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Archive: 19 April - 2 May 2010

April 19th

The press went into overdrive today- gangland serial killer- Carl Williams was bashed to death in a Melbourne high security jail. It's strange people are talking about it everywhere. The way people talk it's like he was a character on the Underbelly TV show- talk about tv giving one high profile. The press will have a field day with this.

I see Tony Abbott's approval rating is down 4 more points, he'd make a terrible PM for Australia, I seriously doubt that people are stupid enough to vote for this tool. He'll just be a caretaker opposition leader, the public think he is a creep so that won't change. I'm malcolm Turnbull will sneak back into politics as soon as Abbott loses the next election.

So Lou Reed is re-releasing Metal Machine Music- when it first came out in 1975 fans returned their copies believing they had faulty bad copies. The new re release is also out on wonderful vinyl. It's worth having for the cover and artwork, not sure about playing it and I love Lou's stuff. Hey I'm being honest...it's always annoyed me at best.

April 20th

Today all States in Australia except WA signed off on the overhauling of the Australian Health system. Nearly half my emails were from mates who live in WA and they are appalled the WA premier was only thinking of cheap political points. This will help add extra hospital beds and money into the system- it's a good thing. Probably the most major overhaul of the system since medicare was brought in.

I'm at my Chiro and I realize I left my wallet on my table in our office, thankfully I had some cash in my pocket-almost enough, the extra $3 was added to next weeks bill. I tell Warrick to give me the cheaper acupuncture- the $3 less variety! My hands fall asleep during the session, how weird is that- probably gravity. I'm glad I've kept on see Dr Chiro- feel much better for it. I get 1/3 back from my private health cover so it isn't too bad.

At breakfast we grab the newspapers and they are full of stuff on Fat Carl being killed in jail. Mick Gato is the last man standing, oh of course there is Judy Moran the black widow alive as well. Life is cheap if you are a major criminal I guess. How many more newspapers did this killing sell???

April 21st

We start work on the mailer boxes for Crowdies INTRIGUER album today. The release date for the CD and when these are mailed is about June 11th but I want to have everything ready. It's a tedious exercise as it means I check every single address and some people forget to include their membership ID which is a pain in the arse ...so I move them to the bottom of the pile-they get checked later on. So checking, addressing, logging in but if I do this now it means they are already to rock when the stock comes in. It takes about a week to do all of this.

Our electricity bill arrives, and again we are stoked, 60% of it is covered by solar. Our bill for 3 months is $80.00, so $26 per a month- hell that's good for electricity in 2010.

I am inspired to work out my 'death songs' you know the songs you want played at your funeral when you eventually die. I really want David Bowie's 'Quicksand' from Hunky Dory album , Morrisseys "There is a place in hell for me and my friends' - I'm sure a Crowded House song will make the cut....not sure what else. My Mum wants 'My Way"...I keep threatening the Sid Vicious version- she doesn't get the joke.

I book another lot of accommodation in Kenya, just one night to go after this. It will be nice to have this out of the way. As we keep saying how often will we go to Kenya, might as well get it right on our first trip.

April 22nd

I'm off on a food run and playing the Hooks 'Live be In It' nice and loud. Love their live version of the Garland Jeffreys tune 'Wild in the streets'... always loved that line " Mrs America.....Tell me how is your favourite son... Do you really care...What he has done...". Most of my favourite bands only ever have covered one or two songs...... it's nice when they get it right. "Wild in the streets' is one such version.

We see that Grinds and Vines has closed down, did they skip? That didn't last very long. I think with food places getting the coffee to some level of excellence will be the thing that keeps people returning, it kept many of us away from G&V. Sad really but we gave them a good chance. I just can't pay for average coffee.

A new Mark Ryden art image arrives 'The Gay Nineties' series- I think he does well from his data base. Meanwhile our mate Shane Gehlert has some more of his paintings on his site (check out Hot Off The Easel) the Twitter Birds are great- had a chuckle at 'Crested Chinese Google Bird' *GRIN*. Here is his art link: http://www.outbackart.com.au/

Our kitchen looks quite summery at the moment, a huge vase of sun flowers on the main table. Since I have been trimming them and adding a bit of sugar they last for several weeks. I like having flowers in the house, especially chunky bastards like these never say die Sunflowers.

April 23rd

I've been having some restless sleep lately, it's been very cold at night. My brain ticking over, and I wake up and hear Banshee the cat snoring down the other end of the bed. She is funny, I give her a cuddle, she gives ,me a bite, that is the limit of her affection for us humans. I run through strange scenarios in my mind, sometimes I fall asleep and continue with the dream. By the time morning arrives I need a good nights sleep.

The day continues checking addresses and writing on cd mailers for the June Intriguer mail out. It's strange Saturday Sun was meant to be on iTunes today and in NZ but I can't find it anywhere, must be some delay adding it. I so hate download singles, how did it ever get this crappy. My gut tells sends me a warning about this as a single, I'm not losing sleep over that (just other stuff) but I think it's the wrong song from the album. A very mixed reaction from the fans but that's ok, sometimes that is a good thing. If everyone said they liked it I'd worry people are being nice, at least the comments so far seem genuine and real.

I call Rosemaree again, just checking on her every night to make sure she is ok, I'm probably fussing too much.

April 24th

Happy Birthday Kimbo....and many cherry ripes to you!

I find this recipe for bolognese pinwheels so I go for it. They look like some sort of exotic sausage roll before I cut them up. Mark says they are great, I thought they were a bit average. But they are all devoured so I'll use that as my yard stick. Happy boyfriend, a good sign.

The weather has now turned, grey and cold, but today I have a sunny vibe. A girl at Viewpoint told me I have some holy looking 'glow' about me. Not quite sure what she meant, was it a compliment. I just smiled my shy smile. I saw Michael Hutchence do his shy smile a few times, it works really well. I have been practicing.

We have been watching all 3 Lord Of The Rings movies on Blu Ray, nice to see them again. Hear from Benny the Bloke. He is off to Switzerland, think he's still working with John Butler. JB's latest album 'April Uprising' dropped to #2 this week, so one week at #1. I'll have to buy it- artists that employ mates we always support. I'm sure it's a great album anyway so check it out.

The reports are in on Gunns and that horrible companies half yearly report shows a 98% profit slump. I guess some people will get sacked because of this. With The Greens having a bit more power in Tasmania, I hope the karma continues for those arseholes. The one bit of good news is that they have to sell 28,000 ha. of native forests so they won't be able to chop it all down , small mercy's.

April 25th

Anzac Day here. I'm not a big supporter of war but I like the old diggers. Nice to see the Anzac shrine at Kalorama covered in flowers and the Aussie flag blowing in the misty rain.

I was reading a new report on the potential problems with thermohaline circulation in the North Atlantic Ocean. Due to the addition of so much fresh water into areas like the gulf stream reducing surface salinity and density. If the thermohaline shutdown the southern hemisphere would become warmer and those who live in the north it would become colder so major shift in climate in some areas. Of course I'll probably be really old or dead if it happens but for those people with kids it's just another shitty thing to pass onto another generation.

I hear from my Sis and she is visiting next weekend, which will be fun. I think she'll be freaked how cold it has been lately. A quick visit from her.

April 26th

We have been watching 'Underbelly 2' on DVD (while #3 is on TV). We love the super kitsch Grotta Capri where Robert "Aussie Bob" Trimbole wines and dines. It was built in 1955, the interior is a 65 metre long cavern, with giant fish tanks and painted scenes, fairy lights and starfish hang from the ceilings. It's so bizarre that most viewers think it is a set created for the show. It's real and located at 97-101 Anzac Pde, Kensington in Sydney.

But it has been used before, during the wonderful Muriels Wedding. You may remember Muriel slurping away and finishing her 'orgasm' cocktail-well that scene was filmed here too . Anyway a fun place to have dinner with a group. I'm sure it's doing impressive business since Underbelly aired.

The Bieber has landed! 5000 wild and way too excited Justin Bieber fans turn up at Sydney Harbour and caused some hysteria which ended with his one off performance being cancelled. Some media idiot compared him to The Beatles (good grief). But Bieber's album did debut at #1 this week in Australia...above AC/DC's Iron man soundtrack.

I'm really enjoying 'Paula, Michael & Bob" by Gerry Agar- a fine effort and well researched, fall of warmth and scary bits. This is the only Michael Hutchence/Yates book to read. Quite fascinating and kind of sad....

God bless Hugh Hefner-his generous donation to help save the Hollywood sign. It's the 2nd time he has basically saved it. It's sad that so few rich movie stars did nothing- it's such an icon and a part of American history.

April 27th

The UK election is coming up fast. Every day I get emails asking who I would vote for. I have an allergic reaction to conservative politics like the Torries. I know nothing about David Cameron and to be honest English politics overall. I just remember how crappy England was last time the Torries were in, it just seemed always grey and tired and kind of sad. It will probably be a hung parliament. No idea what the Green equivalent is like in England, I'd probably vote for them and even though Gordon Brown is a bit scary, I wonder if he is worth another chance with Labour???. Has UK Labour learnt any lessons and will the public give them a second chance. It would be sad for England if the Torries are in power again, conservative politics tends to be homophobic at best, and areas like the arts are ignored so often.... and I remember how appalling the English hospital system became when they were last in, family members washing sheets etc... urgh. Not that it's the 'same' bunch of Torries but.... who knows. I don't live in England I just hope whoever gets in doesn't send the country down the drain. England deserves better.

April 28th

I get a letter of apology from Australia Post today and some compensation on some parcels they messed up..... so I'm happy. Think I'll frame the letter!!!!

I carry some wood inside for the fire place, so much tree drop and the chain sawed fallen tree.... At least it gets used for something. The weather has turned and our teeth are chattering. I tried to call Nick Seymour today but no answer, I have a feeling he has left the coast and gone back to Ireland where it's warmer.

I call into the plant place, I have a gift card so score $50 worth of really great plants, including another blueberry bush.... I wish that one would grow fast!!!

My afternoon is spent boxing more of the Split Enz LUTON limited edition 2 cd sets, down to the last few dozen. I play one while I'm boxing them- this is one of my favourite Enz albums- a must for everyones record collection. How many people will email me for copies once they have all gone...!!!

April 29th

I played 'Intriguer' today, the first time in what seems like ages, I enjoy parts of it, still a 6 out of 10. I'm sure others will enjoy it more- it just seems too slow to me. Not quite MOR thank god but I am finding it hard to connect with the album..I am trying. If i stare at the cd machine will that help?????

Banshee climbed up on the bed and kissed me on the nose tonight...she is so funny, one day she will kiss the next day I'm sure she will try and bite it off.

April 30th

I just found out that the Australian Liberal Party receive $1.4 million worth of donations from cigarette companies- no wonder they are keeping quiet about Rudds upping the tax on cigarettes. I'm stoked he is doing it, why should we all pay for hospital costs of smoking related illness. Charge them another $20 a pack I say. No make them more expensive then cocaine! (opps).

It's May tomorrow- birthday month- so many the Finns, Suuz, Cathi, Geoff L, Rebekah, heaps more... and Fran and Pete have their baby this month so another new name to add to Mays birthday list. I'm still avoiding mine, not sure why, want a low key birthday. May 11th I'm hiding under the bed!!! *GRIN*

Isabelle in France sends me an early birthday present, all these amazing French Rolling Stones picture 45 covers !! yey vinyl,excellent.

We decide that Matt Passmore from Underbelly is a rather handsome actor. Probably the best looking chap on the show- rugged Aussie that he is. Funny to see how far he has come since being on Play School only 8 years ago!!!

I couldn't stop laughing at the fake Judy Moran at Carls funeral carrying a huge container of ashes...so twisted it was brilliant.

May 1st

A hunter moon shines over Kalorama, kind of blood red and rather large.... I'm driving to our friends; Warwick and Tania's place, Warwick turns 40 so I'm calling in on the way to pick up my sister from the airport. A small intimate party, and it's really nice. In some ways it was a shame to leave and head to the airport. Several women came up to me all a bit sexy.... what pheromone had I bathed in? Warwick got some very cool art brushes from us, in an amazing case....glad he liked them. Considering it was outside the weather was really mild- I was so lame no alcohol no drugs.... had a drive to do... I just enjoyed observing everyone and chatting. The drive was really nice, had music on and some serious singing!!!!

When we all finally got home it was getting late, stayed up till 3.00, and chatted, needed to do that- all good. Sis bought some coconut sorbet , which was funny as it was about 5 degrees outside!!!!

May 2nd

I wake up to the sounds of music overlaying the early morning bird call, oh right the Chestnut Festival is on again. Mark chickened out on wearing our squirrel costumes. I was awake first and made everyone breakfast, and it was nice outside so had a green tea and read some books.

I walk with Sis to the general store and put some buck$ on American Express card...we return via the Festival. A few people come up and say hello, I chat to Robin who also works at Mangana at Olinda. I spot this lady who makes incredible booties for babies...they are like booties for elves. Our friend Fran is about to give birth any second-I keep telling her to hold off till my birthday on May 11th... that's some serious leg crossing!!!! Anyway these booties are amazing, blood reds mixed with blues and little soft pointed tops.. Elven clothing! So I grab some for Fran and Pete. The Kalorama Oval is alive with happy kids firing bubble guns- hundreds of them, bubbles everywhere-brilliant. The money goes to the local school so we always support it. It's a fun festival.

Late afternoon we say goodbye to Sis, a lightening visit and Mark and myself settle down for our annual 'bitch fest' the Logie Awards. We love some of the horrible dresses worn on the red carpet and the hairstyles...the awards are hosted by Bert Newton...he's hosted about 19 Logie awards but each award night his head seems to enlarge like the great Oz! I want someone to stick a pin in him and see if it pops!!!! We moan at some of the winners, laugh because Hey Hey It's Saturday fails to win an award (what a dog of a show-who watches this tired old shit? ) ...... several hours later all our bitching is out of our system. Bert was good, K.D. Lang sang and she was excellent.... though she looks more like Charlie Sheen from "two and a half men"... we do love K.D. though... great voice. So time for bed (we are all 'bitched out"!!!).

Enjoy Life.


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