was Mark on the door list. The door girl is also a Green.... so Michelle Green letting in Peter Green at The Village Green! Love it. I see the table with our mates at it, Warwick grabs me a drink, I'm being good tonight no alcohol etc..just want to have fun naturally. Rosemaree and friend are turning up later. I see Kenny so call him over he can hang with us as he's by himself. Bec and Vicki are having fun..... the lights dim and a fake Countdown Audio plays...and here are the Slyhooks. It's funny some band members work, some don't, but they play well. I expected the guy being Shirl to fail as no one has a voice like Shirley Strachan..no one.... BUT I eat my words- he is really VERY good.... totally impressed. The dance floor is empty, it's Melbourne, they hold back here-well except for Bec-she's up first song shaking her thing. She is truly amazing so brave, no matter what band she is up and dancing- she always scores big points with me on this. A few songs in and our little group are all kind of dancing drinking (except wowser me) and cheering the tribute band on. I face the seated crowd and notice that for a lot of the time the 'seated ones' are actually watching us. Hmm when did our group become the wild bunch. Oh well......... you can enjoy our show too for free.

Gregs here so we head backstage, I find the secret door in and have a chat to the Slys as I now call them. Scott walks in -who performs as Shirl, he's taken the wig off so I almost don't recognize him. The real Greg and myself freeze when he speaks- hell he has Shirls voice..no put on, they are similar- sends a shiver down our spine. Greg looks at me...thats just strange 'same voice'.... Doug who is 'Red Symons' is our main contact ..... in the end it's nice to chat to them- they seem pretty decent. I take a few photos of Greg with them. I do joke to the Greg clone he needs a better hat, the one he has makes him look like a bee keeper...he needs a white Greg Macainsh stetson! The doors opens a ex Skyhook- The Angels guitarist Bob Spencer walks in... and so good to see him, we just chuckle and laugh, his girlfriend Pauline is really sweet. I ask him how he is with playing with the Tribute band (3 songs) and he says it's total fun' just hysterical to be doing this". Same reason we went tonight- fun. Before I head back out I get both Greg and Bob to pose with the band... the first photo with the new camera.

We head back out to the table and the atmosphere is quite lively, everyone laughing. The lights drop the smoke machine starts and the 2nd set is underway. "Saturday Night' is the one, suddenly everyone is on the dance flor- of course we all followed Rebekahs lead *GRIN*. I love seeing all our buddies dancing, a few are hugging and just digging it-all part of the fun. The audience get the vibe and come on down.... for the rest of the night the dance floor is full, I have to weave through people to take some photos. At one stage I close my eyes and just think back to the real shows. For a short while I am fooled, but I know what this is and it's ok-I roll with it. They are called back for two encores. I spend some time looking over at the table at Joyce Strachan and her daughters. Shirl was her son, an icon to many but a son to her. I wonder what she is thinking seeing someone sound like him and wear costumes similar... how odd eh? She's an incredible woman they all are, so supportive of the Skyhooks brand.

Greg gets an amazing reaction when he walks out for 'All my friends are getting married' white suit and the correct had. He looks at me as he sings "well I looked into the crowd the other night and I saw an old familiar face" ....too true!!! he was brilliant it added so much to the night-god bless Greg Macainsh.

The band finish the 2nd encore with "Why dontcha all get fucked"...excellent ...grey haired people singing along to the "F" word. Afterwards the Slyhooks come out and pose for photos with the crowd, truly appreciated. Joyce walks over and introduces herself, how strange would that be to them too-very regal! Eventually we head off, Rosemaree thinks her car is stolen for a brief moment. The Village Green has several exist and lead to 4 identical car parks, I'm sure that they just have no sense of direction. I locate it for her 5 minutes later , almost next to mine much to her relief.

I finish the night at T&W's, just chilling out, I talk way too much, Tania feeds us-god bless her. I do call Mark so he doesn't worry that I'm in a ditch off the mountain somewhere. It's about 3.30 when I eventually hit the mountain road. On Ridge road I spot what appear to be 3 large dogs..as I get closer it' becomes clear- they are 3 deer and one a fawn.... I stop the car and just watch them feeding- so peaceful. I hop out and try to get closer-deer are clever they slowly walk away. As I drive on further a hare races my car, for abut 10 houses...it wasn't trying to hide it was actually having a race. That me me laugh aloud.... the animals are all out at 4.00 up here. I eventually make it home, give Mark a hug and a cuddle with Lisa...Banshee looks at me with "and where have YOU been' accusing cat eyes. I kiss her furry head and climb into bed, the music rolling around in my brain. I am so not getting up tomorrow.

May 29th

I climbed out of my coffin around 8.00 and put on the homemade bread.... Banshee decided she could get up...so out she went. I could hear the kookaburras laughing-were they laughing at me. Imagine if I had drinks, I feel just tired-keep on yawning. I grab some food and tea and the Rocky book and climb back into my cybernaut sleep chamber for some rest. I really am slack today, I just want a day re-charging, like a telephone I just curl up here and do nothing but read the pile of books. I keep te phone by my bed so I don't have to go anywhere.... Mark lets the chickens out and puts them back in at night. I do cook dinner, a really really good lasagne from scratch ..... it's nice to have a day off from the world, helps my brain recover.

May 30th

I feel great today, get some work done in the office. Watch some Dr Who, then Underbelly and finally "V" the series..... a typical sunday evening. I get a lot of phone calls today just from friends.....life feels good.

As someone once said -stay sane inside insanity!


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