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January 1st

Happy New Year!

Day one of 2010 doesn't feel any different, a bit quieter maybe, lolling me into a sense of peace. It could be a year full of surprises.

Even though our office/email is closed for January I call in as I wanted to check on some emails from the boss. No no Bruce the other boss, Neil. I have hundreds of Emails so I avoid them all.

I get one which is a bit tragic about Judd being arrested again-last night on New Years Eve; and this time he will be held in custody for 4 nights until his hearing on Monday. He's breaking the court orders again etc. Probably a few weeks, really it's probably a fitting end to 2009 for him and a horrible start to 2010. Who'd want to spend this time of year in the lock up? Maybe some food for thought for him during this time.

I give Miss Merelyn a call it's a big birthday for her, I know Maz will make it a special day. Glad she is older then me *GRIN* She loves the flowers we sent but not the delivery person!

January 2nd

I pick up some mail, and a cool present box from Wendy and Paul in Quensland is waiting for me at the post office. This year we have been spoilt, we are feeling the love everyone..and the odd bit of weirdness! Love it. Truly I never know what to say to people, they have to trust that I am blown away sometimes.

Viewpoint is open so I call in for a coffee. The mountain is covered in fog which is strange for Summer. I quite like it, keeps the tourists away. Dots mum makes some homemade apple pie and it's VERY good.

I email Giraffe Manor, just need to lock in our rooms in Kenya, tail end of the rainy season but with the worlds weather being so freaky who knows, it could be snowing!!!! Nothing like Giraffes covered in snow.

We hear from Mr Yeti, we are all hanging out for the 30 Million dollar Lotto draw. Hell I'd be happy winning a grand...... not sure that the world can trust me winning $30 million, think of the trouble I'd get up to.

Mark tells me he has Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorious Basterds' arriving soon on Blu Ray... it's meant to be an excellent movie really looking forward to this one. Though Brad Pitts put on southern voice does grate and yeah I know it's meant to be... such a cool movie....thank you Marky- you hunk you....you do look a lot like Brad !

January 3rd

I seem to be playing Hunters & Collectors 'Demon Flower' cd a lot. One of those random grabs from the cd shelves in the library before a drive..and still playing it. I'm thinking this could be my favourite Hunters cd. So many lyrics feel like current situations... Mark Seymours singing really well on this one too..... it's a pity it never got to #1 in Australia...like Crowdies 'Woodface' and 'Together Alone' it climbed as high as #2 here.

".... wake up in a frenzy, tryin' to make your way to the rivers edge drowning in your own adrenalin the lunatic is on the ledge" (Mark Seymour-Panic in the shade)

Judd is in the papers again today, so I guess the media will be waiting at Heidelberg court tomorrow....it's such a slow news week they need something to fill up their pages. I hope for all sakes it's a full on news week in Feb when his main court case happens, I can't even imagine what Amy his daughter thinks of all this. Christ imagine how it would be if this was the Finns, the press would be going nuts.

January 4th

I check the lotto ticket that I have with MG, the evil numbers...and win $50, maybe not so evil. Give Marky half.

I see good old Crowded House's Recurring Dream jumps again on the chart, #20 on ARIA Australian artists chart. Those units are ticking over slowly and steady. I can see 13 platinum off in the distance, getting closer and closer and closer. After all the effort I hope EMI give us a 13 Platinum award. I have been trying to figure out when this baby will hit a million sales in Australia but too many 'randoms'.... a tour probably will help the Aussie sales of this Best Of.

Judd gets incarcerated for 2 weeks with out bail, so I guess he is a remand prisoner, no idea what they call it these days. At least the jail has mental facilities, I'm sure people crack over such things. February is it, the 23rd , will be the main case, god knows what will happen. Emails are still coming in every day, so many full of hate for him, I just try and calm people down- I can't remember seeing such reactions in my 3 decades of getting mail/emails from the public. A bit scary. The fans are fairly civil around it all..and honest.

A guy who lives near Judd sent me a snap of a small sign someone put up near his letter box. "The only new record for Judd in 2010 is a criminal one'. You can tell the locals are having a laugh, Australian humour so poor. OK I chuckled and I know I shouldn't of. Here come the bad jokes around the industry-I'm keeping clear of them. NO I didn't put up the sign, it's too far to drive.

January 5th

I have a laugh when I open the mail box this morning. Jan and Tania send us a blue glitter Virgin Mary money box statue (and one of Jans matching blue glitter cards!!!)- so shiny shiny, so cool. I guess it's meant for next years bathroom nativity scene .... it shines in the office at the moment. Adding some sparkle to religion, I like that. Religion always feels beige to me...time to make it shimmy. Thanks girls.

I go for a jog around the oval, do three laps and that's it....I am a bit lame aren't I. It is a decent size oval c'mon give me a break. A few people we know have jogged all their lives and now have knee problems so I'm happy just to do my few laps. Our hill is the killer, not to mention the street entrance to the property...THAT drive way! PHEW!

Am enjoying our time off, not really checking emails etc as mentioned, which is bliss, I'll check again in a few weeks. ME time is rare enough so lapping it up (what a horrible expression).

January 6th

Well it's all over the news the Ady Gill was rammed and sunk by Japanese whale boat Shonan Maru #2. Totally sickens me, if someone blew up those japanese boats and all died there would not be a single tear from us. Yes brutal as that sounds we honestly wouldn't give a flying fuck. Japan's bullshit lies about killing whales for research- total crap and they know it. Hell 95% of Japanese don't even eat whale meat, the surplus that is frozen is huge. ..and usually wasted. Well I can say till whaling stops we are no longer buying any Japanese products, will be hard because of electrical etc gear made in Japan but no money will go to Japan from us. I'm glad we have some japanese friends who have balls to tell their government they are wrong.

The one good thing that comes from this is the negative publicity that Japan will attract and the coverage against whaling...as well as the serious fund raising for Sea Shepherds. It can only be good. I hope the pressure gets stepped up on the Federal government too-time for Rudd-Gillard and especially you Peter Garrett to take the next step. I know there has been some talk of taking Japan to the courts to stop whaling, I am hopeful this current situation will do exactly that.

Meanwhile check out the Sea Shepherds site, I have to say I do like those Sea Shepherd Hoodies! I love the idea of Japanese readers showing some balls and wearing Sea Shepherd shirts.... I'm sure the japnese tourists will run a mile now when they see us at Kalorama wearing them *GRIN*.

Anyway here is the site: http://www.seashepherd.org/

January 7th

Many of the flooded NSW country towns now have mosquito plagues which means a return of the Ross River virus I guess. Yieks. First the floods now the plague.

I hear the Bob Barker is about to join the Sea Shepherd fleet, it used to be a Norwegian Coast Guard (Sub marine seeker)..it is named after American animal lover Bob Barker. She's black and fast and hopefully will kick some Japanese whalers arse. You'll be reading about this for quite a time I expect in the newspapers and on the news.. We encourage readers everywhere to stand up and be counted send off emails letters etc to Japan and refuse to buy Japanese products till they stop whaling.

Rowland Howards funeral was today, about 500 people at the service at St Kilda. His girlfriend genevieve described him as a 'ridiculous singular charismatic individual with a wicked talent and as dapper as the devil. I just loved how he was buried with a plectrum in his pocket- that was a nice touch. Nick Cave sent a message from the UK.

Spiderman 4 delayed because of THORS release date..bring on the God of Thunder.....looking forward to the Son of Odin and that very cool hammer. Chris Hemsworth will be great as Thor...but really liking Tom Hiddleston as Loki..... hmmmis Anthony Hopkins still Thors dad??????? Anyway comic geeks everywhere rejoice..(I am). Chris was also Captain Kirks dad in the start of the recent Star Trek movie and yes he is an Aussie, he hangs out down at Phillip Island Melbourne when he's not in Hollywood.

January 8th

I'm still messing about with dates for Giraffe Manor in Africa, I hope by the end of the week to at least have that locked in fort a bit of an adventure in June. Just so many dates shuffled about, with only single days. I figure if you go all the way to Africa you want to stay a short while at least.

I hear some hot days are fast approaching, they expect temperatures to be around 41o on Monday so about 106 fahrenheit ...so starting to cook. The English tourists will be fainting everywhere. They don't seem to do very well with the Australian Summer heat.

I email the boss around midnight and I talk to him about my fave song from the upcoming Crowdies album, it's actually ISOLATION...just love it. Anyway we work out a new flight time for yours truly to head to NZ, the 17th and 18th of this month, so only a bit over a week away. It will be good to see everyone.

January 9th

We get a surprise visit from Marks Dad and girlfriend Kerrie. It's always good to see them, and they arrive in time for lunch. I accidentally mention the local pies and so they are a 'must have' so off goes yours truly on a pie hunt. I know they like their cakes so score some of those as well. It's a nice day with the in laws.

After 3 weeks Avatar has taken 1.2 billion dollars at the the box office world wide..I can see Titanic sinking as the #1 all time biggest money maker. Avatar already bumped it off in Australia's as the biggest grossing film. With the temperatures all set to climb here, I can imagine every air condition cinema in Australia will be doing great business..... time to have a movie, any movie in an Australian cinema I think.

We watch Michael Manns "Public Enemies' on Blu ray and to be honest we were a bit let down, it was kind of average and we hated the sound. We LOVE the Deppster , Johnny Depp has always been a hero... it had Christian Bale as Melvin Pervis from the Bureau..but it just didn't work for us, so many other gangster style movies are better.... however Marky does owe me a million dollars as I told him it was Emilie de Ravin- you know Claire from LOST...she was only in it for a short moment but I would know that Aussie actor anywhere..Marky didn't believe it was her. Every so often I am right- ok it is rare. When you compare Public Enemies to movies like 'Once upon a time in America' , Casino or the wonderful Reservoir Dogs or Lock Stock etc it just isn't as good.....it probably didn't need to be made.

January 10th

I'm enjoying my Email free life.... I spend most of the day unrolling our emergency sprinkler sprayers and hoses and finding new ways to join them all together..... I get soaked quite a few times, the vegie patch does well and gets a serious drenching. Tomorrow is going to be a hot one.

I'm twittering at the moment though, no scandals no, how good is the apple pie at viewpoint, just a title a day of the songs from the new Crowded House album, with Neil's blessing... really some fun ....good to have the titles out and about I like it when the fans discuss them...it will be good when they get to hear some music.

On that note I'd better scram, we have been told there is a chance that we may have to EVAC the house/office tomorrow as they are expected it to climb above 43 (about 109!!!).... I'm sitting here typing this in some funky boxer shorts and that's it. That sounds like a twitter moment!

Stay safe and remember to check out the Sea Shepherds site, they need all our support.



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